Thursday Oct 17, 2013

So long Oracle ...

... and thanks for all the fish!

This Friday (October 18, 2013) is my last day at Oracle.

  • Publishing almost 1400 blog entries with 5500+ comments on them
  • Working in the Java EE team since inception
  • Visiting 35+ countries and several cities around the world
  • Speaking at all major Java conferences and lots of Java User Groups
  • 15-year alumni of JavaOne as staff
  • Meeting and working with best of the best in the Java community
  • Most importantly having lots of fun

Its time for me to move on!

No new blog entries will be posted on this blog.

Feel free to subscribe to The Aquarium for latest updates on Java EE and GlassFish.

I'll continue to publish all the excellent content that you've been used to at now onwards. Read my new blog to learn about my new adventures!

Here are some of the conference badges collected over the past years ...

And the cities visited ...

View Cities Visited by "Miles To Go..." in a larger map

The comments on this blog are disabled as I'll not be able to respond to them. Feel free to leave comments on the new blog and I'd love to follow up with you there.

Thank you very much for all the support that has been shown on this blog.

I'd like to conclude with a Hindi song that I've been humming for the past few days now ...

Abhi alvida mat kaho doston ...
Na jaane kahan phir mulaqaat ho ...
Kyonki ...
Beete huye lamhon ki kasak saath to hogi ...
Khawabon mein hi ho chahe mulaqaat to hogi ...

For my non-Hindi readers, here is my paraphrased meaning ...

Don't say goodbye yet my friends ...
We'll likely meet somewhere else ...
Because ...
We'll always have the memories of the wonderful time spent together ...
May be in dreams but we will meet again ...

With that, over and out, and see you at!

Friday Sep 28, 2012

JavaOne and Oracle Open World Community Run - Monday, Oct 1, 6:17am PT

Following the tradition from last year, inviting all JavaOne and Oracle Open World attendees to run with me in one of the 10 best cities to run in the US.

The running route will start at Ferry Plaza on Embarcadero, go through Fisherman's Wharf, straight up Hyde St, couple of loops around Crooked Street and then back the same route to end at Ferry Plaza. Here is the complete clickable map:

The Hyde Street (~300ft in 0.75 miles) and Lombard (~200 ft in 0.15 mile) are challenging elevations and you may cover them once only. Alternatively you may take a simpler route out-and-back by running further up to Marina and Crissy Field.

When ? Monday, Oct 1, 2012

I plan to leave at 6:17am PT from the starting point and certainly hope you can join me.

Oracle is doing several things to keep Oracle Open World and JavaOne sustainable and reduce the conference footprint. Lets do our share to keep the conference green!

Of course, don't forget the Geek Bike Ride is tomorrow.

Sunday May 06, 2012

JavaOne and Oracle Develop India 2012 Trip Report

JavaOne and Oracle Develop India 2012 concluded earlier this week. About 2000 attendees for JavaOne makes it the biggest Java developer conference in South Asia. The conference showed Oracle's continued commitment to move Java forward and demonstrated progress on different fronts.

Several attendees told me that they liked Java EE related sessions and how it demonstrated how the platform is making progress. The automatic service provisioning feature was particularly well appreciated. The complete instructions to download the Conference Planner sample showing some PaaS capabilities of the platform is available at And the video that explains the PaaSing a Java EE application is shown below.

I had several speaking engagements at the conference including Technical Keynote, Meet The Experts, 2 Hands-on Labs, and 2 Technical Sessions.

I helped mentor a hands-on lab that explained how to Develop/Deploy/Monitor a Java EE 6 Application in a GlassFish Cluster. The room was packed with 120 attendees and several folks made good progress by following the instructions in the document. The complete self-paced lab instructions can be downloaded here and the source code here. The lab explains how to create a 2-instance cluster, front-end the cluster with a load balancer, verify that session replication works, and then monitor the application using JavaScript.

The session on GlassFish REST Administration Backend explained the internals of how GlassFish exposes a RESTful API for administration, monitoring, and management. But other than learning internals, the emphasis was more on how to build a large-scale RESTful application. The tips and tricks part of the presentation shared the lessons learned during our exercise of publishing this API. The slides are available:

Do you know the RESTful management API is at localhost:4848/management/domain and the monitoring API is localhost:4848/monitoring/domain. And did you know that you can append ".xml" or ".json" to the RESTful URIs and the data is displayed in the requested format ?

The evening concluded with a dinner with several JUG leaders and Java Champions from all around the world. There was Kevin Nilson from the Silicon Valley JUG, Vinicius and Yara Senger from the SouJava, Stephen Chin from the Java FX User Group, Raj Mahendra from the JUG Chennai, Kayal from JDuchess Chennai, Murali Vallath from AIOUG and several other luminaries. However its still surprisingly shocking that in a country of 1.2 billion+ people, there are only 4 active JUGs - Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, and Nagpur. And then Hyderabad JUG was created at JavaOne India. I plan to write a detailed blog on what it takes to start a JUG any where and hopefully that will motivate some individuals to start more JUGs around the world. Anyway, here are some pictures from the dinner:

Day 2 for me started with Meet The Experts session with Dalibor Topic, Terrence Barr, Michael Heinrichs, and Markus Hirt. The 9am session started low on attendance but the 250+ capacity room was packed within 15 minutes. And the questions ranged from merged JVMs, comparison between HTML5 and JavaFX, NoSQL support in Java EE, JavaFX on mobile, features in JDK 8/9/10, Project Avatar, and all over the Java landscape. The engaged audience kept asking questions all the way to the end.

Then I delivered a session on WebLogic 12c: Developer Deep Dive at Oracle Develop. This session gave an overview of some of the new features that are available in Oracle WebLogic Server 12c such as zip installer (TOTD #174), simplified programming model with Java EE 6, new Maven goals, and extensive IDE support. The slides are available.

A comprehensive Java EE 6 application was explained with a code walk-through and deployed on WebLogic server using NetBeans. TOTD #176 explains how you can deploy this application on WebLogic as well. There are several blogs that explain new Maven support in WebLogic and I've already prepared a blog draft (to be published soon) explaining the same using the TOTD format. There were some cases of Websphere -> WebLogic migration and that is always welcome!

The final session of the day for me was the Java EE 6 Application Development using NetBeans and WebLogic hands-on lab at Oracle Develop. This self-paced guided the attendees to build a complete end-to-end application using different Java EE 6 technologies such as JavaServer Faces 2, Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1, Java Persistence API 2, and Contexts & Dependency Injection. The self-paced lab instructions are available here. I was told that with about 75 attendees this was the most heavily attended lab of Oracle Develop.

The evening concluded with the GlassFish & Friends Party. We've conducted this party at the premier JavaOne event for the past 5 years and this is the first time we've taken it to a regional event. There were about 110+ JavaOne attendees who were present at the party and had some great conversations. Several folks told me that they enjoyed the party and are already looking forward to it next year. The Nagpur JUG had the biggest presence at the party and they are a charged up bunch of folks. I really wish other cities have similar amount of passion and energy as well. Here are some pictures from the party:

On a personal side, the fitness center of Novotel Hotel is pretty good and this allowed me to continue following the Spartacus Workout. A visit to Hyderabad must include a trip to Paradise Biryani and so managed to sneak in that after the GlassFish party. The OTN welcome party was a good way to decompress at the end of Day 1 and got the attendees dancing to the latest bollywood flicks by Vasundhara Das. Here are some pictures from the dance party:

Here are some more pictures captured from the event:

And now the complete album:

Many thanks to the Novotel Hotel and HICC staff, competent technical crew, events team running around for logistics, attendees, local and international speakers, and everybody else. A good conference is a blend of all of these together and JavaOne India certainly had a good mix.

For me, the next stops are Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Johannesburg ...

Friday Dec 09, 2011

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c - Now Available, With Zip Installer! (TOTD #173)

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c is now available for download!

What are the main themes of this new release ?
  • Java EE 6 and Developer Productivity
  • Simplified Deployment and Management with Virtualization
  • Integrated Traffic Management
  • Enhanced Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Much Higher Performance
  • Seamless Upgrade
Go get your zip installer now ...

Get a quick preview of the key features in this interview with Mike Lehmann at Oracle Open World/JavaOne Latin America 2011:

Also check out the following useful links:
  1. Replay from online launch event + developer deep dive
  2. Online Documentation
  3. WebLogic Server Data Sheet
All the information is available from!

Tuesday Nov 22, 2011

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Launch Event - Dec 1, 2011, 10am PT

Calling all IT managers, architects, and developers, to find out how the new release of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c is:
  • Designed to help you seamlessly move into the public or private cloud with an open, standards-based platform
  • Built to drive higher value for your current infrastructure and significantly reduce development time and cost
  • Optimized to run your solutions for Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE); Oracle Fusion Middleware; and Oracle Fusion
  • Enhanced with transformational platforms and technologies such as Java EE 6, Oracle’s Active GridLink for RAC, Oracle Traffic Director, and Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder
When ? Dec 1, 2011, 10am - 12pm PT
Where ? Register online!

Here are some other links for you to follow:
Almost ready to unwrap the ribbons, pop open the cork, at the start line ... or whatever fits your analogy :-)

And in case you are wondering ... here is a snapshot of WebLogic 12c administration console:

Thursday Oct 20, 2011

Oracle Public Cloud - Java, Database, Social Network, Fusion CRM, Fusion HCM

The Oracle Public Cloud is a suite of Oracle Applications, Middleware and Database offerings delivered in a self-service, subscription-based, elastically scalable, reliable, highly available and secure manner. Oracle provides hosting, management, software updates, and world-class support for these offerings.

The Oracle Public Cloud includes the following services:
Why Oracle Public Cloud is a better offering than others ?
  • It can be used for enterprise business applications because of the complete (applications, database, middleware), open (based on standards), and flexible (cloud and on-premise deployment with the ability to move applications back-and-forth)
  • Applications are fully integrated and ready to use
  • New applications can be built using standards like Java EE and SQL without locking you into a framework
  • Based upon Exalogic and Exadata offering superior reliability, peformance, and elastic capacity
Read more details at Why Oracle ?.

Watch an interesting set of short introductory videos recorded on some of the services. The first one is an introduction on Oracle Public Cloud:

The next one explains the Oracle Java Cloud Service:

Read more about the Java Service at Reza's blog. See a live demo of the Java Service below:

Then the Oracle Database Cloud Service:

And finally the Oracle Social Network Cloud Service:

Read more details about Oracle Social Network Service. How do you get started ?
Here are some more links for you:
The service will be offered from the US-based data centers and then expanding to EMEA and APAC based upon demand.

Friday Oct 07, 2011

Hands-on Lab, Oracle Appreciation Party, and Community Keynote @ JavaOne 2011

Here are some tweets seen on #javaone11 ...

Not only thrill + thunder, but also fun is back! #javaone11
Big thanx to Oracle for this really nice conference...really enjoyed it... #javaone11
JavaOne ended for me at breakfast this morning. Now we're heading home. Great to be a part of such a successful show this year! #javaone11
#FF to all my fellow dev ghat attended #javaone11. Really happy to be part of such a great community.
Good nigth San Francisco, I had a great week at #javaone11 very productive and motivating. Will I ever be back
Sitting at SFO waiting for my plane back. What an amazing #javaone11 lies behind us. Thanks to everybody who made it happen.
Thanks @Sharat_Chander for an excellent #javaone11. Looking forward to many more to come.
#JavaOne11 is a wrap! Great conference and thanks @Oracle for listening to the community for improvements.
last session at #javaone11 #javaone. it was most productive week in this year for me as developer
It would be a great achievement in my dev life if I come back to #javaone11 as a speaker.

Thank you very much to the community for moving Java forward!

Enjoy some pictures from the last two days ...

And the complete album now:

Wednesday Oct 05, 2011

JavaOne OnSite: Java EE and GlassFish - Video interview by OTN

Watch a short interview with OTN on Java EE and GlassFish, right after the JavaOne 2011 Technical Keynote ...

The complete set of JavaOne OnSite interviews are available here on the "JavaOne OnSite" tab.

What do you think about JavaOne this year ?

Tuesday Oct 04, 2011

DEMOGrounds, JBoss Party, GlassFish BoF, and Java Champions/JUG Leaders Dinner @ JavaOne 2011

Here are some tweets seen on #javaone11 today ...

#JAVAONE11 day one was great! Preparing for day two. Very curious about the contents of the strategy keynote, which starts in about an hour!
IBM, Red Hat, and Intel folks now on stage #javaone11 > "we're competitors but Java requires collaboration for comparability"
Head is spinning right now. Java on iOS. Twitter in the JCP. Wow.
Looks like #JavaOne11 is rocking this year. Wish I was there, but am sure my wife is having a great time.
Another great #javaone11 day is coming to an end. See you tomorrow in my 2.5 talks - or a hallway conversation. Enjoy J1!
So sad more than half of the javaone is already over #javaone11
Ready for the last BOF at #Javaone11 Too bad they don't continue tomorrow.
Just heard a #javaone11 attendee say the conference this year is the woodstock for #java developers. wOOt wOOt

Over all much more positive vibes all across.

Enjoy some pictures from earlier today ...

And now some pictures from the Java Champions and JUG Leaders dinner ...

And the evolving album so far ...

Wednesday Sep 21, 2011

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2011 - Pick your sessions

Even though JavaOne 2011 is in full swing right now, but immediately following is the Silicon Valley Code Camp. This camp is:

  • given by/for the developer community
  • always free
  • never occur during work hours

200+ sessions in 9 time slots over 2 days (October 8th and 9th) in the beautiful campus of Foothill College. Who would not like to attend this free event ?

Oracle speakers are giving several sessions:

  • Deploy and Monitor your Java EE 6 session in a fully-clustered GlassFish (9:45am, Saturday)
  • The Java EE 7 Platform: Developing for the Cloud (11:15am, Saturday)
  • Getting Started with .NET and Oracle Database (11:15am, Saturday)
  • Oracle and .NET: Best Practices for Performance and Deployment (1:45pm, Saturday)
  • Entity Framework, LINQ, and WCF Data Services for Oracle Database (3:30pm, Saturday)
  • Introduction to Database Design with Entity Relationship (ER) Diagrams (9:15am, Sunday)
  • An engineer’s introduction to in-memory data grid development (9:15am, Sunday)
  • In-memory session replication with WebLogic and GlassFish, Coherence (10:45am, Sunday)
  • High-Performance SQL Applications Using In-Memory Database Technology (10:45am, Sunday)

The code camp has shown a constant growth in the number of sessions, registered, and attended as evident from these statistics given below (originally presented in the 2010 Trip Report):

I'm certainly looking forward to my 5th speaking engagement. With 1880+ registrations so far the numbers are set to blow out of the roof this year :-)

Some pointers for you ...

See ya there!


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