TOTD #162: How to differentiate between GlassFish Server Open Source Edition and Oracle GlassFish Server installs ?

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Lets say you've installed GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.1 and Oracle GlassFish Server. The default directory names for both of them is same and the command "asadmin version" shows exactly the same output as well. Now you would like to know which directory corresponds to which. Here are a few pointers to help you identify the difference:

  1. The directory structure of the GlassFish Open Source Edition looks like:
    bin             glassfish       javadb          mq              pkg

    and the directory structure of the Oracle GlassFish Server looks like:
    bin                             mq                              pkg
    glassfish mysql-connector-java-commercial
    javadb oracle-jdbc-drivers

    There are two additional directories (in bold) in the later case.
  2. GlassFish Open Source Edition has 237 JAR files in glassfish/modules directory and Oracle GlassFish Server has 246 JARs. The additional JARs in the commercial edition are because of the value adds provided by the GlassFish Server Control.
  3. The web-based admin console for Oracle GlassFish Server shows:

    and the GlassFish Server Open Source Edition shows:

Hope you find this useful!

How will you find out the difference ? :-)

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  • Guest Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    What is the difference between the 2 except for directory structure and logo? Does the Oracle GlassFish server needs a license to be used?

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