Wednesday Aug 13, 2008

GlassFish @ Rails Conf Europe 2008

RailsConf Europe 2008

Sun Microsystems
is a diamond sponsor of Rails Conf Europe 2008 and we'll be there!

Here is the list of Sun sessions:
You can also meet us in the Exhibit Hall.

Here are some quick pointers:
And here are some references to get started with GlassFish and NetBeans:
And I have 92 blog entries, just on Rails!

Rails Conf Berlin 2007 sure was lot of fun (Day 1, 2 and 3) and now looking forward to a "Sun"tastic conference ahead :)

Drop a comment if any JUGs or Ruby Meetups would like to meet during that time.

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Sunday Sep 30, 2007

Europe Summer 2007 Trip Report

Here is a summary of my Europe Summer 2007 Trip Report:

GlassFish is the common theme between all these events, sessions and cities - that's what I was talking/preaching/demonstrating in all of them :) Here are all the detailed blogs covering each event:

During my travel, I posted several tips that are available at:

All my travel tips to Europe are aggregated here.

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Wednesday Sep 19, 2007

Rails Conf Europe 2007 - Day 3

Day 3 started with reminders about RubyConf 2007 and upcoming Euruko. Marcel and Koz (from Rails core team) gave the keynote talking about the best practices for Rails ( Here are some of the tips they explained:

  • If a controller has more than 6 or 7 actions, and each action > 6-7 lines then there is something wrong. More details here.
  • Associations proxies are very handy, more details here.
  • Use named callbacks to improve maintainability and readability of the code. This also help improve clarity of thoughts. The value of expressive interfaces is important as the size of applications grow bigger. More details here.
  • Use with_scope to subset a model's collection - More details here.

The Sun booth was swamped today as well, just like yesterday. There were some great interactions and I do plan to follow up on them.

I missed the "Meet the JRuby team" BoF yesterday night. But I was very excited to know that Ola Bini made a statement in the bof that amongst all the free and fee-based Application Servers, GlassFish is the best. GlassFish V2 was released earlier this week and read all about it's capabilities here.

Craig and Nick's talk on Rails Hydra was SRO with even all the floor space occupied and was attended by DHH. Brian mesmerized the audience with NetBeans Ruby magic in his talk. There were lots of users who came by the booth afterwards and were very happy with the NetBeans Ruby support. All the presentations will be available here.


Andrea won the SunFire T-1000 Server, Congratulations! And Sharat gave out 5 copies of RESTful Web services books as well.

And the food of course was quite a blast, the desserts were completely outstanding!

We'll see you at another conference now.

Here are some useful entries (with numerous pointers on screencasts, blogs, tips & extensive feature sets) to get you started with JRuby on Rails, NetBeans IDE, GlassFish and jMaki:

The updated picture album is available at:

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Tuesday Sep 18, 2007

I shoot you, You shoot me

The other half of the picture below is here.

The pictures were taken during a beer bust hosted by Joyent during Rails Conf Europe 2007 at Lindenbrau Brewery in Berlin, Germany.

Any guess who's the guy behind the camera ?

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Rails Conf Europe 2007 - Day 2

Day 2 started with regular announcements and keynote by DHH. The demographic distribution of approximately 750 attendees was shown in the filler slides right before the keynote:

Germany 29% Sweden 3%
UK 17% Spain 3%
United States 11% Norway 3%
Denmark 7% Italy 2%
Netherlands 5% France 2%

The technical sessions and BoFs started today and the exhibit hall was opened as well. Sun booth was swamped and we showed "NetBeans Tooling for Ruby on Rails", "Rails and Software as a Service" and "Rails powered by jMaki and GlassFish".

The demo showed at "Rails powered by jMaki and GlassFish" is available here. And here are some other pointers mentioned in the booth:

GlassFish is an open-source, production-quality and Java EE 5 compatible Application Server. Here are some of the key benefits of GlassFish for Rails developers:

  • GlassFish allows existing Java EE applications and RoR apps in one container.
  • GlassFish provides high availability and clustering support integrated in the app server.
  • GlassFish provides database connection pooling that allows to reuse database connections.
  • Applications can be re-deployed on GlassFish without any need to re-start the server.
  • The development and deployment environment is exactly the same.

There are few others and they will be consolidated in an article later.

Both of Sun's talks today were well attended:

The lunch was quite a treat:

Here are some useful entries (with numerous pointers on screencasts, blogs, tips & extensive feature sets) to get you started with JRuby on Rails, NetBeans IDE, GlassFish and jMaki:

The updated picture album is available at:

Use the tag "railsconfeurope" to ensure your blog/photos are aggregated appropriately.

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Monday Sep 17, 2007

Rails Conf Europe 2007 - Day 1

Arrived in Berlin 2 days ago for Rails Conf Europe. Sun Microsystems is a diamond sponsor and you can meet me at the "Rails powered by jMaki and GlassFish" booth in the Exhibit Hall. You can read about overall Sun's presence here.

I realized in the morning that my Full Conference pass did not account for any of the tutorials. And all of them were completely sold out with approx 750 attendees flooding all the rooms. So there was no chance to even sneak in :( I decided to spend the time taking the city tour and visiting other places. Here are some tips for travelers to Europe (Berlin in particular):

  1. Before you start on the trip, it's a good idea to inform your Credit Card company and ATM provider about your upcoming trip. This will ensure that they do not unnecessarily block your card suspecting a fraudulent usage.
  2. The taxi driver was very excited knowing that we came from California. The reason for his excitement was Arnold Schwarzenegger - that a former European national became "Mr Masculine", then a movie super star and now the Governor of California :) I'll probably carry a cutting of Arnold from a local newspaper in my next visit.
  3. So far in my 2-days experience, European shopkeepers prefer (read "accept only") cash as opposed to the US where credit card is accepted everywhere, even in Kinko's for a one-pager :) So make sure to carry sufficient cash with you. Nobody has agreed to accept the credit card so far (Taxi Driver, City Tour, Grocery and even good restaurants).
  4. Some ATM machines in the US can accommodate a pin number greater than 4 digit numbers. ATM machines in Europe cannot handle that and my banker specifically confirmed that with me. It's recommended to reduce your pin number to 4 digits.
  5. How to convert $$ to Euros ? There are multiple ways but the best bet is to use the ATM machine at the airport. They provide a good conversion rate, most reliable and easily accessible. Check with your ATM card provider if they charge any fees for the international usage. For example, Wells Fargo charges $5 flat fee for international usage of their ATM card. Bank of America is a good alternative as it does not charge any transaction fees if you use any Deutsche Bank machine (which is prevalent) and of course BoA by itself is a much bigger network.
  6. Bathrooms/Restrooms are called as "Water Closet", typically marked with "WC", and that was a new learning for me right at the airport.
  7. The Berlin City runs "Berlin City Tour" hop-on-hop-off buses starting at 10:30am at an interval of 30 minutes and the last leaving at 4pm. In an approx 2 hour tour (without any hop off) they cover 11 touristy spots in the city. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed the ride as the first thing in Berlin. The guide particularly made it interesting by sharing stories around the spots.
  8. The communication with locals is bit of an issue. Most of the people in public dealing can understand English somewhat but the likelihood of asking somebody on the roadside for directions and not able to communicate is very high. Be prepared to ask more than once and it'll work.
  9. Everybody in this city (Berlin) seems to smoke - quite a few actively and rest of them passively. Public smoking is quite prevalent and that was quite a change from back home.
  10. I did not find any water fountains in public places, not even outside the bathrooms. So carry your own water bottle.

And here is Berlin in pictures

Thanks to Joyent for hosting the beer bust. That's all for today! See you tomorrow at the booth :)

All my travel tips to Europe are aggregated here.

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Wednesday Sep 12, 2007

jMaki, NetBeans and GlassFish in Rails Conf Europe 2007

Sun Microsystems is a Diamond Sponsor of Rails Conf Europe 2007 (Sep 17 - 19). We'll demonstrate how
  • NetBeans 6 IDE provides a complete development environment for Rails application
  • GlassFish provides a robust and modular deployment platform
  • jMaki provides a complete framework for creating RIAs

Here is list of sessions from Sun speakers:

Other than this, you can always find us in the exhibitor pavilion.

Joyent, one of our partners, will be sharing the booth space and showcasing their Ruby on Rails powerful and scalable development and deployment systems. Here are their sessions:

Here are some useful entries (with numerous pointers on screencasts, blogs, tips & extensive feature sets) to get you started with JRuby on Rails, NetBeans IDE, GlassFish and jMaki:

See you there!

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