Tuesday Aug 02, 2011

San Francisco Half Marathon 2011 Completed

I completed my fifth (out of total 8) San Francisco half-marathon on the past weekend. No personal record but improved the overall, male, and age group ranking. Even though the total number of runners were reported about the same as last year (around 25k) but the overall, total male, and the age group M30-39 number of first half marathon runners were certainly down from the previous years as shown in the table below:

Total Male

Here are the detailed results:

The slower pace is likely due to a hectic Saturday and not enough rest in the days before the race :( Here are the top 5 runners in each category:


Check out the video below at the finish line and the midpoint across the Golden Gate bridge:

Check out the complete runkeeper tracking:

Here is the results of all the completed marathons so far:

Marathon / Half Marathon Total Time Pace
San Francisco 1/2 Marathon 2011
Silicon Valley Marathon 2010 3:49:17 8:35
San Francisco 1/2 Marathon 2010 1:35:42 7:18
San Jose Rock-n-Roll 2009 1:30:59 6:57
San Francicsco 1/2 Marathon 2009 1:38:21 7:31
Kaiser Permanente San Francicsco 1/2 2009 1:41:30 7:45
Silicon Valley 1/2 2008 1:45:42 8:04
San Francisco 1/2 2008 1:52:44 8:25
San Francisco Full 2007 4:04:33 9:20
Silicon Valley Full 2006 4:06:57 9:25
San Francisco 1/2 2005 1:48:50 8:18

Now looking forward to Norcal Marathon (an inaugural one) next month in the Silicon Valley.

This is my third race of the year as part of Team Odwalla - look good, eat good, feel good, race good!

Wednesday Jul 28, 2010

San Francisco 1/2 Marathon - 2010 Results

I ran San Francisco 1/2 marathon over the weekend and improved my timing from last year by 3 minutes. I guess dance at a pre-wedding ceremony and 4 hours of sleep the night before slowed me down otherwise could've pushed harder. Anyway the results are still encouraging and the bar is higher for the next time!

This makes me among top 1.2 % runners overall, top 2.5% for "Men", and top 2.3% in "M 30-39" category. Here is the overall leader board:

I'm about 20 minutes behind the winner (5:47 pace) and so need to push really hard to close the gap there. Who knows I may win one day, but for now the plan is to close the gap as much as possible. Seems really difficult, but not impossible!

And I almost made it to the women's leader board ;-)

Michael Wardian, a popular American marathoner and ultramarathoner came second in the full marathon. It was a pleasure to see him cruising back on the Golden Gate birdge.

Here are the mile splits:

One thing clearly evident from the splits is that any amount of hill training is less. This is all the more evident by looking at speed / elevation chart:

Click on the image to replay the race.

And finally here is race route:

Here is the cumulative result of all the marathons so far:

Marathon / Half Marathon Total Time Pace
San Francisco 1/2 Marathon 2010 1:35:42 7:18
San Jose Rock-n-Roll 2009 1:30:59 6:57
San Francicsco 1/2 Marathon 2009 1:38:21 7:31
Kaiser Permanente San Francicsco 1/2 2009 1:41:30 7:45
Silicon Valley 1/2 2008 1:45:42 8:04
San Francisco 1/2 2008 1:52:44 8:25
San Francisco Full 2007 4:04:33 9:20
Silicon Valley Full 2006 4:06:57 9:25
San Francisco 1/2 2005 1:48:50 8:18

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Monday Aug 03, 2009

San Francisco Marathon 2009 Finishers Certificate & Pictures

Here is my official San Francisco Half Marathon finishers certificate:

And here are some pics (credits marathonfoto.com):

$20 for a 8x10 photograph is expensive for me and I'm content with the smaller size pics :)

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Monday Jul 27, 2009

San Francisco Half Marathon 2009 Completed - Personal Best so far!

I ran San Francisco Half Marathon 2009 yesterday and here are the results:

I'm excited about the results because improved my timing by almost 3 minutes. And running on Golden Gate Bridge is always a great experience. As always, the race was very well organized starting from expo to bib/tee-shirt distribution, well marked course, water and medical stations, local community support, buses from half marathon finish line to start line and every thing else. A few possible improvements are listed below.

I saw Dean Karnazes (50/50/50 marathon man) and met Bart Yasso (Yasso 800 man) in the Expo. There is certainly a wealth of knowledge to pick up from these elite runners.

The overall results are as shown:

Click on the image above for complete results.

Couple of sugested improvements to the San Francisco Marathon organizing committee for the next year ...
  1. Really, really, really qualify runners in Wave 1. Ask them for a qualifying time from a previous race or something. Walkers and 10-minute milers are NOT Wave 1.
  2. Separate the course going on/off the Golden Gate Bridge, not just with orange cones, but with an additional rope. Otherwise slower runners spill over on the other side and almost bumping into the faster runners.
  3. The expo hall had a wonderful set of exhibitors but it became really crowded as the day progressed. Either an alternate location or back to Market/Embaracdero next year is a better option.
BTW I already registered for the Half Marathon 2010 and got a nice bib#: 1111. The online registration for 2010 San Francisco Marathon is open until Aug 7th. See you there next year!

Here are my two personal goals for the next few months:
  1. Run a half-marathon with 7ish pace
  2. Qualify for Boston - probably next year
11 major marathon mistakes says that "marathon pace will be about ... 16 seconds more lethargic per mile than half-marathon clocking". If that is accurate and will hold true for me, then both of my above goals are well meshed with each other :)

And many thanks to my family for bearing with my weekday early morning runs and long runs over the weekend!

I've run 95 hours and 26 minutes, a total 758.93 miles and 166 out of 208 days so far in 2009. Here is a quick chart that shows my running mileage so far:

This chart is generated using an application that I've built over the past few days. Tomorrow, I'll share that entire application on this blog, stay tuned!

Miles to go ...

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Monday Jul 20, 2009

Running Pet Peeves - Running San Francisco Marathon 2009 First 1/2

I've been running for many many years now and got into long distance running 4 years ago. Just love outdoor running and use treadmill for speed workouts and hills. Treadmill is a very predictable environment and allows you to focus on particular aspects of training. Most of my workouts are in the neighborhood and I generally try to run on business trips. As much as I enjoy running, I have my share of pet peeves experienced over these past years.
  1. Leashed dog who are wandering multiple feet away from the owners and certainly all the unleashed dogs chasing/barking people in public areas.
  2. Abreast walkers on the trail not willing to give up way for the runners coming behind. They just look behind and continue walking at 2 miles/hour.
  3. All the more weird, walkers abreast on the trail not willing to give up way for runners coming from front.
  4. Group runners who run abreast, love to chat and don't yield to other runners.
  5. Hikers who move to right when you say "right" coming from behind ... ouch!
  6. Drivers yapping on their phone, not paying any attention to oncoming traffic and especially to pedestrian/walkers/runners.
  7. Another similar one, drivers unwilling to yield on unprotected right turn for walkers/runners with right of way.
  8. In races, runners (more like fast walkers) who sign up for Wave 1 and 2 where as they should really be Wave 6 or 7. They just cause extra traffic for faster runners.
  9. In races again, right before or after the start the runners who take a deviation start peeing off anywhere they like ... yuck! Have seen it all the times in early morning races, especially San Francisco Marathon. I think one of the San Francisco Marathon photographers should shoot each runner's photo who is spoiling the bay with their dump and then publish them.
  10. Walkers/runners who just stop to fix a shoe lace or itch or something else without bothering to check if there is somebody coming fast behind them.
  11. Runners who expect a return "hello/hi" from you when you are totally focused on getting that last stretch completed.
I've experienced each one of them multiple times. I think the world will be a better place for runners, and in general, if we try to avoid these.

Anyway, feel free to add yours!

I'm expressing these peeves in the last days before 2009 San Francisco Marathon and will see if the world is slightly better in the race. I'll be running the first half over the Golden Gate Bridge and will see ya there. And as evident from the last point above, I don't like talking when running so we'll talk before/after the race :)

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Sunday Aug 10, 2008

Pictures from San Franciso Marathon 2008

Some more pictures (taken by marathonfoto) from my recently concluded San Francisco 1/2 Marathon ...

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Sunday Aug 03, 2008

San Francisco Half Marathon 2008 Completed

Even though it took me 4 minutes extra from 2005 Half Marathon but I'm happy with the results knowing the amount of practice put in. The complete results are available here.

It was really exciting to be running with 19,000+ runners. The spectators, volunteers, staff, cops and everybody else were excellent. It is definitely fun to run this course with the amount of energy and planning, most likely will run again next year as well. Here is a video shot of marathon start:

Even though I ran a half-marathon but my 5-year old and wife did their own by waking up 3am in the morning, driving me around and then picking me from the finish line. Check out some pictures at:

Now that's a total tally of 2 half & 2 full marathons for me:
Next one is Silicon Valley Half Marathon on Oct 26, 2008. And if you are a Sun employee and running Silicon Valley, we do have a corporate team and even a 10% discount on registration (even backdated ;-). Send me an email and I'll get you connected.

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Wednesday Jul 02, 2008

Running San Francisco Marathon 2008

Exactly 1 month later (Aug 3, 2008), I'll be running the San Francisco Marathon (First Half) - the coolest marathon right in the middle of Summer. Register Now!

Read the 2nd newlsetter for all the latest developments.

 Here are some of the features that make this marathon cool:

Watch the entire course of full marathon in the video footage that follows a group of runners, led by Dean Karnazes (the ultra marathon man).

Part 1 at ...

And then part 2 (starting @ mile 10) ...

This will be the 4th addition to my list of marathons:
I completed PG&E @ Rancho last weekend in 84 mins, 45 secs (run+walk 56 mins to the top starting from the first parking lot and downhill running) and hope to run 4 more times in as many weekends before the race.

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Thursday Aug 30, 2007

San Francisco Marathon 07 Finishers Certificate

Read all about my race participation here.

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Saturday Aug 04, 2007

More pictures from San Francisco Marathon

Here are some more pictures (by marathonfoto.com) from my marathon last weekend:

I might have bought couple of pictures but a simple 5x7 is $14 and an 8x10 is $21. I think these prices are exorbitant especially when I get my digital pictures printed at $0.19 at Costco. They can certainly charge for the labor and probably better print quality, but I don't feel justified paying that much!!


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