Sunday May 08, 2011

Welcome to - the new "Miles to go..."!

One of the last pieces of identity coming from Sun is now fully submerged in Oracle and I'm excited about that!

After over 1200 blog entries at for over 5 years, this is my first post at This new blog will continue to be my primary blog going forward and I heartily welcome you here. Your suggestions and over 4400 comments is what makes this blog worthwhile so keep them coming. The redirects from -> should be automatically working, leave a comment if you see something broken though.

Just to set the expectations on what to expect on this blog, here is a tag cloud from the previous blog:

And I expect this to be the trend going forward as well. As always, your suggestions and comments are valuable to me and I respond to each one of them carefully so please keep them coming.

And just for memory sake, here is a snapshot of the now erstwhile :-)

Now ... on to!

There are still a tons of cities to visit ...
Plenty of developers to spread the fever ...
Loads of conferences to speak ...
And miles to go before I sleep.

JavaOne India starts tomorrow ... are you gonna be there ?

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Wednesday Feb 10, 2010

Oracle+Sun Welcome Events

Want to learn how Oracle+Sun are transforming the industry ? What the combination means to you ?

Hear from Oracle and Sun executives in multiple cities all around the world and learn the strategy.

Here is an email flier from my inbox showing some of the North America cities, more cities are being added every day.

Oracle+Sun Welcome Events

In the meanwhile, check out:

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Thursday Jan 28, 2010

Developer Tools Strategy by Oracle+Sun: NetBeans & Hudson to stay!

Hear Ted Farrell, Chief Architect and Senior Vice President talk about Oracle and Sun Java Developer Tools Strategy.

Here is a summary for those who want a quick juice:

  • Productivity With Choice
    • Choose the right tool set for your needs
    • Shared infrastructure across tools with Hudson, Oracle TPC, Subversion. Bugzilla, Maven, etc.
    • NetBeans continues with strong Java focus
    • Combine and integrate the best features across tools
  • More resources for Developers
    • More courses/training on Java technologies
    • More conferences around the world
    • Better products from expanded R&D and partner ecosystem
    • Larger combined developer community

Here is a lovely snapshot from the webcast ...

Some more detailed points captured from the webcast ...

  • If you are a NetBeans user today, you'll continue to be a NetBeans user after acquisition.
  • Increase the investment in Hudson, lots of synergy with Team Productivity Center.
  • Discontinue the public interface for for now, fits very well with some internal projects. Read more about the future of
  • Want to make the best Java IDE for the Java platform. NetBeans platform is very important to lot of customers.
  • For NetBeans, turn to community for external non-Java like Dynamic Languages. Invest more in the infrastructure and community.
  • unchanged
  • Community participation is key for:
    • NetBeans plug-ins
    • Building apps on NetBeans Platform
    • Emerging, Dynamic Languages
    • Dialog, interaction, lists, docs, events, JUGS, etc
  • No licensing changes
    • Versions of NetBeans <= 6.7 follow Sun policy
    • Versions of NetBeans >= 6.8 follow the Oracle policy (complete details)

The webcast also talks about JavaOne being co-located with Oracle Open World (Se 19-23, 2010) and also expanding to Brazil, Russia, India, and China. for more details. The complete list of webcasts + slides from yesterday's event are now available.

There are several other articles (in no particular order):

Also check out the FAQ for Developer Community.

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GlassFish strategy by Oracle+Sun

Hear Hasan Rizvi, Senior Vice President, Oracle Fusion Middleware, talk about GlassFish in Oracle and Sun Application Server Strategy webcast. The first part of the webcast is about the overall strategy and then the GlassFish part starts around 5:23 in the video.

Here is a summary for those who want a quick juice:

  • GlassFish joins WebLogic Server in the best java EE application server offering in the industry
  • GlassFish continues as the Java EE reference implementation
  • HotSpot and Java System Web Server augment Oracle's application grid portfolio to provide the most comprehensive, integrated, and open middleware foundation
  • All existing customers current on support will be fully supported according to their existing agreements

Some more detailed points captured from the webcast ...

  • GlassFish continues as the Java EE reference implementation and as an open source project.
  • Oracle's strategic application server, Oracle WebLogic Server, together with GlassFish, provide world class Java EE infrastructure.
  • GlassFish Enterprise Server and WebLogic Server expected to share core components.
  • Oracle plans to add GlassFish Enterprise Server all WebLogic offerings.
  • Hotspot and JRockit become Oracle's strategic JVMs.
  • Java System Web Server part of new Oracle Web Tier offering.
  • GlassFish Web Stack maintained for existing customers.
  • GlassFish Message Queue remains as the GlassFish messaging infrastructure.
  • Oracle plans to license GlassFish Enterprise Server and Java System Web Server with all WebLogic Server offerings.
  • GlassFish also available as standalone offering.
  • GlassFish will continue to be supported and maintained for an extended time period for customers current on support.
  • GlassFish open source projects thrive
  • On-going commitment by Oracle to and other open source projects that make up GlassFish
    • Continue collaboration
    • Blogs - TheAquarium
    • Enhancements -
    • GlassFish wiki for more details. The complete list of webcasts on Oracle Fusion Middleware Strategy shares the overall strategy (still evolving).

Also checkout the slides presented by Thomas Kurian on Software Strategy at the webcast yesterday. The complete list of webcasts + slides from yesterday's event are now available.

There are several other articles (in no particular order):

Also check out the FAQ for Developer Community.

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Thursday Nov 05, 2009

Java EE 6 & GlassFish v3 swimming to Amsterdam - JFall 2009

JFall is the annual conference of NL JUG - the 11 year old JUG of Netherlands. This year its happening on Nov 11 at SPANT!

I'll be speaking on Java EE 6 & GlassFish v3 (14:20 - 15:10) there and have lots of cool demos to show through out the talk. And also stay tuned for a brand new demo that shows JavaFX and GlassFish v3 integration.

With over 1000 attendees, the conference is already sold out so if you have not registered yet then you have to wait until next year :)

Here is the list of several Sun sessions:

Here are the sessions that I'd like to attend:

Most of the sessions are in Dutch so may have to fall back on English speaking sessions :(

Here are some quick data points ...

Also trying to arrange a slot in the local Amsterdam Ruby Meetup to talk about JRuby/Rails/GlassFish, lets see if it works out. Otherwise we might somewhere in the hotel lobby :)

And as always, I'm looking for running trails in Amsterdam & Bussum. Any body interested in running together ?

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Wednesday Sep 09, 2009

Larry Ellison to Sun Customers – “We’re in it to win it”

Here is an advertisement from today's (Sep 10, 2001) Wall Street Journal (also here)

Also find out why Oracle + Sun is faster than IBM on Oct 14.

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Monday Apr 20, 2009

GlassFish in Twitterverse - Oracle buying Sun

Oracle has entered a definitive agreement to acquire Sun for $9.50 per share in cash. Read more details in Sun's PR and Oracle's PR.

Here are some tweets captured from the Twitterverse on GlassFish:

And there is certainly buzz at MySQL Users Conference about the announcement. Only time will tell the future and fate of this blog!

It seems there is only one other entry tagged Oracle on this blog ;-)

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Wednesday Mar 25, 2009

EclipseCon 2009 Day 3 Summary

Attended the keynote session Building Applications for the Cloud with Amazon at EclipseCon 2009, Day 3 (day 2 here). Here are some brag points about Amazon Web Services gathered from the session:
  • 88 million customers, operated in 7 countries, data centers all around the world, core competency externalized for customers, pay-as-you-go model.
  • AWS Elastic Compute Cloud has 2 components:
    • Compute EC2: Rent by the hour, spin up/dial down based upon the need.
    • Storage S3: Access from anywhere with fairly low latency
  • Some simple primitives like SimpleDB (database), Simple Queue Service (messaging), Cloud Front (content delivery), Flexible Payments Service (payments), Mechanical Turk (on-demand workforce) on top of Compute & Storage.
  • 1/2 millon registered developers on AWS
  • 40 billion objects stories in S3 (4 times growth in last year)
  • Animoto case study:  Growth from 40 to 5000 instance after launching facebook application
  • AWS Principles: Reliable, Scalable, Low-latency, Flexible, Easy-to-use, Inexpensive
  • AWS Usage: Web site/Application hosting, Media distribution, Storage, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Financial apps, High-performance computing, Software development/testing
SmugMug CEO shared their usage of EC2 and S3 for SkyNet (fka Rubberband):
  • Millions of photos/day
  • BIG photos, upto 24MB, 48mpix
  • 40+ terapixels processed/day
  • Peaky traffic on holidays/weekend (elastic)
  • Full HD processing: 1920 x 1080p
  • No capital costs, Elastic, Better taxes: No depreciation & amortization
  • Totally autonomous, make a decision (roughly once a minute) to turn on/off a worker, takes into consideration approx 50+ inputs such as historical data, type of job, queue status, recent activity
And then was the fun part where AWS Toolkit for Eclipse was announced. It was pretty cool to deploy a web application (JSPWiki in this case) to a local server and then the same application to a Tomcat cluster on EC2. And you can even debug after attaching to a running instance as well. Pretty cool! And it was certainly exciting to know that GlassFish is already on their roadmap :)

And then I spent rest of the day talking to attendees and preparing this blog! The GlassFish beanies were a huge hit all around the floor and we also distributed Hudson stickers.

Here are some pictures of Day 3:

And the complete photo album below:

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Tuesday Mar 24, 2009

EclipseCon 2009 Day 2 in Pictures

Here are some pictures I took at EclipseCon earlier today:

Meet us at the Sun booths in EclipseCon and learn all the goodness about GlassFish, GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse, Open Solaris, and Java FX! And we got nice schwag too ;)

And the evolving photo album below:

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GlassFish Beanie, Open Solaris CD, Cool shirts, 2 GB SD Card - Goodies at Sun booth in #eclipsecon

Meet us at the Sun booths in EclipseCon and learn all the goodness about GlassFish, GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse, Open Solaris, and Java FX!

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