Tuesday Sep 13, 2011

Focus on Java EE & GlassFish at JavaOne 2011

The complete list of Java EE & GlassFish Technical Sessions, Birds-of-Feather, Hands-on Lab, and Community Events at JavaOne 2011 was already published here. Now you can download the complete list in a single PDF document from here. Keep it handy on your favorite device so that you have it handy whenever you want it :-)

I can feel lots of energy flowing in the Santa Clara hallways, conference calls, email threads and can assure you we are going to present a kickass content.

Did you sign up for GlassFish Community Event and Party on the Sunday (Oct 2) before JavaOne ? If not, then take 2 minutes out of your schedule and either post a comment on this blog that you'd like to attend or formally sign up using any of the means mentioned here.

18 more days ...

Thursday Aug 25, 2011

Java EE and GlassFish sessions at JavaOne 2011

A complete list of Java EE and GlassFish Technical Sessions, Birds-of-Feather, Hands-on Lab, and Community Events at JavaOne 2011 is now available. The list of sessions delivered by the Oracle speakers is in-lined below for your convenience:

  • Autoscaling in the Cloud (26462)
  • Beginning Java EE 6 (23421)
  • CDI Today and Tomorrow (19941)
  • Cloud-Enabled Java Persistence (24445)
  • Clusters in the Clouds: Dynamically Scaling Application Server Clusters with the Cloud (26041)
  • Concurrent Java EE Programming (25085)
  • Develop, Deploy, and Monitor a Java EE 6 Application with Clustered GlassFish 3.1 (19120)
  • Enterprise JavaBeans Technology 3.2 (23180)
  • GlassFish Community: The Foundation for Opportunity (29621)
  • GlassFish Community Event (23426)
  • GlassFish REST Administration Back End: An Insider Look at a Real REST Application (25008)
  • GlassFish Unconference: Let Your Voice Be Heard (29643)
  • Handling Service Orchestration in the Cloud for GlassFish (25360)
  • Highly Available Web Services (23444)
  • Implementing Asynchronous HTTP Client and Server Applications with Grizzly 2 (25087)
  • Integrating JSR 196 (JASPIC) with Containers (24984)
  • Is There Fresh Air in the Cloud for Application Servers? (24880)
  • JAX-RS 2.0: What's in JSR 339? (22800)
  • JDBC and Rowset Community Discussion (23481)
  • JSF Status and Community Input (25147)
  • JSR 343: What's Coming in Java Message Service 2.0 (24580 - BOF)
  • Java API for JSON - 24742
  • Java EE 6 Development in Eclipse (25233)
  • Java EE 6 Tools Support: What Do You Need? (25065)
  • Java EE Cluster Management Strategies (22522)
  • Java EE Web Container in the Cloud (22340)
  • Java Persistence API 2.1 BOF (24923)
  • Java Persistence API 2.1: What's New and What's Coming (24981)
  • Java Persistence API on the Grid (24521)
  • Java and JSF: JSF Has Never Been Just About Markup (18920
  • Meet the Experts: EJB 3.2 Expert Group (23166)
  • Modularity in the Enterprise (19860)
  • Oracle GlassFish Server in the Virtual World (25041)
  • Rethinking Best Practices with Java EE 6 (21622)
  • Reusing JDK 7's JAX-WS Runtime - (24800)
  • Service Orchestration Requirements for Java EE PaaS Runtimes (25361)
  • Strategies and Best Practices for Highly Scalable Java Persistence Applications (25145)
  • Testing in the Cloud (26581)
  • The New JSR 107 Caching Standard (24223)
  • The Road to Java EE 7: Is It All About the Cloud? (23423)
  • Using OAuth with RESTful Web Services (24761)
  • What's Hot in Metro Web Services (23442)
  • What's New in Jersey? Production-Ready RESTful Framework That Implements JAX-RS (24607)
  • XML-Free Programming: Java Server and Client Development Without <> (22125)

And there are several sessions delivered by the community as well.

  • A Tale About Caching (JSR 107) and Data Grids (JSR 347) in Enterprise Java (23382)
  • Apache TomEE Java EE 6 Web Profile (23680)
  • Architectural Design Patterns for Java in Windows Azure (25240)
  • Beautiful Java EE: URL Rewriting for the Next-Generation Web User (24507)
  • Best Practices for Migrating Spring Applications to Java EE 6 (24423)
  • Best Practices for Using Eclipse Dali Tools to Deploy JPA/Java EE Apps Anywhere (23106)
  • Clusters in the Clouds: Dynamically Scaling Application Server Clusters with the Cloud (26041)
  • Death of the Slow: JBoss AS7 (25288)
  • EJB with Meta-annotations (25244)
  • Experiences with Java EE-Enabled PaaS (26120)
  • Extending the Java Message Service API to the Internet over HTML5 WebSockets (22640)
  • Fun with EJB 3.1 and OpenEJB (25209)
  • Hacking Java EE: CDI Extension Writing n00b to l33t (23805)
  • How Do You Update Your Java EE App in Production? (19240)
  • Introducing Contexts and Dependency Injection 1.1 (22480)
  • Is Java EE Relevant to the Cloud? (23941)
  • JPA Puzzlers (25029)
  • Java EE 6: The Cool Parts (21641)
  • Java EE Behave!: Behavior-Driven Development with Java EE (24421)
  • Java EE Concurrency Misconceptions (24100)
  • Java EE Web Security by Example (17340)
  • Java EE and Spring/MVC Shoot-out (24161
  • Java EE on Google App Engine: CDI to the Rescue (24346)
  • Java Enterprise Applications in the Cloud: Fast, Fun, and Easier Than Ever (22120)
  • Making Java EE Cloud-Friendly: JSR 347, Data Grids for the Java Platform (23380)
  • Patterns and Best Practices for CDI (20181)
  • Polyglot Persistence in the Cloud with Grails and Java EE (24280)
  • Productively Fun Web Development with Apache Wicket and Java EE 6 (23000)
  • Real Java Enterprise Testing (23813)
  • Refactoring Java EE 5 Code to Take Advantage of Java EE 6 Features (25293)
  • Securing Enterprise Java Applications in Oracle GlassFish Server Release 3.1 (20861)
  • Using Apache Camel and Java EE in an OSGi World (26521)

Where will we see you ?

Let me know if your sessions are missing from here and will be happy to update the list.

I'd particularly like to highlight the 2-part GlassFish Community Eventt on Oct 2 (Sunday) where you'll hear the latest updates on the community, product roadmaps, meet the team (most of us will be there), and will have fun activities as well. These events are listed as following in the Content Catalog:

  • GlassFish Community: The Foundation for Opportunity (29621)
  • GlassFish Unconference: Let Your Voice Be Heard (29643)

And there there is of course Thirsty Bear Party on Sunday night. The complete details about registering for the Community Event and Party are described here.

Your complete set of JavaOne Flair is available in the JavaOne Toolkit. Or you can use one of the GlassFish-flavor as well :-)

Tuesday Aug 02, 2011

San Francisco Half Marathon 2011 Completed

I completed my fifth (out of total 8) San Francisco half-marathon on the past weekend. No personal record but improved the overall, male, and age group ranking. Even though the total number of runners were reported about the same as last year (around 25k) but the overall, total male, and the age group M30-39 number of first half marathon runners were certainly down from the previous years as shown in the table below:

Total Male

Here are the detailed results:

The slower pace is likely due to a hectic Saturday and not enough rest in the days before the race :( Here are the top 5 runners in each category:


Check out the video below at the finish line and the midpoint across the Golden Gate bridge:

Check out the complete runkeeper tracking:

Here is the results of all the completed marathons so far:

Marathon / Half Marathon Total Time Pace
San Francisco 1/2 Marathon 2011
Silicon Valley Marathon 2010 3:49:17 8:35
San Francisco 1/2 Marathon 2010 1:35:42 7:18
San Jose Rock-n-Roll 2009 1:30:59 6:57
San Francicsco 1/2 Marathon 2009 1:38:21 7:31
Kaiser Permanente San Francicsco 1/2 2009 1:41:30 7:45
Silicon Valley 1/2 2008 1:45:42 8:04
San Francisco 1/2 2008 1:52:44 8:25
San Francisco Full 2007 4:04:33 9:20
Silicon Valley Full 2006 4:06:57 9:25
San Francisco 1/2 2005 1:48:50 8:18

Now looking forward to Norcal Marathon (an inaugural one) next month in the Silicon Valley.

This is my third race of the year as part of Team Odwalla - look good, eat good, feel good, race good!

Wednesday Jun 01, 2011

GlassFish Bootcamp, Santa Clara, May 2011: Pics & Lab Material

Approx 50 attendees, 16 speakers, free breakfast/lunch/snacks, tons of fancy raffles, and OTN-sponsored happy hour is a great recipe for a successful bootcamp!

The GlassFish Bootcamp concluded yesterday with a packed agenda and audience. There were about 50 attendees in the room and most of them stayed the entire day. The sessions covered the key feature of GlassFish 3.1 such as clustering, high availability, administration, monitoring, and tooling. There was a dedicated session on Oracle GlassFish Server Control which explained the six components (DAS Backup & Recovery, Performance Tuner, Monitoring Scripting Client, Coherence Active Cache, Oracle Access Manager Integration, and Load Balancer Plugin & Installer). Each session accompanied a hands-on lab component where attendees could practice what was taught in the session and allowed them to engage with the speakers as well. All the lab material is available at bit.ly/gf-bootcamp-11.

There were several Java EE 6 and GlassFish production users in the audience and that is always a good feeling. Many thanks to all the attendees who stayed most of the time and made the conversations meaningful. The speakers did an outstanding job of preparing and delivering the content and that is evident in the following feedback:

Love the #glassfish team - invited me for a free bootcamp, shared so much knowledge, great food, happy hour and then a flip camera as a gift

Hi Kevin: Thank You for putting this event together. I learned more about the Glassfish Stack in a couple hours then the month it woud have taken me to figure this out on my own. Great session. Best meetup ever. dc

Nice people, nice food provided and more importantly I learn a lot from this meetup.

Excellent. Well organized. Very useful materials.

Loved the hands-on labs - clustering, messaging demo, separating session data from app server, extensive tinkering with server controls. Heard that Glassfish developers are responsive in the community (which I verified by checking out the forums). Many Glassfish developers were available for questions and discussion. Enjoyed chatting with Arun, John, and Kevin - picked up some very useful info. Very well organized and great presentations - worth the 7 hour drive!

And after 13 ratings, the average rating is 4.5. Please make sure that you share feedback on the meetup page or leave a comment on this blog.

Last but not the least, a big thanks to Kevin Nilson for prompting me to arrange this bootcamp!

All the sessions were recorded and will be released on GlassFishVideos@youtube, stay tuned for an announcement on that.

Check out some pictures from the event:

And then the complete album:

More pics and video interviews from several folks will be shared separately. Here is the report from a similar bootcamp conducted over 2 years ago.

Sunday May 15, 2011

Bay to Breakers 2011 Completed

Powered by Odwalla Chocolate Peanut Butter bar and its muscle building protein, I completed my first Bay to Breakers ... yeee haw! It took me 0:53:55 to complete the race (distance of 7.46 miles or 12k) and that is a pace of 7:14/mile. My results are below:

The complete results for all the athletes can be viewed here. The race was sold out on Apr 13 with the number of runners capped at 50,000. The fastest runner, not a Kenyan or an Ethiopian but a Moroccan, completed in 34:26 (with a pace of 4:38). And imagine Mutai winning Boston Marathon 2011 with a pace of 4:41 ... for all of that 26.2 miles!

For about 0.25 miles, I was getting a lot of attention and with lots of cameras clicking around me. I realized after a few minutes that there was a naked couple, yep completely naked and truly in the spirit of Bay to Breakers, right behind me ;-) And then I saw several more like that on the way ;-) There was an Elvis Presley, a naked guy all painted in black, a team of snow dogs tied together, cheese hat girl, a fairy, guys wearing tutu, Batman, and a lot more. There was usual tortilla toss at the start line which made a colorful start to the race. I've always enjoyed the cheering crowd of the San Francisco city and this race was no different.

Here is the elevation chart for the race:

and my mile splits:

The "Hayes Hill" is between mile 2 and 3 and drops the pace significantly. More details about the race can be viewed below:

There was a seeded (for elite runners) and sub-seeded division (those who ran it in the earlier years in less than 45 minutes) but there were plenty of walkers or reaaally slow runners in Corral A which basically slowed down the start. Nobody was checking the bibs to ensure the runners are entering the right corral. I think Corral A runners should also be pre-qualified to give a speedy start to the interested runners. The post-race celebrations and the shuttle back to the start line (with an additional charge of $14) were quite far from the finish line. The parking at the Embarcadero Center, with a discounted rate of $10, worked out really well. There were other thugs who were charging $20 instead of the regular $12 weekend rate. Overall, I enjoyed running the race and will probably run it again next year.

Check out before/after pictures:

And that concludes a great running weekend with my wife completing her first 5K as my birthday gift from earlier this year!

Several runners asked me about the Odwalla jersey. I got that being part of Team Odwalla 2011. Follow @odwalla or post a comment on facebook.com/odwalla if you are interested too. And you can also buy all Odwalla bars online now at odwallashop.com!

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Monday May 09, 2011

FREE GlassFish Bootcamp in San Francisco Bay Area - May 31, 2011

GlassFish 3.1 was released about 2 months ago. Did you get a chance to download and try out some cool features there ?

Interested in learning the nuts & bolts of GlassFish 3.1 ? If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area then mark the date of May 31, 2011. The GlassFish team will deliver an all-day bootcamp with a compelling mix of presentations + hands-on material. You'll have an opportunity to ask all your questions and there will be plenty of time to socialize as well.

Here is a tentative agenda:

8:30 - 9:30am Breakfast (provided) and mingling
9:30 - 10:00am GlassFish Community
10:00 - 10:30am Introduction to GlassFish 3.1
10:30 - 11:30am GlassFish 3.1 Tooling in NetBeans and Eclipse
11:30 - 12:30pm Lunch (provided)
12:30 - 1:00pm Clustering with SSH
1:00 - 1:30pm Load Balancer Configurator
1:30 - 2:00pm High Availability
2:00 - 2:15pm Break
2:15 - 3:15pm Advanced Management/Monitoring
3:15 - 3:45pm JMS Clustering Enhancements and HA
3:45 - 4:15pm Advanced JDBC/JPA Features
4:15 - 4:30pm Break
4:30 - 6:00pm GlassFish Server Control
6pm onwards Open discussion with GlassFish team members and Happy Hour

Plan for a full day and this is the day right after the memorial day long weekend.

Register here now as seating is limited!

Many thanks to Kevin Nilson and other JUG leaders for seeding this thought, We had a similar bootcamp on Mar 10, 2009 and you can read more about it here.

Technorati: conf glassfish bootcamp siliconvalley sanfrancisco bayarea

Wednesday Apr 27, 2011

JavaOne San Francisco 2011, Oct 2-6, The Zone

When ? Oct 2-6, 2011

Where ? "The Zone" at San Francisco (On O'Farrell between Taylor and Mason, in the hotels Hilton San Francisco The Union Square, Hotel Nikko, and Parc 55)

View The Zone - JavaOne Conference Location in a larger map

What has improved since last time ?

  • Same week as Oracle Open World but run as a separate and stand-alone conference
  • All JavaOne related talks/events in "The Zone"
  • Larger session rooms and increased exhibitor space
  • More technical sessions, BoFs, hands-on labs
  • Additional networking area and meeting space
  • More maps, signage, and onsite staff to answer questions
  • Direct involvement from community for planning/steering the event
  • Popular sessions will be repeated through out the week

Here are some key links for you:

And in the meanwhile, I'll see you at JavaOne India next month. Or you can also enjoy pictures from the JavaOne 2010!

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Saturday Sep 25, 2010

JavaOne 2010 Picture Collage

And the complete album at:

Technorati: conf javaone sanfrancisco

Friday Sep 24, 2010

Oracle Open World / Java One 2010 Pics - Bloggers Meetup, JCP Party, Black Eyed Peas party, It's a Wrap

Here are some pictures from Oracle Open World and JavaOne 2010 from the Bloggers Meetup, JCP Party, Black Eyed Peas party, and It's a Wrap party ...

And the complete album at:

Technorati: conf sanfrancisco oracle oracleopenworld javaone bloggers meetup blackeyedpeas

Tuesday Sep 21, 2010

Oracle Open World / Java One 2010 Pics - Hands-on Lab Session, General Session Technical Keynote, Java Champions and JUG Leader Dinner

Here are some pictures from Oracle Open World and JavaOne 2010 from the Hands-on Lab session, JavaOne General Session Technical Keynote, and Java Champions ad JUG Leaders dinner ...

And the evolving album at:

Technorati: conf sanfrancisco oracle oracleopenworld javaone java champions jug


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