Friday Sep 28, 2012

JavaOne and Oracle Open World Community Run - Monday, Oct 1, 6:17am PT

Following the tradition from last year, inviting all JavaOne and Oracle Open World attendees to run with me in one of the 10 best cities to run in the US.

The running route will start at Ferry Plaza on Embarcadero, go through Fisherman's Wharf, straight up Hyde St, couple of loops around Crooked Street and then back the same route to end at Ferry Plaza. Here is the complete clickable map:

The Hyde Street (~300ft in 0.75 miles) and Lombard (~200 ft in 0.15 mile) are challenging elevations and you may cover them once only. Alternatively you may take a simpler route out-and-back by running further up to Marina and Crissy Field.

When ? Monday, Oct 1, 2012

I plan to leave at 6:17am PT from the starting point and certainly hope you can join me.

Oracle is doing several things to keep Oracle Open World and JavaOne sustainable and reduce the conference footprint. Lets do our share to keep the conference green!

Of course, don't forget the Geek Bike Ride is tomorrow.

Monday Apr 16, 2012

Running by Moscow River

JavaOne Russia is starting tomorrow! I got in the city early this morning, slept a little but got up early because of jet lag.

New country, new city and how do you get familiar ? Run!

Running would you take you places that you would generally not see otherwise. And the hotel is right by the Moskva River with long empty sidewalks right next to it. Here is how my running route from this morning:

Fortunately, it was not "Moscow cold" and I enjoyed the run. I could've gone longer but had to revert back because of other activities already planned during the day. Here are some pictures captured during the run:

And then some more pictures from around the city ...

And the evolving album at:

JavaOne and Oracle Develop Russia starts tomorrow and I hope to see you there!

Friday Feb 10, 2012

Running in Reykjavik, Iceland

How do runners explore a new country ?

Yep, by running!

That's exactly what I did after sleeping for about 2.5 hrs during San Francisco/Boston/Reykjavik night :-) Met an ex-Sun colleague who arranged a wonderful trail run by Ellioa River and Atlantic Sea. The river is the largest river to run through Reykjavik and is well known for fishing salmon during summer. There was still sopme residual snow, from last week's storm, on the trail and of course water was all over. We also experienced some hail towards the end of the run but a quick ride to the hotel and a warm shower was a great ending.

Here is the running route that we followed:

And some pictures from the trail:

Running seems to becoming more main stream in Reykjavik. Each swimming pool has a "hlaupakort" (running map) posted near the entrance with routes marked in different lengths. The 3 most frequented pools in the downtown area are Laugardalslaug, Sundhöllin, and Vesterbær. There is no way to reach out the running groups except the last one has a presence here. Generally the rule is just show up in running clothes and look for the spandex-clad group stretching. Learn more about running meetups in Reykjavik in this thread. There is even a 1/2 Ironman in July and a full marathon in August and . Read more about running in Reykjavik here.

Thank you Kristinn for arranging the run and Agust for showing me the trail!

Now to Java EE 6 workshop tomorrow morning ...

Thursday Oct 06, 2011

JavaOne 2011 Community Run

Tomas Nilsson, Shaun Abram, and Chris Aniszczyck ran a little over 5 miles in the hilly downtown of San Francisco this morning. This is the first known organized run as part of JavaOne and we had a great time together. Check out the route below:

Here is the elevation map:

And a couple of pictures, the first at the start line on Taylor/O'Farrell:

And then on top of the "crooked hill" at Lombard/Pine:

The next such run would be the last day of JavaOne 2012!

Wednesday Oct 05, 2011

JavaOne 2011 Community Run - 5.5 miles on Thursday morning

Are you interested in running together with fellow JavaOners, JavaOnees, JavaOneiks, or whatever you may call ... your fellow JavaOne conference attendees.

Tomas and I plan to run the following route through the famous Market and Embarcadero streets and the infamous hill of Lombard. The complete route is below (clickable map):

We will leave 6:02:59 am from the intersection of Taylor and O'Farrell street. And I also have some Odwalla bars to share as well before the run.

Interested ? Just show up, no need to ack!

Friday Aug 12, 2011

Dallas Tech Fest 2011 Trip Report

You're in Texas when 85F at 8:30am is not considered warm or there is a 28-day spell of 100F :-)

Dallas Tech Fest, used to be called as Dallas Code Camp, has its fourth annual conference running in, of course, Dallas. The agenda was packed with 100+ sessions by 70+ speakers over 2 days. This is the first time the event has expanded from the usual one day to two day format. With up to 10 sessions running in parallel, about 300 attendees (my guess) had a lot to choose from.

This was my second year in a row and I gave a 3 hr workshop on Java EE 6 and also talked about how GlassFish 3.1 is the best platform for deploying your Java EE 6 applications.

The slides are available:

There were about 30 attendees in/out of the workshop with a high degree of interaction. The slides provide the code templates in the workshop and the actual detailed steps will also be available as a screencast soon. The complete code built during the workshop can be downloaded here.

The GlassFish 3.1 slides are also available:

Did you know that GlassFish 3.1.1 runs on JDK 7 ? TOTD #169 shows how to use multi-catch, TOTD #168 shows how to use Switch statement in Strings, and TOTD #167 explains how to use Automatic Resource Management to write optimized and cleaner code.

The overall logistics of the event pretty flawless and University of Texas is a beautiful location other than the 100C temperature ;-) I wanted to attend the Community Leadership Townhall but decided to leave early to reach home on time for a Hindu festival over the weekend.

You can follow the twitter stream at #dtf11. One thing that was quite obvious was the intrusion caused by the event photographers. I certainly experienced that as a speaker and I saw several tweets by attendees feeling annoyed as well. The shutter clicks were fairly loud, the flash was right in the eyes (without a bounce), they were going in way too close to the speakers (probably because of lower ISO), and sometimes even obstructing attendees' view too ;-) IMHO, they should take lessons from James Duncan Davidson who do a marvellous job of capturing photographs of different O'Reilly conferences.

Here are some pictures captured from the event:

Many thanks to Tim Rayburn and Erik Weibust - the fearless local community leaders - for providing me with an opportunity to share the technology and my passion with the audience.

A decent 7mile run at the nearby Anderson Donner Park with a single track running trail for a few miles was an overall good beginning to the day anyway:

And finally the complete photo album at:

Tuesday Aug 02, 2011

San Francisco Half Marathon 2011 Completed

I completed my fifth (out of total 8) San Francisco half-marathon on the past weekend. No personal record but improved the overall, male, and age group ranking. Even though the total number of runners were reported about the same as last year (around 25k) but the overall, total male, and the age group M30-39 number of first half marathon runners were certainly down from the previous years as shown in the table below:

Total Male

Here are the detailed results:

The slower pace is likely due to a hectic Saturday and not enough rest in the days before the race :( Here are the top 5 runners in each category:


Check out the video below at the finish line and the midpoint across the Golden Gate bridge:

Check out the complete runkeeper tracking:

Here is the results of all the completed marathons so far:

Marathon / Half Marathon Total Time Pace
San Francisco 1/2 Marathon 2011
Silicon Valley Marathon 2010 3:49:17 8:35
San Francisco 1/2 Marathon 2010 1:35:42 7:18
San Jose Rock-n-Roll 2009 1:30:59 6:57
San Francicsco 1/2 Marathon 2009 1:38:21 7:31
Kaiser Permanente San Francicsco 1/2 2009 1:41:30 7:45
Silicon Valley 1/2 2008 1:45:42 8:04
San Francisco 1/2 2008 1:52:44 8:25
San Francisco Full 2007 4:04:33 9:20
Silicon Valley Full 2006 4:06:57 9:25
San Francisco 1/2 2005 1:48:50 8:18

Now looking forward to Norcal Marathon (an inaugural one) next month in the Silicon Valley.

This is my third race of the year as part of Team Odwalla - look good, eat good, feel good, race good!

Monday Jul 04, 2011

Brasilia Community Run - Powered by Odwalla and Runkeeper

Paulo Jeronimo, a local Java developer and an enthusiastic runner, organized a community run in Brasilia. He was also joined by Claudio Miranda and together we ran around some of the most secured area in Brasilia covering Palácio da Alvorada (Presidential Palace), Palácio do Planalto (President's work place), Palácio do Jaburu (Vice Presidential Palace), and Congress Building.

Here is the complete course:

I gave a few Odwalla bars to both of them and looking forward to their feedback on the different flavors. Do you know you can buy them online at ?

Check out some pictures from the course:

Thank you Paulo and Claudio for making it a great run!

And, as always, the evolving album:

Still a couple of more cities after Brasilia ...

Saturday Jun 11, 2011

Running on The Palmetto Trail, Spartanburg, South Carolina

The Palmetto Trail is planned to be a 425+ mile recreational trail for hiking, biking, running, and some parts for equestrian traversing the state of South Carolina. It currently consists of 235 miles in bits and pieces through different couties.

The trail runs through Spartanburg, South Carolina - the venue of South East Linux Fest 2011. Even though its only a small distance of about 1.87 miles but out & back makes it about 3.75  miles. And then doubling that up makes it around 7.5 miles. And the trail itself is about 1 mile from the Mariott Spartanburg. So I enjoyed about 9.5 miles of good running this morning.

Here is my running chart:

The trail is very well shaded with tall trees and also has mile markers every 0.5 mile. The trail runs along with an old and unused train track for about half a mile and is also part of the Hub City Connector prorgam of the city of Spartanburg.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood, dont forget to run through this trail!

Friday Jun 10, 2011

Cloud Expo East and New York City Java Meetup Trip Report

7000+ delegates and 200+ sponsors/exhibitors made the Cloud Expo 2011, New York City yet another successful conference by SYS-CON. I gave a talk on "Running your Java EE applications in the Cloud" and highlighted:

  • How Java EE 6 light-weight nature is ideal for cloud development/deployment
  • Show how to deploy a typical 3-tier Java EE application in Amazon, Rightscale, Joyent, and Azure
  • Why Weblogic is ideally suited for enterprises for cloud deployments
  • How Java EE 7 is evolving to provide a standards-based PaaS deployment platform

The slides are available below:

There were about 30+ attendees in the talk and some of them were GlassFish customers and several Weblogic customers. So they both, and others, found out how the two application servers from Oracle are relevant for the cloud deployment.

Check out some pictures from the expo and around the city:

It was good to catch up with Jeff and Justin and enjoy couple of evenings together!

The next day I presented at New York City Java Meetup and explained the key features of Java EE 6 and GlassFish using live coding sessions with NetBeans. There were about 50+ attendees (in and out) at the highly interactive session.

Here is some feedback captured after the event:

Arun gave a great presentation on the virtues of JEE6 and NetBeans as well what is to come in future Java releases.

This was a good meet up. Very informative and useful information. The location is excellent.

And some more ...

Excellent presentation.

Pretty good meetup! very informative as alot of the areas that he covered are relevant and "hot" today. I recruit for Java Developers and these days I am routinely asking about experience with IOC/ CDI, Dependency Injection and restless web services. So I walked away feeling that Oracle was working the same market.

Interesting topic well presented.

Another good data point is that the average rating seems to be 4.5 (out of 5) after 14 attendees have rated it. Any feedback on how I can close the gap between 4.5 and 5 would be helpful :-)

The code built during the meetup can be downloaded here.

Here is a photograph from the meetup page:

And a few more that I took:

The venue for the meetup was Barnes & Noble store in the uptown and they did an excellent job of hosting the event. There was ample sugar and drinks for everybody (as you can see in the pictures) and each attendee even got a $15 gift card. The company is is making major investments in their eCommerce platform and digital products (i.e. Nook, Cloud Computing, Mobile apps). Java/J2EE is being used heavily throughout their environment. Opportunities exist for Engineers, Architects and Team Leads in their NYC and Palo Alto offices. If you are interested an informational conversation about technical careers and what's going on at, contact Jason Greenhouse @ I chatted with their CTO and VP of Engineering and hopefully will have some followup meetings to coach them more about the benefits of Java EE 6 :-)

Thank you Dario for providing me with an opportunity to talk about the "ultimate threesome" (Java EE 6 + GlassFish + NetBeans) to your meetup community!

On a personal front, I just could not miss the opportunity to grab couple of shorts runs in the Central Park:

There is no dearth of motivation there, tons of runners and in both directions. It was quite an enjoyable experience and matches well with the sedentary nature of my job ;-) If you are in the New York City during spring/summer time, make sure to plan an early morning run through Central Park and you will not regret it!

And as always, check out the complete photo album at:


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