Monday Mar 23, 2009

Customers frustrated with Oracle's maintenance and support prices - GlassFish & MySQL can offer relief

Here are some quotes from a recent article talking about Oracle's maintenance and support fees:

Before Oracle acquired BEA earlier this year, the company charged 18% to 20% for support and maintenance. Oracle increased those fees to meet its own structure and also raised list prices on most BEA products.

That didn't sit well.


One Java-centric VAR, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said some of his BEA WebLogic customers are moving to alternative application servers just to get away from Oracle.


"What company comes in this climate and not only jacks up prices but support prices as well?" asked one frustrated BEA customer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.


"Many SAP and Oracle customers intend to push back their maintenance fees," he said. "Customers seek an option to just pay for tax and compliance updates without paying for future innovation. They are willing to pay for future modules when that time comes. If they can't access such options, they would prefer third party options like Rimini Street for Oracle [E-Business Suite] and SAP's applications."

Have you been bitten by Oracle's price raise ?

Interested in an industry-grade, highly performant, feature-rich, and open source alternative ?

GlassFish and MySQL together provide an excellent choice - give it a try!

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Tuesday Mar 03, 2009

FREE GlassFish Bootcamp - Mar 10, 2009, Santa Clara

Would you like to learn how to run your web apps on GlassFish - be they Java EE or Rails or Grails ?
How to manage/monitor them using the powerful web-based console and asadmin CLI ?
How to create SOAP-based or RESTful Web services and host them on GlassFish ?
How to setup GlassFish Clustering/High Availability and enable session-replication for your web apps ?
How to migrate your apps from other application servers to GlassFish ?

The GlassFish team is conducting a free bootcamp in Sun's Santa Clara campus on Mar 10, 2009. This will be a mix of presentations and hands-on-lab where you'll gather all the practical knowledge and tips and tricks for your applications. A tentative agenda is:
  • GlassFish Overview (Preso)
  • Management and Monitoring (Preso + Hands On)
  • Web Services: SOAP + REST (Preso + Hands On)
  • Lunch w/ GlassFish Enterpise Team (Preso)
  • Dynamic Langauges and Frameworks (Preso + Hands On)
  • High Availability/Clustering/Load Balancing (Preso + Hands On)
  • Migration to GlassFish (Preso)
The complete details including agenda, venue, and invite are available here.

You'll also get a chance to engage with the GlassFish team as well.

So bring your laptops and get ready to learn!

And did I  mention free as in "free beer" ? And food and drinks will be served as well :)

Register here!

UPDATE: The camp is sold out. If you are interested in attending a future boot camp, please drop a comment on this blog.

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Saturday Feb 21, 2009

Sun Tech Days 2009, Hyderabad - Technology meets fashion and entertainment

A fashion show was organized for Sun Tech Days Hyderabad attendees. Check out some of the videos:

And some dance performances as well ..

And some more ...

And you can of course see the Tech Days team on the ramp ...

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Monday Feb 02, 2009

Rails/Merb and GlassFish at Super Happy Dev House 30

Supper Happy Dev House is "a premier monthly hackathon event that combines serious and not-so-serious productivity with a fun and exciting party atmosphere."

The 30th monthly event was hosted at Sun Microsystem's Executive Briefing Center (aka EBC) in Menlo Park. During my short stay at Dev House, all the key characteristics of "productivity" and "party atmosphere" were indeed evident. This was the biggest Dev House in it's history. My previous visits to EBC have been for formal customer presentations. And the Dev House gathering turned the EBC into a very lively environment :)

I gave a lightning talk (for 5 minutes) on Rails/Merb powered by GlassFish/NetBeans. The key messages were:
  • JRuby - "It's just Ruby!" with passing over 55,000 compliance tests and continuous performance improvements.
  • NetBeans - light-weight and intuitive IDE for Rails development/deployment
  • GlassFish - robust deployment environment for Rails/Merb applications
The demo showed in the talk is available as screencast #26 and TOTD #53. Sharat posted a recording of my talk and is included below:

Read the latest on GlassFish/JRuby/Rails/Merb on the GlassFish wiki.

Did you know Project Kenai is a massive Rails application deployed on GlassFish ? Host your project on and get integrated support for Forums, Wikis, multiple source code reposisotry (including Subversion, Mercurial, and Git), bug tracking (including Bugzilla and JIRA) and much more. Empower your project on - a complete Rails application running on GlassFish.

Here are some pictures:

And the complete album at:

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Sunday Oct 19, 2008

Relevance of Open Source during Financial Crisis - GlassFish, MySQL, OpenSolaris, VirtualBox, NetBeans, ...

CIO published an article highlighting 5 cheap (or free) software that can be afforded during financial crisis. Their recommendations are:
  • Open Office ($0) instead of Microsoft Office ($110 for basic version)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird ($0) instead of Microsoft Outlook (lots of security issues)
  • GnuCash ($0) instead of Quicken ($30 for starter edition)
  • Alfresco ($0) instead of Sharepoint ($5K for five licenses)
  • Linux instead of Windows (non-zero cost, always virus-prone ;)
All the recommendations are open source and can be downloaded and used without any hidden clauses. In all cases the open source version is at par and sometimes better than the commercial version. And of course there is always the agility factor. You enounter a bug, somebody in the community fixes it (on priority if you have support subscription), patch available in the nightly and you are back in business.

Here are some more recommendations ...
  • GlassFish instead of Oracle Weblogic or IBM Websphere
  • MySQL instead of Oracle Enterprise or IBM DB2
  • OpenSolaris instead of Windows
  • NetBeans instead of IntelliJ
  • VirtualBox instead of VM Ware or any other virtualization software
  • and many more here
All these options are completely open source with a full enterprise support available from Sun Microsystems.

Now some actual price comparisons using GlassFish and MySQL Unlimited ...

That's $3 million savings over a period of 3 years!!!

And if the number of sockets/cores go up, that's just additional money you are wasting during this financial crisis. With GlassFish Enterprise Unlimited starting at $25,000 - no counting cores, sockets, support incidents, servers or auditing - you can deploy unlimited GlassFish instances for the same price charged for one WebLogic Enterprise Edition. GlassFish for Business explains the value of buying subscription for your deployments.

Here is another comparison for Total Cost of Ownership for MySQL compared with other databases:

Can your apps scale more than Google, Facebook, Yahoo or Wikipedia ? All these sites are powered by MySQL. Do they need to be more reliable than telco vendors such as Vodafone ? Again powered by MySQL.

In an open source world, why have a "30-day" evaluation period ?

In the times of financial crisis, why spend extra money when there are other better options available with HUGE savings ?

Open Source software is indeed a great way to cut costs. And Sun Microsystems offer a wide varitey of open source offerings (GlassFish, MySQL, OpenSolaris, VirutalBox, Linux, NetBeans and many others) that can help you during this financial crisis!

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Monday Oct 13, 2008

FREE Sun Student Technology Camp - Oct 24, 2008

Sun Student Technology Camp is an effort to educate students about what is going on in the world of technology. If you are a student, from middle school on up through university-level, then this is for you! There are presentations, demos, hands-on activities on the latest and most innovative technology from resident technology geeks.

The topic for upcoming camp is Open Source. Find out how Open Source will expand your opportunity, increase flexibility, and foster innovation for their future. There will also be a sneak peek on cool technology that has been brewing in SunLabs.

Did I mention these events are FREE ? :)

Hurry- seating is limited! Register today!

Here are the key details:
Date Friday, October 24th
Location Menlo Park (room location given upon sign-up)
Time 4:00pm – 6:00pm PST (but please try to arrive at 3:30pm)
Topic Open Source Software (, OpenSolaris, and Wonderland)

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Thursday Sep 18, 2008

LOTD #8: launched: Everything about Sun and Students is one-stop for all students interested in Sun Microsystems.

It has content related to all students:
and many other pointers. Visit today!

Here are few GlassFish specific pointers for students:
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Monday Sep 01, 2008

Mango\* - King of FOSS Offerings

If there is one thing that I terribly miss after moving to this country, that would be the variety of Mangoes in India. I've been asked at the United States Customs if I'm importing any mangoes. The fruit's flavor, fragrance and color is just great so I don't blame them at all. There is even International Mango Festival conducted every year since 1987 in Delhi. The festival features more than 550 varieties for visitors to view and taste.

I can talk at lengths about the fruit Mango but this entry is about Mango\*. So what is it ?

Project mango\* is an initiative to promote the use of Sun's (Free Open Source Software) FOSS stack in the enterprise middleware market. Mango\* is an acronym which stands for
  • My SQL And
  • Netbeans
  • Glassfish
  • Open\*...(OpenESB or OpenSSO or OpenPortal or OpenSolaris...)

It's not a new prodcut or technology but a packaging of Sun's FOSS offerings that brings reliable, scalable and open software to the enterprise. The main purpose is  to demonstrate and illustrate how enterprises achieve their IT and business goals using Sun's FOSS technologies.

You can taste/download mango\* here, it contains the king of FOSS offerings. And don't forget to taste the "king of fruits" on your next visit to India :)

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Thursday Aug 28, 2008

FREE Ticket to Rails Conf Europe 2008

Are you a Start up company interested in jump starting and meets the following criteria ?

  • In business six years or less
  • A maximum of 150 employees, including any affiliates
  • Based in a country in which the program is offered
  • A verifiable company presence (website, company profile, etc.)
  • Agree to accept the program's terms and conditions

Sun Startup Essentials program provided discounted hardware, partner hosting & storage, FREE support & Training, even connects with over 200 investors and much more. What are you waiting for ? Apply Today!

We'll throw in a FREE ticket to Rails Conf Europe 2008 - FREE as in FREE beer :) Read more details here.

And then if you are using GlassFish for Rails deployment, then I can give you a FREE 30-second promo in my talk.

And if you are in Berlin, then you might as well attend Berlin JUG event - which is also FREE.

And if you are using GlassFish in your startup, then we even provide FREE cloud computing - partnering with Layered Technologies!

Read more about Sun @ Rails Conf Europe 2008.

See you there!

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Sunday Aug 24, 2008

LOTD #5: Blogging Gold for Sun - Forrester loves it!

A recent report by Forrester Research published a list of 15 companies that really get corporate blogging and produce blogs that are informative, fascinating, and a joy to read even for people who aren’t die-hard fans of the company. Here is what the report says about Sun Microsystems:

Like Adobe, Sun allows their employees to blog. They’ve been doing it for a long time, and their blog portal has over 4,500 bloggers covering over 110,000 posts. Some of their blogs, such as that of Web 2.0 and Web Services Evangelist Arun Gupta, have become quite popular on their own. That’s 110,000 posts of promotional gold for Sun and they know it.

Here are recent statistics of

That's a comment for each post! I'm happy that this blog contibutes it's share.

All previous entries in this series are archived at LOTD.

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