Tuesday Jul 10, 2007

FREE Web Services Training - 3rd session

Sang Shin is starting the 3rd session of  free "Web Services and SOA programming" from August 24th. There is a heavy emphasis on:

  • New Java APIs for Web Services (JAX-WS, JAXB, REST)
  • WSIT (Project Tango)
  • SOA Technologies (BPEL, JBI, Open ESB)
  • GlassFish (Java EE 5, JBI runtime, Service Engines)

For registration and course related information, please go to the websites below:

http://www.javapassion.com/webservices/ (Course home site)
http://www.javapassion.com/webservices/#Topics (Topics)
http://www.javapassion.com/ajaxcodecamp/coursefaq.html (FAQ)
http://groups.google.com/group/webservicesprogramming?hl=en (Class Forum)

To register, send a blank email to webservicesprogramming-subscribe-AT-googlegroups-DOT-com. Even though the course is offered free but it requires time commitment.

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Thursday May 24, 2007

PaniPuri and Presentation Tips

Guy Kawasaki announced the result of World's Best Presentation Contest Winners. The contest ran from Mar 23 to Apr 23 2007. 2805 votes were received for the 443 entries. The blog very clearly identifies three crucial qualities of a good presentation: big fonts, big graphics and a "storytelling" orientation. The main message from the deck is clear, even in the absence of presenter.

And my favorite is about PaniPuri - IMHO the best appetizer, even a full meal to me :)

Here are some more resources, with consistent message, on creating effective presentations:

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Wednesday May 23, 2007

JavaOne 2007 slides are now available

JavaOne 2007 slides for Technical Sessions and Hands-on-Labs are available here.

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Wednesday May 09, 2007

Slides for TS-4865

Slides for TS-4865 are available here. The demo shown in the preso is available in 3 parts - part 1, part 2 and part 3.

This session is repeated again on Friday, 1:30pm.

UPDATE: See a review of the session at TheServerSide Interoperability Blog.

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Wednesday Mar 07, 2007

Tango at Venetian, Las Vegas

I'll be speaking on "JAX-WS and WSIT Tangoing with .NET" at The Server Side Java Symposium, The Venetian, Las Vegas on Mar 22, 2007 from 10:10-11:10am.

WSIT provides first-class interoperability between the Web services stack in GlassFish and .NET 3.0 framework. This talk will show how Web services interoperability is baked into GlassFish and show how easy it is to create a reliable interoperable Web service using WSIT plug-in and NetBeans IDE.

The complete conference schedule is available here. If you want to attend, and convince your boss, here are top 10 reasons.

Thanks to ServerSide for sponsoring my hotel and flight. You are going to have fun learning, after all Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world :)

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Friday Mar 02, 2007

Sun @ Ajax World

Sun Microsystems is a silver sponsor of AJAX World Conference and Expo East 2007, Mar 19-21, New York City. Ajax Architect Greg Murray, Struts creator Craig McClanahan, and Jean Francois Arcand of Grizzly fame, all from Sun, will be speaking. Here are the topics:

It seems the conference planners really like Greg a lot since they've not only featured him on their main page but given his brief bio thrice :) 

And his last name is "Murray", not "Murry".

All of them are great speakers. So if you are planning to attend Ajax World, I highly recommend their talk. You'll see/feel the passion. 

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Monday Feb 26, 2007

Sun-internal jMaki Day Review

Last Friday jMaki team, at Sun Microsystems, arranged a jMaki Day for Sun-internal audience. The day was planned to introduce the technology and explains it's nuts and bolts with hands-on experience. Even though nobody outside Sun could attend it, but all the presos and lab material is available here

The morning sessions gave an overview of jMaki and included: 

The afternoon was BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) hands-on-labs and discussion with the team. It included:

The slides for the morning session and hands-on-labs are available. Here are some pictures:

Greg Murray



Carla Mott

Roberto Chinnici

Doris helping with mic

Ludovic Champenois

Greg Murray





You can get a flavor of these sessions and labs at Sun Tech Days

You can also view a collection of samples (run or download them) put together by Sun's Web 2.0 team. You can also look for a collection of jMaki samples here. All of these samples can be run on GlassFish.

Here are some important jMaki links:

Please send any feedback on slides and hands-on-labs to dev-AT-ajax.dev.java.net.

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Monday Jan 15, 2007

JavaOne 2005 & 2006 Archive

JavaOne 2007, although 4 months away, but the machinery at Sun already started to make sure that this year is improved and better than earlier years. For example, you can look at the WSIT preso from 2005 and 2006 and see how the content, quality and reality has improved. The technical session archives from 2005 & 2006 will give you an idea about the previous years.

If you are interested in saving $200, then register today for JavaOne 2007 - the biggest world wide Java developer conference.

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Saturday Jan 13, 2007

WSIT and Web 2.0 at Atlanta Tech Days

Sun Tech Days is Sun's World Wide Developer Conference. The next venue is Atlanta, United States on Jan 16-17, 2007.

The complete agenda is very comprehensive consisting of a NetBeans day, OpenSolaris Day and technical sessions on Java SE and Java EE, Solaris OS, Tools and Web 2.0. And the best part is, all this is FREE. I'm presenting on:

  • Technologies and Tools for Web 2.0 (11:50 - 12:40pm)
  • JAX-WS and WSIT: Tangoing with .NET (2:40 - 3:30pm)

You can also take a full-day deep dive in development led by a master instructor for a modest price. The details are at the bottom of the agenda page. If you have not registered yet, in the vicinity of Atlanta, and would like to jump start your career - do it now.

The Sun Tech Days 2006 - 2007 World Tour schedule is available in the right column here.

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Monday Jan 08, 2007

FREE Ajax Codecamp - 2nd session

Sang Shin is starting the second session of "AJAX Programming (with Passion!)" from Feb 12th, 2007.

This FREE online course is for anyone who wants to learn Ajax for the first time or increase their knowledge on Ajax. In this course, students learn basic concept and technologies of Ajax such as JavaScript, CSS, and DOM as well as how to use various Ajax frameworks and toolkits such as Dojo toolkit, jMaki, Direct Web Remoting (DWR), Google Web Toolkit (GWT), and Ajax-enabled JavaServer Faces (JSF) components, DynaFaces, ZK framework, etc.

Each topic is accompanied by a hands-on lab in which NetBeans ready projects are provided so that attendees can readily build and run various Ajax applications with minimum effort.

For registration and other course related information, please go to the websites below.

http://www.javapassion.com/ajaxcodecamp (Course home site)
http://www.javapassion.com/ajaxcodecamp/#Topics (Topics)
http://www.javapassion.com/ajaxcodecamp/#registration (Registration)
http://www.javapassion.com/ajaxcodecamp/coursefaq.html (FAQ)
http://www.javapassion.com/ajaxcodecamp/graduates.html (Graduates)

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