Monday Sep 20, 2010

Oracle Open World / Java One 2010 Pics - GlassFish Booth, OTN Party

Here are some pictures from Oracle Open World and JavaOne 2010 from the Java EE 6 / GlassFish booth and OTN Party, and some random sightings ...

And the evolving album at:

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Oracle Open World / Java One 2010 Pics - Java Champions / JUG Leaders Meet/Greet, GlassFish Community Event/Party

Here are some pictures from Oracle Open World and JavaOne 2010 from the Java Champions / JUG Leaders meeting, GlassFish community event, and GlassFish party @ Thirsty Bear and some random sightings ...

Totally love this picture of some of the Java Champions and JUG leaders:

And the evolving album at:

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Saturday Sep 18, 2010

JavaOne 2010 is right here!

This is going to be my 12th JavaOne and first one not in Moscone :-) JavaOne is at a different location this year so is an interactive tool to help you navigate through Oracle Open World, JavaOne, and Oracle Develop.

GlassFish cheatsheet provides all the detail information about GlassFish's presence at JavaOne 2010. There are about 50 GlassFish-related sessions / BoFs / hands-on labs / panel this year so it's going to be exciting!

Where am I doing at JavaOne ...

  • Sunday - GlassFish Community Event @ Moscone South Room #252, (2:30 - 4:30pm)
  • Monday - Booth duty @ Java EE 6 booth @ Java DEMOGrounds (9:15 - Noon)
  • Monday - Java EE 6 & GlassFish video interview @ OTN lounge (2:30 - 3pm)
  • Monday - Java EE 6 & GlassFish demos at OTN party (Monday 7 - 9pm)
  • Tuesday - Hands-on lab on OSGi-enabled Java EE applications (S313522, Hilton, Plaza A)
  • Tuesday - Java EE 6 & GlassFish demo at the Technical General Session Keynote (Tuesday 2:30 - 4pm)
  • Wednesday - Contexts & Dependency Injection in the Java EE ecosystem (S313937, 10-11am, Hilton, Continental Parlor 1/2/3)
  • Wednesday - Booth duty @ GlassFish Open Source booth @ Java DEMOGrounds (2:15 - 4:45pm)

And I'm yet to prepare a list of sessions that I'd like to attend :-)

If you are using GlassFish in deployment, love the simplicity and ease-of-use of Java EE 6, use the cutting edge builds of GlassFish 3.1, or have a comment to make about GlassFish - track me down and I'll be happy to record a quick video session with you!

Parties to attend ...

  • Sunday - GlassFish party (7:30 - 9:30pm @ Thirsty Bear)
  • Monday - OTN Party (7:30 - 10:30pm @ Howard Street Tent)
  • Wednesday - OOW bloggers meetup (5:30pm @ Jillians)
  • Wednesday - Customer Appreciation Party (7:30pm - 12am @ Treasure Island)
  • Thursday - Its a Wrap (4pm @ Yerba Buena Gardens)

There are other dinners and cocktails planned which will be squeezed in between these parties :-) BTW, am I missing any good parties though ?

Keynotes to attend ...

  • Welcome keynote on Sunday by Larry Ellison & gang (Sunday 5:30 - 7:30pm)
  • OOW keynote on Monday by Mark Hurd & gang (8:00 - 9:45am)
  • JavaOne keynote on Monday by Thomas Kurian (5:45 - 7:15pm)
  • OOW keynote on Tuesday by Thomas Kurian (8:00 - 9:45am)
  • JavaOne General Session Technical Keynote on Tuesday (2:30 - 4pm)
  • OOW keynote on Wednesday by Larry Ellison (2:30 - 4:15pm)
  • JavaOne Keynote by Ray Kurzweil on Thursday (9 - 10:30am)

All these sessions will be streamed from OTN Live.

Keep using #glassfish, #javaee6, #javaone, #oow hashtags and you might get featured in the JavaOne technical session keynote :-)

We want your GlassFish related photos! - Do you have a picture with GlassFish tatoo, hat, tee-shirt, number plate, playing cards, or any other goodies from previous or this year's JavaOne ? Leave a comment on this blog or share them at @arungupta.

Check out JavaOne and Oracle Develop community - social networking and scheduling tool for JavaOne and Oracle Develop.

For San Francisco visitors, there are several things to do while you are in the city. If you are a runner, don't forget to run over the Golden Gate bridge or up the steep hills, they are really good!

Personally I'm looking forward to meet GlassFish team members from all over the world, our community members, @IanSkerrett, @richsharples, @mojavelinux, @emmanuelbernard, @whoiswen, @terrencebarr, @matkar, @brjavaman, @fabianenardon, @BertErtman, @ktukker, @myfear, @maltron, @harshadoak, @alexgorbachev, @javaclimber, @AdamBien, @doug_clarke, @SachaLabourey, @kohsukekawa, @vivekpandey, @ghrd, @johanvos, @aalmiray,  @vanriper,  @robilad,  @rsim, and many others ...

JavaOne baby, yeaaaah JavaOne, lets rock-n-roll and have some fun!

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Friday Aug 13, 2010

Java EE 6 & GlassFish workshop delivered at San Francisco JUG - Slides & Demos available

Roberto and I delivered a 2-part Java EE 6 & GlassFish 3 workshop to a packed San Francisco JUG meetup last week. There were about 80 attendees on Day 1 and about 40 on Day 2. Over approximately 7 hours, we gave a preview of Java EE 6, explained the key technologies introduced in the platform, and did lot of coding using NetBeans IDE.

Roberto's slides are given below:

And my slides are next:

The completed project from the workshop is now available here. This bundle contains the entire code sample built through out the workshop. The coding sessions are also available in screencast #30, also shown below:

Here is some feedback from the attendees:

The best JUG meeting I've ever attended. It was very informative, helpful and relevant. I particularly liked Arun's follow-along coding demonstrations. I would suggest that the speakers be encouraged to use a mic. If I had not been sitting two rows from the front, then I would have had a hard time hearing Roberto.

It was interesting to hear from the source which parts of EE6 they thought were most valuable, and where new things overlapped with old, and what advantages there were in using standards-based solutions over frameworks like Spring, even when they tend to be behind in usability and power. Also liked the taste of NetBeans, being an Eclipse user.

Very fruitful evening. Thanks so much to the speakers and organizers.

I really enjoyed both nights. There were several JEE 6 (now I now the correct way to say it) technologies that I had heard of but quite didn't understand ... especially in regards to how they integrate. Now I do.…

Thanks aleksandar for organizing this JavaEE6 learning series. It was very helpful and head start on the cool features of EE6. Thanks to arun and Roberto for there well written presentations and hands on workshop. Will look forward for part 2 of this series.

Really enjoyed. Roberto gave a good high level overview of JavaEE (and he was funny) and Arun's talk was educational and easy to follow along with. Very impressed with how easy it was to get the examples working with NetBeans. Looking forward to Thursday.

Really enjoyed both presentations. The fact that it was hands on added an extra dimension to the learning experience. Looking forward to the next session. Thanks to Roberto and Arun!

This was a fantastic intro to Java EE 6. I really liked Roberto's down-to-earth overview of Java EE and its role in the enterprise Java world. In his workshop, Arun did an amazing job making Java EE 6 on GlassFish with NetBeans feel really approachable - if not too easy. Great participation from the audience.

The hands-on component worked great for me.

And the ratings are encouraging too ...

As always, there is room for improvement and lessons to learn. However I enjoyed the fact that most of the attendees were able to follow the instructions and able to reproduce the code samples. One of the attendees even told me "I've no reason to not try Java EE 6 & NetBeans now that there is a complete environment on my laptop". And that indeed was the intention ;-)

Check out some pictures:

Thank you Sasa for giving us an opportunity to talk about Java EE 6 & GlassFish 3 at San Francisco JUG! We had a great time and it seems like the attendees enjoyed too :-)

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Wednesday Jul 28, 2010

San Francisco 1/2 Marathon - 2010 Results

I ran San Francisco 1/2 marathon over the weekend and improved my timing from last year by 3 minutes. I guess dance at a pre-wedding ceremony and 4 hours of sleep the night before slowed me down otherwise could've pushed harder. Anyway the results are still encouraging and the bar is higher for the next time!

This makes me among top 1.2 % runners overall, top 2.5% for "Men", and top 2.3% in "M 30-39" category. Here is the overall leader board:

I'm about 20 minutes behind the winner (5:47 pace) and so need to push really hard to close the gap there. Who knows I may win one day, but for now the plan is to close the gap as much as possible. Seems really difficult, but not impossible!

And I almost made it to the women's leader board ;-)

Michael Wardian, a popular American marathoner and ultramarathoner came second in the full marathon. It was a pleasure to see him cruising back on the Golden Gate birdge.

Here are the mile splits:

One thing clearly evident from the splits is that any amount of hill training is less. This is all the more evident by looking at speed / elevation chart:

Click on the image to replay the race.

And finally here is race route:

Here is the cumulative result of all the marathons so far:

Marathon / Half Marathon Total Time Pace
San Francisco 1/2 Marathon 2010 1:35:42 7:18
San Jose Rock-n-Roll 2009 1:30:59 6:57
San Francicsco 1/2 Marathon 2009 1:38:21 7:31
Kaiser Permanente San Francicsco 1/2 2009 1:41:30 7:45
Silicon Valley 1/2 2008 1:45:42 8:04
San Francisco 1/2 2008 1:52:44 8:25
San Francisco Full 2007 4:04:33 9:20
Silicon Valley Full 2006 4:06:57 9:25
San Francisco 1/2 2005 1:48:50 8:18

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Monday Aug 03, 2009

San Francisco Marathon 2009 Finishers Certificate & Pictures

Here is my official San Francisco Half Marathon finishers certificate:

And here are some pics (credits

$20 for a 8x10 photograph is expensive for me and I'm content with the smaller size pics :)

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Sunday Jun 14, 2009

Cognizant likes Simplicity, Easy management, and Lightweightness of GlassFish

Cognizant is system integrator combining onsite/offshore delivery model to achieve customer satisfaction. They've started using GlassFish within their internal "Cognizant Java Community" and also recommeding it to their clients as opposed to "established App Servers".

Why GlassFish ? Because of its "Simplicity, Easy management, and Lightweightness". And they are not disappointed at all.

Learn more about it in this video:

Thanks to Dr B V Kumar for the quick story!  Check out other GlassFish Production Stories.

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Thursday Jun 11, 2009

OKTECH - Hungarian consulting company using GlassFish for 4 years

OKTECH is a Hungarian consuting company and one of the earliest adopters of GlassFish. They use it for their internal company related information and for external production with US business as well.

Why GlassFish ? Because its "Open source, pretty good quality, and performs well". One word describes NetBeans and GlassFish integration for them: "Perfect".

Learn more about it in this video:

Thanks to Istvaan Soos for the quick story! Check out other GlassFish Production Stories.

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University of Utah - Ported 60 applications from Weblogic to GlassFish

The University of Utah ported 60 applications from Weblogic to GlassFish and very happy with it. They like the clustering and failover capability, integrated NetBeans development environment, and are using EJBs, Java Server Faces and a slew of other technologies.

Learn more about it in this video:

Thanks to Tim Richardson for the quick story! Check out other GlassFish Production Stories.

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Tuesday Jun 09, 2009

OPIN Systems - Financial Application using JRuby-on-Rails on GlassFish

OPIN Systems has chosen JRuby, Rails, and GlassFish for a customer-facing financial application. Why ? "Easy to setup Rails application and add more intense logic in JRuby calls"

Learn more about it in this video:

Thanks to Ben Leadholm for the quick story! Check out other GlassFish Production Stories.

Check out Ben's "Dude, Where's my pass ?" entry:

Read several other Rails/GlassFish success stories.

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