Friday Feb 13, 2009

Little India, Singapore in Pictures

Little India in Singapore
is a great glimpse of Indian culture in Singapore. It has access to everything Indian in a matter of few streets: grocery, clothes, restaurants, music collections, temple, jewelry, and anything else you can think.

Click on the map below to explore the exact location:

I spent my yesterday evening strolling through the streets of Little India and took some pictures:

And the complete album at:

I think it's worth an experience :)

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Thursday Feb 05, 2009

GlassFish swimming to Singapore, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad - Feb 2009

I'll be traveling (again) and this time to Singapore, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad over the next couple of weeks. A few meetings are already planned but there is buffer for squeezing any last-minute JUG visits, Rails Meetup or meeting Campus Ambassadors.

Here is my schedule:

Singapore: Feb 12 & 13
Delhi: Feb 14, 20, & 21
Bangalore: Feb 15, 16, & 17
Hyderabad: Feb 18 & 19

And I'll be there at Sun Tech Days in Hyderabad. Ask me anything about GlassFish :)

Did you know James Gosling is going to be there ? Check out agenda, details and register today!

One of the good things about traveling internationally is an opportunity to taste the local cuisines. Here are a few local delicacies that I don't intend to miss:
Any particular recommendations for restaurants or delicacies that are missing ?

Anybody intersted in meeting or running together ?

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Thursday Jan 22, 2009

Singapore Tech Days 2009 - Wrapup

A picture is worth thousand words! Now that Picasa 3.0 is available on Mac, here is a collage of pictures from the recently concluded Sun Tech Days in Singapore.

The complete photo album is available at:

And if you are interested in knowing all the action, read here!

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Wednesday Jan 21, 2009

Singapore Tech Days 2009 - Talent Show, Cloud Camp, GlassFish Demo

Follow up from Day 1.

Matt Thompson talked about cloud computing. Even though the term "cloud computing" is becoming more prominent now, it very well echoes Sun's 25 years old mantra - "The Network is the Computer". Even though there are some prominent players but the field is very much emerging. Matt touched upon different interpretations of a cloud - Platform, Infrastructure or Software as a Service (PaaS, Iaas, SaaS). A set of developer tools that allows you to manage your cloud is equally important for it to be successful. He then gave a preview of some of the open source developer tools (Kenai and Zembly) available from Sun Microsystems to assist in that direction.

After the keynote, some participants showed their "strange and unusual" talent to add a bit of levity to the otherwise intense technical conference. Even though there were 6 participants but it was less "strange and unusal" than the previous ones I've attended (Sao Paolo 2008, Hyderabad 2008, Beijing 2007). Here is a video of the show and judget it yourself:

A video of the GlassFish demo shown during Day 1 is now available:

The cloud camp in the evening had approx 50 attendees with an interesting discussion around the definition of cloud, security concerns, portability of applications across clouds, major players in the game, and much more. Free pizza and beer is always a good way to keep audience engaged until late in the night ;-) Sign up for a cloud camp near your city!

Here are some pictures from Day 2:

University Day today!

And finally the complete photo album in Singapore so far:

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Running by the Singapore River

Had a great 44 minutes run by the Singapore River in downtown Singapore.

There were underpasses for all the streets so that made it really comfortable. The hotel desk even had a running band with 2K, 6K, and 10K routes - really neat! I anyway deviated and ran along the river which was fun.

21 days of running so far this year - 100% in 2009 :)

Check out pictures of the Singapore trip so far:

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Tuesday Jan 20, 2009

Fish pedicure by Doctor Fish

Doctor Fish (aka "Garra rufa", Kangal fish, Nibble fish) is a freshwater fish fish that originates from Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. They consume the dead and affected areas of your skin and also help in curing skin diseases and disorders. Now attending Singapore Tech Days 2009, some of us got "fish pedicure" done outside the Singapore Night Safari park.

Here are couple of pictures:

And then a video of us getting fish therapy:

Don't worry, its not creepy! Instead it's more ticklish and I can still feel that sensation, even 12 hours later :)

And here is another one:

Thanks Maria for the video!

In these economic times, if you are suffering by the expensive, commercial, and properietary vendor offerings of Application Server - let GlassFish and other open source offerings from Sun cure you :)

Here is the complete photo album in Singapore so far:

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Sun Tech Days 2009, Singapore - Welcome Reception

Follow up from Part 1.

Attended "What Developers should care about MySQL ?" by Colin and "Groovy and Grails" by Chuk-munn Lee.

I enjoyed both the talks for different reasons. Colin's talk explained the pluggable storage engine architecture that is unique to MySQL (pronounced my-ess-kew-ell, not my-sequel). It was interesting to know that the different storage engines can be picked a la carte based upon the requirements. The performance comparison for INSERTs was 5x between MyISAM, InnoDB and Archive storage engines. But then InnoDB provide transactions and other goodies. Multiple performance tuning tips such as using negative unsigned int instead of BIGINT and partitioning databases if the number of records grow more than 1 billion were good! Keep an eye on his blog for slides.

Chuk's talk introduced Groovy, Grails, showed several samples of NetBeans and Grails integration. A Grails application can be deployed as a WAR file on GlassFish. Alternatively you can download the Grails module from GlassFish v3 Update Center and use the standard "run-app" command to run your Grails application using the embedded GlassFish v3 instead of Jetty. This is explained nicely in the screencast below:

Here are couple of pictures from rest of the day:

The welcome reception gave a good chance to engage with the audience. There was a community-driven musical performance and I made a video recording of the event. But because of the slow Internet connection, it's taking forever to load this particular video (may be it's Picasa 3 on Mac ;-)

If you have not signed up for Cloud Camp event happening in Singapore at 6pm today, register here!

Here is the complete photo album so far:

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Monday Jan 19, 2009

Sun Tech Days 2009, Singapore - Day 1

The Sun Tech Days Singapore started earlier this morning - over 1100 developers, an outstanding audience!!!

The kick off had a good local flare when the Gods of Longevity, Fortune, and Prosperity (Fu Lu Shou) showed up to start the event ;-) The build up to their appearance was really exciting as evident from the video below:

This particular event will also be recorded in Singapore Book of Records for the largest numbers of Sun developers playing a rattle together :) Here are some pictures from the event:

A Toshiba laptop and an iPod was raffled to the audience and the lucky winners are:

And found another loyal reader of my blog:

Gosh, he even took my autograph ;-)

The steps to reproduce the different GlassFish demos shown during the key note are explained below.
  1. GlassFish v3 OSGi-compliance and quick startup time

    Download GlassFish v3 Prelude from here, unzip, and start the server as

    glassfish/bin/asadmin start-domain --verbose

    to see a message something like:

    INFO: GlassFish v3 Prelude startup time : Felix(1732ms) startup services(1091ms) total(2823ms)

    The GlassFish v3 container starts up fairly quickly, 2.8 secs in this case, without starting any application-specific container. The container is using OSGi R4 APIs and Apache Felix as the runtime. This allows any standard OSGi bundle to be easily deployed in GlassFish v3. The underlying OSGi runtime can be easily replaced with Knopflerfish or Equinox because standard R4 APIs are used. As you notice, Felix start up time is explicitly shown in the startup message.

    The quick start up is possible because containers, such as Web container that serves web applications, is started only when the first Web application is deployed. No web application, no web container - simple! The same is true as other types of applications are deployed, for example a Rails application. The containers are started and stopped on demand giving a higher utilization of resources.
  2. Auto-deploy of Servlets and preserving servlet session state across multiple re-deploys using NetBeans and Eclipse. This feature is really useful as it tremendously reduces your development time. Focus on what you are good at i.e. adding business logic and let NetBeans and GlassFish together take care of your deployment worries. And why should you loose your session state just because the application is re-deployed!
  3. Modularity and Extensibility of GlassFish v3 by running/debugging a Rails application. GlassFish certainly supports traditional Java EE applications. But starting with GlassFish v3 the newer Web frameworks like Rails can also be deployed natively. The screencast #26 shows how to develop, run and debug a Rails application natively deployed on GlassFish. And this capability of deploying a Rails application is added as an OSGi module and also demonstrates the extensibility of GlassFish.

    It provides future protection as well because any other Web framework can be easily deployed as a standard OSGi module.
  4. Extensibility of GlassFish v3 by dropping a JAR in the "/modules" directory. The admin console is a one-stop interface for the administration of your GlassFish instance such as deploying WAR/EAR, creating JDBC/JMS resource, and creating clusters. Starting with GlassFish v3, even the admin console is extensible. There are clearly defined extension points that allows you to write a "admin console module" and extend the capability of your admin console. The demo showed dropping a JAR in the standard "modules" directory and admin cosole recognizing the module. A sample project that shows all the integration points to GlassFish v3 Admin Console is available here.
Other demos showcased JavaFX, Open Solaris and jMaki Webtop technology. I particularly enjoyed the JavaFX demo by our "resident mad scientist" - Simon Ritter :) It was an interesting use of technology to create something fun. Enjoy the demo below:

Also met Colin Charles, Community Relations Manager for MySQL at Sun Microsystems. It was certainly great to know that similar thought process is applied for promoting both GlassFish and MySQL - state the facts, offer an alternative, and let the customers decide. Both MySQL and GlassFish are open source offerings with complete enterprise support available from Sun Microsystems. And together with OpenSolaris, NetBeans and many other open source offerings they make a killer platform for developing/deploying any kind of web applications.

And if you have not signed up for Cloud Camp event happening in Singapore tomorrow at 6pm, register here!

Here is the complete photo album so far:

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Thursday Jan 15, 2009

GlassFish Swimming to Singapore Tech Days

Sun Tech Days is traveling to Singapore next week and I'll be there!

You'll find me at the pavilion hall, sessions, hallway, lunch, reception, University Day, and else where. Stop by and say hello! Let us know how you are using GlassFish and how can we make it better for you.

Click on the map below to get the exact direction to Raffles City Convention Centre.

Raffles City Convention Center

Here are some important links:
Register now!

Complete details about the event are available here.

There are scattered thunderstorms predicted through out the event. The highest temperature is expected to be 89o and the lowest 76o. This is going to be really balmy compared to an average 55o in San Francisco Bay Area around this time of the year. But hey, it's been 10o warmer here too for past few days, so shouldn't be too bad :)

There is apparently a running track near by and I'd not like to break my 16 days of run-a-day streak. Any other recommendations for good running trails around the convention center ?

What are other fun things to do ?

Any Ruby Meetups who would like to know why GlassFish/NetBeans provide an excellent alternative to WEBrick/Mongrel/Textmate ?

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