Tuesday Jan 25, 2011

Java Pass: Huge Savings on Oracle's Top 10 Java Live Virtual Classes

Companies are taking advantage of Java Pass, a program from Oracle University that helps get developers and programmers up to speed with Java. With Java Pass, each employee you sign up can take Oracle's top 10 Java Live Virtual Classes for a full year at a significantly lower cost, plus receive a discounted voucher for a Java Certification exam. Students train and become Java certified on their own schedules, without the expense and hassle of travel.

Now available in AustraliaCanada, Germany, United Kingdom, and United States.

There are several Java SE 6 and Java EE 6 courses available.

Why wait ? Sign up now!

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Thursday Oct 14, 2010

Java Pass - Training & Certification by Oracle University

UPDATE: This offer is NO longer valid.

The Java Pass is a new offering from Oracle University and is a flexible education subscription program that enables you to attend its top ten Java courses in a live, virtual format for one year at an extremely discounted rate. It also includes one certification voucher so you can become Java certified.

There are several Java SE 6 and Java EE 6 courses available as part of this offering.

Hear all about this course in this short video introduction:

What are you waiting for ? Stretch your training $$ and sign up today!

Visit education.oracle.com for more details.

UPDATE: This offer is NO longer valid.

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Sunday Dec 06, 2009

Java EE 6 Training & Certifications - Register Early!

Java EE 6 is now an approved specification, the Reference Implementation (GlassFish v3) and TCK will be released soon!

The associated training curriculum and certifications are being worked upon by Sun Learning Services. The curriculum has gone through a complete overhaul for Java EE 6 & GlassFish v3 and will be available in Q1 2010. If you are interested in getting notified when these new courses are released and also receive special introductory promotions, then please register here.

There are technology specific "deep-dive" training courses and tied to new technology specific certifications. You just need to specify your interest in the particular technology and will be contacted once the courses & certifications are available.

In the meanwhile, you can follow any of the existing Learning Paths to brush up your skills.

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Friday Sep 11, 2009

Running Inspirational Quotes from “Ultra Marathon Man: Confessions of an all-night runner”

Just finished reading Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner. This book is authored by Dean Karnazes (popularly known as "Karno") - an ultra endurance runner. The book describes Karno's journey of becoming an ultra endurance runner and is highly inspirational. I give a strong recommendation for any runner to read this book (buy @ Amazon). Here is a very brief list of his running accolades:
  • 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days
  • 9 times solo finisher of The Relay (199+ miles)
  • 11 times silver buckles (sub-24 hour finish) Western State 100-mile Endurance Run
  • 7 times Badwater Ultramarathon (135 miles foot race in 120 degrees), won in 2004
  • South Pole Marathon 2002 Winner (only person to complete the event in running shoes)
  • and many many many more ...

Here are some inspirational / motivational / training quotes from the book:

  1. Don't run with your legs, run with your heart.
  2. If running feels good, you didn't push hard enough. It's supposed to hurt like hell.
  3. Go out harder and finish harder.
  4. Running is about finding your inner peace, and so is a life well lived.
  5. Pain and suffering are often the catalysts for life's most profound lessons.
  6. If you had the courage, stamina, and persistence to cross the finish line, you are a champion.
  7. Long distance runners requires a certain discretion and reserve. It's easy to let you ego get the better of you early on and run beyond your means. It's a mistake that may haunt as the miles and the hours add up.
  8. When exhaustion sets in, the mind often rationalizes the irrational. For example, 38 miles = 1 marathon + 2 10 Ks.
  9. Pain is the body's way of ridding itself of weakness.
  10. Most dreams die a slow death. They're conceived in a moment of passion, with the prospect of endless possibility, but often languish and are not pursued with the same heartfelt intensity as when first born. Slowly, subtly, a dream becomes elusive and ephemeral.
  11. If you can't run then walk. And if you can't walk then crawl. Do what you have to do. Just keep moving forward and never, even give up.

    A shorter version of the above quote is:

    Run when you can
    Walk if you have to
    Crawl if you must
    Just never give up.
  12. Runners are real people. They don't run for money or recognition, they do it out of passion. Most have day job that pay the bills, and running is a labor of love.
  13. Without discipline to rise before dawn and pound out the miles, you'll never make it. If the fire in your heart isn't strong, there's no point trying.
  14. How to run an ultramarathon ? Puff out your chest, put one foot in front of the other, and don't stop till you cross the finish line.
  15. When it gets right down to it, the levels of commitment and devotion required to excel as an ultra-endurance athlete are all-consuming.
  16. The human body is capable of amazing physical deeds. If we could just free ourselves from our perceived limitations and tap into our internal fire, the possibilities are endless.
  17. Pursuit of a passion matters more than the passion itself. Immerse yourself in something deeply and with heartfelt intensity - continually improve, never give up - this is fulfillment, this is success.
  18. Struggling and suffering are the essence of a life worth living. If you're not pushing yourself beyond the comfort zone, if you're not demanding more from yourself - expanding and learning as you go - you're choosing a numb existence. You're denying yourself an extraordinary trip.

I only wish to reach up to 10% of his level ... that's my first "baby step". And certainly a dream would be run/train along with him :)

Follow him at @DeanKarnazes or subscribe to his blog.

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Monday Jul 27, 2009

San Francisco Half Marathon 2009 Completed - Personal Best so far!

I ran San Francisco Half Marathon 2009 yesterday and here are the results:

I'm excited about the results because improved my timing by almost 3 minutes. And running on Golden Gate Bridge is always a great experience. As always, the race was very well organized starting from expo to bib/tee-shirt distribution, well marked course, water and medical stations, local community support, buses from half marathon finish line to start line and every thing else. A few possible improvements are listed below.

I saw Dean Karnazes (50/50/50 marathon man) and met Bart Yasso (Yasso 800 man) in the Expo. There is certainly a wealth of knowledge to pick up from these elite runners.

The overall results are as shown:

Click on the image above for complete results.

Couple of sugested improvements to the San Francisco Marathon organizing committee for the next year ...
  1. Really, really, really qualify runners in Wave 1. Ask them for a qualifying time from a previous race or something. Walkers and 10-minute milers are NOT Wave 1.
  2. Separate the course going on/off the Golden Gate Bridge, not just with orange cones, but with an additional rope. Otherwise slower runners spill over on the other side and almost bumping into the faster runners.
  3. The expo hall had a wonderful set of exhibitors but it became really crowded as the day progressed. Either an alternate location or back to Market/Embaracdero next year is a better option.
BTW I already registered for the Half Marathon 2010 and got a nice bib#: 1111. The online registration for 2010 San Francisco Marathon is open until Aug 7th. See you there next year!

Here are my two personal goals for the next few months:
  1. Run a half-marathon with 7ish pace
  2. Qualify for Boston - probably next year
11 major marathon mistakes says that "marathon pace will be about ... 16 seconds more lethargic per mile than half-marathon clocking". If that is accurate and will hold true for me, then both of my above goals are well meshed with each other :)

And many thanks to my family for bearing with my weekday early morning runs and long runs over the weekend!

I've run 95 hours and 26 minutes, a total 758.93 miles and 166 out of 208 days so far in 2009. Here is a quick chart that shows my running mileage so far:

This chart is generated using an application that I've built over the past few days. Tomorrow, I'll share that entire application on this blog, stay tuned!

Miles to go ...

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Tuesday Jun 30, 2009

Running Streak in Q2 2009 - 378.5 miles, 77/91 days of running

Continued from Q1 2009 running streak, here is a summary of Q2 (Apr 1 - Jun 30) 2009 running:

Total Mileage 378.5 miles (30% more than Q1)
Total Days of Runing 77 days (10% more than Q1)
Missed Days of Running 14 days 

And now the details (captured from tweets):

Day 72 4 miles, 28:29 mins, switching between 0/5% grade every min. 286.5 miles in Q1, 2009: http://tinyurl.com/cffk3x #fb
Day 73 3.5 miles, 27:09 mins ... a good outdoor run with 110 crunches ... feels good & hungry! #fb
Day 74 3 miles, 19:21 mins, fastest 3 miler so far. Ran 10 mph for 1/4mile, that was fast & good! Ready to board for Portland. #fb
Day 75 45 mins walk + 7 miles, 54:54 mins = healthy start to this weekend, honey-do list rest of the day #fb
Day 76 6-7 miles flat + hills in Rancho with @igorminar. 1 hr, 6 mins ... went uphill on my typical downhill trail #fb
Day 77 3 miles, 21:41 mins, switching between 0-5% grade every minute
Day 78 2 miles, 13:25 mins, a short fast paced run
Day 79 4 miles, 33:15 mins - an easy pace outdoor run this morning #fb
Day 80 4 miles, 31:09 mins ... well paced outdoor run #fb
Day 81 4 miles, 27:23 mins ... 0.5 miles at 6 minute pace ... loving it!
Day 82 6 miles, 51:30 mins: nice hilly run in Thousand Oaks: http://www.gmap-pedometer.c... ... Time to hit easter egg hunting
Day 83 6 miles, 50:59 mins ... it was really hot to run at 9am in Simi Valley Hills
Day 84 6 miles in the hills, 49:49 mins ... enjoyed running hills for past 3 days.
Day 85 3 miles at 3% grade in 21:08 mins. Past 4 runs have been hilly so will try some easy- and fast-paced runs in the next few days. #fb
Day 86 2 miles in 14:22 mins, 2/4/6/4/2 % ladder for 1 min/grade ... am hooked to hills! #fb
Day 87 7 miles, 57:29 mins ... it was pretty hot even at 9am in the morning. Wonder what it's going to be tomorrow! #fb
Day 88 3 miles, 19:51 mins ... plain flat run with no hills at all.
Day 89 2 miles, 13:51 mins with 0.5 miles on 10 mph ... am planning to bump up 6 min pace to 1 mile now.
Day 90 2 miles, 13:51 mins. Ran 1 mile at 6 min pace ... first time ever .... woot! Goal is to sustain 6 min pace for 5 miles. #fb
Day 91 3.5 miles, 26:25 mins ... a good outdoor run this morning! #fb
Day 92 4.5 miles, 33:43 mins ... need to squeeze 0.5 miles in 1:17 mins for a 7 min outdoor pace.
Day 93 10 miles, 1 hr, 19:43 mins ... thoroughly enjoyed a decent paced outdoor run this morning! #fb
Day 94 5 miles, 39:43 mins, yet another outdoor run this morning ... and weekend is over!
Day 95 3 miles, 21:03 mins with 1 mile at 4% grade
Day 96 3 miles in 18:29 mins, 2 miles and 0.5 mile at 10 mph pace ... slowly building up! #fb
Day 97 3 miles, 23:33 mins - lap running in the school ground today!
Day 98 3 miles, 21:29 mins, alternating between 0/5% grade every minute
Day 99 3 miles, 22:46 mins (from yesterday)
Day 100 5 miles, 44 mins at http://tinyurl.com/dl9dq5 Attending Stanford meet as press: http://tinyurl.com/cj898f in 45 mins
Day 101 8-9 miles, 1 hr 23:08 mins at rancho this morning
Day 102 6.4 miles, 57:04 mins (from yesterday): http://tinyurl.com/chyqov
Day 103 5.2 miles, 43:18 mins (from yday), more details at http://tinyurl.com/cdu6ke see you at Hilton lobby 
Day 104 4.8 miles, 40:38 mins at #railsconf, join @railsConfRunner if interested in running together.
Day 105 7 miles, 54:32 mins ... a good outdoor run this morning. Now helping wifey in her jewelry show at her work #fb
Day 106 3.5 miles, 21:46 mins with 2.5 miles at 6 min pace. Slowly getting to 5 miles in 30 minutes goal :) #fb
Day 107 13.3 miles, 1 hr, 46:18 mins #fb
Day 108 4 miles, 27:28 mins
Day 109 1 miles, 6:36 mins ... got up late and so could squeeze only a very short run.
Day 110 2.6 miles, 19:39 mins and route is: http://www.gmap-pedometer.c... Gotta run more tomorrow!
Day 111 4 miles lap running in 31:05 mins
Day 112 4 miles in 24:30 mins, 3.5 miles at 10mph. Just 1.5 more miles at this pace for the first goal :) #fb
Day 113 3 miles, 19:15 mins at 2% grade
Day 114 3 miles in 18:52 mins (from yday) + 5k walk/run at http://bit.ly/HKYfl
Day 115 5 miles in 39:40 mins
Day 116 5 miles in 39:24 mins
Day 117 5 miles in 30:45 mins on TM, 4 miles at 10 mph pace
Day 118 1 mile in 6:17 mins (from yesterday)
Day 119 5 miles in 30:17 mins .. finally 6 min pace (after 20 sec TM warmup) for 5 miles ... w00t! #fb
Day 120 2.6 miles, 19:10 mins
Day 121 7-8 miles, 1:14 mins (from 2 days back). No running for the past 2 days, will start tomorrow after recovery from weekend camping.
Day 122 2 miles in 19 mins (1 mile at 9.5 mph and 1 mile at 7%) - from yday.
Day 123 2 miles in 14:14 mins at 5% elevation. Need to try longer distance on that level now.
Day 124 3 miles in 20:14 mins with 2 and 4% elevation (from yday)
Day 125 7 miles in 52:55 mins - one of the fastest 7 miler on road #fb
Day 126 1 mile, 6:55 mins
Day 127 2 miles (3 days ago) in 13:13 mins
Day 128 3 miles in 17:54 mins (fastest 3 miler so far) #fb
Day 129 3 miles, 17:45 mins, heading to park with boys & dad while wife/mom are in the gem/beads show
Day 130 5 miles in 35:32 mins, tried the new wrist weights (6.33 lbs) and sure feel the tension.
Day 131 5 miles in 34:15 mins with 6.33 lbs wrist weights.
Day 132 3 miles in 21:25 mins (from yesterday) with 6.33 lbs ankle weights, definitely much harder than wrist weights
Day 133 3 miles in 21:25 mins with 5 lbs ankle weights
Day 134 13.2 miles in 1 hr, 46:45 mins (missed posting from 2 days ago, strange)
Day 135 10 miles in 1 hr, 18:23 mins
Day 136 3 miles in 17:57 mins on TM, 42 miles total from Sun-Sat, plan to bump up mileage for next week #fb
Day 137 10 miles in 1 hr 16:07 mins ... fastest run ever for that distance, that's a 7:31 pace. #fb
Day 138 10 miles in 1 hr 19:04 mins ... 2nd consecutive 10 miler. #fb
Day 139 7 miles in 53:10 mins
Day 140 8.5 1 hr, 6:13 mins
Day 141 8-9 miles in 1 hr 18:14 mins ... solid running week with 43 miles in 5 days!
Day 142 1 miles 6:15 mins (from 7 days ago)
Day 143 3.5 miles in approx 30 mins (3 days ago)
Day 144 7 miles in approx 1 hour (2 days ago)
Day 145 3.5 miles in approx 30 mins (yesterday)
Day 146 Solid 14.5 miles in approx 1 hr, 55 mins, now heading to POA, then Chicago and so ready to reach home #fb
Day 147 3 miles in 18:41 mins on TM (from yesterday)
Day 148 7 miles in 51:49 mins. Today is the last day of Jun 2009, quarterly report coming out tomorrow.

On to Q3 ... the target is to reach 400 miles :)

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Tuesday Mar 31, 2009

Running Streak in Q1 2009

Here is a summary of my running streak in Q1 (Jan 1 - Mar 31) 2009:

Total Mileage 286.5 miles
Total Days of Runing 71 days
Missed Days of Running 19 days (ouch!)

A couple of targets in Q2: increase the total mileage and reduce the number of missed days.

And now the details (captured from tweets):

Day 1 3 miles in 23:40 mins
Day 2 3 miles in 22:13 mins, lets see how many consecutive days of running :)
Day 3 3.5 miles, 28:44 mins, first outdoor running of the year
Day 4 3.5 miles, 28:39 mins
Day 5 3 miles, 22:09 mins
Day 6 3 miles, 22:55 mins, 3% grade for 4 mins, 5%/3, and 7%/2. Need to include more hills in my runs.
Day 7 4 miles, 29:44 mins, 3% grade for 5min, 5%/3, and 7%/2 ... loving the hills.
Day 8 3 miles, 21:20 mins, nice good run with 1 mile at 6:40 pace
Day 9 2.5 miles, 18:20 mins, 2%/5 mins, 4%/5, 6%/5 - 9 consecutive days of running so far, feeling good so far!
Day 10 10 miles, 84:06 minutes, need to improve outdoor timings for upcoming 1/2 marathon
Day 11 5 miles, 36:26 mins - good pace and feeling nice
Day 12 2 miles, 15:16 mins, 2%/14:30 mins
Day 13 4 miles, 29:37, 2%/12 mins, 3%/5, 5%/3, 7%/2 - 13 consecutive days of running so far!
Day 14 5 miles, 40:26 mins - great outdoor run at 6am in the morning
Day 15 7 miles, 56:43 mins, nice outdoor run - definite scope of improvement because was running slow some spots
Day 16 7 miles, 55:12 mins - 2 7 milers in as many days and loving it. 16/16 days running so far - 100%. Travel starting tomorrow though!
Day 17 5 miles, 40:48 minutes, good outdoor run @ 6:30 in the morning
Day 18 5 miles/39:54 mins, 10 mile bike/29:54 mins - fitness center at Swissotel is nice
Day 19 5 miles, 41:10 mins on treadmill with lots of hill
Day 20 7 miles, 54:55 mins, lots of hills (again) and burned 950 calories, heading to breakfast now
Day 21 4-5 miles running, 44 mins and 5K climbing on Mt Kilimanjaro (OK, not literally but on Elliptical ;-)
Day 22 4 miles, 28:33 mins, 3%/10 mins ... lost one day of running because of travel, may be catch up over the weekend
Day 23 4 miles, 28:02 minutes, 1 + 1.25 miles at 6:40 pace, still one day to catch up
Day 24 2 miles, 16:30 mins outdoor run, very windy morning
Day 25 3.5 miles, 31:39 minutes ... slow and easy run today.
Day 26 3.5 miles, 30:25 mins - another nice and easy run ... and was running in 38F
Day 27 5 miles, 34:45 mins, 2 miles at 6:40 pace. TM runs are always much faster than outside.
Day 28 1 mile, 7:44 mins, 5%/7 min, tapering down for 1/2 marathon this weekend
Day 29 1 mile, 5% grade/1 mile, 7:44 mins ... KP 1/2 marathon on Sunday
Day 30 1 mile, 7:44 min and then 1/2 marathon tomorrow. Also a 5K fun run if you want to participate.
Day 31 13.1 miles, 1:41:30 hrs, little bit of indulgence is fine today
Day 32 2 miles, 15:44 mins ... little bit sore but not too bad.
Day 33 3 miles, 21:54 mins, 2% gradient all along (1 missed day so far this year)
Day 34 3.5 miles, 28:03 mins a great outdoor run this morning
Day 35 4 miles, 27:55 min ... wondering if the rhythym will continue during the upcoming 2 weeks international trip
Day 36 3 miles, 22:11 mins, 2%/1 mile, 4%/1 mile
Day 37 7 miles, 58:03 mins, nice outdoor run this morning
Day 38 10 miles, 1:24:48 mins, another nice outdoor run ... no longer guilty of sharing Fries burger with my son yday night
Day 39 3.5 miles, 27:45 minutes ... enjoying outdoor runs before I'm confined within the hotel gyms for next couple of weeks.
Day 40 2.5 miles, 18:47 mins, 4%/1.5 miles
Day 41 5.5 miles, 44 mins - treadmills in hotel's fitness center were all occupied, still running in PT zone
Day 42 3 miles rowing/20:53 mins, 1.9 miles run/15 mins, 2 miles elliptical hill/18 mins - my own Triathlon :)
Day 43 3 miles rowing/20:18 mins, 10 mile bike/29:40 mins, 1.8 mile run/15 mins ... yet another triathlon and good cross-training.
Day 44 4 miles, 30:48 mins, 15 mins on elliptical
Day 45 5 miles, 38:10 mins ... good pace indoor run earlier today.
Day 46 5K rowing/21:40 mins, 3k run/13:40 mins
Day 47 Another triathlon: 5k rowing/20:49 mins, 5k run/ 21:48 mins, 5k bike/10:49 mins
Day 48 30 minutes brisk walk this morning, it's good to get a day break from running
Day 49 3 miles, 20:53 mins
Day 50 2 miles, 16:15 mins .... starting again after a break of 10 days because of cough/cold.
Day 51 2 miles, 16:13 mins, 2% grade ... will try to increase the pace 0.1 mile / day and see how much can be stretched.
Day 52 3 miles, 23:56 mins, 1.5 miles at 2% grade
Day 53 2 miles, 2% grade, 15:47 mins
Day 54 3.5 miles, 29:12 mins ... an outdoor run this morning after quite a few days.
Day 55 2 miles, 14:38 mins, 2% grade
Day 56 3 miles, 2% grade, 20:38 mins, will attempt a 10 miler over the weekend
Day 57 5 miles, 34:32 mins - good fast paced run with 3 miles @ 2% grade
Day 58 7 miles, 58:28 mins ... nice outdoor run this morning.
Day 59 10 miles, 1 hr, 28:48 mins ... good slow paced outdoor run this morning ... where did the weekend go ???
Day 60 2 miles, 13:25 mins ... nice fast paced run this morning.
Day 61 5 miles, 33:43 mins ... my fastest 5 miler this morning!
Day 62 3 miles, 21:25 mins, 4% grade ... lots of calories burned :)
Day 63 3 miles run in 20:03 mins, 5 mile bike n 14:43 mins. Fastest 3 miler so far. Now heading out to University of Wisconsin
Day 64 3 miles, 19:39 mins ... fastest 3 miler so far ... lets see if I can break the 6 min barrier!
Day 65 3 miles, 21:35 mins, 2%-6% grade and so lots of calories burned
Day 66 3 miles, 20:25 mins .. will shoot for an outdoor run tomorrow
Day 67 5 miles, 40:06 mins ... first outdoor run this week ... hopefully tomorrow as well.
Day 68 3.5 miles, 28:09 mins ... yet another outdoor run ... will attempt a steep uphill run at #rancho tomorrow morning
Day 69 10.13 miles, 1 hr, 22:05 mins ... beautiful day for a run: http://www.gmap-pedometer.c...
Day 70 2 miles, 14:22 mins and 100 crunches .. feel good!
Day 71 4 miles, 27:32 mins, 2-4% grade and 100 crunches ... brownie points to eat a brownie :)

On to Q2 ...

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Sunday Feb 08, 2009

LOTD #17: Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server Administration and Deployment Course - SAS 4455

Interested in learning how to configure, administer, and deploy web applications, EJB applications, and Web services on GlassFish ?

This 4-day instructor-led workshop (with numerous hands-on labs) introduces you to various Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server (GlassFish) concepts and functions ranging from introductory to advanced and provides you with hands-on experience via remote labs. You also learn to enable various advanced GlassFish features, such as in-memory replication, high availability database (HADB), load balancing, monitoring and logging, clustering, and security.

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
  • Install, upgrade, migrate, and uninstall GlassFish
  • Configure GlassFish
  • Create a clustered GlassFish environment
  • Deploy applications in GlassFish
  • Perform logging and monitoring in GlassFish
  • Install and configure the load balancer plug-in
  • Configure and use in-memory replication
  • Configure and use HADB for high availability
  • Configure advanced features of GlassFish
  • Configure the security features of GlassFish
  • Configure and work with databases
  • Work with Sun Java System Message Queue (Message Queue) Clustered Application Server
The class is offered in different cities across the United States. You can even request a dedicated class for your organization.

Register today!

If the timings/location don't work out, you can even take an online version of this course from SAS-1600: GlassFish Application Server: Administration Bundle.

All previous links in this series are archived at LOTD.

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Saturday Apr 05, 2008

GlassFish Metro Web Services Training Course

Interested in understanding the nitty gritty details of how Metro in GlassFish provides Secure, Reliable, Transactional and .NET 3.0 interoperable Web services ? You can certainly read all about it in Metro Users Guide, post questions to Metro Forum, subscribe to Metro Blogs or The Aquarium.
But now there is a new 5 hours Web-based course, WTMB-SAS-1500, from Sun Training. The course content is organized in 5 different modules:
  • WMT-SAS-1543:Adding Quality of Service and .NET Interoperability to Web Services
  • WMT-SAS-2544: Creating Reliable and Secure Interoperable Web Services
  • WMT-SAS-2545: Creating Transactional Web Services
  • WMT-SAS-2546: Working With the Web Services Policy
  • WMT-SAS-2547: Brokered Trust
Each module explains What/Why/How of each technology and then shows a complete demo using NetBeans on how to use that feature. The course can be taken within 365 days after the purchase. Read more details here.

Here are some other related courses:
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Friday Dec 07, 2007

New Java Web Services Instructor-led Training Courses

New Instructor-led classroom training sessions on Java EE 5 Web Services are now available.

These courses teach how to design, implement, deploy and maintain Web services using Java EE 5 platform. NetBeans 5.5 IDE and Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9.0 (GlassFish v1) are used to perform the lab sessions. If the existing schedule does not meet your request, then click on "Request A Class" button.

Stay tuned, new courses based on GlassFish v2 are being developed and will be released soon. In the meanwhile, enjoy screencast #ws7 that shows how to create, deploy and invoke a Secure and Reliable Web service using NetBeans 6 and GlassFish v2.

View the entire Java Web Services learning path.

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