Friday Feb 26, 2010

Oracle at EclipseCon 2010 - Java EE 6, OSGi, GlassFish, EclipseLink, JPA 2.0/Dali, ...

EclipseCon 2010 Oracle is a strategic developer & board member of the Eclipse Foundation and is a gold sponsor of Eclipse Con 2010. See the complete list of Eclipse projects at Oracle.

When ? Mar 22nd - 25th, 2010
Where ? Santa Clara, California
How to register ? Register Now - Use the coupon code ORACLE10 (before Mar 2) for 10% off registration.
What ? Program Schedule

Oracle certainly has a lot to talk about Java EE 6, OSGi/GlassFish, JPA 2.0 and Dali, Future of App Servers, Future of Enterprise Java, Eclipse RT and WTP Reloaded tutorials and many other sessions. See the complete details about Oracle's participation here.

Also don't miss the keynote by Steve Harris and Jeet Kaul on Community and Adaptation. Hear these two industry leaders and prolific speakers talk about how Java has empowered community, engendered new forms of adaptation and will continue to blaze the trails.

And then there is Members and Committers reception on Monday evening sponsored by Oracle. Visit us at booth #8 to speak with technical experts, see demos and get information about Oracle's Eclipse technology and Project participation.

OSGi DevCon 2010 is happening on the same dates/venue and is covered with Eclipse Con registration.

And last, but not the least, let that runner in you have some fun and run with fellow attendees. Yep, there are even prizes!

Keep checking for the latest updates.

Unfortunately, I'll be speaking elsewhere in a different part of the world during exact same dates and so will miss all the fun. More on that later but here are some key members of the Eclipse Foundation:

Feel free to greet and thank them for running the show :-)

Read about 2009 participation here.

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Wednesday Dec 16, 2009

Pictures from GlassFish v3 Launch Party @ Santa Clara, California - Dec 16, 2009

The GlassFish team celebrated the release of GlassFish v3 at Santa Clara earlier today. There was food, cake, beer, wine, tequila, tee-shirts, quiz contest, iPod shuffle raffles and above all the usual GlassFish spirit which made it extremely fun. See some of the pictures inlined:

And the complete album at:

See the complete set of GlassFish v3 Launch activities.

Did you conduct GlassFish launch party in your geo ? Please feel free to share pictures.

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Wednesday Apr 22, 2009

Offshore monitoring of windfarms using GlassFish - MySQL Users Conference 2009 Day 3

John Powell from eMapSite stopped by at the Whisper Suite in MySQL Users Conference earlier today to talk about his GlassFish issue. The possible workaround was suggested and then the discussion became interesting on how GlassFish is used for offshore monitoring of windfarms and process weather forecasting data. Hear all about it and watch a flashy demo of their product in this video:

NetBeans, GlassFish, and MySQL is their development stack with a "very positive experience"!

Stay tuned for the stories entry.

And the complete picture album is available at:

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MySQL Users Conference 2009 Day 3 - Cloud Shootout

I arrived at the MySQL Users Conference just in time for the The Great Open Cloud Shootout.

Kaj Arno was asking questions to the invited panelists shown in the picture above. Here is a partial discussion:

What is cloud ?

Thorsten Fully automatbale computing infrastructure, changes the way production scale deployments operate, saves time/cost, increases reliability
Chander Elasiticity is an important aspect, Can "shoot for the moon without shooting foot", accessing a pool of resources which is infinite from an individual/organization perspective
Monty Much like electricity/network bandwidth, applying that same model to computing resources
Jeremy Virtualization is an important piece
Lew Not new technology, rather a new way of delivery. As a developer, provision the application through the code.

Who is it for ?

Monty It's for you
Thorsten Amazon launched, mostly for geeks. 2007 -> Amazon skeptical and RightScale gets VC funding, 2008 -> some common usage, 2009 -> Top-down from CIOs. Basically everybody, cross-organiation, vertical
Mike Horizontal technology opportunity, starting to see mainstream applications including ISVs/primary line of business, interest/adoption is growing
Chander Definitely growing for ISVs, makes backup sexy, "Even though running a backup company, expected to be entertaining"
Jeremy Power outlets are shaped differently, technology has not matured enough. Next few years standardization will happen.
Monty People will never notice it exists, but able to access the information
Prashant Putting/Sharing the data on cloud

Why use the cloud ?

Monty All of a sudden facebook traffic, leverage a collective of people who are already investing in an effort
Lew Cloud computing based on virtualization
Mike More & more enterprises moving in the cloud, gain durability & resilience which was not an option because of a single data center
Jeremy Legacy apps are easiest to move into cloud, they are better understood and can scale easily
Prashant Cloud is the right approach/dream, not there yet. Traditional apps can be moved into cloud.
Thorsten Flexibility in development and tests, DBA clone another slave server with exactly the same setup to test out schema changes
Monty Spin up EC2 instances, run the tests and shut them down ... everything in approx $1. Give it back to the cloud and make it more efficient for the world in general.
Lew We are making it so affordable, cost can be 10% of what it was before.

Cloud adoption barrier

Chander Performance, a customer requested a refund where they were trying to shove a 1TB in an hour. US is 6Mbps, needs to significantly increase before it can be utilized.
Thorsten Compute needs to move where the data is.
Chander Most businesses will find bandwidth/redundancy limited. Customer always need to customer where not to use cloud and set expectations accordingly

What apps will never move to cloud ?

Lew Financially sensitive applications, owning your own data center
Chander Trust and privacy, it's more about education though. Encryption is going tobe a key.
Jeremy Competitiion, unless other companies battle it out and making it easy to to migrate from one service to other, it'll be difficult. Avoid vendor lockin.

Are there cloud standards ?

Mike Based on open industry standards,  no deep rooted concern in the user community
Thorsten Way to operate across different clouds, API is not the most important level. What is a server ? Can I hibernate it, mount it, how much storage volume is allowed, cross-data center boundary are a better abstraction.
Lew Very early to lock the standards, everybody is currently in a stage of experiementation
Monty Potential downside to premature standardization, too early to jump to standards
Chander Open standards are a definite key to success. S3 fostered innovation.
Thorsten S3 is a good standard but not an open API. It will be doubly nice if it's "free" or "open" or whatever the word is.
Mike Standards dont really matter if the performance cannot be met. When innovating at a rapid rate, it' difficult to make everybody agree upon standards.
Lew At least publish the API where everybody can use them.
Chander Showing backup to Sun cloud, Sun has S3 compatible APIs, also compatible to WebDAV.

Cloud Business Opportunities

Monty You can
Mike Very unique and compelling business opportunity. Amazon Dev Pay: Buy infrastructure on demand, setup your software on AMI, set your own price and then customers can use it, "Software as a Innuity"
Chander Traditional backup vendors will be worried.
Prashant Database on the cloud
Lew Seeing an explosion in the amount of data/compute required, accordingly analytics. Tremendous amount of opportunity when Cassandra & Drizzle are cloud-enabled.
Mike More ISVs in the cloud.
Jeremy How to do performance tuning and optimizations in cloud, do that for major cloud infrastructure.
Monty Freedom to work from anywhere, don't need to be physically at the datacenter, enables multinational consulting
Chander When more clouds become available, it'll be explosion which will happen later this year.

How is cloud measured ?

Jeremy CPU time in terms of use, storage centric clouds pay for integrity
Lew Creating Data centers with loading docks.
Monty Paying for CPU cycle, like mainframe model.
Thorsten Cloud is like mainframe but very elastic.
Chander Billing is not a challenge, storage clouds are better because of pricing, compute is challenging

Databases & Clouds

Thorsten Flexibility of moving to the next volume, master, slave makes is very refreshing
Monty Start out thinking M x N problems, never think about one database instance in cloud, there will be X > 1

And the shootout had to be shutdown because the timing estimates were slightly misjudged

But all in all, an interesting discussion!

Come meet us at the GlassFish booth in the Exhibit Floor. Or you can stop by at room #205 for the Whisper Suite for a more personal and 1-1 conversation.

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Tuesday Apr 21, 2009

MySQL Users Conference 2009 Day 2

I presented on Creating Quick and Powerful Web Applications with MySQL, GlassFish, and NetBeans. The key messages conveyed during the preso are:
  • GlassFish is an open source community and delivers production-quality Java EE compliant Application Server.
  • GlassFish v2 is the Java EE 5 Reference Implementation and GlassFish v3 for Java EE 6. Read complete difference here.
  • Java Persistence API makes it really easy to create database-backed Web applications. It even creates MySQL-specific queries, when possible.
  • The web-based administration console and CLI are powerful GlassFish management tools that meets the need of any IT administrator.
  • NetBeans provides comprehensive and seamlessly integrated tooling for GlassFish. The goal is to make the Eclipse tooling at par with NetBeans.
The slides are available here.

And then notes from some of the sessions I attended:

State of the Dolphin
  • 12+ million users, 70k downloads/day, 1100 MySQL Partners
  • Multiple platforms: LAMP, Windows, Mac, OpenSolaris, Solaris, RedHat, Suse, Ubuntu
  • Multiple Languages: php, Perl, Python, Ruby, Java, C, C++, C#
  • MySQL 5.1: 3 million downloads in 100 days
  • MySQL 5.4 announced: InnoDB Scalalbility, Sub-query optimizations, 59% faster than 5.1, 40% improvement in read/write test, 71% throughput increase
  • InnoDB: Fast index creation (add/drop indexes w/o copying the data), Data compression (shrink tables, to significantly reduce storage and i/o)
  • Embedded InnoDB (announced today): Proven high-performance and reliability and functionality of InnoDB, low-level but powerful non-SQL API for app programmers, operational characteristics needed for stand-alone apps where there is no DBA
  • Dr DBA was awarded "Acquirer of the Year: Oracle" :-)
  • MySQL Cluster 7.0: 99.999% availability, 4.3x higher throughput, 140k+ TPM and 4x less power and consumption than 6.3
  • MySQL Query Analyzer: Continuous query monitoring, find and fix problem SQL code, historical and real-time analysis, drill down into execution statistics

InnoDB: Innovative Technologies for Performance and Data Protection
  • Dr Heikki Tuuri, was professor at Helsinki, founded Innobase, got acquired by Oracle
  • Performance and Data Integrity are basic features
  • Architected and written by one person
  • Full transaction support, Unlimited row-level locking, multi-version read-consistency, automatic deadlock detection
  • Innovative: adaptive hash indexes, insert buffer (performance benefits), doublewrite buffer, InnoDB plugin
  • Oracle/Innobase + Sun/MySQL
Rethinking MySQL, Enter Drizzle
  • Goals
    • Pluggable/Infrastructure Aware
    • Community Developed
    • Multicore/Concurrency (load up 10,000 connections in db)
    • Focus on Web applications/enable others
    • Modernize codebase for manageability (currently C/C++, can we reuse STL and other libraries)
  • Philosophies
    • Have open and well-documented interfaces
    • Have transparent goals and processes, that are communicated publicly
    • Have fun and encourage collaboration
    • Remove barriers to contribution and participation for everyone
    • Enable contributors to build a business around Drizzle
  • Drizzle announced at OSCON last year
    • Translated into 30+ languages since then
    • 7% of developers are from Sun
    • 100+ contributors (>500 on the mailing list), even Postgres and Firebird developers \\
    • Cirrus available now, Aloha next
    • Drizzle Developer Day 2009 scheduled this Friday
    • No patches are contributed back to MySQL Enterprise
    • Will be ready for production deployment Jun 2010
  • References
High Performance Rails and MySQL
  • David Berube: Apress books on "Author Practical Ruby Gems", "Practical Rails Plugins", "Practical Reporting with Ruby on Rails"
  • Finding performance issues in Rails
    • Rails development log
    • eabe_db_tools: Ajax popup- displays query count, query each time for a each query on a page. Will be available on github next week.
    • mysql_slow_log
    • Is it a database problem: Firebug, YSlow, Ping, tracert, etc.
  • Let the database do the heavy lifting instead of Ruby: for example, don't sort in Ruby
  • Deep eager loading: don't load that is not required
  • Use built-int Rails grouping and aggregate functions
  • Caching: simple ootb caching, Cache Fu, MySQL triggers for DB function caching, Rails triggers for other caching
Did you know 1.3 billion emails were sent as part of Obama's election campaign - and all powered by MySQL ? Hear the details from Blue State Digital engineers who created the solution and maintained it:

And you can always read the complete case study.

Some pictures from earlier today ...

And then the evolving picture album is available at:

Come meet us at the GlassFish booth in the Exhibit Floor. Or you can stop by at room #205 for the Whisper Suite for a more personal and 1-1 conversation.

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Monday Apr 20, 2009

MySQL Users Conference 2009 Day 1 in Photos

MySQL Users Conference started earlier this morning with tutorials. I attended MySQL Cluster Tutorial and part of Scale-Up, Scale-Out, and High Availability: Solutions and Combinations. Both of them were very involving with practical real-life advice.

Here are tweets from the morning of MySQL Cluster Tutorial:

And now the tweets from "Scale-Up, Scale-Out, and High Availability: Solutions and Combinations" session:

Here are some pictures captured during the day:

And tomorrow I present on Creating Quick and Powerful Web Applications with MySQL, GlassFish, and NetBeans.

And then the evolving picture album is available at:

Come meet us at the GlassFish booth in the Exhibit Floor.

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Thursday Apr 16, 2009

GlassFish and NetBeans at MySQL Users Conference 2009

What is open source, production-quality, supported by a large vibrant community, and comes with full enterprise support ? - GlassFish and MySQL.

Did you know that GlassFish ...
  • is the only open-source Java EE 5 compliant Application Server
  • can be used to deploy Rails, Grails, and Django applications
  • has 13x better price/performance than Dell/HP, and therefore a much lower TCO
  • has an easy-to-use and intuitive web-based administration console
  • has enterprise features like clustering/high availability, .NET-interoperable Web services, ...
Are you attending MySQL Users Conference 2009 and interested to learn how GlassFish and MySQL together provides an ideal deployment platform for all your web applications ?

There are several other advantages which I'll be speaking on Creating Quick and Powerful Web Applications with MySQL, GlassFish, and NetBeans and the coordinates are:

When: April 21, 2009 (Tuesday), 3:05 pm
Where: Ballroom A

You can also find us on the Exhibitor Floor!

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Wednesday Mar 11, 2009

GlassFish Boot Camp, Mar 10 - Slides and Photos

The GlassFish Boot Camp conducted in Sun's Santa Clara Campus on Mar 10, 2009 was well appreciated by the attendees. There were 30 of them engaged with 14 speakers over 8 hours in 7 fast-paced sessions - overall a great recipe for the boot camp. Many thanks to all the attendees and speakers for making it useful!

All the slides from the sessions are available here.

The attendees certainly had the privilege of participating in the hands-on sessions and engaging in interactive sessions with the GlassFish team. The video recording of all the sessions will be made available next week or so.

Check out some pictures:

As every where else I've presented, there were Hudson users and lovers here too! And since the bootcamp was conducted in Sun's Santa Clara campus, Kohsuke (aka Mr Hudson) was a building away. Some of the attendees had a good conversation and gave him feedback.

We are planning similar bootcamps in other locations as well. Send us an email at if you'd like us to come closer to you.

In the meanwhile next stop, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee - stay tuned for details!

Check out the complete album:

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Tuesday Mar 03, 2009

FREE GlassFish Bootcamp - Mar 10, 2009, Santa Clara

Would you like to learn how to run your web apps on GlassFish - be they Java EE or Rails or Grails ?
How to manage/monitor them using the powerful web-based console and asadmin CLI ?
How to create SOAP-based or RESTful Web services and host them on GlassFish ?
How to setup GlassFish Clustering/High Availability and enable session-replication for your web apps ?
How to migrate your apps from other application servers to GlassFish ?

The GlassFish team is conducting a free bootcamp in Sun's Santa Clara campus on Mar 10, 2009. This will be a mix of presentations and hands-on-lab where you'll gather all the practical knowledge and tips and tricks for your applications. A tentative agenda is:
  • GlassFish Overview (Preso)
  • Management and Monitoring (Preso + Hands On)
  • Web Services: SOAP + REST (Preso + Hands On)
  • Lunch w/ GlassFish Enterpise Team (Preso)
  • Dynamic Langauges and Frameworks (Preso + Hands On)
  • High Availability/Clustering/Load Balancing (Preso + Hands On)
  • Migration to GlassFish (Preso)
The complete details including agenda, venue, and invite are available here.

You'll also get a chance to engage with the GlassFish team as well.

So bring your laptops and get ready to learn!

And did I  mention free as in "free beer" ? And food and drinks will be served as well :)

Register here!

UPDATE: The camp is sold out. If you are interested in attending a future boot camp, please drop a comment on this blog.

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