Tuesday Oct 21, 2008

42k195.com - An exhaustive marathon directory

42k195.com provides an exhaustive directory of marathons across continents.

The marathons can be selected by countries, month or by a keyword. The search feature is especially nice because it shows all the details about the race - marathon route, registration page, nearest marathons, community rating, and even hotel booking amongst many other features.

Did you know 167 marathons will be run in Oct 2008 alone ? And you think marathons are run only in New York, London, Boston and Chicago :)

This is a great resource if you are traveling on business and would like to satisfy your running desires!

The map above shows Metro Silicon Valley Marathon coming up over the weekend and I'll be running the 1/2 marathon.

My goal is to finish comfortably in under 2 hours (a conservative target). This is in addition to:
Drop a note if you are running Silicon Valley! Sun Microsystems has a corporate discount and you can save some money during this financial crisis :)

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Sunday Aug 03, 2008

San Francisco Half Marathon 2008 Completed

Even though it took me 4 minutes extra from 2005 Half Marathon but I'm happy with the results knowing the amount of practice put in. The complete results are available here.

It was really exciting to be running with 19,000+ runners. The spectators, volunteers, staff, cops and everybody else were excellent. It is definitely fun to run this course with the amount of energy and planning, most likely will run again next year as well. Here is a video shot of marathon start:

Even though I ran a half-marathon but my 5-year old and wife did their own by waking up 3am in the morning, driving me around and then picking me from the finish line. Check out some pictures at:

Now that's a total tally of 2 half & 2 full marathons for me:
Next one is Silicon Valley Half Marathon on Oct 26, 2008. And if you are a Sun employee and running Silicon Valley, we do have a corporate team and even a 10% discount on registration (even backdated ;-). Send me an email and I'll get you connected.

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Wednesday Jul 02, 2008

Running San Francisco Marathon 2008

Exactly 1 month later (Aug 3, 2008), I'll be running the San Francisco Marathon (First Half) - the coolest marathon right in the middle of Summer. Register Now!

Read the 2nd newlsetter for all the latest developments.

 Here are some of the features that make this marathon cool:

Watch the entire course of full marathon in the video footage that follows a group of runners, led by Dean Karnazes (the ultra marathon man).

Part 1 at ...

And then part 2 (starting @ mile 10) ...

This will be the 4th addition to my list of marathons:
I completed PG&E @ Rancho last weekend in 84 mins, 45 secs (run+walk 56 mins to the top starting from the first parking lot and downhill running) and hope to run 4 more times in as many weekends before the race.

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Thursday Aug 30, 2007

San Francisco Marathon 07 Finishers Certificate

Read all about my race participation here.

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Saturday Aug 04, 2007

More pictures from San Francisco Marathon

Here are some more pictures (by marathonfoto.com) from my marathon last weekend:

I might have bought couple of pictures but a simple 5x7 is $14 and an 8x10 is $21. I think these prices are exorbitant especially when I get my digital pictures printed at $0.19 at Costco. They can certainly charge for the labor and probably better print quality, but I don't feel justified paying that much!!


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Monday Jul 30, 2007

Completed San Francisco Marathon 2007

4 hours, 4 mins, 33 secs - yeah, that's what it took me to complete my first San Francisco Full Marathon.

I did First Half Marathon 2 years ago and First Full Marathon last year, but this was the first Full Marathon on the hills of San Francisco. Even though I could not complete within less than 4 hours but I was happy that I took only 3 short walk breaks and maintained my pace as planned. There was San Francisco characteristic-fog all through the course with no Sun shine anywhere at all, and in a way that helped. Here is the complete breakdown from the official results (bib# 1378):

Distance ยป 7.5 miles Half 20.7 miles Finish
Time 1:01:35 1:48:49 3:03:12 4:04:33
Pace 8:13 8:18 8:51 9:20

Some other stats are:

Place Overall 1317 out of 4250
Men 1058 out of 2805
M 30-34 178 out of 436
Age Grade 51.38%

The fastest male runner clocked 2:25:57 and the fastest female runner was 2:43:41.

The race was very well organized and some of the highlights that I liked are:

  • The course was very well marked and the local crowd support was very supportive. This was much better than Silicon Valley Marathon last year where the course was lonely at quite a few spots. Today the course was well guided by cops or event team.
  • There were ample water stations and each station was accompanied with a medical aid staff as well. This proved out to be a boon at Mile 23 where they applied Biofreeze to my sore thighs. And there was no stopping after that at all.
  • There were music stations all through out the course and the frequency of stations increased during the last miles. This helped me maintain the rhythm closer to the stations. Kudos to all the bands for playing early in the morning.
  • National Holistic Institute, College of Massage Therapy were giving a free massage to all the runners after the race. This helped a quick recovery of my sore body parts.

With my son before Start

Start Line

Right after the Finish

In front of the Bay Bridge

2007 Finisher Pose

With my wife and son after the Finish

And lastly, my wife and 4-year old son drove me to the race early morning and cheered for me at the start and the finish line. This was the biggest morale booster!

I read it somewhere "The only thing that does not hurt after a Marathon is your Pride". And I completely felt it today right after the race and the massage turned out to be a big blessing :)

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Friday May 25, 2007

18.5 miles this morning

Ran 18.5 miles (2:45:50) this morning. Click on 'large' or 'small' link next to 'Elevation:' and it shows elevation of each point plotted against distance. I created the same route on runningmap (based on Yahoo maps) which showed the minimum and maximum elevation (click on mountain icon in the toolbar at top) as 156.9 and 579.1 feet. There is constant uphill from mile 3.5 to 8.5, a slight dip and then a constant downhill. This is a good route to practice for San Francisco Marathon because of the constant up-hills. But I need to look for another route with constant up-hills and down-hills to be better prepared to meet the course elevation.

Any recommendations ?

BTW, I plotted the entire marathon course but the distance is totaling out to be .4 miles extra.

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Wednesday Feb 21, 2007

Polar F11 and Marathon Training

I've started uploading my running log using Polar F11 to their website.

A monthly view provides a summary for the entire month and shows the days on which any kind of physical activity was recorded by F11.

A weekly view provides more detail in terms of finish times, high and low limit of heart rate and total time spent in the week so far.

A daily view allows you to specify the different types of Activity ("Running" below). It shows the timing to the exact second. If I wear the heart rate monitor during the activity, then it calculates the calories burned, fat consumption, maximum heart rate (HRmax) and average heart rate (HRavg, aka resting heart rate).

I'm planning to use this for tracking my marathon training this year. 

I wish, and hope, Polar define a Web service so that users can access their data programmatically or at least allow the data to be exported in a usable format.

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Sunday Feb 11, 2007

Marathon Training, here I come!

Last pre-training week with a total of 26 miles.

Mon: 7 miles
Tue: Rest
Wed: 7 miles
Thu: 5 miles
Fri: None
Sat: 7 miles
Sun: Rest

So marathon training, here I come tomorrow. Check out some good articles in the meanwhile:

Miles to go ...

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Sunday Jan 21, 2007

Marathon running is gaining momentum

Marathon running is gaining momentum as there is a 5.9% growth in the number of marathon finishers over 2004, as reported in USA Marathoning: 2005 overview. The page also shows how the gender divide is reducing in the past few years. Silicon Valley Marathon does not have enough participants to qualify for this report. But San Francisco Marathon (running later this year) is ranked 18th with a growth of 82.9% over year 2004. The average time to finish the marathon in my age range is 4:25:28 so I'm above average comparing my finish time (4:06:57) from last year. The month of October (same month for Silicon Valley) accounted for more than one-quarter of all marathon finishes.

A prelim report on 2006 at marathonguide.com also shows a similar trend in terms of growth: approximately 397,000 marathon finishes, 3.7% increase over 2005. A more detailed report is expected later this month and I'll post a link when it's available.

I ran my first marathon last year and so eagerly waiting for complete 2006 statistics.

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