Wednesday Dec 21, 2011

WebLogic 12c and Coherence: OTN Virtual Developer Day in Jan/Feb 2012

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c is now available for about 2 weeks. Do you know it comes with an easy-to-use zip installer ? Have you downloaded and tried it ?

An OTN Virtual Developer Day is coming to talk about the latest and greatest features in WebLogic Server 12c. This is your chance to immerse yourself in learning how WebLogic Server 12c supportes the Java EE 6 standards how Maven support is enhanced and made much more feature-rich, extensive integration with NetBeans and Eclipse will be practised using hands-on lab sessions, and there will be opportunity to learn about Coherence as well.

The complete agenda and session abstract is available here.

When ?
Americas, Jan 24, 2012
Europe/Russia: Feb 7th, 2012
Asia Pacific (English): Feb 9, 2012
Asia Pacific (Chinese): Feb 21, 2012

Just register online here!

Also check out the following useful links:
  1. Replay from online launch event + developer deep dive
  2. WebLogic Blog
  3. Online Documentation
  4. WebLogic Server Data Sheet

Also check out the social presence of WebLogic by clicking on the image below:

All the information about WebLogic Server is available from!

Wednesday Oct 26, 2011

JAX London, JFall, Oredev, Devoxx, OTN Developer Day (Lisbon), JavaOne Latin America: Java EE and GlassFish coming closer to you

The conference circuit starts this Sunday with London, and then goes to Holland, Sweden, Belgium, Portugal, and concluding with Latin America later this year. Yes, I'll be home for a few days in between ;-)

Check out the complete Java EE day at JAX London on Nov 1:

JFall is the annual conference organized by NLJUG and here is the list of Oracle sessions:
Stephen Chin is also giving three back-to-back Java FX 2.0 hands-on lab sessions for a total immersion.

Most of the sessions are in Dutch and Migrating Spring to Java EE 6 by Paul Bakker would be an interesting one.

Here are the sessions that I'll be giving at Oredev (Nov 7 - 11):
And the keynotes and evening activities are certainly very exciting!

A whole bunch of Oracle sessions at Devoxx 2011(Nov 14-18):
It took 10 years for Devoxx to let me participate ... thank you Stephan ;-)

OTN Developer Day Enterprise Java (Nov 18) is coming to Lisbon, Portugal with Java EE 6 and Java EE 7, NetBeans, GlassFish and everything around standards-based enterprise Java. Agenda is still a work on progress but strap your seatbelts as we will share tons of exciting content with you.

JavaOne Latin America (Dec 6-8) will have four conference tracks:
The exact schedule is still being worked upon JavaOne Latin America is going to be bigger and better based upon the list of submissions and the changes that are coming. Stay tuned ...

Where will I see or run with you ?

Wednesday Oct 05, 2011

JavaOne OnSite: Java EE and GlassFish - Video interview by OTN

Watch a short interview with OTN on Java EE and GlassFish, right after the JavaOne 2011 Technical Keynote ...

The complete set of JavaOne OnSite interviews are available here on the "JavaOne OnSite" tab.

What do you think about JavaOne this year ?

Monday Mar 07, 2011

OTN Developer Day Boston 2011 - Slides & Trip Report

OTN Developer Day Boston concluded last week with about 70 developers/architects/consultant attending 20 sessions in 4 tracks (Server, Desktop, Java SE Platform, Mobile & Embedded). I delivered 2 technical sessions + 2 hands-on labs.

The first session explained the value proposition of Java EE 6 and the key themes of ease-of-use, simplicity, and extensiblity. With several Java EE 7 JSRs recently released (more on this in a subsequent blog) I added several slides on each one of them. Jump to slide #34 in the following slide deck to see the highlights on upcoming feature set in Java EE 7.

This session was followed by a hands-on lab showcasing how EJB 3.1 + JAX-RS 1.1 can be used to build a simple web application. The second technical session of the day explained the recently released GlassFish 3.1 Clustering, High Availability, and a myriad of features to boost your Java EE 6 deployment. A comprehensive list of blogs will walk you through each and every feature in detail.

The GlassFish 3.1 slides are available below:

Boston 2011 OTN Developer Days - GlassFish 3.1

The last session of the day (for me) was another hands-on lab explaining how JSF 2 + CDI can be used effectively to create a compelling web application in a matter of few minutes. The last session in Server track was "Developer Experience, WebLogic Server, and Java EE 6" by Will Lyons. A replay of this and many other related talks from OTN Virtual Developer Day are available in a replay here.

If you are interested in attending in one of these workshops, check out the locations of OTN Developer Days worldwide.

I still need to locate my camera after the trip and so the pictures will have to wait this time :-)

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GlassFish and WebLogic: Interoperability and Integration from OTN TechCasts

Oracle provides Oracle GlassFish Server and WebLogic Server and they both have their own space very well defined. Watch Anil Gaur, VP of GlassFish Product Development and Adam Leftik, Product Manager talk about runtime, integration, and interoperability between GlassFsh and WebLogic. And then hear all the details about recently released GlassFish 3.1, IDEs, Java EE 7, Cloud, and PaaS support in the upcoming versions of GlassFish.

Let the application server grow with your needs!

Download GlassFish 3.1 from and WebLogic from

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Wednesday Feb 23, 2011

FREE OTN Developer Day Boston - Java EE 6, GlassFish, WebLogic, Java 7 and 8, Java FX, and much more

The Boston Marathon is 52 days away but you can attend a Java Marathon on March 3rd in Boston. And all developers are pre-qualified for this one and no registration fees as well :-)

Do you live in the Boston area and like to learn everything about Java from the stewards of Java ?

OTN is arranging another FREE Developer Day in the US covering entire spectrum of the Java platform from Server, Desktop, and Java SE to Embedded. You'll hear from distinguished speakers in each of these areas and will have sufficient time to engage in casual conversations. I'll talk in detail about simplicity and ease-of-use in Java EE 6, light-weight GlassFish Application Server, and even conduct hands-on labs. And of course will be there in the hall ways and coffee/lunch breaks.

So what are the coordinates ?

Date: Mar 3rd
Time: 8am - 5pm
Venue: The Westin Copley Place, Boston
Cost: FREE, register now!

Agenda is given below:

I'll be there, will you ?

Register now!

And this is Boston, so gotta run! Let me know if you are interested in running in the hotel's neighborhood :-)

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Thursday Feb 03, 2011

WebLogic Developer/Production Web Profile, Full Java EE 6 Platform - Chat Transcript and Slides from OTN Virtual Developer Day

NOTE: This entry contains outdated information. Please refer to for more up-to-date releases.

Oracle WebLogic team delivered a Virtual Developer Day highlighting the benefits of WebLogic to the developer community. The recent WebLogic 10.3.4 release supports some of the key Java EE 6 APIs (JSF 2.0, JPA 2, and JAX-RS 1.1) and a full Java EE 6 compliant server is coming with the next major release. I helped them deliver a Java EE 6 session and how these technologies fit in the upcoming WebLogic releases. In summary, three releases are slated for the next major release:

  • WebLogic Developer Web Profile
  • WebLogic Production Web Profile
  • WebLogic Full Java EE 6

More details about Java EE 6 and how WebLogic is planning to embrace them is available in a replay of the webinar available here. Please use the login/password used during registration.

If you are interested in using Java EE 6 today, then GlassFish provides Web Profile and Full Platform already!

More webinars coming to your timezone:

Feb 10, 9:30am UK Time / 10:30 am Central European Time
Feb 17, 9:30 India Time
Feb 24, 9:30am China Time

Register here!

UPDATE: A complete replay of the webinar is now available:

And a replay of other videos in this series is available here.

Here is the edited transcript from the session concluded earlier this week:

Question 67 JEE 6 is reducing in code, is that also offer higher performace compare to the previous one ? if yes, how many etter ? is there a sampe application that rebuit for comparison benchmark in speed ?
Answer 67 The code is certainly reduced, performance is really application dependent as there are no such requirements in the specifications. But typically application server vendors do provide better performance. Check your particular use case though. No such standard application exist for benchmarking.

Question 64 Thanks Arun. Good work. Looks like I need to explore "Web Profile" hands on :)
Answer 64 Please do and let us know your feedback.

Question 65 will we have this presentation for further reading?
Answer 65 Yes, will be made available in a "thank you" email post webinar.

Answer 66 Thank you very much for attending the session! The slides will be shared with you in a "thank you" email and a transcript of Q&A will be made available as well. Please stay engaged with us at OTN forums:

Question 63 Can we use CDI, Transaction management & Security on a non-JavaEE app? Like standalone apps?
Answer 63 CDI specification does not provide that capability but Weld (Reference Implementation of Weld) has some portable extensions that allow you to leverage that capability in non-Java EE, for example Java SE, environment.

Question 62 But doesn't the dev web profile lack JMS and full EJB features?
Answer 62 Right, but you can single server mode for full platform for development.

Question 61 Any plans to have a lighter weight dev profile for the full platform? It'd be nice to have something that strips out the unneeded management features, but keeps all the JEE features.
Answer 61 That's what is addressed by Developer Web Profile :-)

Question 58 Will there be less time between Java EE versions? My only concern is our big apps can't be migrated every year :-) Has Oracle a clear and public commitment to not break compatibility too early?
Answer 58 Java EE guarantees backwards compatibility but evolution of specs is important.

Question 60 Are there any customers who were "happily" able to move out of Spring to implement JEE6 : ) ?
Answer 60 Here is one sample:

Question 59 Superb presentation - thanks, Arun!
Answer 59 thanks a lot, glad you liked it.

Question 57 while weblogic may be more advanced, after having played with it for a whle, I find it considerably more difficult to use than OC4J
Answer 57 Please provide more feedback on our OTN forums:

Question 56 Thanks Arun, it was nice & worthfull presentation
Answer 56 Glad you liked it.

Question 55 is there support for Java EE 6 in JDeveloper?
Answer 55 Full Java EE 6 support for JDeveloper will be in 12, which is part of the FMW 12 release and currently scheduled as the next major release.

Question 54 Java EE6 annotation means configuration change implies more code changes = more build and deploye = more risk??
Answer 54 But quicker identification of errors because of lesser code.

Question 53 Can all of this question be bundled as zip after the session and downloaded by us ?
Answer 53 I'll post the entire transcript on

Question 51 Thanks nice presentation. So what's with the "Up next" videos from you tube: School Rumble, X-Men Evolution, and The Beatiful Life. Does this mean we need to get a life?
Answer 51 Hee hee ... having fun is important. Blame youtube for showing "Up Next" links :-)

Question 39 How do you manage transactions in restful webservices?
Answer 39 Here is an example of TX in RESTful web services:

Question 48 Hi Arun, I do not see any updates after question 35. Do you have any technical issues?
Answer 48 I've answered upto Question 47, still looking into answering your TX/REST question though.

Question 47 Are the Web Profiles part of the Standard JEE6 or only part of Weblogic Server?
Answer 47 Java EE 6 Web Profiles are standard defined by the Java EE 6 Expert Group and WebLogic Server will start supporting them later this year.

Question 21 Hi. We have a big enterprise app, J2EE 1.4, with lots of reads from Internet (Struts/JSP/JSTL), and huge updates from our intranet. We had to drop container-managed persistance because resource usage, used bean-managed instead. Which is the best path for migration to JEE 6? Any best practices or adv
Answer 21 J2EE 1.4 was many years ago, the spec and implementations have evolved a lot since then. I'd consider migrating to Java EE 6 using JPA 2/EclipseLink combination, or may be Coherence to better the performance.

Question 46 Where are the slides? I'm behind a firewall and can't see the Youtube video on the left.
Answer 46 It'll be communicated in "thanks for attending" email, please stay tuned.

Question 45 There is a slide that indicates that with JavaEE6 the amount of XML is reduced by 80 percent. But I guess that reduction is only on the amount of configuration XML that we are currently doing with JavaEE5 and that the savings in XML does not refer to XML being served by the applications.
Answer 45 If there is no XML in the application, then it is not served to the client :-) With annotations, no XML is generated on the fly.

Question 44 can more classes be added as needed to a web profile server?
Answer 44 Sure, as long as the basic web profile compliance is met.

Question 43 What are the options for developing workflows in EE6?
Answer 43 There are no JSRs as part of Java EE 6 that allows you to manage workflows today. But most of the vendors offer a product in that area.

Question 42 In a simple manner, how we can define advantages of JEE6?
Answer 42 Simpler to use, light-weight deployment, flexible, extensible.

Question 41 80ess XML, I guess you mean configuration XML, correct? Not XML transported say as part of web services.
Answer 41 Not sure I understand. Can you please restate ?

Question 40 On your Bean Validation slide you mention that validation is now shared among JSF and JPA. On your Email example it makes sense for JSF, but does that also mean that the email address is validated before being persisted by JPA?
Answer 40 yes, if that is the constraint specified then it'll be honored by both JSF & JPA. However JPA bean validation constraints can be managed using persistence.xml and you can even disable it if you prefer it that way.

Question 38 Is it xml descriptors lose thier visibility once annotations become standards?
Answer 38 XML descriptors override whatever is specified in annotations.

Question 36 Are Portlet API 2 (JSR 286) and WSRP 2 part of JEE 6 ?
Answer 36 Nope, they are not.

Question 31 The J2EE is compatible with the current OAF used in Oracle EBS R12? or I need development all the new requirements with J2EE and ADF?
Answer 31 Yes, it is. You still can use OAF. More details at:

Question 37 Arun, are there best practices for migration an enterprise app from J2EE 1.4 to JEE 6?
Answer 37 Java EE requires backwards compatible so your J2EE 1.4 apps would work seamless on a Java EE 6 compliant container. Then start taking migrating in a piecemeal manner, start with Servlets to begin with, then EJBs. Mostly the refactoring is about deleting the existing code :-)

Question 35 why the removal of dependency on xml based descriptors proposed
Answer 35 To simplify the code, less XML less code is more easily maintainable.

Question 34 How we register FacesServlet for JSF without using Web.xml in JEE6
Answer 34 For that you do need web.xml. However Servlet 3.0 compliant containers can automatically register FacesServlet (using Servlet dynamic registration APIs) for you by introspecting your WAR file and looking for any JSF 2 specific annotatins.

Question 33 Is supported a conversation scope in JEE6 Web profile?
Answer 33 @ConversationScope is a standard scope defined by CDI and is part of Java EE 6 web profile.

Question 32 I'm not following what Managed Beans do that EJBs don't -- you already mentioned EJBs have features around security that MBs don't. Why use MB?
Answer 32 Start small, and then scale when you need to . ManagedBeans are light-weight EJBs but you need to create your own interceptors for all the functionality. EJBs provide declarative security, TX, etc by just using an annotation. You can start with ManagedBeans to begin with and then migrate to EJB by changing @ManagedBean -> @Stateless.

Question 30 What are the best use cases for managed beans? are these container managed objects?
Answer 30 ManagedBeans are light-weight EJBs but you need to create your own interceptors for all the functionality. EJBs provide declarative security, TX, etc by just using an annotation. You can start with ManagedBeans to begin with and then migrate to EJB by changing @ManagedBean -> @Stateless.

Question 28 How does JSF configured in Java EE6?
Answer 28 JSF implementation is included as part of Java EE 6 so there is no explicit configuration required. You do need to register FacesServlet for rendering your .xhtml pages though.

Question 29 Is the Schedule annotation standard or does it work only for WLS?
Answer 29 @Schedule is a standard annotation and is part of EJB 3.1. It'll be supported by WebLogic Web Profile.

Question 26 Arun, can I download the presentation?
Answer 26 There will be links available after the webinar is over.

Question 27 Why do we need a EAR file if everything is packaged in WAR
Answer 27 You may need EAR for modular applications where you do have multiple beans.jar files and they need to be accessed from different Servlets etc.

Question 25 And what are suitable IDEs for JEE 6
Answer 25 NetBeans, Eclipse, and IntelliJ provide Java EE 6 development. NetBeans is by far the best one with all the wizards etc pretty robust. Eclipse is pretty good too and IntelliJ support is pretty basic.

Question 24 Will web.xml file will be still be used in J2EE deployment
Answer 24 It becomes optional for most of the common cases, but you can still use it if you prefer that way. web.xml anyway overrides the annotations in the class files.

Question 23 what are the supported application server for JEE 6
Answer 23 Today, GlassFish, TmaxSoft, and JBoss (Web Profile only). And WebLogic has some pieces of Java EE 6 (JPA, JSF, JAX-RS).

Question 22 Can I use managed beans to replace EJB's?
Answer 22 Yes, you can. But with managed beans, you'll have to write your own Interceptors for security, transactions etc though.

Question 20 Does web.xml descriptor file goes away altogether with JavaEE6?
Answer 20 web.xml becomes optional for most of the common cases. However you can still use it if you want to.

Question 19 i'm an professional without employment, so how can Oracle help me to get an Java certification?
Answer 19 Please look at for more details.

Question 15 where do we find the blog url?
Answer 15 Blog URL for WebLogic server is:

Question 12 Isnt GlassFish better equipped for JEE6 and Free? So for small to medium size applications, what is the argument for WebLogic?
Answer 12 If you need an open source Java EE 6 implementation today, then GlassFish is the answer. WebLogic provides a much tighter integration with Coherence, Database, provide extensive clustering etc.

Question 18 When will jDeveloper support Jave EE 6?
Answer 18 Full Java EE 6 support for JDeveloper will be in 12, which is part of the FMW 12 release and currently scheduled as the next major release.

Question 17 What about Jdeveloper is it as good as the Netbeans?
Answer 17 JDeveloper is good for ADF type applications with a tighter integration with your application stack. But if you are interested in Java EE 6, then NetBeans is your answer today.

Question 11 Can it be used for J2EE 6 development
Answer 11 JDeveloper cannot be used for Java EE 6 development today. Full Java EE 6 support for JDeveloper will be in 12, which is part of the FMW 12 release and currently scheduled as the next major release.

Question 14 Exist any relation between JEE 6 and OSGI ?
Answer 14 Nope, Java EE 6 define application programming model. OSGi defines modularity and class loading mechanism. There will be some alignment coming in Java EE 7 though.

Question 8 Where do I learn more about EL 2.2?
Answer 8 EL 2.2 spec ( is a good place to start. There are several documents available. You can also take a look at Java EE 5 tutorial:

Question 4 hi,i am a student in tunisia and i would like to know why oracle don't offer partnet student and free certification for student, i love very much java and sql but i can't be certified with high cotst that oracle impose?
Answer 4 Please provide your email id and I can follow up with the requisite folks here @ Oracle.

Question 5 Is there an associated lab for this session?
Answer 5 There are no labs available yet and we'll create ones as we get closer to the product release.

Question 7 How about Jdeveloper
Answer 7 JDeveloper does not support Java EE 6 development today. Full Java EE 6 support for JDeveloper will be in 12, which is part of the FMW 12 release and currently scheduled as the next major release.

Question 6 What are all the IDE's ready for Java EE 6 development?
Answer 6 NetBeans, Eclipse, and IntelliJ provide Java EE 6 development. NetBeans is by far the best one with all the wizards etc pretty robust. Eclipse is pretty good too and IntelliJ support is pretty basic.

Question 3 Is Java EE 6 fully supported by WLS 10.3.4?
Answer 3 WLS 10.3.4 has support for JSF 2.0, JPA 2.0, and JAX-RS 1.1. Full compliance with Java EE 6 (including Web Profile) is coming later this year.

Answer 1 Hello all, welcome to "Exploring Java EE 6 and WebLogic" and we are ready to accept your questions.

NOTE: This entry contains outdated information. Please refer to for more up-to-date releases.

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Thursday Nov 04, 2010

OTN Developer Days 2010, New York City Trip Report

OTN Developer Days kicked off this morning in the heart of New York City in the Millennium Broadway hotel. About 200 developers attended 20 sessions + hands-on labs divided in four tracks - Server, Desktop, Mobile, and Embedded. I think that was a pretty good turnout knowing that this was a weekday and kept raining all day.

I delivered 2 sessions + 3 hands-on labs (yes, back-to-back) in the Server track. There were about approximately 80 attendees through out the day in the Server track. It was tiring speaking for pretty much the entire day but totally enjoyed the super interactive audience. The attendees were not aware to bring their own laptops so most could not try hands-on lab on their own. This will be fixed for subsequent events by including a reminder in the registration email. As a consequence I converted the hands-on lab sessions to code walk through where I built the entire sample and explained the code in detail. After initial hiccups the three hands-on workshops went smoothly. The workshops covered some of the key Java EE 6 technologies by building mini applications and combination of technologies was:

  • EJB 3.1 + JAX-RS 1.1
  • JSF 2 + CDI 1.0
  • Servlets 3.0 + JPA 2

The slides from the two sessions are available below:

Here is some feedback from the audience on the delivered sessions + workshops:

Arun Gupta puts on a fine presentation. The man has been doing this for a while; and he knows the technology and related material quite well. Good Job Arun!

I thought Arun Gupta did an excellent job with his presentations. He was very prepared with his examples and was able to offer supplemental materials for the content.

Mr Arun Gupta is knowledgeable and thorough presenter. Pace of the presentation is good.

Excellent presentation with audience involvement.

Arun is obviously very knowledgeable. He gives good intro level of detail to understand concepts, and can answer detailed questions as well. Arun is well spoken and open for question of all types.

Demo were well done and the walk through were helpful especially since I did not bring a laptop.

Arun Gupta = Excellent and Knowledgeable

Excellent presentation, hats up!

Great seminar, great instructor! Exceeded my expectation by a lot!

For fun, one of the feedback was ...

Just do this kind of FREE seminars on WEEKEND.

As always there is always is room for improvement so I take that feedback close to my heart as well. Thank you everybody for attending the session and providing the feedback!

And as always, some pictures ...

And the complete photo album:

If you are interested in attending in one of these workshops, check out the locations of OTN Developer Days worldwide.

2 down (Cloud Expo and OTN Dev Days) and 5 more to go (Oredev, Rich Web Expo, DegIgnition, CEJUG, JavaOne Brazil) in the next 5 weeks.

Where will I see you ?

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Tuesday Oct 26, 2010

Java EE 6 & GlassFish at Cloud Computing Expo, OTN Developer Days, Oredev, Java EE 6 Workshops, JavaOne Brasil in next 2 months!

I'll be speaking on Java EE 6 & GlassFish at several events around the world in the next couple of months and here is a quick summary ...

Cloud Computing Expo Santa Clara, CA Nov 1-4 Taking your Java EE 6 Apps on the Cloud (2:25pm on 11/2) register now!
OTN Developer Days New York City, NY Nov 4 2 sessions + 3 Hands-on Lab (10am - 4:30pm), FREE, register now!
Oredev Malmo, Sweden Nov 8-12 Java EE 6 hands-on workshop (8:50am on Tuesday), JPA 2 session (5:40 on Wednesday), Run! (11:20am on Thursday), register now!
Java EE 6 & GlassFish Workshop Czech Republic Nov 22-23 Organized by Oracle University, register now!
Java EE 6 & GlassFish Workshop Hungary Nov 25-26 Organized by Oracle University, register now!
Devignition Reston, Virginia Dec 3 Java EE 6 & GlassFish 3 session (4:20pm), Panel (5:20pm), Organized by NovaJUG, register now!
CEJUG Fortaleza, Brazil Dec 4 Session, 8pm, registration page coming soon!
JavaOne Sao Paulo, Brazil Dec 7-9 Several sessions, hands-on labs, Technical General Session, JavaOne Brazil main page: English, Portuguese, Follow #javaonebrasil and @oracledobrasil.

Lots of travel over the next couple of months ... New York City, Sweden, Czech Repbulic, Hungary, Reston, Fortaleza (Brazil), Sao Paulo.

Looking forward to meet several of you. Where will I see/run with you ?

Technorati: conf oracltechnet otn devdays newyorkcity oredev malmo sweden javaone brazil

Saturday Sep 18, 2010

JavaOne 2010 is right here!

This is going to be my 12th JavaOne and first one not in Moscone :-) JavaOne is at a different location this year so is an interactive tool to help you navigate through Oracle Open World, JavaOne, and Oracle Develop.

GlassFish cheatsheet provides all the detail information about GlassFish's presence at JavaOne 2010. There are about 50 GlassFish-related sessions / BoFs / hands-on labs / panel this year so it's going to be exciting!

Where am I doing at JavaOne ...

  • Sunday - GlassFish Community Event @ Moscone South Room #252, (2:30 - 4:30pm)
  • Monday - Booth duty @ Java EE 6 booth @ Java DEMOGrounds (9:15 - Noon)
  • Monday - Java EE 6 & GlassFish video interview @ OTN lounge (2:30 - 3pm)
  • Monday - Java EE 6 & GlassFish demos at OTN party (Monday 7 - 9pm)
  • Tuesday - Hands-on lab on OSGi-enabled Java EE applications (S313522, Hilton, Plaza A)
  • Tuesday - Java EE 6 & GlassFish demo at the Technical General Session Keynote (Tuesday 2:30 - 4pm)
  • Wednesday - Contexts & Dependency Injection in the Java EE ecosystem (S313937, 10-11am, Hilton, Continental Parlor 1/2/3)
  • Wednesday - Booth duty @ GlassFish Open Source booth @ Java DEMOGrounds (2:15 - 4:45pm)

And I'm yet to prepare a list of sessions that I'd like to attend :-)

If you are using GlassFish in deployment, love the simplicity and ease-of-use of Java EE 6, use the cutting edge builds of GlassFish 3.1, or have a comment to make about GlassFish - track me down and I'll be happy to record a quick video session with you!

Parties to attend ...

  • Sunday - GlassFish party (7:30 - 9:30pm @ Thirsty Bear)
  • Monday - OTN Party (7:30 - 10:30pm @ Howard Street Tent)
  • Wednesday - OOW bloggers meetup (5:30pm @ Jillians)
  • Wednesday - Customer Appreciation Party (7:30pm - 12am @ Treasure Island)
  • Thursday - Its a Wrap (4pm @ Yerba Buena Gardens)

There are other dinners and cocktails planned which will be squeezed in between these parties :-) BTW, am I missing any good parties though ?

Keynotes to attend ...

  • Welcome keynote on Sunday by Larry Ellison & gang (Sunday 5:30 - 7:30pm)
  • OOW keynote on Monday by Mark Hurd & gang (8:00 - 9:45am)
  • JavaOne keynote on Monday by Thomas Kurian (5:45 - 7:15pm)
  • OOW keynote on Tuesday by Thomas Kurian (8:00 - 9:45am)
  • JavaOne General Session Technical Keynote on Tuesday (2:30 - 4pm)
  • OOW keynote on Wednesday by Larry Ellison (2:30 - 4:15pm)
  • JavaOne Keynote by Ray Kurzweil on Thursday (9 - 10:30am)

All these sessions will be streamed from OTN Live.

Keep using #glassfish, #javaee6, #javaone, #oow hashtags and you might get featured in the JavaOne technical session keynote :-)

We want your GlassFish related photos! - Do you have a picture with GlassFish tatoo, hat, tee-shirt, number plate, playing cards, or any other goodies from previous or this year's JavaOne ? Leave a comment on this blog or share them at @arungupta.

Check out JavaOne and Oracle Develop community - social networking and scheduling tool for JavaOne and Oracle Develop.

For San Francisco visitors, there are several things to do while you are in the city. If you are a runner, don't forget to run over the Golden Gate bridge or up the steep hills, they are really good!

Personally I'm looking forward to meet GlassFish team members from all over the world, our community members, @IanSkerrett, @richsharples, @mojavelinux, @emmanuelbernard, @whoiswen, @terrencebarr, @matkar, @brjavaman, @fabianenardon, @BertErtman, @ktukker, @myfear, @maltron, @harshadoak, @alexgorbachev, @javaclimber, @AdamBien, @doug_clarke, @SachaLabourey, @kohsukekawa, @vivekpandey, @ghrd, @johanvos, @aalmiray,  @vanriper,  @robilad,  @rsim, and many others ...

JavaOne baby, yeaaaah JavaOne, lets rock-n-roll and have some fun!

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