Tuesday Sep 30, 2008

Talent Show @ Sun Tech Days 2008, Sao Paolo

Sun Tech Days gives you the opportunity to learn about different Sun technologies. But it also gives you a chance to demonstrate your soft skills in a Talent show. See what participants showed on Day 2 of Sao Paolo Tech Days 2008.

Watch all the way to end for a typical Brazilian ending :)

View similar shows at Hyderabad 2008 and Beijing 2007.

Here are some pictures from Day 2:

And the evolving (1 more day remaining) album at:

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Monday Sep 29, 2008

Sun Tech Days 2008, Sao Paolo - Day 1

Sun Tech Days kick started yesterday in the beautiful city of Sao Paolo, Brazil. Over 1000 attendees, completely charged, willing to discuss their issues, amazing amount of energy and all there to learn about different Sun technologies - just a superb recipe to succeed and outpace everybody else in the world!

The GlassFish session was packed with 400 attendees and there were attendees all over the floor :) The slides are available here. The demos showed during the talk are listed as blog URLs in the slides.

Drop a comment if you attended the talk, are currently using GlassFish for development or production or would like to know more about it.

The winners of Open Source Community Awards (sponsored by Sun) were announced at the keynote. And I'm very excited to announce the two GlassFish Award Program (GAP) winners were present to receive in person. Congratulations to all the winners, very well deserved!

Reginaldo Russinholi won an award for "Translation of Hudson project to Brazilian Portuguese". More details can be found in the submission.

And Claudio Miranda won an award for "Provide CLI/GUI support to add/modify/remove certificates to JKS". More details can be found at in the submission and bug #4524.

And then all the winners together:

And here are some pictures from the evening reception:

The evening concluded with a wonderful dinner at Praca Sao Lourenco (Vila Olimpia) with Bruno, Claudio and Mauricio:

It is a great restaurant with wilderness ambience, and as always, great hospitality. If you are in the city of Sao Paolo, this is another great place to go!

And the evolving (2 more days remaining) album at:

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Thursday Sep 11, 2008

GlassFish swimming to Brazil

September is the month of Java in Brazil. There are developer events and Java conferences through out the country. And the month ends by kick starting Sun Tech Days in the city of Sao Paulo. Kohsuke is already in Brazil and here is my schedule:

Sep 23-26 Brasilia
Sep 27 Vitoria
Sep 28-Oct 1 Sau Paulo

I'll be talking about GlassFish, it's ecosystem, Scripting Langauges & Web frameworks (for example Ruby-on-Rails and Groovy-on-Grails), Hudson, Web services and anything else around GlassFish :)

This is my first trip to Brazil so I'm really excited and gathered some facts. Here are some interesting tidbits:
  • Largest and mot populous country in South America
  • Fifth largest country by geographical area (5.7% of total land, approx 88% of USA)
  • Fifth most populous country (2.81 % of world population, approx 61% of USA)
  • Consists of 26 states and one Federal District, Brasilia is the capital city, Sao Paulo is the economic center
  • Equator line passes through the northern tip of Brazl in the state of Amapa (my first trip to Southern Hemisphere)
  • Has 60% of the biggest and the richest tropical rainforest - Amazon Rainforest (most diverse population of birds)
  • Brazilian Football (known as Soccer in USA) has produced some of finest players - Pele, Three R's (Ronaldo, Rivaldo & Ronaldinho). And they have won FIFA World Cup Football a record 5 times.
  • Samba Dance and Rio Carnival demonstrates the true dancing spirit
And of course To Brazil by Venga Boys as shown in the video below:

Lets hope I get my visa in time before the travel ;-)

More details to come ...

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Saturday Mar 01, 2008

Hyderabad in Pictures and Traffic

Shahi Qutbi Tomb, Golconda Fort and Charminar. Ate biryani @ Cafe Bahar in Basheer Bagh. This place served real good biryani with a good variety. I went there with a friend who ate at Paradise Biryani earlier in the week and he liked it much better at Cafe Bahar.

And now have a feel of the traffic in the video below:

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GlassFish Day Hyderabad 2008 - Packed & Highly Interactive

The overall fourth (after San Francisco - May 2007, Milan - Sep 2007, Beijing - Nov 2007) and first in India GlassFish Day concluded last week. This was by far the biggest and the most heavily attended event dedicated to GlassFish. The room with a capacity of 400 was completely packed as is evident in the pictures below and we had to order additional chairs to accommodate the attendees. The audience was very interactive and had very pointed questions in all the sessions.  In some cases the speakers were busy upto 45 minutes outside the conference room answering questions from the attendees.

The slides and video recording of all the sessions will be available soon.

The complete album of Sun Tech Days is available at:

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Friday Feb 29, 2008

Euphoria @ Sun Tech Days Hyderabad

As mentioned earlier, Day 1 of Sun Tech Days Hyderabad reception party had a peformance by Euphoria - one of the most popular rock band in India. In case you could not attend, feel the energy of their lead singer Polly and audience in the videos below:

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Sun Tech Days Hyderabad 2008 - Day 2

The highlight of Day 2 of Sun Tech Days Hyderabad for me was the keynote session by David AxmarkMySQL co-founder. In his presentation, he explained how Storage Engine Innovation (Falcon, InnoDB, PBXT & others), "Free" Time Innovation (MySQL proxy, Language Connector), Buying Innovation (MySQL Cluster from Ericsson), Business Innovation (open source in 1996, work with an impressive list of languages, on any platform, all compiled from one source code, designed with portability in mind, simple recompile for 64-bit portability) and other different kinds of innovation give MySQL 66%  of market share in enterprises. Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, YouTube are some of the prominent names.

The GlassFish booth was loaded all the time with a great amount of interaction. I've been living out of India after the IT boom started there and have only heard about the energy, passion and excitement about the Indian developer community. I totally experienced it first hand during this event. There were pointed questions which I'll summarize in a later blog (of course along with answers). Here are some more pictures of visitors at the GlassFish booth and attendees in the session:

But it is overwhelming especially if there is a giveaway at the booth as seen in the picture below:

I spent the evening reviewing the slides of a colleague for GlassFish Day (more on that later) while rest of the conference participants were enjoying a walk on the ramp by Indian fashion models. Here is a video of the show I found:

However I was fortunate to catch a ramp walk by the Sun Tech Days core team. Meet Liana, Nichole, Julie, Ranjini, Anita & Renita on the ramp:

And some of them had a celebrity moment when a local TV channel had a brief interview with some of them:

Overall, it was great fun! The Tech Days concluded yesterday and a subsequent blog will talk about GlassFish Day which concluded earlier today.

The complete album with all photographs is available at:

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Thursday Feb 28, 2008

Sun Tech Days Hyderabad Talent Show Video - Day 2

Sun Tech Days are fun event where you learn a lot about different Sun technologies. A "fun fun" event in the agenda is a talent show where attendees get a chance to show their weirdest skill on the stage. A winner is decided by the audience applause and awarded a leather jacket. And it requires a lot of courage to do that in front of 5000 people, as was the case in Hyderabad Tech Days 2008. There were four participants who performed a variety of activities - yoga, reverse counting from 100 to 1, mimicry and singing.

Enjoy the video of this unique talent show and then decide who was the winner :)

Read more about what and why of talent show here.

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Wednesday Feb 27, 2008

Sun Tech Days Hyderabad - Day 1

30% of the approximately 5000 attendees at Sun Tech Days Hyderabad were a repeat audience. It is the biggest developer Tech Days of all - both in terms of the number of attendees and tracks/sessions. This is my first Tech Days in India and found the show to be quite impressive so far. Once you enter the main conference hall, it's hard to differentiate between Moscone Center (location for JavaOne) and Hyderabad International Convention Center (HICC). Starting from the entrance, conference rooms, audio/video facilities and the crew is just amazing and very helpful.

Here is a little video right before the opening session:

The main convention hall can accomodate upto 5000 people at a given time and it was packed for the opening keynote by Rich Green (Executive Vice President, Software, Sun Microsystems).

Rich described how JDK, MySQL (yaaay!), xVM, GlassFish, NetBeans, Solaris and many other similar offerings provide a comprehensive suite of products that cover the entire portfolio of software. He talked about how Sun Campus Ambassadors, one-fifth of the total approx 500 are from India, are playing a key role in shaping the future.

Rich also talked about "Innovate more, Code less" - basically talking about how providing incremental functionality over existing FOSS components foster the open source spirit and create a community. It can be measured by a ratio of the number of lines developed and used. Rich also talked about how MySQL (pronounced as my-ess-kew-ell) acquisition (completed earlier this week) has made Sun the largest open source company in the world.

And this is India, so of course lots of people show up at sessions, booths, lunch and every where else as well!

I participated in a technical showcase right after the keynote which demonstrates the latest & cool technologies from Sun Microsystems. There were lots of cool demos ranging from JavaFX, SunSPOT, Java2D & jMaki. A replay of the jMaki demo along with complete instructions to recreate is available here. The opening session was telecast live to Bangalore & Chennai and then there were other sessions conducted parallely as well in these cities.

In addition to the technical showcase, I delivered 2 more sessions - JavaEE, GlassFish & Their Future and Web 2.0 Applications Made Easy using jMaki. And a Hands-on-Lab on Performance Tuning your Web 2.0 Applications. Both the sessions were heavily attended with 45 minutes presentation and an equal amount of time answering the questions.

The evening concluded by a great performance by Euphoria - one of the most popular rock band in India. Their popularity was quite evident by response and participation from the audience. For me, it was quite exciting to attend an Indian rock concert after a looong time :)

I captured the video as well and will upload once I get "decent" upload speed ;-)

The complete album of the visit so far is available at:

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Tuesday Feb 26, 2008

South Indian Food & GlassFish

Here are some pictures of the food I've eaten so far:

Here are some of the characteristics of Thali (first 3 pictures):
  • Banana leaf is used as the base for serving the food - clean and green
  • A large variety of items are served, including the traditional sambar/rasam/rice/yogurt
  • Modular - Items are served in a pre-defined order.
Over the lunch table, we were talking how this correlates to GlassFish v3:
  • HK2 is the core kernel - clean (written from scratch) and light-weight (green)
  • GlassFish v3 is a container that can do the traditional JavaEE and much more such as JRuby, PHP & Phobos.
  • Modular - Appropriate containers are loaded only if they are required. For example Web container is loaded only if there are any web applications deployed. Similarly for JRuby, PHP & Phobos as well.
Do you see any other similarity ? :)

And finally the Dosa (making & the final product)

And even a Biryani on the plane too :)

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