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Rich Web Experience 2010 Trip Report

The Rich Web Experience 2010 concluded earlier this week in Fort Lauderdale. In a typical No Fluff Just Stuff fashion, it was truly a rich experience starting from the location (hotel, city, and weather), food, content, speakers, 90-minute sessions, schwag, and many other items. There were about 350 attendees with topics ranging from HTML5, CSS3, NodeJS, GWT, iPad / iPhone / Android development, Grails, Git, Hudson, and pretty much all over the landscape. I gave three sessions on:
  1. Java EE 6 = Less Code + More Power
  2. Java EE 6 Toolshow
  3. Using Contexts and Dependency Injection in the Java EE 6 Ecosystem
The first session explained the three themes of Java EE 6 (light-weight, extensibility, and ease-of-use), explained newly introduced and updated specifications in the platform, and finally the modular, hybrid OSGi/Java EE host, embeddable, extensible, and high-availability nature of GlassFish. The attendance was light but audience was interactive.

The second session was a no-slides session and used NetBeans and Eclipse to demonstrate the following Java EE 6 features:
  1. @WebServlet
  2. @Stateless, No-interface view, EJB 3.1 in a WAR
  3. Embeddable EJB (unit test)
  4. @Schedule
  5. @PersistenceUnit in @WebServlet, @PersistenceContext in @Stateless
  6. Facelets templating
  7. CDI stereotypes @Model, @Qualifier
  8. RESTful Web services from Entity classes
The code build during the talk can be downloaded here.

The third session on CDI was a revision of my JavaOne session with a lot more context and code samples added. The talk explained CDI key concepts like type-safe dependency injection, Qualifiers, Stereotypes, Producer/Disposer, Alternative, Interceptor, Decorators, Scopes, CDI tooling, and other topics.

The slides for both the sessions are now available:

On a personal front, I totally enjoyed coming from a 40 degrees weather in San Jose to 70 degrees in Ft Lauderdale and that too with hotel right on the beach. I had couple of great runs by the Atlantic Ocean and a good walk along the beach.

Thursday had 2 hours dedicated for beach activity but I had to leave to catch my flight to Washington DC :( The dinner, lunch, and breakfast as part of the conference was healthy with a good mix of salads + carbs + proteins. The lemon tea + honey allowed me to deliver three 90 minute sessions in one day. And lastly enjoyed catching up with Venkat, Matthew McCullough, Kohsuke, Ben Ellingson and many other friends.

Here are some pictures:

And the complete album:

Next stop as part of No Fluff Just Stuff will be UberConf, Jul 12-16, 2011, mark your dates!

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Saturday Sep 08, 2007

The Rich Web Experience 2007 Trip Report

The first ever The Rich Web Experience 2007 just got over and I enjoyed participating in the conference.

This conference is part of No Fluff Just Stuff Symposium series and truly lived up to it's name and these are some of my reasons:

  • There indeed was no "fluff", just real meaty talks full of "stuff".
  • This indeed was an "experience" - not just a conference. Everything ranging from the
    • Courteous Conference staff
    • Geeky attendees (we love them!)
    • Quality of food (one of the best conference foods, probably THE best - only comparable to Google Developer Day)
    • Daily Raffles (an iPhone every lunch and dinner, an iMac on the 2nd day & for the best speaker and other giveaways)
    • Great goodies for each attendee (a Wii or $250 Amazon certificate - will be shipped afterwards because of "delivery problems" :)
    • Great venue (driving distance from home)

      everything was just superb!
  • The conference size was small and this allowed us to have more closer 1-1 interactions with a lot of attendees. We had some real good interactions with the attendees and looking forward to helping them out.

At the venue, we asked for Internet connectivity for the desktop machines to be used for demonstration.

For the quoted price ($850 for 2 days) I thought for a moment that we are getting a "really cheap" dedicated direct satellite connection. But then I realized it was just the usual broadband wired connection. Gosh! That was a ridiculous price so we finally used our laptop for all the demos as wireless connectivity was free, courtesy Rich Web Experience.

It gives an impression that San Jose Fairmont is not convention-ready yet!

Both of Greg & Ludo's talks (Project jMaki - Enabling Web 2.0 Application Developers and Web Design for Server-Side Developers) were well attended.

And so was Tom Ball's JavaFX: Evolution of the Java client.
We gave out a new tee-shirt at the conference with the juggling Duke and attendees were flocking towards it. And if you missed it then hopefully you can get it at an upcoming conference.  Any guesses on the "balls" ?

We also conducted daily raffles for a Sun Spot Java Development Kit during the first two days of the conference. The winners on both the days were extremely thrilled and came back the very next day and shared their experience. Congratulations!

All the information about the kit can be found at I recommend reading the FAQ that provides information on the types of sensors and other useful information. The Users Guide and other Documentation provide other useful information to get started. If you were not lucky to win the raffle, you can always buy them here!

Here are some of the demos that we showed at the conference:

And others will be available on soon.

It was really nice to meet Jason Lee - one of the first GlassFish Champion 2007 & GlassFish 2 TV Contest Winner. He got lucky at the conference again and won an iPhone on the second day dinner-time raffle. Read his RWE Day 1 and Day 2 experience. Jason, go buy a lottery ticket and you may be one of the four winners next time :)

Jay Zimmerman announced that Rich Web Experience will visit Atlanta in April 2008 and back in San Jose in September 2008. Thank you for organizing a great conference and looking forward to our future participation.

No Fluff Just Stuff is the way to go!

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Tuesday Sep 04, 2007

jMaki + JavaFX @ The Rich Web Experience 2007

Sun Microsystems is a silver sponsor of The 2007 Rich Web Experience. This conference is targeted for web designers, software architects, programmers, developers, and technical managers interested in learning about the hot areas in Web. JavaScript, Ajax, CSS, RIA, Design and much more content related to Web will be covered in 6 parallel tracks in 50 sessions by over 35 speakers.

Venue: Fairmont San Jose
Dates: Sep 6-8, 2007
Session Schedule

Here is the list of Sun's presence:

Project jMaki - Enabling Web 2.0 Application Developers Greg Murray Sep 6, Thu 11am-12:30pm
Web Design for Server-Side Developers Greg Murray Sep 6, Thu 4:45pm-6:15pm
JavaFX: Evolution of the Java client Nandini Ramani Sep 7, Fri 3pm-4:30pm

There will be table tops also where you can mingle with the speakers and the rest of us. We will be showing jMaki and JavaFX demos and open for discussions on any other related topic. And if you drop your visiting card with you,

We have a brand new COOL tee-shirt as a give away. Just talk to one of us and listen to our demos and it'll be yours :)

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