Monday Dec 12, 2011

GlassFish Partner Showcase: Logicstyle talking about Java EE 6 and future - in English and Portuguese

At the recently concluded JavaOne Latin America, I had the opportunity to talk with Juliano Viana from Logicstyle about Java EE 6 and their love for GlassFish. Watch the brief interview (in English) below:

And Loiane Groner graciously helped us record the same video in Portuguese as well:


Wednesday Nov 02, 2011

GlassFish Customer Stories from JavaOne 2011

Several GlassFish customers presented at the GlassFish Community Event at JavaOne 2011. Their slides + videos are now available:


Wednesday Sep 29, 2010

GlassFish scales and configures very quickly for Micello - the "indoor Google Maps" company

We all (at least majority of us) use some sort of maps to reach from one destination, say home, to another destination, say a shopping mall or a convention center. But once you've reached the mall then you switch to a different set of tools to navigate that is typically either a paper flyer or sign boards within the mall. fills that gaps by providing maps for any indoor locations like airport, shopping malls, convention centers, retail centers, and college campus.

Their application is built using "scalable stack" of GlassFish and MySQL, uses RESTful Web services, and has given them a 99.9% uptime in the past few months - no wonder its used to create indoor maps for 50 malls in Singapore. Listen all the details on Micello from Prakash in the video below:

Micello has been talked about at,, and mashable.

How are you using GlassFish today ?

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Saturday Mar 20, 2010

Mahaswami Software enjoys the "perfect marriage" of JRuby + Rails + GlassFish

Mahaswami Software (based in Bengaluru, India) uses its homegrown Rapid Application Development framework to deliver quality applications in quick time. The framework leverages JRuby, Rails, and the J2EE platform along with Test Driven Development and Continuous integration tools. Mahaswami offers product development services and specific consulting on JRuby/Rails based application development. The Mahaswami team actively contributes back to the Ruby and Rails community.

And they picked GlassFish for a web-based supply chain management product for a large enterprise application service provider in India. They picked GlassFish instead of JBoss because they loved the web-based admin console and high performance.

Watch more details in the following video:

Here is what the customer has to say about their experience:

We were pleasantly surprised by this team's fantastic ability to deliver complex solutions with great agility, and have gained an edge to our product development efforts.

Do you have any JRuby/Rails/GlassFish consulting requirements in Bengaluru ? Mahaswami Software is your one stop shop for providing all the services.

See other similar success stories here.

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Thursday Jul 02, 2009

Rails on GlassFish - "most performant of all", "simpler and just works", "blazing speed"

Here are some quotes about running Rails applications on GlassFish from user@jruby mailing list:

I find the glassfish gem to be the most performant of all -- and I don't need to war-up my app.

I also have some mongrel cluster stuff, but glassfish is simpler and just works.

Voila...blazing speed, can handle lots of traffic. Note that I am also cominging into apache from a dyndns name. So, whatever IP I have, I can go straight to execution on the glassfish gem and NO warring up! What could be easier deployment, or a faster execution?

It's running fantasticly and performing like nothing I've seen before :) Completely stable memory, no wirings or anything bad for 5 days now.. (with several ab/htperf stresstests).

It's always exciting to get good endorsements of our efforts in the GlassFish team :)

Other similar stories for using Rails/GlassFish in production are described at rubyonrails+stories.

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Sunday Jun 14, 2009

Cognizant likes Simplicity, Easy management, and Lightweightness of GlassFish

Cognizant is system integrator combining onsite/offshore delivery model to achieve customer satisfaction. They've started using GlassFish within their internal "Cognizant Java Community" and also recommeding it to their clients as opposed to "established App Servers".

Why GlassFish ? Because of its "Simplicity, Easy management, and Lightweightness". And they are not disappointed at all.

Learn more about it in this video:

Thanks to Dr B V Kumar for the quick story!  Check out other GlassFish Production Stories.

Technorati: conf javaone sanfrancisco glassfish stories

Thursday Jun 11, 2009

OKTECH - Hungarian consulting company using GlassFish for 4 years

OKTECH is a Hungarian consuting company and one of the earliest adopters of GlassFish. They use it for their internal company related information and for external production with US business as well.

Why GlassFish ? Because its "Open source, pretty good quality, and performs well". One word describes NetBeans and GlassFish integration for them: "Perfect".

Learn more about it in this video:

Thanks to Istvaan Soos for the quick story! Check out other GlassFish Production Stories.

Technorati: conf javaone sanfrancisco glassfish netbeans stories

University of Utah - Ported 60 applications from Weblogic to GlassFish

The University of Utah ported 60 applications from Weblogic to GlassFish and very happy with it. They like the clustering and failover capability, integrated NetBeans development environment, and are using EJBs, Java Server Faces and a slew of other technologies.

Learn more about it in this video:

Thanks to Tim Richardson for the quick story! Check out other GlassFish Production Stories.

Technorati: conf javaone sanfrancisco university utah glassfish netbeans stories

Tuesday Jun 09, 2009

OPIN Systems - Financial Application using JRuby-on-Rails on GlassFish

OPIN Systems has chosen JRuby, Rails, and GlassFish for a customer-facing financial application. Why ? "Easy to setup Rails application and add more intense logic in JRuby calls"

Learn more about it in this video:

Thanks to Ben Leadholm for the quick story! Check out other GlassFish Production Stories.

Check out Ben's "Dude, Where's my pass ?" entry:

Read several other Rails/GlassFish success stories.

Technorati: conf javaone sanfrancisco glassfish rubyonrails stories

Monday Jun 08, 2009

Fundamo: Call Banking System using Sun "all the way through", including GlassFish

Fundamo provides a mobile financial services platform using a full Sun stack - hardware, operating system, and GlassFish. They found GlassFish has more features and better support than other open source App Servers. And it's not as big as other competitors.

GlassFish is performing "very well" for them and they like easy of use/setup and the management console.

Learn more about it in this video:

Thanks to Cedric Franz (Chief Software Architect) for the quick story!  Check out other GlassFish Production Stories.

Technorati: conf javaone sanfrancisco glassfish stories

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