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JavaOne Latin America 2012 is a wrap!

Third JavaOne in Latin America (2010, 2011) is now a wrap!

Like last year, the event started with a Geek Bike Ride. I could not attend the bike ride because of pre-planned activities but heard lots of good comments about it afterwards. This is a great way to engage with JavaOne attendees in an informal setting. I highly recommend you joining next time!

JavaOne Blog provides a a great coverage for the opening keynotes. I talked about all the great set of functionality that is coming in the Java EE 7 Platform. Also shared the details on how Java EE 7 JSRs are willing to take help from the Adopt-a-JSR program. bridges the gap between JUGs willing to participate and looking for areas on where to help. The different specification leads have identified areas on where they are looking for feedback. So if you are JUG is interested in picking a JSR, I recommend to take a look at and jump on the bandwagon.

The main attraction for the Tuesday evening was the GlassFish Party. The party was packed with Latin American JUG leaders, execs from Oracle, and local community members. Free flowing food and beer/caipirinhas acted as great lubricant for great conversations. Some of them were considering the migration from Spring -> Java EE 6 and replacing their primary app server with GlassFish. Locaweb, a local hosting provider sponsored a round of beer at the party as well. They are planning to come with Java EE hosting next year and GlassFish would be a logical choice for them ;)

I heard lots of positive feedback about the party afterwards. Many thanks to Bruno Borges for organizing a great party!

Check out some more fun pictures of the party!

Next day, I gave a presentation on "The Java EE 7 Platform: Productivity and HTML 5" and the slides are now available:

With so much new content coming in the plaform:
  • Java Caching API (JSR 107)
  • Concurrency Utilities for Java EE (JSR 236)
  • Batch Applications for the Java Platform (JSR 352)
  • Java API for JSON (JSR 353)
  • Java API for WebSocket (JSR 356)

And JAX-RS 2.0 (JSR 339) and JMS 2.0 (JSR 343) getting major updates, there is definitely lot of excitement that was evident amongst the attendees. The talk was delivered in the biggest hall and had about 200 attendees.

Also spent a lot of time talking to folks at the OTN Lounge.

The JUG leaders appreciation dinner in the evening had its usual share of fun.

Day 3 started with a session on "Building HTML5 WebSocket Apps in Java". The slides are now available:

The room was packed with about 150 attendees and there was good interaction in the room as well. A collaborative whiteboard built using WebSocket was very well received. The following tweets made it more worthwhile:

A WebSocket speek, by @ArunGupta, was worth every hour lost in transit. #JavaOneBrasil2012, #JavaOneBr
@arungupta awesome presentation about WebSockets :)

The session was immediately followed by the hands-on lab "Developing JAX-RS Web Applications Utilizing Server-Sent Events and WebSocket". The lab covers JAX-RS 2.0, Jersey-specific features such as Server-Sent Events, and a WebSocket endpoint using JSR 356. The complete self-paced lab guide can be downloaded from here.

The lab was planned for 2 hours but several folks finished the entire exercise in about 75 mins. The wonderfully written lab material and an added incentive of Java EE 6 Pocket Guide did the trick ;-)

I also spoke at "The Java Community Process: How You Can Make a Positive Difference". It was really great to see several JUG leaders talking about Adopt-a-JSR program and other activities that attendees can do to participate in the JCP. I shared details about Adopt a Java EE 7 JSR as well.

The community keynote in the evening was looking fun but I had to leave in between to go through the peak Sao Paulo traffic time :)

Enjoy the complete set of pictures in the album:


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