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blogged about a tool that lets you evaluate the worth of your blog. So I did
that for my two blogs and here are the results:

I put much more information (running,
photography, etc)
on blogs.sun.com/arungupta but
java.net machinery seems to be 12.5 times powerful, at least gives me more bang
for the buck :)

weblogs.java.net seems
to be a clear winner, at least in terms of monetization, but I love running and
photography so will continue blogging on both accounts.

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  • Jamey Wood Thursday, March 8, 2007

    If you want to get a bigger-picture view, the tool will also spit out the "worth" of blogs.sun.com and weblogs.java.net as a whole. Doing that, I currently get:

    blogs.sun.com: $2,634,143.64
    weblogs.java.net: $517,683.18

    So if Sun is ever in an earnings bind at the end of a quarter, we can always just sell of our blogging sites. ;)

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