Saturday Sep 03, 2011

JCertif 2011 - The State of Java under Oracle, GlassFish 3.1, and Stickers

JCertif 2011 was kicked off this morning by Max Bonbhel - the fearless president of JUG-AFRICA, an umbrella JUG for the entire continent of Africa, and the founder of Congo JUG. There were about 200+ attendees in the room. With a single track, the speakers had attention of all the attendees. I gave a keynote on "The State of Java under Oracle" and a technical session on "GlassFish 3.1: Deploying your Java EE 6 Applications".

The conference is well organized and the event staff is very knowledgeable and willing to help. Its amazing to know how Max knows each and every detail and going an extra mile to make the speakers and attendees feel welcome. The keynote was well received and the audience was extremely interactive after the presentation, which is the fun part anyway. And I experienced a similar level of interaction after the GlassFish session as well. I also shared brand new GlassFish stickers with the audience and it turned out to quite a hit (check the pictures below and in the album).

The slides from the keynote are available:

And the slides from the GlassFish session are available below:

Here are some pictures from the trip so far:

And the evolving album at:

Now looking for my last session on OSGi-enabled Java EE Applications using GlassFish tomorrow. You can check out Oracle @ JCertif 2011 for the complete list of sessions delivered by Oracle!


Friday Jul 29, 2011

OSCONJ 2011 Trip Report

Rockstar speakers, solid content, spacious venue, several opportunities for networking, great wifi, a fancy bag for attendees, good food, warm breakfast for speakers, and several other items together is how I'd remember the inaugural OSCONJ. Its never easy to launch a new conference and be this successful. Yes, there were some gotchas (nothing major) but I'm totally impressed with how O'Reilly's multi-year experience showed up inaugurating this yet another Java conference.

OSCON which started as a Perl conference in 1997 has expanded its scope to include all open-source technologies in the early years and now talk about anything and pretty much everything open source. Perl,  Python, PHP, Java, MySQL, JavaScript, NoSQL, HTML5, Community Management, Open Data/Hardware, and polyglot JVM is a slight taste of the topics presented this time. About 3500 attendees were present for the main and sub-conferences, biggest so far.

OSCONJ was organized as a sub-conference of OSCON in its 13th running year. In 2005, the conference had a separate Ruby track where DHH talked about Extracting Rails from Basecamp and then RailsConf was promoted to be a full conference next year. Lets see how the OSCONJ shapes up in the years to come. I don't know the formal registration/attendee numbers for OSCONJ but personal observation through the keynote attendance and attendees in different Java tracks at different times suggests about 150-200.

I presented a session on "GlassFish Server 3.1: Deploying your Java EE 6 Applications" and the slides are available:

I also delivered a hands-on lab building a complete end-to-end Java EE 6 application using GlassFish and NetBeans. The instructions for the lab are also available at There were about 40 participants in the lab and most of them were actively engaged and could complete the lab successfully.

Watch some of the Oracle sessions in the following playlist:

I'll keep updating the playlist as more session recordings are made available.

Some other recordings worth watching are Java: The Good, Bad, and Ugly Parts by Joshua Bloch, Twitter: From Ruby on Rails to the JVM by Raffi Krikorian, Working Hard to Keep it Simple by Martin Odersky, The Future of Community by Jono Bacon, and several more at OSCON 2011 @ youtube.

Some of the highlights from "Twitter: From Ruby on Rails to the JVM" are:
  • Huge number of oncurrent connections: 200k/seconds
  • Lots of IO, Very few persistent objects
  • Patched Ruby, build a whole new Ruby GC, but looking for opportunities to join a bigger developer community and go in the direction where world is going on.
  • Biggest reason to move to Java is because of "real concurrency model".
  • Ops team give no grief because eventually we give them a JAR file, similar way to GC, monitor, analyse etc.
  • JVM gives something that Ruby does not: scatter-gather algorithm
  • Big part of the app is still in Ruby and working on migrating that to Java.
  • Will add lot more instrumentation in OpenJDK GC
  • Storage/Retrieval is all Java.
The London Java Community leaders also hosted a panel on "The Java Standards Annoyances". Patrick Curran, Jeff Genender, Dan Allen, David Blevins, Bruno Souza, Bob Lee and others participated in a healthy discussion. The key recommendations from the panel were:
  • Participate in JSR 348
  • For the EG leads, make your pages easy to use, issue tracker, downloads etc
  • Make a lot of noise, speak up and don't be afraid. Explain your usecase.

Here are some pictures from the event:

And the complete album:

Unfortunately, my camera's battery exhausted in on the third day so I could not take more pictures. But I can see myself going to this conference again next year, provided they accept my papers, because of the great efforts and meticulous details by Stephen Chin, Laurel Ruma, and O'Reilly :-)

Monday Jul 18, 2011

Oracle at OSCON Java 2011

Oracle is a gold sponsor of OSCON Java, the new kid on the conference block. A fertile ecosystem, polyglot programming, and a key language as part of the open source movement are some of the reasons quoted in Why OSCON Java ?. I'm personally waiting to attend a Java conference in Antartica :-)

Anyway, here is the list of sessions that will be presented by the Oracle speakers:

Monday, 7/25 9:10am Keynote by Steve Harris
Monday, 7/25
JDK7 in a Nutshell by Joe Darcy
Monday, 7/25
GlassFish 3.1: Deploying your Java EE 6 Applications by Arun Gupta
Monday, 7/25
The State of JDK and OpenJDK by Joe Darcy
Tuesday, 7/26
Keynote by Patrick Curran
Tuesday, 7/26
Coin in Action: Using New Java SE 7 Language Features in Code by Stuart Marks
Tuesday, 7/26
The JCP and the Future of Java by Patrick Curran and Bruno Souza
Tuesday, 7/26
OpenJDK - When and How To Contribute To the Java SE Reference Implementation by Dalibor Topic
Wednesday, 7/27
Learning Nuts & Bolts of Java EE 6 in a Code Intensive Tutorial by Arun Gupta

And there are several other sessions that I'd like to attend.

Check out:
Of course, you can catch any of us in the hallway, booths, parties, exhibitor hall or any where else.

Anybody interested in running together ? Any suggestions for good running trails in the neighborhood ?

Thursday May 19, 2011

"Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1: Administration and Deployment" - NEW course from Oracle University

Are you using (or plan to use) GlassFish 3.1 in deployment and would like to learn all the nitty gritty details of administration and deployment ?

Oracle University has announced a new course on Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1: Administration and Deployment. This course will be taught by an instructor in a classic class-room fashion. In this extensive 4-day course, you'll learn how to:

  1. Install, configure, update, and uninstall GlassFish Server 3.1
  2. Configure, start, stop, and monitor nodes, instances, and clusters
  3. Deploy, redeploy, undeploy applications
  4. Create, configure, and tune JDBC access to databases
  5. Configure and demonstrate session persistence to memory and to Coherence Active Cache
  6. Configure JMS Message Queues
The coordinates are:

Date: 21-Jun-2011
Duration: 4 days
Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: Denver, CO
Register here!

More details about the exact Table of Contents are available here.

A virtual course is also a possibility and you can check the complete schedule and availability here.

What are you waiting for ? Register today!

Tuesday May 17, 2011

Oracle GlassFish Server Control - What's in it for you ?

One of the main advantages of Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1, the commercial version, over the GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.1 is the GlassFish Server Control. It is a suite of features that improves performance, enables fine-grained monitoring, and enables more secure and highly available production deployments.

The picture below shows all six of them and a description follows:

DAS Backup & Recovery: A disaster recovery solution that allows you to back up an existing domain in an archive and recover in case of a disaster. Oracle GlassFish Server can backup a running DAS on pre-defined and custom schedules, and on-demand as well. A DAS can then be quickly restored on a new host by importing one of the stored backups. The commands like "backup-domain", "restore-domain", "list-backups" give you the full power scheduling timestamped backups and storing them directories away from the domain directory. Read more details here.

Performance Tuner (online help only): Analyse the underlying infrastructure and tunes the GlassFish runtime for optimal throughput & scalabilty. Using answers to a series of user-friendly questions like “How much time does your application spend in the database?”, Performance Tuner will recommend Java Virtual Machine and Oracle GlassFish Server configuration settings. All settings can be applied with a single button press, and instructions are also given on how to apply each setting individually. Read more details here.

Monitoring Scripting Client: Allows to introspect the runtime using JavaScript and create your own dashboard. Oracle GlassFish Server has been instrumented with fine-grained probes that have no performance impact when disabled and, designed with production deployments in mind, minimal overhead when enabled. With the Monitoring Scripting Client,
users can write brief JavaScript scripts that enable specific probes and track when they are fired and in what context.

See it live in action in the following video:

Coherence Active Cache: New feature that enables integration with Oracle Coherence. Active Cache for GlassFish enables Oracle Coherence*Web as a drop-in replacement for in-memory HTTP session state replication. This enables more
flexible session caching algorithms, and can offload session caching to its own logical tier, freeing application server resources to perform business logic.

Check out a recent video that shows the complete action:

Oracle Access Manager Integration: Delegate authorization & authentication to OAM. Oracle GlassFish Server includes a security provider, implemented as a JSR 196 Server Authentication Module, that allows applications to authenticate and obtain single sign-on functionality by authenticating against Oracle Access Manager. Read more details here.

Load Balancer Plugin & Installer: GlassFish Server is designed for production deployments and includes high availability for continuous availability in case of a GlassFish Server instance failure. To facilitate smart instance failover, the load balancer plug-in, available for popular web servers, detects instance failure and redirects traffic directly to the instance hosting the backup session. The installer simplifies plug-in installation and configuration through a graphical user interface, and can be run in “silent” mode to automate configuration across a web server farm.

Watch all the action in this space in this multi-part video:

Download Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1 now and take any/all of the above features for a test drive!

Read more details about Oracle GlassFish Server Control in the datasheet (PDF).

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Friday May 13, 2011

JavaOne India 2011 Trip Report: Slides, Pics, Bollywood, Lufthansa A380

JavaOne India, the first time in India, got over earlier this week and was full of passion. The official attendance numbers are not available but there the approximate attendance was about 3k. There were usual sessions on Java SE, Java EE, and Java ME and then several sessions by the local community and partners. General session and technical keynotes, hallway conversations (multiple of them), plenty of networking space, 7 (yes seven) speaker rooms, booths, entertainment in OTN night, gourmet hot lunch, excellent walnut-loaded brownies, vanilla ice cream, Paradise biryani, good fitness center in the hotel, and most of all engaging with the attendees was a great recipe for a successful conference.

There were several sessions delivered on Java EE/GlassFish:

  • Java EE Technical Keynote
  • The Java EE 6 Programming Model Explained: How to Write Better Applications
  • Complete Tools Coverage for the Java EE 6 Platform
  • GlassFish 3.1: Fully-clustered Java EE 6
  • Java Persistence API 2.0: An Overview
  • Servlet 3.0 extensible, asynchronous and easy to use
  • Hyperproductive JavaServer Faces 2.0
  • What's New in Enterprise JavaBean Technology
  • Creating RESTful Web services using JAX-RS
  • Using Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) in the Java EE 6 Ecosystem
  • Dealing with Asynchronicity in Java Technology-Based Web Services
  • Beginning with the Java EE 6 Platform HOL
  • Embedded APIs for GlassFish Server Open Source Edition
  • Running your Java EE 6 applications in the Cloud

The Java EE 6 hands-on lab was well received with a lots of interactive discussions. Most of the Java EE sessions were in a room of approx 800+ and most of them were packed.

Some of the slides are available in the playlist below:

More will be added in this playlist as they are made available.

Twitter always provide instant feedback for the presentations and it was no different here as well. Here are some tweets for the sessions that I delivered:

@mohdabdurraafay Seriously! @arungupta ROCKS!!!! #JavaOne

@tr0ubl3r @arungupta Thanks for the really good sessions at #javaone. Hope to see you at #rubyconfindia 2011 this year too.

@tusharvjoshi Great 2 days at #javaone #hyderabad, learned from @indrajitr @arungupta , met @rajmahendra @mohdabdurraafay and much more. 2011

@tr0ubl3r Yet another good presentation by @arungupta on JSF 2 at #javaone

@yasirimteyaz #onStage @arungupta delivering #Servlet3.0 session, packed w/ latest features & loads of useful info. #JavaOne

@mohdabdurraafay Hall 6. JavaEE. @arungupta. GlassFish. Awesomeness. #JavaOne

@yasirimteyaz @arungupta The keynote session was very interesting & useful! Glad to be @ #JavaOne.! (attending first time) ☺

@govindars @arungupta Great presentation on java e e 6 at #javaone

And some more ...

@ksrvamsee looking forward to javafx2.0, had wonderful sessions in #javaone

@kishoremvr #javaone is really a great place to meet great developers..

@yasirimteyaz #JavaOne == 2 days full of learnings. Amazing sessions by great speakers. +1

@RajatAru Can foresee great future #Java. Many Thanks to #oracle for such a great conference. Count me in for #JavaOne 2012.

@priya1203 Had an awesome time for the last two days at #Javaone #Hyderabad. Lot of new things to take back home. Kudos to #Oracle :))))

@rruchikaw #JavaOne winds up for 2011. Great learning, Great sessions by great speakers. Very Well hosted. Thanks #Oracle

@jigyasaarora88 Had a memorable experience at #JavaOne & #Oracle Develop conference 2011. Would love to come back next year as well. Thanks #Oracle

The OTN night featured some local artists and was quite a hit with the attendees. There were several replays of the popular Bollywood numbers like "my name is Sheila" and "munni badnam huyee". Several colleagues enjoyed dancing with the attendees as well. Here are some pics from the OTN night:

In case you are interested, check out "my name is sheila" in its original form:

Check out some more pictures from the event:

On a personal front, any trip to Hyderabad is incomplete without eating biryani and so we did enjoy couple of dinners at Paradise Biryani. I also get to ride the Superjumbo (a.k.a. Airbus 380) on my return journey. Lufthansa started flying this "big bird" to San Francisco 2 days back only and it was a nice experience overall. With 8 first class and 98 business class on the second floor and 420 economy on the lower deck, it definitely was a big plane and the boarding was a cruise-like experience. Here is some initial feedback ...


  • Very quiet take off
  • Sufficient restrooms for a plane of that size
  • Flight crew was very efficient and more friendly than usual
  • Touch-screen entertainment worked very well

Not so good

  • In-seat power was not easy to find although the seatmap shows it. I didn't try looking hard because wanted to catch up sleep/movies.
  • Bumpy landing (probably because of the pilot ;-)
  • No extra movies above & beyond 747
  • Ethernet cable is not functional yet.

Check out some pictures of the plane ...

There is a bar on the upper deck (nice!) and would like to try out the other niceties so I've already ordered a SWU certificate to be applied for my next Lufthansa flight (coming in 2 weeks and more about that later)!.

And finally the complete album:

And while you are reading about JavaOne, don't forget that JavaOne San Francisco (Oct 2-6) Call for Papers ends on May 23rd. Don't forget to submit a paper to this premier Java conference!

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Sunday May 08, 2011

Welcome to - the new "Miles to go..."!

One of the last pieces of identity coming from Sun is now fully submerged in Oracle and I'm excited about that!

After over 1200 blog entries at for over 5 years, this is my first post at This new blog will continue to be my primary blog going forward and I heartily welcome you here. Your suggestions and over 4400 comments is what makes this blog worthwhile so keep them coming. The redirects from -> should be automatically working, leave a comment if you see something broken though.

Just to set the expectations on what to expect on this blog, here is a tag cloud from the previous blog:

And I expect this to be the trend going forward as well. As always, your suggestions and comments are valuable to me and I respond to each one of them carefully so please keep them coming.

And just for memory sake, here is a snapshot of the now erstwhile :-)

Now ... on to!

There are still a tons of cities to visit ...
Plenty of developers to spread the fever ...
Loads of conferences to speak ...
And miles to go before I sleep.

JavaOne India starts tomorrow ... are you gonna be there ?

Technorati: milestogo blog oracle sun

Wednesday Apr 27, 2011

JavaOne San Francisco 2011, Oct 2-6, The Zone

When ? Oct 2-6, 2011

Where ? "The Zone" at San Francisco (On O'Farrell between Taylor and Mason, in the hotels Hilton San Francisco The Union Square, Hotel Nikko, and Parc 55)

View The Zone - JavaOne Conference Location in a larger map

What has improved since last time ?

  • Same week as Oracle Open World but run as a separate and stand-alone conference
  • All JavaOne related talks/events in "The Zone"
  • Larger session rooms and increased exhibitor space
  • More technical sessions, BoFs, hands-on labs
  • Additional networking area and meeting space
  • More maps, signage, and onsite staff to answer questions
  • Direct involvement from community for planning/steering the event
  • Popular sessions will be repeated through out the week

Here are some key links for you:

And in the meanwhile, I'll see you at JavaOne India next month. Or you can also enjoy pictures from the JavaOne 2010!

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Sunday Mar 06, 2011

Oracle at Eclipse Con 2011: OSGi-enabled Java EE Applications using GlassFish Tutorial and Other Sessions

Oracle is a gold sponsor at Eclipse Con 2011.

Sahoo and I will give a 2-hours tutorial on Developing OSGi-enabled Java EE Applications using GlassFish (session #1987). We'll walk you through building OSGi bundles and show how they can leverage benefits of Java EE programming model using Eclipse and GlassFish.

Date ? : Mar 23, Wednesday
Time ? : 2 hours starting at 3:50 pm
Where ? : Stevens Creek

Please download the following software in order to maximize your participation in the tutorial:

  • JDK 1.6 U20+
  • Eclipse Helios for Java EE Bundle
  • Install “m2eclipse” plugin and “m2eclipse extension” plugins from “”. Complete installation instructions are available here.
  • Download GlassFish 3.1 Open Source Edition, unzip the bundle, include “glassfish3/bin” in the PATH.
  • Download Maven 2.2.1 and unzip. Configure Maven 2.2.1 in Eclipse - In “Eclipse”, “Preferences...” menu, search for
    “maven”, select “Installations”, click on “Add...”, and select the location of unzipped Maven 2.2.1 directory.

Here are some other pointers for the over all conference ...

There is also an Android/iPhone app for Eclipse Con and a plenty of receptions to attend :-)

See the complete list of sessions, panels, and tutorials from Oracle here.

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Friday Jan 28, 2011

Oracle User Group Leaders Summit 2011 Report

Oracle head quarters was honored to host one of the most active and involved customers earlier this week at the annual User Group Leaders Summit. Other than the usual suspects like IOUG, OAUG, ODTUG and many others, the new additions were Java User Groups, MySQL User Groups, and Primavera SIG. There were about 150 leaders (> 50% increase from 2010) and > 30% of the attendees were from outside the USA. There were 54 sessions delivered sharing our campaigns, products, and services. There were even 12 unconference sessions allowing the attendees to engage in a more informal manner.

Several JUG leaders from around the world represented the Java community: Stephan Jansen (BeJUG), Bruno Souza (SouJava), Kevin Nilson (Silicon Valley Web JUG), Van Riper (Silicon Valley Web JUG), John Yeary (Green JUG), Daniel deOliveira (DFJUG), JP Petines (JEDI), Bert Breeman (NLUG), Max Bonbhel (Congo JUG), Dan Cline (Chicago JUG), Ranganath (Bangalore JUG), Stephen Chin (JavaFX UG), Frank Greco (NYC Java SIG), Dario Laverde (NYC JUG).

I attended sessions in the Java track and gave a presentation on "Whats Cool in Java EE 6" and the slides are available:

The slides from rest of the sessions are already posted at

There were several sessions in the Java track providing updates on roadmap on different Java technologies. There were several sessions dedicated to hearing feedback from the JUG leaders on whats working and not. Then there was an open session where Steve Harris, Mark Reinhold, Ted Farrell, and Ajay Patel answered open ended questions to the audience. Here are couple of samplers ...

Steve Harris - If Java is not successful, we'll fail! JCP is the best vehicle we've to discuss the future of Java. It has the ability to self-heal and has done so multiple times over the past.

Audience: Why didn't Oracle shutdown GlassFish ?
Steve Harris: Its the RI, Pieces of WLS that are part of RI but not the RI.
The developer community of 10million downloads is very dear to Oracle.
The agility allows to make faster changes. WLS has heavy-duty integration stuff.
Its great technology, team, and investment on their part.
It'll be a bad bad mistake to kill GlassFish.

Henrik on why Oracle will strive to make sure Java is successful: There are 20k developers working on Java inside Oracle, can't mess with Java.

The response from the twittersphere (#iouc) was positive and here are some sample tweets:

  • @debralillley Great #IOUC so far, lots #ukoug stuff done yesterday now main summit starts, lots of usergroup leaders here, you can smell the passion #fb
  • @BambiPrice @odtug Oracle welcoming MySQL leaders to the #IOUC summit
  • @Mike_ODTUG Great to hear all of the exciting things all of the user groups accomplished last year. Congrats to all! #IOUC #ODTUG
  • @stenvesterli Ronan Miles @UKOUG__Chair from #UKOUG receiving Lifetime Award from Judith Sim at #IOUC. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • @Stephan007 Oracle nominates SouJava to the JCP Executive Committee. #IOUC
  • @BertBreeman Unconference during #IOUC-Summit new experience for a lot of people; JUG-leaders has more and more influence in this Summit; everybody happy
  • @congojug #IOUC Collaborating with Oracle in the #JUG Communities at #Oracle Headquarters #CongoJUG
  • @BertBreeman Good discussion during #IOUC: JavaOne vs OpenWorld. Oracle is listening to us. JavaOne separated from OpenWorld. JavaOne will be reanimated!
  • @BertBreeman JavaOne discussion during #IOUC: JavaOne probably going back to his original timezone: during Spring. JavaOne: the place to be again!
  • @johnyeary Finished the #IOUC #JUG leader summit earlier today. It was a successful event in my opinion. I walked away with a lot of good ideas.

Oralce nominated SOUJava to a seat in the JCP Executive Committee. The special elections are coming soon and we hope the members will vote to elect Bruno Souza to the JCP. Many congratulations to SOUJava and Bruno for the nomination!

Here are some pictures from the event ...

And the complete album below:

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