Monday Jun 20, 2011

Java EE talks at JAX Conf

JAX Conf is starting in San Jose today and there are several talks on Java EE there.

And many more ...

Check out the complete schedule and see ya there!

Wednesday Apr 20, 2011

Why JAX Conf San Jose 2011 ?

Last week at JAX London Spring 2011, I got an opportunity to talk with Sebastien Meyen and Mark Hazell and they explained on why they are bringing JAX to San Jose and how they expect to work with different community leaders to make it effective.

JAX Conferences are "Java platform centric with a high passion" and provides a "Pragmatic mix with Java focused sessions".

Hear it all from them:

Register by 5/9 and save $200 - register now!

Are you a user group community interested in working with JAX Conf ? Send an email to Mark Hazell at

There are several special days, including 7 sessions in the Java EE Day on Wed and Thu. More details on that later.

See ya there!

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Monday Jan 17, 2011

Java EE Day @ JAX San Jose 2011

After conducting multiple conferences, primarily in Europe, and some in other parts of the world, for many years, JAX is now coming to the USA as well. And that too right in the heart of Silicon Valley, in the downtown San Jose.

The Call for Papers ends on Jan 21 and allows you to submit papers in several different tracks such as Java Core, Java Enterprise, JSF Summit, Web Tech, Agile Tools & ALM, Cloud, Mobile, and many others. There will be a Java EE day as part of the conference so please submit your sessions today and make sure to mark them to be included in the Java EE track.

What are we looking ?

  • Are you passionate about any or all Java EE 6 technologies and using them to solve your business problems ?
  • Are you building CDI extensions ? Any creative or radical usage of CDI ?
  • Are you using PrimeFaces or any other JSF 2-compliant libraries, in conjunction with rest of the Java EE 6 stack ?
  • Are you using EJB-in-a-WAR packaging, web.xml-free Servlets, RESTful Web services using JAX-RS or any other ease-of-use features from Java EE 6 in your applications ?
  • Any production tips on going live with Java EE 6 ?
  • Any migration experience from properietary frameworks to Java EE 6 ?
  • Any migration experience from previous versions of J2EE 1.4 and Java EE 5 to Java EE 6 ?
  • Would you like to participate in a panel discussion ?
  • Are you one of the spec leads and would like to share your perspective ?
  • Any other wild ideas around Java EE ? :-)

Don't wait, submit your papers now!

When ? Jun 20-23, 2011

Where ? San Jose Convention Center (right in the downtown)

Follow @jaxconf for the latest updates!

Jun 21st also marks the beginning of summer in the US and where else would you want to be other than sunny California to celebrate it :-)

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Tuesday Oct 06, 2009

Pictures from Rock'n'Roll San Jose Half Marathon 2009

Here are some pictures (courtesy ASI Photo) from my recently concluded Rock-n-Roll San Jose Half Marathon:

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Sunday Oct 04, 2009

Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon 2009 Completed - 6:57 pace, personal best!

I ran Rock 'n' Roll San Jose 1/2 marathon this morning - oh what a joy!

The race was very well organized, ample parking space in the San Jose Downtown, very well marked course, 14 lively local rock bands playing through out the course, gun time at each mile marker, short queues at porta potties, nice big sized medal, and last but not the least cheerful crowd at each turn was very pumping.

And all that contributed to run my personal best so far, the results and time splits are:

These are my best timings for 5K, 10K, 10 mile and 1/2 marathon so far. Its exciting to shave off 34 secs from the pace from little over 2 months ago in San Francisco 1/2 Marathon. Read previous marathon results.

The winner was Meb Keflezighi who completed in 1:01:00 at 4:40 pace, congratulations! I'm happy with my results :)

I followed a 1:30 pacer for the first 10 miles but then constant coughing slowed me down little bit. But, I still enjoyed running the wide streets of downtown!

Check out couple of pictures after the finish line:

Some friends and family members ran along with me which made the marathon a special event as well. As you can see, kids also ran in their own spirit. Completing 400 miles of training from Jul-Sep 2009 was not possible without family's support, many thanks to them!

Enjoy a small video clip of the start line and at 4.5 mile:

Some improvement suggestions ...

  • The pacers showed up barely 10 minutes before the start of marathon. And their timing flags did not pop out until right before the race. I've seen pacers at other marathons ready typically 15-20 minutes before the start with their flags wide above the runners.
  • The water station volunteers were very cheerful and enthusiastic but were way too many. They were literally jamming the running route at some places. If a runner wants water, they'll come get it so please keep them back and the running route empty.
  • Generally I don't hydrate during 1/2 marathons at all. But felt the need to drink some Cytomax around 8 miler and so grabbed a glass. It had more ice (biiig cubes) than Cytomax which certainly made drinking a bit of challenge, especially if you are trying to keep the pace as well. The glass should contain liquid and only that to make it easy for the runners.

Over all, I thoroughly loved and will most likely run it again next year, hopefully with a better timing :)

UPDATED: More detailed results (compared to other runners) are now available:

Fully searchable results and leader board is also available:

Read more detailed story listing the records made etc. here.

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Wednesday Jul 16, 2008

Blogging from San Jose Airport - Free Wi-Fi

San Jose Airport now has free Wi-Fi. The service has been available since May 30 but this is the first time I'm traveling since then. It is so cool and pretty fast too. "sjcfreewifi" is the network name and sits along with commercial offerings from T-Mobile and Wayport. I wonder what are the additional benefits ;)

Free Wi-Fi by the numbers:

Bandwidth: 15MB
Hardware cost: $90,000
Annual cost for broadband: $41,000
Estimated passengers to use Wi-Fi: 1000

More details here.

A list of airports with free wi-fi can allow you to stay connected!

Ready to board for Salt Lake City.

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Wednesday Feb 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse in Pictures - San Jose, Feb 20, 2008

We observed the last Lunar Eclipse of this decade and I captured in pictures.

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