TheRelay 2010 Rules Simplified – Are you interested in running ?

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12 runners run
200 miles in
36 segments (each in varying length of 3 to 8.9 miles)
through 36 cities (Calistoga to Santa Cruz)
on a moonlight weekend

Ultimate combination of cooperation, teamwork, endurance, and strategy to meet the goal.

TheRelay is a 200 mile, 12-member team run from Calistoga to Santa Cruz. The race is organized under full moonlight and is scheduled for May 1-2, 2010. The registration is already open and closes Mar 1, 2010.

The race is divided into 3 leg groups as explained here with each group consisting of 12 different legs. For competitive teams (desiring to be recognized as 1st, 2nd or 3rd winners), each runner must run every 12th leg. For non-competitive teams, it is not required but recommended for logistical purposes.

The start times are 7am - 5pm at Calistoga Beverage Company and calculated using the runners' pace. The finish time is 10am - 8pm at the Santa Cruz Beach. Your team is penalized (even disqualified) and featured in "Sandbaggers Hall of Shame" if you finish more than 2 hours ahead of predicted time. So accurate timing of each member of your race team is essential. Read The Rules for more details.

Each team must provide 2 vehicles that are used to transport the runners. Van 1 carry (Active) runners 1-6 and required at the start point. Van 2 (Passive) carry runners 7-12 and is required at the first exchange point at the end of leg 6. The complete logistics of how runners exchange batons, how to take shower / eat / rest / play between your legs and other similar details are described in the Survival Strategies. The vans also must carry all supplies as there are aid stations during the course.

Each team must (if any runner lives within 50 miles of the course) provide two volunteers that sign up for a 5 hours shift on the course.

Here is the complete course map:

More details on the course (including elevation) are available here.

Each team must mail one non-refundable check of $960 ($80/runner) by Mar 1 and must raise $600 ($50/runner) for Organs 'R' Us.

Here are some more questions:

  • For a non-competitive team, can the team captain pick & choose the legs for each runner based upon their skill ?
    • Could it be a logistics mess ?
    • What if some variance is introduced between Runner 1-6 and 7-12 ?
  • Can the number of individual runners be less than 12 ? For example, one individual represents more than one runner.
  • What is the difference between Open, Submasters and Masters division ?

I may be forming a team to participate in this "California's Longest Party" and 2 runners have already approached me. Are you interested ?

Do you have it in you to complete this adventure ?

Miles to go ...

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