Monday Oct 13, 2008

FREE Sun Student Technology Camp - Oct 24, 2008

Sun Student Technology Camp is an effort to educate students about what is going on in the world of technology. If you are a student, from middle school on up through university-level, then this is for you! There are presentations, demos, hands-on activities on the latest and most innovative technology from resident technology geeks.

The topic for upcoming camp is Open Source. Find out how Open Source will expand your opportunity, increase flexibility, and foster innovation for their future. There will also be a sneak peek on cool technology that has been brewing in SunLabs.

Did I mention these events are FREE ? :)

Hurry- seating is limited! Register today!

Here are the key details:
Date Friday, October 24th
Location Menlo Park (room location given upon sign-up)
Time 4:00pm – 6:00pm PST (but please try to arrive at 3:30pm)
Topic Open Source Software (, OpenSolaris, and Wonderland)

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Thursday Sep 18, 2008

LOTD #8: launched: Everything about Sun and Students is one-stop for all students interested in Sun Microsystems.

It has content related to all students:
and many other pointers. Visit today!

Here are few GlassFish specific pointers for students:
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Tuesday Sep 02, 2008

GlassFish and MySQL Student Contest - 3 steps to earn $500

Are you a student and like to earn $500 ? Here are three steps:
That's all it takes for a chance to win $500. And there are 5 $250 second prizes as well. The prize money comes right in time for winter holiday shopping :)

A pre-compiled list of several projects is available for you to get started. And you can certainly churn an innovative idea from your creative mind!

Make sure to read the contest rules before applying, complete details here. Make sure to submit a substantive feedback since that is an important part of judging the submission.

Do you know:
  • NetBeans IDE allows you to create several Java EE modules like JSP, Servlets, Java Persistence Units, Enterprise Java Beans, Java Server Faces and Web services seamlessly and deploy them directly on GlassFish.
  • Rails and Grails applications can be deployed on GlassFish v2 UR2 as WAR files.
  • Metro is an extensible and highly performant Web services stack in GlassFish. New functionality can be easily added by creating and configuring your pipes.
And there are many more features that allow your developer instincts to contribute something valuable to GlassFish ecosystem. Let those bright minds run free and start working on it today! The contest ends October 22, 2008. is a onestop that provides links to several demos, screencasts, presentations, tutorials that can be leveraged for your curriculum.

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Sunday Jul 27, 2008

Spotlight - GlassFish Resources for Education Community

Are you a student interested in demonstrating the diverse and powerful features of GlassFish ?
Are you a professor who would like to teach GlassFish in your curriculum ?
Do you train other people in enterprise technology ?
Are you involved in education community in any manner ?

If the answer to any of the above questions is Yes, then is onestop that provides a list of GlassFish resources for you. It provides a comprehensive list of resources about video Tutorials, Blogs, Demos, Training courses and other information.

Do you have your favorite slide deck to share ?
Do you have a demo to share ?
What additional demos/resources would you like from us ?

Let us know by sending an email to and we'll shine the spotlight on you!

You can find more detailed information Sun's offering for students @ Students Portal.

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Monday Jul 14, 2008

Exciting Job Opportunity in GlassFish Scripting Team

Do you want to
  • Work in Scripting and Dynamic Languages and associated Web frameworks such as Ruby/Rails, Groovy/Grails, Python/Django
  • Learn the Open Source work culture
  • Work with and in the GlassFish team in a dynamic, innovative and fast-paced environment
  • Engage in highly technical/strategic engineering discussions
  • Become famous by writing blogs/participating in forums
Are you a new graduate and do you have it in you ? Buckle up, fasten your seatbelt and apply here.

This has been a very exciting journey for me so far and we need your help in taking this to the next level.

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