Tuesday Apr 17, 2012

JavaOne Moscow/Russia Trip Report

JavaOne Moscow/Russia was kick started this morning and followed the usual pattern of a strategy keynote providing an overall strategy of the Java platform, technical keynotes providing more detailed overview of Java SE, JavaFX, Java ME, and Java EE, and then there were hands-on labs and sessions. The big keynote theater was packed with 1300+ audience in the morning and then scattered to different rooms.

The "Develop, Deploy, and Monitor a Java E 6 Application on GlassFish" hands-on lab had about 40+ attendees. The network was a little slow and so it took a long time to download the maven repository. However as I was explaining the Java EE 6 applications, folks started drawing analogies with Spring and realizing how much simpler Java EE 6 has become from its predecessors. An existing Spring user pointed out that "Java EE 6 is much simpler than Spring because of the default conventions and require minimal configuration". Read a more engaged discussion on Why Java EE 6 is better than Spring.

Anyway, the content for the hands-on lab can be downloaded from here. It explains:
  • Walk through a Java EE 6 application
  • Create a 2-instance GlassFish cluster and front-end with a Web server and a load balancer
  • Show session replication when one of the instances fail
  • Use extensible monitoring infrastructure to generate application-specific monitoring data

I also delivered the Java EE Technical Keynote which gave an update on Java EE 7. It also showed a demo of how GlassFish automatically provisions service as part of the initial work in Java EE 7. The complete demo instructions, along with a video are available at glassfish.org/javaone2011.

Here are some pictures captured from the day:

Do you know the man in the last picture on right column ?

You probably will not see him in person. But he is the man who maintains the master JavaOne schedule, besides many other tasks. Its not an easy job as you can imagine :-)

Many thanks to Ralph Crawford for doing an outstanding job for all these years!

And now the complete album:

JavaOne Russia continues tomorrow so make sure you attend the sessions, talk with the speakers, and make the best use of this premier conference in your neighborhood.

For me, next stop is Great Indian Developer Summit!

Monday Apr 16, 2012

Running by Moscow River

JavaOne Russia is starting tomorrow! I got in the city early this morning, slept a little but got up early because of jet lag.

New country, new city and how do you get familiar ? Run!

Running would you take you places that you would generally not see otherwise. And the hotel is right by the Moskva River with long empty sidewalks right next to it. Here is how my running route from this morning:

Fortunately, it was not "Moscow cold" and I enjoyed the run. I could've gone longer but had to revert back because of other activities already planned during the day. Here are some pictures captured during the run:

And then some more pictures from around the city ...

And the evolving album at:

JavaOne and Oracle Develop Russia starts tomorrow and I hope to see you there!

Sunday Apr 08, 2012

Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS), JavaOne Moscow, Java Summit Chennai

My whirlwind tour of Java EE and GlassFish starts next weekend and covers the following cities in the next 6 weeks:
  • JavaOne and Oracle Develop, Moscow
  • Great Indian Developer Summit, Bangalore
  • Java Summit, Chennai
  • JavaOne, Hyderabad
  • OTN Developer Day, Pune
  • OTN Developer Day, Istanbul
  • Geecon, Poznan
  • JEEConf, Kiev
  • OTN Developer Day, Johannesburg

Several other members of the team will be speaking at some of these events as well. Please feel free to reach out to any of us, ask a question, and share your passion. Here is the first set of conferences coming up:

Date: Apr 17-18
My Schedule
      Deploying your Java EE 6 Applications in Producion hands-on lab
      Technical Keynote
      Some other technical sessions
Venue: Russian Academy of Sciences
Connect: @OracleRU

Date: April 17-20
Schedule (date decided, time slots TBD)
My Schedule: NetBeans/Java EE 6 workshop on April 19th, Other sessions (as listed above) on April 20
Venue: J. N. Tata Auditorium, National Science Symposium Complex, Sir C. V. Raman Avenue, Bangalore, India
Connect: @GreatIndianDev

Date: April 21, 2011
My Schedule: Java EE 7 at 9:30am, JAX-RS 2.0 at 11am
Venue: VELS University
Register (FREE)
Connect: @jug_c

Where will I meet or run with you ?

Do ask me to record a video session if you are using GlassFish and would like to share your story at blogs.oracle.com/stories.

Wednesday Jan 25, 2012

JavaOne Tokyo, Moscow, and India 2012 - Save the Date

JavaOne Tokyo (Japan)
Date: April 4-5, 2012
Location: Academy Hills, 49F, Roppongi Tokyo
Website: Japanese, English

JavaOne Moscow (Russia)
Date: April 17-18, 2012
Location: Crocus Expo, International Exhibition Center
Website: TBD

JavaOne Hyderabad (India)
Date: May 3-4, 2012
Location: Hyderabad International Convention Center
Website: TBD

In the meanwhile, you can watch keynotes and interviews from JavaOne San Francisco, download PDFs of technical sessions or watch select sessions and birds-of-feather sessions on parleys.com.

And JavaOne San Francisco 2012 is scheduled for Sep 30 - Oct 4, 2012. Register now before March 30th for a $600 savings.


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