Monday Dec 12, 2011

GlassFish Partner Showcase: Logicstyle talking about Java EE 6 and future - in English and Portuguese

At the recently concluded JavaOne Latin America, I had the opportunity to talk with Juliano Viana from Logicstyle about Java EE 6 and their love for GlassFish. Watch the brief interview (in English) below:

And Loiane Groner graciously helped us record the same video in Portuguese as well:


Thursday Dec 08, 2011

JavaOne Latin America 2011 Pictures

More coming later ...

In the mean while, check out the album ...

Tuesday Nov 29, 2011

JavaOne Latin America 2011: Keynotes, Sessions, Hands-on Lab, Geek Bike Ride, etc.

After a very successful JavaOne San Francisco, the first JavaOne on the road for 2011 is heading to Latin America next week. There are 59 sessions delivered by several rock star speakers and with 60% sessions delivered by the local community. There are strategy, technical and community keynotes. The community keynote on Thursday will particularly be lot of fun with appearances from Java Champions, JUG leaders, jHome, and several others. Also check out the Exhibitor Floor Plan and don't forget to Register!

The complete session schedule gives an overview for the list of technical sessions and hands-on lab. There are several Java EE, GlassFish, and WebLogic sessions and are highlighted below:

Tuesday, Dec 6
  • Oracle WebLogic Server
  • XML-Free Programming: Java Server and Client Development without <>
  • Java EE Application in Production: Tips and Tricks to achieve zero downtime
  • Web Applications and Wicket Scala on GlassFish and Java EE 6
  • REST and Java best practices, issues and solutions for the Enterprise
  • Building a RESTful Web Application with JAX-RS and Ext JS 4
Wednesday, Dec 7
  • Oracle GlassFish Server in the Virtual World
  • JAX-RS 2.0: What's in JSR 339 ?
  • JSF 343: What's coming in Java Message Service 2.0 ?
  • The Great News of JSF 2.0!
Thursday, Dec 8
  • Servlet 3.1 Update
  • Develop, Deploy, and Monitor a Java EE 6 Application with Clustered GlassFish 3.1
  • Migrating from EJB/SOAP to REST with JAX-RS: The Case of the Central Bank of Brazil
  • GlassFish REST Administration Back End: An Insider look at a real REST Application
  • Scripting and Agile Java EE Applications with Jython

And this is Brazil so a fun element is important. There are the usual Caiprihinas, Churrascaria, late night social dinners, community engagement, and multiple other fun activities. Fabiane Nardon and SOUJava gang are also organizing a Geek Bike Ride on the Sunday (Dec 4th) before JavaOne. The 20k ride (map) starts at 7am and goes through the streets of Sao Paulo. This is an opportunity to meet some of the JavaOne speakers and attendees outside the conference. They've even designed a t-shirt and 32 geeks have signed up so far.

I'm glad my discussion with Fabiane during FISL early this year for arranging this bike ride is finally taking shape! I'm definitely looking forward to it and will be bringing nice fruity Odwalla bars for all the riders. Be there to ride with me and many others :-)

Stay updated by following @oracledobrasil and @javaoneconf.

I'll be there, will you ?

Don't wait and register now!

And in case you are interested in reading about the experience from last year ... it was lot of fun! Just check out a collage of pictures yourself ...

And the complete album at:

Sunday Jul 10, 2011

TDC 2011 Trip Report

Keep reading for the conclusive blog entry on my Brazil trip. After FISL12, Java Noroeste, Brasilia, and Goiania the trip concluded with The Developers Conference 2011 (TDC) in Sao Paulo.

The TDC, as the name says, is a developer conference organized by Global Code, Brazil's largest trainer of Java developers and several other IT courses. They offer courses in Core Java, Web, Design Patterns, Java EE 6, Robotics, and several other topics and have offices all around Brazil. There were about 2000+ attendees over 5 days and spread across multiple tracks covering Java, Java EE, Web, Python, PHP, .NET, Ruby, Cloud, and several other topics.

I gave two talks and a NetBeans-driven hackathon. The slides for the presos are available below:

The first talk had about 200 attendees and the second one had approx 80 attendees. And the NetBeans-driven Java EE 6/GlassFish hackathon code can be downloaded here.

Yara Senger (one of the main organizers of the conference) was telling me that several attendees gave her extremely positive feedback about my talks, this is always good to know. She also told me that attendees from other tracks left their session to attend these talks. Here are couple of feedbacks from twitterverse #tdc2011:

#TDC2011 Palestra do @arungupta muito bom

@esdrasbb Indiano da Oracle = @arungupta? O cara é bom! #GlassfishGuy

I'm certainly looking forward to participate in TDC at other locations/times.

Check out some pictures from the TDC 2011 ....

And, as always, the complete album:

I'm certainly glad to be back home after being on the road for 15 days but it was a very enjoyable and a valuable experience!

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