Sunday Apr 08, 2012

Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS), JavaOne Moscow, Java Summit Chennai

My whirlwind tour of Java EE and GlassFish starts next weekend and covers the following cities in the next 6 weeks:
  • JavaOne and Oracle Develop, Moscow
  • Great Indian Developer Summit, Bangalore
  • Java Summit, Chennai
  • JavaOne, Hyderabad
  • OTN Developer Day, Pune
  • OTN Developer Day, Istanbul
  • Geecon, Poznan
  • JEEConf, Kiev
  • OTN Developer Day, Johannesburg

Several other members of the team will be speaking at some of these events as well. Please feel free to reach out to any of us, ask a question, and share your passion. Here is the first set of conferences coming up:

Date: Apr 17-18
My Schedule
      Deploying your Java EE 6 Applications in Producion hands-on lab
      Technical Keynote
      Some other technical sessions
Venue: Russian Academy of Sciences
Connect: @OracleRU

Date: April 17-20
Schedule (date decided, time slots TBD)
My Schedule: NetBeans/Java EE 6 workshop on April 19th, Other sessions (as listed above) on April 20
Venue: J. N. Tata Auditorium, National Science Symposium Complex, Sir C. V. Raman Avenue, Bangalore, India
Connect: @GreatIndianDev

Date: April 21, 2011
My Schedule: Java EE 7 at 9:30am, JAX-RS 2.0 at 11am
Venue: VELS University
Register (FREE)
Connect: @jug_c

Where will I meet or run with you ?

Do ask me to record a video session if you are using GlassFish and would like to share your story at

Friday Jan 28, 2011

Oracle User Group Leaders Summit 2011 Report

Oracle head quarters was honored to host one of the most active and involved customers earlier this week at the annual User Group Leaders Summit. Other than the usual suspects like IOUG, OAUG, ODTUG and many others, the new additions were Java User Groups, MySQL User Groups, and Primavera SIG. There were about 150 leaders (> 50% increase from 2010) and > 30% of the attendees were from outside the USA. There were 54 sessions delivered sharing our campaigns, products, and services. There were even 12 unconference sessions allowing the attendees to engage in a more informal manner.

Several JUG leaders from around the world represented the Java community: Stephan Jansen (BeJUG), Bruno Souza (SouJava), Kevin Nilson (Silicon Valley Web JUG), Van Riper (Silicon Valley Web JUG), John Yeary (Green JUG), Daniel deOliveira (DFJUG), JP Petines (JEDI), Bert Breeman (NLUG), Max Bonbhel (Congo JUG), Dan Cline (Chicago JUG), Ranganath (Bangalore JUG), Stephen Chin (JavaFX UG), Frank Greco (NYC Java SIG), Dario Laverde (NYC JUG).

I attended sessions in the Java track and gave a presentation on "Whats Cool in Java EE 6" and the slides are available:

The slides from rest of the sessions are already posted at

There were several sessions in the Java track providing updates on roadmap on different Java technologies. There were several sessions dedicated to hearing feedback from the JUG leaders on whats working and not. Then there was an open session where Steve Harris, Mark Reinhold, Ted Farrell, and Ajay Patel answered open ended questions to the audience. Here are couple of samplers ...

Steve Harris - If Java is not successful, we'll fail! JCP is the best vehicle we've to discuss the future of Java. It has the ability to self-heal and has done so multiple times over the past.

Audience: Why didn't Oracle shutdown GlassFish ?
Steve Harris: Its the RI, Pieces of WLS that are part of RI but not the RI.
The developer community of 10million downloads is very dear to Oracle.
The agility allows to make faster changes. WLS has heavy-duty integration stuff.
Its great technology, team, and investment on their part.
It'll be a bad bad mistake to kill GlassFish.

Henrik on why Oracle will strive to make sure Java is successful: There are 20k developers working on Java inside Oracle, can't mess with Java.

The response from the twittersphere (#iouc) was positive and here are some sample tweets:

  • @debralillley Great #IOUC so far, lots #ukoug stuff done yesterday now main summit starts, lots of usergroup leaders here, you can smell the passion #fb
  • @BambiPrice @odtug Oracle welcoming MySQL leaders to the #IOUC summit
  • @Mike_ODTUG Great to hear all of the exciting things all of the user groups accomplished last year. Congrats to all! #IOUC #ODTUG
  • @stenvesterli Ronan Miles @UKOUG__Chair from #UKOUG receiving Lifetime Award from Judith Sim at #IOUC. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • @Stephan007 Oracle nominates SouJava to the JCP Executive Committee. #IOUC
  • @BertBreeman Unconference during #IOUC-Summit new experience for a lot of people; JUG-leaders has more and more influence in this Summit; everybody happy
  • @congojug #IOUC Collaborating with Oracle in the #JUG Communities at #Oracle Headquarters #CongoJUG
  • @BertBreeman Good discussion during #IOUC: JavaOne vs OpenWorld. Oracle is listening to us. JavaOne separated from OpenWorld. JavaOne will be reanimated!
  • @BertBreeman JavaOne discussion during #IOUC: JavaOne probably going back to his original timezone: during Spring. JavaOne: the place to be again!
  • @johnyeary Finished the #IOUC #JUG leader summit earlier today. It was a successful event in my opinion. I walked away with a lot of good ideas.

Oralce nominated SOUJava to a seat in the JCP Executive Committee. The special elections are coming soon and we hope the members will vote to elect Bruno Souza to the JCP. Many congratulations to SOUJava and Bruno for the nomination!

Here are some pictures from the event ...

And the complete album below:

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