Friday May 27, 2011

Athens, Greece is now Java EE 6 and GlassFish-enabled!

About 15 developers in Athens are now ready to start cranking your Java EE 6 applications after getting an extensive 2-day training by Oracle Education!

Are you still building your enterprise applications using proprietary frame works ? If yes, ouch, I feel sorry for you :-) Free yourself from the shackles and build your applications using standards-based approach of Java EE 6. The consistent feedback that we've heard from our users is ...

  • Developers can concentrate on business logic, Java EE 6 is providing a standard for the infrastructure.
  • Definite excuse to avoid Spring forever
  • Standards compliance, vendor independence, milliseconds and kilobyte deployment
  • Not your fat grandfather's enterprise Java anymore, enterprise Java renaissance
  • Jigsaw puzzle, Modular, standard, less xml, easy, easy, have I said easy?

Read complete details and love for Java EE 6 from the different community members of such feedback here.

This was third workshop of the year (after Budapest and Slovakia) and the attendees were very interactive. I was pretty impressed by the fact that any email checking was restricted during the breaks only and I had attendees' full attention during the lectures. Each attendee had their own laptop confiured with NetBeans and GlassFish and could successfully complete the different hands-on labs as well. Of course, as always, there were kinks with Windows ;-)

I also spoke at the Hellenic Java User Group (Greek JUG) and those 2 hours were extremely interactive. Read more detailed report on that here. Here is a picture captured from the blog:

I really enjoyed the comfortable setting and "religious" discussions around different stacks :-) Many thanks to Paris Apostolopoulos, the JUG leader, for providing me a chance to engage with the community and spread some more Java EE 6 goodness!

Its amazing how vast the technology is and more importantly the customer's innovative ways of using it to solve their business problems. I've learned new concepts, refined existing ones, and added bullet points (in a continuously evolving slide deck) for a better explanation.

This was my first time in Athens and I felt terribly excited to be in the city where marathon was born. But my hotel was right in the middle and so running with full traffic would've been a challenge. However I did couple of half-marathons on the bike, one 10k and one quarter marathon run in the gym - so all activities were centered around a marathon distance :-)

Athens Metro is very well organized and is a good way to go around the city. It definitely connects the key tourist spots. I experienced a gathering of about 5000 Greeks on the way to the JUG venue. They were protesting against the current economic situation in the country, fortunately it was a silent one ;-) 

And finally the complete album:

Next stop: Cloud Computing Expo New York City, New York City Java Meetup (details coming up), South East Linux Fest (SELF) 2011 (PDF), and South Carolina JUG.

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Friday Jan 28, 2011

Oracle User Group Leaders Summit 2011 Report

Oracle head quarters was honored to host one of the most active and involved customers earlier this week at the annual User Group Leaders Summit. Other than the usual suspects like IOUG, OAUG, ODTUG and many others, the new additions were Java User Groups, MySQL User Groups, and Primavera SIG. There were about 150 leaders (> 50% increase from 2010) and > 30% of the attendees were from outside the USA. There were 54 sessions delivered sharing our campaigns, products, and services. There were even 12 unconference sessions allowing the attendees to engage in a more informal manner.

Several JUG leaders from around the world represented the Java community: Stephan Jansen (BeJUG), Bruno Souza (SouJava), Kevin Nilson (Silicon Valley Web JUG), Van Riper (Silicon Valley Web JUG), John Yeary (Green JUG), Daniel deOliveira (DFJUG), JP Petines (JEDI), Bert Breeman (NLUG), Max Bonbhel (Congo JUG), Dan Cline (Chicago JUG), Ranganath (Bangalore JUG), Stephen Chin (JavaFX UG), Frank Greco (NYC Java SIG), Dario Laverde (NYC JUG).

I attended sessions in the Java track and gave a presentation on "Whats Cool in Java EE 6" and the slides are available:

The slides from rest of the sessions are already posted at

There were several sessions in the Java track providing updates on roadmap on different Java technologies. There were several sessions dedicated to hearing feedback from the JUG leaders on whats working and not. Then there was an open session where Steve Harris, Mark Reinhold, Ted Farrell, and Ajay Patel answered open ended questions to the audience. Here are couple of samplers ...

Steve Harris - If Java is not successful, we'll fail! JCP is the best vehicle we've to discuss the future of Java. It has the ability to self-heal and has done so multiple times over the past.

Audience: Why didn't Oracle shutdown GlassFish ?
Steve Harris: Its the RI, Pieces of WLS that are part of RI but not the RI.
The developer community of 10million downloads is very dear to Oracle.
The agility allows to make faster changes. WLS has heavy-duty integration stuff.
Its great technology, team, and investment on their part.
It'll be a bad bad mistake to kill GlassFish.

Henrik on why Oracle will strive to make sure Java is successful: There are 20k developers working on Java inside Oracle, can't mess with Java.

The response from the twittersphere (#iouc) was positive and here are some sample tweets:

  • @debralillley Great #IOUC so far, lots #ukoug stuff done yesterday now main summit starts, lots of usergroup leaders here, you can smell the passion #fb
  • @BambiPrice @odtug Oracle welcoming MySQL leaders to the #IOUC summit
  • @Mike_ODTUG Great to hear all of the exciting things all of the user groups accomplished last year. Congrats to all! #IOUC #ODTUG
  • @stenvesterli Ronan Miles @UKOUG__Chair from #UKOUG receiving Lifetime Award from Judith Sim at #IOUC. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • @Stephan007 Oracle nominates SouJava to the JCP Executive Committee. #IOUC
  • @BertBreeman Unconference during #IOUC-Summit new experience for a lot of people; JUG-leaders has more and more influence in this Summit; everybody happy
  • @congojug #IOUC Collaborating with Oracle in the #JUG Communities at #Oracle Headquarters #CongoJUG
  • @BertBreeman Good discussion during #IOUC: JavaOne vs OpenWorld. Oracle is listening to us. JavaOne separated from OpenWorld. JavaOne will be reanimated!
  • @BertBreeman JavaOne discussion during #IOUC: JavaOne probably going back to his original timezone: during Spring. JavaOne: the place to be again!
  • @johnyeary Finished the #IOUC #JUG leader summit earlier today. It was a successful event in my opinion. I walked away with a lot of good ideas.

Oralce nominated SOUJava to a seat in the JCP Executive Committee. The special elections are coming soon and we hope the members will vote to elect Bruno Souza to the JCP. Many congratulations to SOUJava and Bruno for the nomination!

Here are some pictures from the event ...

And the complete album below:

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Sunday Dec 05, 2010

CEJUG, Fortaleza 2010 Trip Report

CEJUG, The Ceara Java User Group, in Fortaleza arranged a "Coffee with Tapioca" to listen how Java EE 6 & GlassFish allows them to be productive developers. The coffee is to signify Java and tapioca is a local delicacy. Typically there is both coffee and tapioca available but this meeting was arranged at a short notice so there was neither coffee nor tapioca ;-)

The JUG is about 8 years old and has 500+ members. There were about 50+ attendees for a Sunday morning which is a pretty big number considering a summer weekend.

Alexandra and I (both from Oracle) talked about overall Java strategy and drilled deeper in Java EE 6 & GlassFish. One of the JUG members did a live translation of our talks and did an excellent job of it. Once he even started explaining the code before I did :-) The audience was very interactive and not shy of asking questions.

Typically the two technologies that are not liked much by Java EE users are Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and Java Server Faces (JSF), and this audience was no different. But the entire set of attendees got pretty excited and willing to try it again after showing some of the major usability improvements made in the latest version of both the specifications. For example, the ability to package an EJB in a WAR file - with no deployment descriptor, no-interface, a single POJO class, and with just one annotation was very compelling. The default navigation rules where there is no need to use "faces-config.xml" in JSF2 confused one of the existing users but was very useful to him. Bridging the gap between presentation tier (JSF) and transactional tier (EJB) where an EJB can be used as a backing bean for a JSF page opens allows to write light-weight, yet powerful, applications. "web.xml"-free Servlets, Facelets templating language in JSF2, POJO-based RESTful Web services using JAX-RS, and several other features were well applauded.

The slides used in the talk are now available:

Alexandra, my colleague from Oracle, talked about the value proposition of commercial support for GlassFish. We are always looking for system integrators, value-added resellers, independent software vendors/developers who are interested in helping us grow the GlassFish ecosystem in Brazil. Please post a comment on this blog if you are interested in helping further our cause. Her presentation is available:

And the sample code built during the session is can be downloaded here.

On a personal front, I enjoyed running on Mercuripe beach and shopping in the local Sunday market. The Brazilian hospitality is always very warm as there was always at least some JUG member who was escorting us around the city.

Here are some pictures from Fortaleza:

And the complete album:

JavaOne Brazil
starts tomorrow and here are a few pointers for you:
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Sunday Sep 26, 2010

Java EE 6 & GlassFish @ JAX London, London JUG, Java 2 Days, Silicon Valley Code Camp

JavaOne 2010 just got over ... that makes me 12 JavaOnes veteran now :-)

There was lots of interest in Java EE 6 & GlassFish through out the conference and there were about 50 sessions, BoFs, hands-on labs, panel discussions, and keynotes showing the simplicity, ease-of-use, and flexibility of the platform and the product.

Are you in London, Bulgaria, or San Francisco Bay Area within next 2 weeks and could not attend those sessions ? Now is your chance to get quick a crash course on Java EE 6 & GlassFish at the upcoming conferences within the next 2 weeks:

Sep 28/29

Sep 29th evening

Oct 7/8

Oct 9

Where will I see you ?

And I'm definitely looking for recommendations for running routes in any of the neighborhoods :-)

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Tuesday Sep 21, 2010

Oracle Open World / Java One 2010 Pics - Hands-on Lab Session, General Session Technical Keynote, Java Champions and JUG Leader Dinner

Here are some pictures from Oracle Open World and JavaOne 2010 from the Hands-on Lab session, JavaOne General Session Technical Keynote, and Java Champions ad JUG Leaders dinner ...

And the evolving album at:

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Friday Aug 13, 2010

Java EE 6 & GlassFish workshop delivered at San Francisco JUG - Slides & Demos available

Roberto and I delivered a 2-part Java EE 6 & GlassFish 3 workshop to a packed San Francisco JUG meetup last week. There were about 80 attendees on Day 1 and about 40 on Day 2. Over approximately 7 hours, we gave a preview of Java EE 6, explained the key technologies introduced in the platform, and did lot of coding using NetBeans IDE.

Roberto's slides are given below:

And my slides are next:

The completed project from the workshop is now available here. This bundle contains the entire code sample built through out the workshop. The coding sessions are also available in screencast #30, also shown below:

Here is some feedback from the attendees:

The best JUG meeting I've ever attended. It was very informative, helpful and relevant. I particularly liked Arun's follow-along coding demonstrations. I would suggest that the speakers be encouraged to use a mic. If I had not been sitting two rows from the front, then I would have had a hard time hearing Roberto.

It was interesting to hear from the source which parts of EE6 they thought were most valuable, and where new things overlapped with old, and what advantages there were in using standards-based solutions over frameworks like Spring, even when they tend to be behind in usability and power. Also liked the taste of NetBeans, being an Eclipse user.

Very fruitful evening. Thanks so much to the speakers and organizers.

I really enjoyed both nights. There were several JEE 6 (now I now the correct way to say it) technologies that I had heard of but quite didn't understand ... especially in regards to how they integrate. Now I do.…

Thanks aleksandar for organizing this JavaEE6 learning series. It was very helpful and head start on the cool features of EE6. Thanks to arun and Roberto for there well written presentations and hands on workshop. Will look forward for part 2 of this series.

Really enjoyed. Roberto gave a good high level overview of JavaEE (and he was funny) and Arun's talk was educational and easy to follow along with. Very impressed with how easy it was to get the examples working with NetBeans. Looking forward to Thursday.

Really enjoyed both presentations. The fact that it was hands on added an extra dimension to the learning experience. Looking forward to the next session. Thanks to Roberto and Arun!

This was a fantastic intro to Java EE 6. I really liked Roberto's down-to-earth overview of Java EE and its role in the enterprise Java world. In his workshop, Arun did an amazing job making Java EE 6 on GlassFish with NetBeans feel really approachable - if not too easy. Great participation from the audience.

The hands-on component worked great for me.

And the ratings are encouraging too ...

As always, there is room for improvement and lessons to learn. However I enjoyed the fact that most of the attendees were able to follow the instructions and able to reproduce the code samples. One of the attendees even told me "I've no reason to not try Java EE 6 & NetBeans now that there is a complete environment on my laptop". And that indeed was the intention ;-)

Check out some pictures:

Thank you Sasa for giving us an opportunity to talk about Java EE 6 & GlassFish 3 at San Francisco JUG! We had a great time and it seems like the attendees enjoyed too :-)

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Thursday May 13, 2010

Bay Area JUG Roundup 2010 - Trip Report

Oracle hosted the first Bay Area JUG Roundup yesterday.

There were about 200 attendees from different JUGs and communities in the Bay Area. There were representatives from Silicon Valley Web JUG, San Francisco JUG, Silicon Valley JavaFX JUG, Oakland Java SIG, SDForum Java SIG, Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts, and SF Bay Groovy & Grails Group. Good quality free food, beer, wine, and tee-shirts left everybody thrilled. A live Java Posse session was certainly hilarious so stay tuned for their latest podcast.

Justin Kestelyn kick started the event and provided an update on Oracle Technology Network using the slides below:

Bay Area JUG Roundup 2010

Sonya Barry, community manager for, presented the roadmap for 2010-2011.

I had good discussions with lots of folks and already working on scheduling a bunch of Java EE 6 hands-on sessions through out different JUGs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Let me know if you'd like to learn the latest and greatest in the Java EE 6 landscape or organize a similar workshop in your community.

Here are some pictures from the event:

And the complete album at:

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Wednesday May 13, 2009

GlassFish and Servlet 3.0 Slides from San Francisco JUG

As mentioned earlier, Jan and I talked about GlassFish and Servlet 3.0 at the San Francisco JUG yesterday night. Approximately 40 attendees and a great Q&A session at the end made it a truly enjoying experience.

The GlassFish slides are available here and Servlet 3.0 slides are available here.

And did you register for JavaOne ? The GlassFish team will be there in full force and you'll be immersed in similar talks.

Here are some pictures from around the venue and the attendees:

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Sunday Apr 05, 2009

GlassFish at San Francisco Java Users Group - May 12th, 2009

Are you living in the San Francisco Bay Area and like to hear all the craze around GlassFish ?

Jan Luehe (from the GlassFish Webtier team) and Roberto Chinnici (Java EE 6 specification lead) will be speaking on May 12th at the San Francisco JUG meetup. So get ready to drink from the firehose :)

There will be pizza, refreshments, book giveaways and other interesting goodies!

Click on the map below for directions:

Complete details about the event here, make sure to RSVP!

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Sunday Nov 16, 2008

GlassFish @ JavaMUG - Trip Report

Presented on GlassFish at Java MUG last week. The event is hosted at Sun's North Dallas Office. It was impressive to know that local Sun team is hosting 4 User Groups (MySQL, Solaris, and OpenSolaris other than the JUG) in a month.

The evening started around 6pm when the attendees started showing up for socializing over Pizza and Soda. The JUG started with a brief introduction by Eric Weibust - the JUG leader. The community leaders from Spring User Group, Dallas Rules Group, and SOA Users Group then gave an update in their user groups.

After the sponsor's pitch, I explained What/Why/How of GlassFish. The slides are available here. It was pretty exciting when 100% of attendees have heard about GlassFish. A few of them are using it for development as well and now we need to work on getting some production deployments there :)

The demos showed in the talk can be accessed at:
Here are some pictures:

And then the complete album:

Thanks for showing up and listening about GlassFish. I'm catching up on email and will start responding to the requests from JUG attendees!

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