Monday Dec 05, 2011

Java Geek Bike Ride, Sao Paulo - JavaOne Latin America 2011

The City of Sao Paulo marks one lane exclusively for bikers (the pedal ones ;) on Sundays and national holidays. The 45 km route through the city is served by tons of volunteers providing directions and safety with the traffic in other lanes. The lanes are well marked and is a way to make to promote healthy lifestyle in the city. The ride is mostly flat with one small hill towards the end. Check out CicloFaixa for more details.

Fabiane Nardon and gang used this opportunity to arrange a Geek Bike Ride for the local community to meet JavaOne speakers in an informal setting. Our bike angels Fabiane, Claudio, and Fernando did a fabulous job of keeping the riders together. Claudio not only completed 4000 km on his bike yesterday but is also one of the best know agile speakers in Brazil. I had the opportunity to work with Fernando on the release of the largest local guide deployment in Brazil and he is a sharp guy. And everybody knows Fabiane, a Java Champion, Duke Choice Award winner, entrepreneur, Tools Community Manager, and a lot more.

There were no technology discussions, just pure fun, laughter, and a great workout!

I shared a bunch of Odwalla bars with all the bikers and they were well appreciated. Check out the picture below for the riders getting powered by an Odwalla bar before the ride:

Check out the bike route:

And some pictures ...

Check out lot more pictures at:

Thank you bike angels Fabiane, Claudio, and Fernando for guiding us through the wonderful bike ride. JavaOne San Francisco 2011 had its first community run and now this fun bike ride. Lets see where it goes next :-)

Now, JavaOne Latin America starts tomorrow. There is tons of exciting content there and looking forward to lots of nerdgasms there!

Thursday Jun 23, 2011

FISL 12, Sao Jose Do Rio Preto, Brasilia, DFJUG, Goiania, and The Developers Conference, São Paulo

Java EE 6/7 and GlassFish are visiting multiple cities in Brazil:

Jun 26 - Jul 2
FISL 12, Porto Alegre
Jul 3
Sao Jose Do Rio Preto JUG
Jul 4 - 5
DFJUG Taguatinga, Brasilia and other venues
Jul 6 - 7
Goiania JUG and other venues
Jul 8 - 9
The Developers Conference, São Paulo

  • Even though my main focus will be Java EE 6/7 and GlassFish but feel free to ask any question.
  • There are several speakers from Oracle at FISL so stop by at the booth and talk to us.
  • @paulojeronimo, with the help of the local community, organized a 10k run on the morning of Jul 5th. So please feel free to run along, should be fun.
  • @raphaeladrien mentioned about some nice parks near my hotel in Goiania so you'll find me running there as well.
  • There will be interesting discussions around different Web frameworks in Goiania.
  • And then there are always 4 things to not miss in Brazil - Churrascaria, Guarana, Coffee, Caipirinha.
Where will I see you ?

Friday Oct 03, 2008

Hilton Morumbi Sao Paolo - Thumbs Up!

I stayed at Hilton Morumbi during Sun Tech Days 2008 Sao Paolo. It's a great hotel located in the financial district of city. And certainly it was a pleasure that hotel staff could speak really good English. I realized the importance more after traveling to Brasilia and Vitoria :)

Here are some pictures of room and view from the 18th floor:

And the dinner ...

Located right across X-shaped bridge:

And then a view of the bridge from 28th floor (with great fitness center):

Certainly a great hotel to stay again!

But unlike other hotels in Brazil, they charged exorbitantly for Internet access.

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Tuesday Sep 30, 2008

Talent Show @ Sun Tech Days 2008, Sao Paolo

Sun Tech Days gives you the opportunity to learn about different Sun technologies. But it also gives you a chance to demonstrate your soft skills in a Talent show. See what participants showed on Day 2 of Sao Paolo Tech Days 2008.

Watch all the way to end for a typical Brazilian ending :)

View similar shows at Hyderabad 2008 and Beijing 2007.

Here are some pictures from Day 2:

And the evolving (1 more day remaining) album at:

Technorati: conf suntechdays brazil talentshow saopaolo

Sao Paolo - I shoot you, you shoot me

The picture was taken at Sun Tech Days in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Any guess who's behind the camera ?

Similar blog entries are here.

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Monday Sep 29, 2008

Sun Tech Days 2008, Sao Paolo - Day 1

Sun Tech Days kick started yesterday in the beautiful city of Sao Paolo, Brazil. Over 1000 attendees, completely charged, willing to discuss their issues, amazing amount of energy and all there to learn about different Sun technologies - just a superb recipe to succeed and outpace everybody else in the world!

The GlassFish session was packed with 400 attendees and there were attendees all over the floor :) The slides are available here. The demos showed during the talk are listed as blog URLs in the slides.

Drop a comment if you attended the talk, are currently using GlassFish for development or production or would like to know more about it.

The winners of Open Source Community Awards (sponsored by Sun) were announced at the keynote. And I'm very excited to announce the two GlassFish Award Program (GAP) winners were present to receive in person. Congratulations to all the winners, very well deserved!

Reginaldo Russinholi won an award for "Translation of Hudson project to Brazilian Portuguese". More details can be found in the submission.

And Claudio Miranda won an award for "Provide CLI/GUI support to add/modify/remove certificates to JKS". More details can be found at in the submission and bug #4524.

And then all the winners together:

And here are some pictures from the evening reception:

The evening concluded with a wonderful dinner at Praca Sao Lourenco (Vila Olimpia) with Bruno, Claudio and Mauricio:

It is a great restaurant with wilderness ambience, and as always, great hospitality. If you are in the city of Sao Paolo, this is another great place to go!

And the evolving (2 more days remaining) album at:

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