Friday Jun 10, 2011

Cloud Expo East and New York City Java Meetup Trip Report

7000+ delegates and 200+ sponsors/exhibitors made the Cloud Expo 2011, New York City yet another successful conference by SYS-CON. I gave a talk on "Running your Java EE applications in the Cloud" and highlighted:

  • How Java EE 6 light-weight nature is ideal for cloud development/deployment
  • Show how to deploy a typical 3-tier Java EE application in Amazon, Rightscale, Joyent, and Azure
  • Why Weblogic is ideally suited for enterprises for cloud deployments
  • How Java EE 7 is evolving to provide a standards-based PaaS deployment platform

The slides are available below:

There were about 30+ attendees in the talk and some of them were GlassFish customers and several Weblogic customers. So they both, and others, found out how the two application servers from Oracle are relevant for the cloud deployment.

Check out some pictures from the expo and around the city:

It was good to catch up with Jeff and Justin and enjoy couple of evenings together!

The next day I presented at New York City Java Meetup and explained the key features of Java EE 6 and GlassFish using live coding sessions with NetBeans. There were about 50+ attendees (in and out) at the highly interactive session.

Here is some feedback captured after the event:

Arun gave a great presentation on the virtues of JEE6 and NetBeans as well what is to come in future Java releases.

This was a good meet up. Very informative and useful information. The location is excellent.

And some more ...

Excellent presentation.

Pretty good meetup! very informative as alot of the areas that he covered are relevant and "hot" today. I recruit for Java Developers and these days I am routinely asking about experience with IOC/ CDI, Dependency Injection and restless web services. So I walked away feeling that Oracle was working the same market.

Interesting topic well presented.

Another good data point is that the average rating seems to be 4.5 (out of 5) after 14 attendees have rated it. Any feedback on how I can close the gap between 4.5 and 5 would be helpful :-)

The code built during the meetup can be downloaded here.

Here is a photograph from the meetup page:

And a few more that I took:

The venue for the meetup was Barnes & Noble store in the uptown and they did an excellent job of hosting the event. There was ample sugar and drinks for everybody (as you can see in the pictures) and each attendee even got a $15 gift card. The company is is making major investments in their eCommerce platform and digital products (i.e. Nook, Cloud Computing, Mobile apps). Java/J2EE is being used heavily throughout their environment. Opportunities exist for Engineers, Architects and Team Leads in their NYC and Palo Alto offices. If you are interested an informational conversation about technical careers and what's going on at, contact Jason Greenhouse @ I chatted with their CTO and VP of Engineering and hopefully will have some followup meetings to coach them more about the benefits of Java EE 6 :-)

Thank you Dario for providing me with an opportunity to talk about the "ultimate threesome" (Java EE 6 + GlassFish + NetBeans) to your meetup community!

On a personal front, I just could not miss the opportunity to grab couple of shorts runs in the Central Park:

There is no dearth of motivation there, tons of runners and in both directions. It was quite an enjoyable experience and matches well with the sedentary nature of my job ;-) If you are in the New York City during spring/summer time, make sure to plan an early morning run through Central Park and you will not regret it!

And as always, check out the complete photo album at:

Monday Jan 31, 2011

Java EE 6 & GlassFish @ JavaGruppen, JFokus, and Vaadin Meetup

Java EE 6 and GlassFish are floating to Denmark, Sweden, and Finland next week.

First stop is ... Javagruppen! This annual conference is organized by Danish JUG and this year the theme is "Java - a cloudy affair".

I'll be speaking on "Running your Java EE applications in the cloud".

Second stop is .... JFokus! This annual conference is organized by Javaforum, Swedish JUG, and will be celebrating 5th anniversary this year.

Here is the list of sessions presented by Oracle speakers ...

One of my sessions at JFokus will have a special guest but still need to confirm the exact time slot. Based upon previous experience, this guest adds great humor to the otherwise extremely technical talk and so stay tuned on that :-)

Show your presence and track this conference at lanyrd.

And the third stop is ... Vaddin Developer Meetup.

I'll be speaking on "OSGi and Java EE Hybrid Applications using GlassFish" at an interesting time of 9:35pm :-)

This is my first time visit to each of these conferences and so certainly looking forward to meeting everybody!

Its going to be really cold, at least for a Californian, at all these places so Runners World tips on winter/snow running and winter gear will be helpful.

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Friday Sep 24, 2010

Oracle Open World / Java One 2010 Pics - Bloggers Meetup, JCP Party, Black Eyed Peas party, It's a Wrap

Here are some pictures from Oracle Open World and JavaOne 2010 from the Bloggers Meetup, JCP Party, Black Eyed Peas party, and It's a Wrap party ...

And the complete album at:

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Thursday Nov 05, 2009

Java EE 6 & GlassFish v3 swimming to Amsterdam - JFall 2009

JFall is the annual conference of NL JUG - the 11 year old JUG of Netherlands. This year its happening on Nov 11 at SPANT!

I'll be speaking on Java EE 6 & GlassFish v3 (14:20 - 15:10) there and have lots of cool demos to show through out the talk. And also stay tuned for a brand new demo that shows JavaFX and GlassFish v3 integration.

With over 1000 attendees, the conference is already sold out so if you have not registered yet then you have to wait until next year :)

Here is the list of several Sun sessions:

Here are the sessions that I'd like to attend:

Most of the sessions are in Dutch so may have to fall back on English speaking sessions :(

Here are some quick data points ...

Also trying to arrange a slot in the local Amsterdam Ruby Meetup to talk about JRuby/Rails/GlassFish, lets see if it works out. Otherwise we might somewhere in the hotel lobby :)

And as always, I'm looking for running trails in Amsterdam & Bussum. Any body interested in running together ?

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Tuesday Nov 03, 2009

Right Scale User Meetup Trip Report

With a variety of public cloud hosting solutions available in the market such as Amazon, Rackspace and GoGrid and private solutions like Eucalyptus, Terremark, and VMWare, Right Scale offers a cloud management platform that operates on most of them. Using Right Scale's platform, you don't need to write scripts to launch EC2 instances, or think about plugging your own monitoring / management mechanisms for health check, or worry about lock-in to a particular cloud provider. Ease-of-use and a faster on-ramp for going production on a cloud are other key reasons amongst several other benefits offered by Right Scale.

Right Scale's mantra "Real customers, Real deployments, Real benefits" was truly evident in their first ever user meetup. Other than discussing the trends, product road map and services offered by Right Scale, the most interesting part was the customer testimonials.

Greg Taylor from Sony Music uses Right Scale to manage it's artists fan sites. Their main reasons for using Right Scale are largest choice of Operating System & AMI, multiple redundant data center reduce risk, and server templates/scripts versioning into portal. They are very happy with MySQL master/slave configuration server templates and have been able to scale to millions of users in a day (e.g. with Michael Dosik from FanSnap (ticket search engine) leverage RightScale for automation instead of adding staff. Auto-scaling, RightScripts, Dashboard/monitoring and ease-of-use are other features specific that brings them to RightScale. Sam Ramji from Sonoa Systems (visibility, management, and control for Cloud services) talked about cutting down their configuration time from 3-4 days on EC2 to hours on RightScale platform and reduced concerns around portability as the main reasons for picking this platform. Read a more complete report about the meetup here.

Here are some other data points ...

  • Scalable Web Sites, Test & Dev, Business Intelligence, Backup & Recovery, Mobile Services, and Grid Computing are the highest usage areas by Right Scale users
  • Fast on-ramp, Ease of setup, Ease of maintenance, IT visibility & control, Retain best practices, Productivity, Agility, Reliability, Predictability, and Portability are are some of the key benefits to Right Scale users.
  • 100% production usage on EC2 for now
  • Ubuntu 9.10, CentOS 5.4, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 support coming (Ubuntu 8.04 used internally)
  • RHEL is the most often requested platform
  • Chef integration is the future direction, most new features like Machine Tags are targeted at Chef only
  • Right Scale's CEO recommended to use the free version for 2 servers and the commercial version for 6-8+ servers
  • Monitoring features: monit integration, CPU/Disk/Network/MySQL/Apache/others, Auto-scaling based on alerts, 7-day free monitoring

The meetup very much lived to it's promise of "NO! HYPE" buttons which were distributed to all the attendees. Each attendee was given a tee-shirt which had "707,007+" printed in big letters in the front. This is the number of servers launched by Right Scale so far. The "NO! HYPE" promise became much more evident after attending some sessions at SYS-CON Cloud Computing Expo which were still talking about philosophies / theories. The cocktail party in the evening provided a great atmosphere to mingle with the folks behind Right Scale.

So far no pictures from the meetup are available on flickr but hopefully they will show up here.

Over all, I really enjoyed the presentations at the meetup, meeting the Right Scale folks, and food/drinks at the cocktail party :-)

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Sunday Apr 05, 2009

GlassFish at San Francisco Java Users Group - May 12th, 2009

Are you living in the San Francisco Bay Area and like to hear all the craze around GlassFish ?

Jan Luehe (from the GlassFish Webtier team) and Roberto Chinnici (Java EE 6 specification lead) will be speaking on May 12th at the San Francisco JUG meetup. So get ready to drink from the firehose :)

There will be pizza, refreshments, book giveaways and other interesting goodies!

Click on the map below for directions:

Complete details about the event here, make sure to RSVP!

Technorati: conf glassfish jug sanfrancisco meetup

Wednesday Apr 01, 2009

Silicon Valley Rails Meetup, Mar 2009 - Slides & Pics

I presented at Silicon Valley Rails Meetup yesterday. The official attendance says 79 and the kitchen area (for the presentation) was indeed packed!

The demo gods were hovering very much around and required me to reboot the machine - live during the presentation. Have you ever rebooted Mac because of a slow performance, smack in the middle of a demo ? ;-)

Here is a quote from the meetup:

The big win with glassfish is that it gives you the same environment in deployment and development.

The slides are available here. And some pointers to get more information:

And another one ...

Thanks to Michael and Jerry for being the wonderful hosts!

Drop a comment on this blog if you are using GlassFish for your Rails/Merb/Sinatra/... deployments.

Technorati: conf glassfish rubyonrails jruby netbeans meetup

Monday Mar 30, 2009

GlassFish at Silicon Valley Rails Meetup

Want to know how NetBeans and GlassFish provide a better Rails experience ?

I'll be speaking at Silicon Valley Rails Meetup on Mar 31st (tomorrow), 7pm, more details here. It will also be a brief preview of my upcoming Rails Conf talk.

Click on the map below for location:

This is "LinkedIn Headquarters" and we'll see you at 2nd Floor Kitchen and Open Area.

See you there!

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Wednesday Jan 30, 2008

South Bay Ruby Meetup Trip Report

As mentioned earlier, I presented on "Rails powered by GlassFish & jMaki" at South Bay Ruby Meetup yesterday. The slides are available here.

The demos showed in the talk are listed below:

There were approx 25 attendees with an extremely interactive session. I would love to capture all the Q&A but the audience kept me busy :)

You can read about JRuby-on-GlassFish and NetBeans/Ruby support. GlassFish success stories are described in

Let me know if you are interested in having this talk at your Ruby meetup.

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Saturday Jan 26, 2008

"Rails powered by GlassFish & jMaki" @ South Bay Ruby Meetup - Jan 29, 7pm

I'll be speaking on "Rails powered by GlassFish & jMaki" at South Bay Ruby Meetup on Jan 29 (Tuesday) @ 7pm. Read more details here.

You'll learn:

  • How GlassFish provides an easy-to-use and production-quality development and deployment environment for your JRuby-on-Rails applications ?
  • How GlassFish is a "green" alternative for deploying JRuby-on-Rails applications ?
  • What is GlassFish v3 Gem ?
  • How jMaki allows you to create visually appealing views for Rails applications ?
  • How NetBeans provide first-class support for creating Rails applications ?

Thanks to Bala for providing an opportunity to talk about our efforts! Let's keep an interactive dialog and learn from each other :)

Technorati: conf jruby rubyonrails glassfish netbeans meetup


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