Wednesday Jan 16, 2008

Tango Overview - Now Translated in Chinese

"Project Tango: Adding Quality of Service and .NET Interoperability to the Metro Web Services Stack" - The original article, introduced here, provides an introduction to how different Quality-of-Service, such as Security, Reliability and Transactions are enabled in Metro. One of the core benefits of Metro is interoperability with .NET 3.0 and the article describes how that is baked in the Web services stack.

The same article is now available in Chinese at Sun Developer Network China. Thanks to the Globalization Team in China for completing this effort, and Zhen Tao in particular who did the translation!

Metro runtime is available as part of GlassFish v2 UR1 and tooling is available in NetBeans 6.

Let us know if you'll be interested in creating a localized version of this article.

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Thursday Dec 13, 2007

Screencast #WS8: Tango with NetBeans 6

David Coldrick recorded a screencast for Australian Developer Days. The demo shows how NetBeans 6 allow Web services to be easily created and deployed on GlassFish.

It is similar to screencast #ws7 but good to see somebody else creating these videos :)

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Tuesday Jul 10, 2007

Project Tango: An Overview - New Article

TheServerSide announced the availability of Project Tango: An Overview article. This 26-page article provides a comprehensive overview of Project Tango explaining topics such as:

  • What is Project Tango ?
  • What features does it provide ?
  • How is it related to Metro and GlassFish ?
  • How NetBeans IDE provide a simple and intuitive Tango programming model ?
  • How Project Tango can be used to solve real-life scenarios ?

And lots of other details.

Project Tango (Web Services Interoperability Technology or WSIT) is an open source implementation from Sun Microsystems of the key enterprise Web services specifications, commonly known as WS-\*, that provides interoperability with .NET 3.0 framework. This article is a good starting place if you don't know anything about Project Tango. If you are already familiar then it serves as a good reference with all different aspects of Project Tango.

Please leave a comment on this blog for feedback.

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Monday Apr 30, 2007

Ask the WSIT/Project Tango Experts

As mentioned earlier, Ask the WSIT Experts (Web Services Interoperability Technologies, aka Project Tango) is now live!

Please start shooting your questions and we are ready.

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Friday Apr 27, 2007

Sun Web Services @ JavaOne 2007

Follow up post from here.

Here is a complete list of Sun Web services technical sessions/birds-of-feather sessions, including date and time, at JavaOne 2007:

Monday May 7, 2007
 10:30am-7:30pm   GlassFish Day
Tuesday May 8, 2007
 6:00pm-7:00pm TS-6411 JSR 311: The Java API for RESTful Web Services
 8:00pm-8:50pm BOF-8034 Extending and Embedding the Java API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS) 2.1 Reference Implementation
Wednesday May 9, 2007
 3:50pm-5:20pm LAB-3350 Make Java Technology and .NET 3.0 Interoperability Work With WSIT
 4:10pm-5:10pm TS-4865 Takes two to Tango: Java Web Services and .NET Interoperability
 7:55pm-8:45pm BOF-6412 Describing RESTful Applications: WADLing with Java
 8:55pm-9:45pm BOF-4612 Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE): Meet the Experts (Part 2)
Thursday May 10, 2007
 9:35am-11:35am LAB-5410 Using Identity to Secure Web Services
 10:55am-11:55am TS-8897 Designing Service Collaborations: The Design of "Wire"-Centric Integration
 2:50pm-3:50pm TS-4948 Unleashing the Power of JAX-WS RI: Spring, Stateful Web Services, SMTP, and More
 5:30pm-6:30pm TS-8840 Services Interoperability with Java Technology and .NET: Technologies and Tools for Web 2.0
 7:55pm-8:45pm BOF-4108 Reliable, Transacted, and Secure Web Services Between Java and .NET, Using WSIT
Friday May 11, 2007
1:30pm-2:20pm TS-4865 Takes two to Tango: Java Web Services and .NET Interoperability

Note, TS-4865 is a repeat session.

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Monday Apr 16, 2007

Ask The Tango Experts

Harold, Marek and I will be answering your questions on Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT), aka Project Tango, in an Ask The Expert session during the week of April 30.

Project Tango, part of GlassFish v2, provides secure, reliable, transactional and interoperable Web services with Microsoft .NET 3.0 framework. So get your inquisitive minds working and collect your questions about the inner workings of the code, NetBeans WSIT plug-in, plug-fest experience, about the team or any thing that strikes your fancy related to Project Tango. We will do our best to answer all the questions. If you cannot wait, feel free to shoot an email to or post a question on WSIT Forum. The complete archive will be available after the session.

And of course, check out our complete Web services session lists at JavaOne 2007. And stop by to chat if you attend any of the session!

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Friday Mar 09, 2007

Web Services @ JavaOne

JavaOne 2007 complete session schedule is now available.  As I mentioned earlier, this is going to be lots of fun. If you are interested in hearing about Sun's Web services strategy, here is a compilation of all the related sessions:

Session# Title
TS 4865 Takes two to Tango: Java Web Services and .NET Interoperability
TS 4948 Unleashing the Power of JAX-WS RI: Spring, Stateful Web Services, SMTP, and More
TS 6411 JSR 311: The Java API for RESTful Web Services
TS 8840 Services Interoperability with Java Technology and .NET: Technologies and Tools for Web 2.0
BOF 6412 Describing RESTful Applications: WADLing with Java

There is more Web services content that has not been publicly announced yet. I'll update the blog when it is. While we are working to provide you a rich content during this year's presentations, here is an archive of the Web services sessions from JavaOne 2006

Session # Title
TS 1194 Java API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS) 2.0
TS 1222 RESTful Web Services With JAX-WS
TS 1603 Reliable and Transacted Web Services between Java™ Technology-Based Project Tango and Microsoft Indigo
TS 3473 Web Services Security, WS-Trust, WS-Policy, and WS-SecureConversation Using Java™ Web Services Developer Pack
TS 4661 Composable Web Services Using Interoperable Technologies from Sun's "Project Tango"
TS 5540 Making Java™ Technology-Based/.NET Web Services Interoperability Real
TS 9263 Recommendations for Web Services Development

And if you are interested in attending JavaOne 2007 and save $200, then register today.

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Monday Aug 07, 2006

JavaOne 2006 Keynote WSIT Demo

A new sample is added to WSIT samples that shows an enterprise Web service enabling integration both within and across boundaries. This sample demonstrates a price quotation service that provides list price to clients based on the product identifiers. The client makes a request to a Retail Quote Service (RQS)  which then communicates with multiple Wholesale Quote Service (WQS) to get the best price and returns that to the client. In the first version of this sample, the client and all the service endpoints (RQS + 2 WQS) are built and deployed using WSIT. A later version of the sample will replace one of the WQS to be built and deployed using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and also have a WCF client, in addition to WSIT client, invoking the RQS.

The sample demonstrates secure reliable communication between RQS and two WQS. It also demonstrates secure MTOM between the client and RQS. A picture is worth a thousand pictures and so this graphical representation should help visualize.

This sample was demonstrated in JavaOne 2006 keynote and used as the basis of my JavaOne 2006 technical session (TS-5540). In case, you need more technical details, the StarOffice version of slide has speaker notes and animation.

Instructions to check out the sample

This sample can be checked out using the instructions given here. These instructions will retrieve WSIT sources along with the sample sources as both are required to build, run and deploy the sample. The sample exists in wsit/wsit/samples/pricequote directory. Once checked out, follow the instructions in readme.html in the pricequote directory to build and deploy the sample on GlassFish.

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Wednesday May 31, 2006

Project Tango @ SDN Channel

View Sun and Microsoft on Project Tango at Sun Developer Network Channel (SDN). SDN caught me and Kirill at the Microsoft pod in the JavaOne 2006 pavilion and talked to us about Project Tango and how developers can have access to this content. If interested in the content, you can view the video cast from 28:35 through 31:09.

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Wednesday May 17, 2006

Tango at Microsoft JavaOne party

I attended Microsoft JavaOne party Wednesday night. It was great to meet their developer evangelists (Jas, Nima and Woody to name a few). I specifically spent some time with Mohammed Akif who is a member of Microsoft Architecture Editorial Board. He is an ex-Sun employee and used to be a Senior Java architect and co-authored several Java books before joining Microsoft. I recommend reading his extensive coverage of JavaOne so far.

BTW, check me and Kirill doing Tango at the party here. I'm now relaxed after literally living at work for the past few weeks to pull the keynote demo.



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