Monday May 05, 2008

Take 4 - Pictures from JavaOne 2008

Continuing from Take 1, 2, 3 and more pictures from JavaOne 2008.

GlassFish Day Opening Session and GlassFish booth @ Community One ...

All JavaOne 2008 pictures are available here.

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Sunday May 04, 2008

Take 3 - Pictures from JavaOne 2008

Continuing from Take 1 and 2 and more pictures from JavaOne 2008.

GlassFish Party @ Thirsty Bear ...

All JavaOne 2008 pictures are available here.

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Take 2 - Pictures from JavaOne 2008

Continuing from Take 1, more pictures from JavaOne 2008.

Agenda planning in GlassFish Unconference ...

Round 1 on GlassFish v3/OSGi and Clustering/High Availability ...

Round 2 on Community, Java EE and continues on v3/OSGi ...

And there were Round 3 & 4 where I participated actively so no pictures :)

All JavaOne 2008 pictures are available here.

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Take 1 - Pictures from JavaOne 2008

Now that JavaOne 2008 is almost here, I'll try to post regular pictures from and around the show. This is the first lot ...

General session keynote speakers rehearsing ...

and the "boss" relaxing ...

Getting ready for rehearsals ...

Members of the production team who runs the show ...

Camera crew ...

And the registration desk ...

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Wednesday Apr 23, 2008

Roses from Frontyard - Digital Pictures

A rose, not only by any name, but in any shape or color will smell as sweet and also look as beautiful :)

Here are some pictures of roses from my front yard. The pictures were taken around 7pm yesterday and purposely shown in 640 x 480 size in order to provide visual pleasure! I've higher resolution pictures available as well, in case you are interested.

All the pictures below keep the flower in center of the frame. I'll try another set next week with Rule of Thirds.

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Wednesday Mar 26, 2008

Pictures from Las Vegas

Enjoy some pictures from Las Vegas ...

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Wednesday Feb 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse in Pictures - San Jose, Feb 20, 2008

We observed the last Lunar Eclipse of this decade and I captured in pictures.

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Monday Apr 16, 2007

Spring Flowers

Follow up here.

Spring is now approx 4 weeks old and here are some more pictures from the neighborhood.

I hope we continue to see these and more flowers blossoming in the season, specially since Mercury News has declared drought. My son is a big "water saver" following three steps:

  • 2 minute shower instead of regular 10 minutes (less time and water, both precious at this stage)
  • Not opening the tap fully when washing hands and washing them quickly.
  • Planning to get less number of plants from Home Depot and even those that need less water

He even pasted a note in our living room and asked all his friends to save water. Drop by drop, we will all get through it.

I plan to post more tips on water saving in subsequent entries.

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Saturday Mar 03, 2007

Spring Blossoms

Spring is still 2 weeks away (starting Mar 21) but blossoms are showing up for past few days now. Finally this morning I spent some time this morning in backyard and neighborhood taking some pictures. All of these pictures were taken between 9:00-10:00am, when the sun was bright, using Macro mode of Nikon D80.

The macro mode is good but is not able to focus if the subject is closer than 3-4 inches. I hope to spend some more time over the coming weekends exploring this mode and share some more pictures. 

Here are some flower photography tips:

Please leave a comment if you have any other tips on nature photography.

UPDATE: Follow the discussion on these pictures in Nikonians Forum.

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Sunday Feb 11, 2007

Nikon D80 firmware updated

Nikon has released an updated firmware (ver 1.0.1) for D80. Here are the changes:

  • The electronic analog exposure display will be displayed in the viewfinder when the brightness of the subject exceeds the range that can be controlled by the camera, whether too bright or too dark, in the following shooting modes: 
    • Shutter-priority auto (S) or Aperture-priority auto (A) exposure modes with the built-in flash up
    •  Programmed auto (P) exposure mode
  • Effects of processing performed when the Long exp. NR item in the shooting menu is enabled have been improved.
  •  When attempting to edit images, which had already been edited using a computer, with options in the D80’s retouch menu, the camera sometimes froze.  Therefore, images that have been edited using a computer can no longer be edited using the camera.
  • Errors in English, Polish, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese menus have been corrected.

Download for Windows and Macintosh. I update mine using the easy-to-follow instructions.

I caught up on some photography reading as well. Here are some great photography tips I read:

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