Monday Jul 30, 2007

Completed San Francisco Marathon 2007

4 hours, 4 mins, 33 secs - yeah, that's what it took me to complete my first San Francisco Full Marathon.

I did First Half Marathon 2 years ago and First Full Marathon last year, but this was the first Full Marathon on the hills of San Francisco. Even though I could not complete within less than 4 hours but I was happy that I took only 3 short walk breaks and maintained my pace as planned. There was San Francisco characteristic-fog all through the course with no Sun shine anywhere at all, and in a way that helped. Here is the complete breakdown from the official results (bib# 1378):

Distance » 7.5 miles Half 20.7 miles Finish
Time 1:01:35 1:48:49 3:03:12 4:04:33
Pace 8:13 8:18 8:51 9:20

Some other stats are:

Place Overall 1317 out of 4250
Men 1058 out of 2805
M 30-34 178 out of 436
Age Grade 51.38%

The fastest male runner clocked 2:25:57 and the fastest female runner was 2:43:41.

The race was very well organized and some of the highlights that I liked are:

  • The course was very well marked and the local crowd support was very supportive. This was much better than Silicon Valley Marathon last year where the course was lonely at quite a few spots. Today the course was well guided by cops or event team.
  • There were ample water stations and each station was accompanied with a medical aid staff as well. This proved out to be a boon at Mile 23 where they applied Biofreeze to my sore thighs. And there was no stopping after that at all.
  • There were music stations all through out the course and the frequency of stations increased during the last miles. This helped me maintain the rhythm closer to the stations. Kudos to all the bands for playing early in the morning.
  • National Holistic Institute, College of Massage Therapy were giving a free massage to all the runners after the race. This helped a quick recovery of my sore body parts.

With my son before Start

Start Line

Right after the Finish

In front of the Bay Bridge

2007 Finisher Pose

With my wife and son after the Finish

And lastly, my wife and 4-year old son drove me to the race early morning and cheered for me at the start and the finish line. This was the biggest morale booster!

I read it somewhere "The only thing that does not hurt after a Marathon is your Pride". And I completely felt it today right after the race and the massage turned out to be a big blessing :)

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Wednesday Jul 25, 2007

Ready For San Francisco Marathon

4 - days to San Francisco Marathon
24 - weeks of Training (including this one)
2 - weeks of Taper Down (including this one)
656 - miles of Running (excluding this week, once again jMaki helped me calculate the total mileage)
6 - long runs
4 - Personal Records (PG&E, PG&E again, 7-mile, PG&E yet again)
4 - fellow runners from Family & Friends

And I'm ready.

For friends who'd like to cheer me up in person, here is some information:

For fellow runners, wish you all good luck and here are few references:

  • Packets can be picked at One Market Plaza on July 27th (11am-6pm) or 28th (9am-5pm) and find your bib# here. Race shirt is available at the Expo after packet pickup (Justin Herman Plaza).
  • Full Marathon Pace Groups are available with a finish time from varying from 3hr to 5hr 30 min. First Half and Second Half pace groups are available as well.
  • Pace Calculator - This tool calculates split times for Aid stations along the marathon course based on a desired finish time. It accounts for uphill and downhill, as well as increased fatigue that might be expected later in the race, by applying different “weights” to each section. A more generic version of this tool is available at Marathon Pace Band.

And for those whose wishes are always with me and will not be able to participate in person:

  • Live results will be available here and you'll hear my story afterwards on this blog and whenever we meet :)

Wish me luck, my goal is to finish the marathon in less than 4 hours.

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Sunday Jul 15, 2007

19.98 miles this morning - last long run

Finished my sixth and last long run of 19.98 miles this morning (23.3, 23.3, 18.8, 18.5 and 17). The total duration of 3 hours, 4 minutes and 42 secs makes it a 9 min 14 sec/mile pace, still 4 seconds short of 9.10 min/mile required to finish marathon in less than 4 hours.

I'm feeling good after this long run and could have picked up pace during the last few miles. So, at this time, sub-4 hour goal seems achievable.

San Francisco Marathon .. I'm ready!

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Saturday Jun 30, 2007

23.3 miles this morning - 5th long run

3hours, 41 min, 16 secs - Approx 9 minutes extra than my last run. I ran exactly the same route as last time, but I developed a shooting pain in right abdomen around mile 19 which slowed m down. I'm still not able to figure what caused the pain cause I was going with a steady pace, drinking fluids and ate a bar too. I had a good night sleep and yesterday's dinner was nothing special. But 9 minutes is a BIG difference :(

This is the 5th long run (23.3, 18.8, 18.5, 17 so far) getting ready for the race. I'll do Rancho next weekend and then my last big run in 2 weekends from today and then taper down.

Miles to go ...

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Thursday Jun 28, 2007

Video Footage of San Francisco Marathon

15,000 runners will be running the "Coolest Summer Marathon" - San Francisco Marathon - in exactly a month from today. After 4 more weeks, all my training will be put to use.

Watch the entire course of full marathon in the video footage that follows a group of runners, led by Dean Karnazes (the ultra marathon man).

Part 1

Part 2


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Sunday Jun 17, 2007

23.3 miles this morning - 4th long run

Ran 23.3 miles this morning in 3hours, 32 minutes, 31 secs. The map shows 2970 calories were burned in the process. This is the 4th long run for the upcoming San Francisco Marathon training.

I really enjoyed the run this morning because I did not take any breaks (except one towards the end and that too for traffic light). I think I'm getting a better grip on pacing my run. This pace requires me to cover the remaining 3 miles (for total 26.2 miles) in 27 mins, 29 secs to meet the sub-4 hour goal. And even the current pace can be easily improved. And my legs are also not that sore as they were during the last long run.

I'll skip the next weekend for long run and instead focus on extreme hills at Rancho. But otherwise 2 more long runs of similar length and then I'll be set for the race :)

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Sunday Jun 10, 2007

18.8 miles this morning

6 more weekends before the race and I've completed three big runs so far - 17, 18.5 and 18.8 this morning. Extending my run beyond Quito on Highway 9, all the way until N Santa Cruz Ave, gave me that extra hill (check elevation between mile 10 & 11, turn it on in the left-side control panel) I was looking last weekend. I plan to do 3 more long runs (at least one closer to 22) over next 5 weeks and then taper down. Here are some reasons I posted earlier on the importance of tapering.

In between, I'll continue tempo runs and hills at Rancho.

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Friday May 25, 2007

18.5 miles this morning

Ran 18.5 miles (2:45:50) this morning. Click on 'large' or 'small' link next to 'Elevation:' and it shows elevation of each point plotted against distance. I created the same route on runningmap (based on Yahoo maps) which showed the minimum and maximum elevation (click on mountain icon in the toolbar at top) as 156.9 and 579.1 feet. There is constant uphill from mile 3.5 to 8.5, a slight dip and then a constant downhill. This is a good route to practice for San Francisco Marathon because of the constant up-hills. But I need to look for another route with constant up-hills and down-hills to be better prepared to meet the course elevation.

Any recommendations ?

BTW, I plotted the entire marathon course but the distance is totaling out to be .4 miles extra.

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Sunday Feb 25, 2007

Week 2 Mileage

Mon: Rest
Tue: 3.5 miles
Wed: 3.5 miles
Thu: Rain
Fri: 5 miles
Sat: 7 miles
Sun: Rain

The goal, for next 2 weeks, is to build up mileage gradually and then start hill runs. I'll definitely need lots of hill runs this time and that's why starting early. For that, Rancho is my friend. I found a great tool that calculates route distance and elevation for any possible route at Rancho so this is going to be handy.

And if you are planning to register for San Francisco Marathon, 3rd tier is sold out as well. The current registration rate is $100, as opposed to $75, $85 & $95 in the previous tiers, and expires on 4/7/7.

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Sunday Feb 11, 2007

Marathon Training, here I come!

Last pre-training week with a total of 26 miles.

Mon: 7 miles
Tue: Rest
Wed: 7 miles
Thu: 5 miles
Fri: None
Sat: 7 miles
Sun: Rest

So marathon training, here I come tomorrow. Check out some good articles in the meanwhile:

Miles to go ...

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