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  1. Milan : Milano :: Rome : Roma :: English :: Italiano. In simple

    terms, Milan and Rome are English names for Milano and Roma in Italian

    (called as Italiano in Italian). Everybody will understand if you say

    Milan or Rome but When in Rome, live like Romans and so pretend-like-a-local.

  2. Airports: Milan has two airports - Linate and Malpensa. Linate


    caters to the domestic traffic and Malpensa to both domestic and

    international. Malpensa airport is out of Milan and Linate is in the

    city. Make sure to check which airport is closer to the hotel

    (especially if you are planning a domestic and international trip out of

    Milan) and book your flights accordingly.

    The airport in Rome is

    Leonardo DaVinci

    and is located in Fiumicino city. But all the locals call it as

    Fiumicino airport and even all the directions mention Fiumicino.

  3. The taxi fare from Malpensa airport to anywhere in the city is fixed

    at 70 Euros irrespective of what comes in the taxi meter. The driver who

    dropped us from airport to the hotel of course did not convey that to us

    because the meter in his taxi showed 95 Euros and he happily took the

    money we gave him. The taxi driver who dropped us at airport told us

    about this so make sure to not pay more than 70 Euros if you going

    to/from Malpensa.

  4. In all my experience so far, Taxi drivers take only cash. So make

    sure you know the approximate distance/time/cost from the airport to

    your hotel and have sufficient cash. All the airports have an ATM

    machine which is very convenient.

  5. Keep a jacket handy depending upon the city and time of the year.

    Make sure to check the weather before packing your clothes. In winter

    times, it's good to carry an Umbrella. We checked the weather online

    before starting our trip but it turned out to be complete reverse of

    what we expected.

  6. "Grazie" is "Thanks" and "Ciao" is "Hello" or "Bye" in Italiano.

  7. If you are traveling with kids, it helps to mentally prepare them by

    sharing the itinerary, giving them an estimate of the flight time,

    amount of walking/waiting required (especially in Rome which needs lot

    of walking) for any tourist spots and of course

    carrying some handy snacks for them if the wait is too long or if the

    meal is delayed. In Rome, Gelato was easily accessible through out the

    city and worked as a great incentive for my son :)

  8. Having breakfast included in the hotel package turned out to be a

    big boon as it gives a good head start for the day. You can always have

    breakfast in the hotel anyway but it might be more cost effective to be

    included in the package.

  9. Avoid flights during peak office hours. We spent an extra 45 minutes

    because our flight arrived at Malpensa airport at 5:30pm and then got

    stuck in traffic going to the hotel.

  10. Both the hotels in Italy (Melia Roma Aurelia Antica and

    ATA Quark

    ) did not have Iron boards for some

    inexplicable safety reasons. This might be a trend in Italy hotels so

    make sure to carry clothes that need no ironing, or wear them without

    iron or use the laundry service to get them iron. The later option

    requires you to give the clothes a day in advance and pay an exorbitant

    amount for getting a simple tee-shirt ironed.

  11. Most of the tourist spots in Milan are accessible using public

    transport. We bought a day pass (for 3 Euros and available from most of

    the kiosks near Metro stations or Light rails) that is valid in Metro,

    Tram/Light Rails and other public transport. This keeps you mobile and

    provides option to move around.

  12. McDonalds are available at most of the places in case you care.

  13. In terms of places to visit,

    Duomo of course is the main

    destination in Milan. There is a Fashion Galleria right next to Duomo

    and a significant part of the day can be spent there. The Last Supper

    painting has a 2 month wait but you can always talk to one of the local

    travel agency who typically buy the tickets in advance and can take you


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    Oh! I'm sorry you did not get a right impression of ATA.Actually , neither did I. But most tech confs in Milan are held there !

    But I agree with you . Most people here don't smile ! I do not know how but I live here for many years and suffer this!

    Well I will be be pushing more on Ruby's side.

    Thank you and hope to see u again.



    The only Ruby one in the conf.

    Studio M2j Milan

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    [Trackback] Here is a summary of my Europe Summer 2007 Trip Report: 6 Events Rails Conf Europe in Berlin NetBeans Day and Tech Days in Rome GlassFish Day, NetBeans Day and Tech Days in Milan 6 sessions & Booth Duties (JRuby,...
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    thanks for the information..you have provided..

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    [...]My previous comment got garbled somehow.

    thank. and my name is Sofiaa and leaving milan on 3 dec, i have been staying in Grand Hotel Plaza.[...]

  • battery Thursday, November 27, 2008

    Oh! I'm sorry you did not get a right impression of ATA.Actually , neither did I. But most tech confs in Milan are held there !

    But I agree with you . Most people here don't smile ! I do not know how but I live here for many years and suffer this!

    Well I will be be pushing more on Ruby's side.

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    Great to read about travel tips to milan. It have nice information.

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