Sunday Nov 04, 2012

JMaghreb 2012 Trip Report

JMaghreb is the inaugural Java conference organized by Morocco JUG. It is the biggest Java conference in Maghreb (5 countries in North West Africa).

Oracle was the exclusive platinum sponsor with several others. The registrations had to be closed at 1412 for the free conference and several folks were already on the waiting list. Rabat with 531 registrations and Casablanca with 426 were the top cities. Some statistics ...
  • 850+ attendees over 2 days, 500+ every day
  • 30 sessions were delivered by 18 speakers from 10 different countries
  • 10 sessions in French and 20 in English
    • 6 of the speakers spoke at JavaOne 2012
    • 8 will be at Devoxx
  • Attendees from 5 different countries and 57 cities in Morocco
  • 40.9% qualified them as professional and rest as students
  • Topics ranged from HTML5, Java EE 7, ADF, JavaFX, MySQL, JCP, Vaadin, Android, Community, JCP
  • Java EE 6 hands-on lab was sold out within 7 minutes and JavaFX in 12 minutes
I gave the keynote along with Simon Ritter which was basically a recap of the Strategy and Technical keynotes presented at JavaOne 2012. An informal survey during the keynote showed the following numbers:
  • 25% using NetBeans, 90% on Eclipse, 3 on JDeveloper, 1 on IntelliJ
  • About 10 subscribers to free online Java magazine. This digital magazine is a comprehensive source of information for everything Java - subscribe for free!!
  • About 10-15% using Java SE 7. Download JDK 7 and get started today! Even JDK 8 builds have been available for a while now.
My second talk explained the core concepts of WebSocket and how JSR 356 is providing a standard API to build WebSocket-driven applications in Java EE 7. TOTD #183 explains how you can easily get started with WebSocket in GlassFish 4. The complete slide deck is available:

Next day started with a community keynote by Sonya Barry. Some of us live the life of JCP, JSR, EG, EC, RI, etc every day, but not every body is. To address that, Sonya prepared an excellent introductory presentation providing an explanation of these terms and how infrastructure supports Java development.

The registration for the lab showed there is a definite demand for these technologies in this part of the world. I delivered the Java EE 6 hands-on lab to a packed room of about 120 attendees. Most of the attendees were able to progress and follow the lab instructions. Some of the attendees did not have a laptop but were taking extensive notes on paper notepads. Several attendees were already using Java EE 6 in their projects and typically they are the ones asking deep dive questions. Also gave out three copies of my recently released Java EE 6 Pocket Guide and new GlassFish t-shirts. Definitely feels happy to coach ~120 more Java developers learn standards-based enterprise Java programming.

I also participated in a JCP BoF along with Werner, Sonya, and Badr. Adotp-a-JSR, infrastructure, how to file a JSR, what is an RI, and other similar topics were discussed in a candid manner.

You can follow @JMaghrebConf or check out their facebook page. published a timely conversation with Badr El Houari - the fearless leader of the Morocco JUG team. Did you know that Morocco JUG stood for JCP EC elections (ADD LINK) ? Even though they did not get elected but did fairly well.

Now some sample tweets from #JMaghreb ...

#JMaghreb is over. Impressive for a first edition! Thanks @badrelhouari and all the @MoroccoJUG team !
Since you @speakjava : System.out.println("Thank you so much dear Tech Evangelist ! The JavaFX was pretty amazing !!! "); #JMaghreb
@YounesVendetta @arungupta @JMaghrebConf Right ! hope he will be back to morocco again and again .. :)
@Alji_ @arungupta @JMaghrebConf That dude is a genius ;) Put it on your wall :p
@arungupta rocking Java EE 6 at @JMaghrebConf #Java #JavaEE #JMaghreb
@sonyabarry you are an awesome speaker ;-)
#JMaghreb rich more than 550 attendees in day one. Expecting more tomorrow!
ongratulations @badrelhouari the organisation was great! The talks were pretty interesting, and the turnout was surprising at #JMaghreb!
#JMaghreb is truly awesome... The speakers are unbelievable !
#JavaFX... Just amazing #JMaghreb
Charmed by the talk about #javaFX ( nodes architecture, MVC, Lazy loading, binding... ) gotta start using it intead of SWT. #JMaghreb
JavaFX is killing JFreeChart. It supports Charts a lot of kind of them ... #JMaghreb
The british man is back #JMaghreb I do like him!!
#JMaghreb @arungupta rocking @JMaghrebConf.
@arungupta Great talk about the future of Java EE (JEE 7 & JEE 8) Thank you. #JMaghreb
JEE7 more mooore power , leeess less code !! #JMaghreb
They are simplifying the existing API for Java Message Service 2.0 #JMaghreb good to know , the more the code is simplified the better !
The Glassdoor guy #arungupta is doing it RIGHT ! #JMaghreb
Great presentation of The Future of the Java Platform: Java EE 7, Java SE 8 & Beyond #jMaghreb
@arungupta is a great Guy apparently #JMaghreb

On a personal front, the hotel (Soiftel Jardin des Roses) was pretty nice and the location was perfect. There was a 1.8 mile loop dirt trail right next to it so I managed to squeeze some runs before my upcoming marathon. Also enjoyed some great Moroccan cuisine - Couscous, Tajine, mint tea, and moroccan salad. Visit to Kasbah of the Udayas, Hassan II (one of the tallest mosque in the world), and eating in a restaurant in a kasbah are some of the exciting local experiences.

Now some pictures from the event (and around the city) ...

And the complete album:

Many thanks to Badr, Faisal, and rest of the team for organizing a great conference. They are already thinking about how to improve the content, logisitics, and flow for the next year. I'm certainly looking forward to JMaghreb 2.0 :-)

Sunday Apr 22, 2012

Chennai Java Summit 2012 Trip Report

I attended my first Chennai Java Summit last weekend. The one-day conference had two parallel tracks. The conference was organized as part of AIOUG (All India Oracle User Group) and so there was a parallel track covering Oracle technologies as well. Nagaraj Paduvare from Oracle talked about what User Groups. The title of the presentation "User Groups - Are you a member yet ?" clearly conveyed the urge for the community to join the local User Groups - be it Java . Oracle's vision is to promote a world-class user group community where community and customers realize outstanding value from participation and experience constant and healthy dialogue with one another and Oracle at all levels. There are 870+ independent Oracle user groups related by interests and location. You can find all the information about them at

I gave two presentations and the slides are available.

There were about 40+ attendees in this talk. Some of the audience were not even aware of Java EE 6 so I started the talk with a NetBeans-driven introduction to the platform. A more comprehensive video of Java EE 6 tooling with NetBeans is available at screencast #36. The screencast #37 covers the same with Eclipse. And then I explained how Java EE 7 platform is embracing cloud by providing support for  dynamic service provisioning, metrics-driven elasticity, and multi-tenancy. Its important to remember that Java EE 7 will offer lot more than cloud as several specifications such as Java Message Service 2.0, Java API for RESTful Web Service 2.0, and Expression Language 3.0. Several other specifications are getting a minor update as well. You can get all the latest updates at

The demonstration of taking a Java EE 6 application and deploying it to GlassFish 4 showing service provisioning hit the point home. The complete instructions to download and build the sample are available at

This talk gave a brief overview of REST Architecture, how JAX-RS provides support for RESTful Web services, and a complete overview of the new features coming in JAX-RS 2.0. I also demonstrated how NetBeans wizards make life simple for generating RESTful Web services from JPA Entity classes. The working JAX-RS 2.0 sample codes convey the point that an early implementation is already available. You can get all the latest updates at

It was certainly good to spend some time with Venkat Subramaniam and Scott Davis.

On a personal side, I enjoyed Dal-Baati-Churma at a Rajasthani restaurant in the hotel. For me, enjoying the local cuisine is definitely one of the joys of staying in India. However the humidity was very high and so that prevented me from running in the morning. In times like this, the Spartacus Workout from Men's Health Magazine has been really helping me recently. If you have not tried this workout, you must!

Here are some pictures captured from the event:

And the complete video album:

Thank you Raj Mahendra for holding the Java flag strong and leading the community in Chennai. Only Bangalore, Nagpur, Chennai, and Pune has an active JUG. The JUG community in India is in its infancy and I hope more cities start planning activities like this.

Next stop JavaOne India ...

Monday Feb 06, 2012

Java EE 6 and 7 at JUGICE, Iceland, JFokus 2012, and Umeå JUG, Sweden

After an easy January month, the conference circuit is starting with a tour of the Nordics.

What ? Java EE 6 hands-on workshop
Date ? Saturday, Feb 11, 2012
Time ? 9am - 1pm
Where ? Reykjavik University, Fönix (m-105)
Register ?
Prep work: Download and Install NetBeans 7.0.1 or later ("All" version) from, JDK 6 latest update from
Twitter: @JUGICE

What ? Java EE 6 hands-on workshop (Feb 13, 9am), PaaSing a Java EE Application (Feb 15, 9am), Java EE 7: Developing for the Cloud (Feb 15, 1pm)
Date ? Monday - Wednesday, Feb 13 - 15, 2012
Time ? All Day
Where ? Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center, Sweden
Register ? (almost sold out, register quick)
Prep work: (For hands-on workshop only) Download and Install NetBeans 7.0.1 or later ("All" version) from, JDK 6 latest update from
Twitter: @jfokus

Check out my reports from JFokus 2011.

What ? Java EE 6 hands-on workshop
Date ? Thursday, Feb 16, 2012
Time ? 6pm
Where ? Umeå University (Triple-Helix), Umeå, Sweden
Register ? Just show up
Prep work: Download and Install NetBeans 7.0.1 or later ("All" version) from, JDK 6 latest update from

Where will I meet or run with you ? :)

Wednesday Feb 01, 2012

Java EE 6 pulled crowd at Austin JUG

I delivered a NetBeans-driven Java EE 6 session to about 80+ attendees at the Austin JUG yesterday. The session built a typical three-tier Web application using the new/updated technologies in the Java EE 6 platform. I was told this is one of the largest attendance seen at the JUG in recent months. Java EE 6 is indeed a crowd puller ;-)

Rob Ratcliff, the JUG leader, started with a great overview of "Whats new in Java" covering recent JDK update releases, Java FX 2.1 Developer Preview for Mac and Linux, Java EE 6 and WebLogic 12c, NetBeans 7.1 and other stuff. His complete slides are available here. I was fortunate to speak at the JUG because an informal survey of the attendees showed that nobody attends (or plan to attend) a conference in the coming months.

During my session, the highly interactive attendees learned about NetBeans wizard-driven Java EE 6 application development. Here are some of the features that were demonstrated in the talk:
  • Improvements in Java Persistence API
  • "web.xml"-free and annotation-driven Servlets
  • Simplified packaging of EJBs in a WAR file, no-interface and single file definition of EJB
  • Session preservation across redeploys
  • Facelets (XHTML/CSS) as templating language for JavaServer Faes to achieve true MVC
  • Integration of Bean Validation with JPA and JSF
  • Typesafe dependency injection and Producer/Observer of events using CDI
  • RESTful resources using JAX-RS

The application was built using NetBeans and deployed on GlassFish. This same application can be easily deployed on WebLogic 12c as well since it is full Java EE 6-compliant as well now. The complete instructions for NetBeans/GlassFish are available here and same instructions for NetBeans/WebLogic will be made available shortly as well.

The session ran almost 45 minutes beyond the scheduled time with most of the attendees staying late and asking questions. The feedback from the attendees was very positive. One of them was even starting a new project using NetBeans + Java EE 6 + GlassFish next week so this talk was directly relevant. Also found another attendee using GlassFish for development and WebLogic for deployment for their Java EE 6 application. Rob used GlassFish for an internal US Military project and has been deployed for more than 2 years with nearly zero maintenance.

Check out some pictures from the JUG visit ...

A tweet like the one below definitely make the quick trip worth it ...

The formal JUG session was followed by a beer-a-thon (lemonade-a-thon for me ;-) at BJs.

Some interesting facts about Austin ...
  • Michael Dell (chairman and CEO of Dell) lives in Austin, Dell worldwide headquarters are in Austin.
  • Lance Armstrong is from Austin.
  • Sandra Bullock, Matthew McConaughey, and Brad Pitt has homes in Austin.
  • Whole Foods chain started and headquartered in Austin. I was lucky enough to squeeze time out for a lunch with a colleague at one of their stores in this less-than-24-hour visit to Austin.
  • Keep Austin Weird
Download the NetBeans/GlassFish instructions and let us know how you are using Java EE 6.

Next stop is Reykjavik (Iceland), Stockholm (Sweden) and Umeå (Sweden), more on that later ...

Monday Jan 30, 2012

Java EE 6 Hands-on lab at Austin JUG Tomorrow

Want to learn how Java EE 6 drastically reduces the amount of code to be written and still improves your productivity for build a Web application ?

Simple, ease-of-use, extensible, light-weight are some of the terms very commonly associated with Java EE 6. In a two hour interactive session at Austin JUG tomorrow, learn how NetBeans, GlassFish, and MySQL provide a killer threesome for building your enterprise and Web applications.

When ?   Jan 31, 2012, 6:30 - 9pm
Where ?   Li'l Tex Auditorium, Commons Building (#137), University of Texas J. J. Pickle Research Campus

Be there at 6:30pm for the pizza as the session will start promptly at 7pm. And I'd like to share all the goodness with you.

And let me know if you'll be interested in running together on Wednesday morning.

Tuesday Oct 04, 2011

DEMOGrounds, JBoss Party, GlassFish BoF, and Java Champions/JUG Leaders Dinner @ JavaOne 2011

Here are some tweets seen on #javaone11 today ...

#JAVAONE11 day one was great! Preparing for day two. Very curious about the contents of the strategy keynote, which starts in about an hour!
IBM, Red Hat, and Intel folks now on stage #javaone11 > "we're competitors but Java requires collaboration for comparability"
Head is spinning right now. Java on iOS. Twitter in the JCP. Wow.
Looks like #JavaOne11 is rocking this year. Wish I was there, but am sure my wife is having a great time.
Another great #javaone11 day is coming to an end. See you tomorrow in my 2.5 talks - or a hallway conversation. Enjoy J1!
So sad more than half of the javaone is already over #javaone11
Ready for the last BOF at #Javaone11 Too bad they don't continue tomorrow.
Just heard a #javaone11 attendee say the conference this year is the woodstock for #java developers. wOOt wOOt

Over all much more positive vibes all across.

Enjoy some pictures from earlier today ...

And now some pictures from the Java Champions and JUG Leaders dinner ...

And the evolving album so far ...

Sunday Oct 02, 2011

Java Champions and JUG Leaders Brunch Pics @ JavaOne 2011

And the evolving album for JavaOne 2011 so far:

Sunday Jun 12, 2011

Greenville JUG and SELF 2011 Trip Report

South Carolina, aka The Palmetto State, was one of the original 13 colonies that formed the basis of the United States of America. I had the opportunity to present at one of their JUGs and a local Linux conference.

Greenville JUG started in 2002 and has about 120 members. Even though the audience is small but the passion, interactivity, and maturity of audience was immense. The JUG offer free Java certification training bootcamp on a regular basis. So you get trained for free and pay only for the certification. The JUG is always looking for speakers and sponsors. So if you are in neighborhood and would like to talk then send an email to John Yeary - the fearless JUG leader.

At the JUG meeting, I gave a 3 hour session explaining the key benefits of Java EE 6 using NetBeans and GlassFish. The talk started with explaining the key themes of Java E 6: light-weight, ease-of-use, and extensibility. And then rest of the talk was NetBeans-driven showing Servlets 3.0, JPA 2.0, EJB 3.1, JSF 2.0, CDI 1.0, JAX-RS 1.1, and other Java EE 6 technologies. The code built during the meeting can be downloaded here.

Here are some pictures from the meetup:

Several folks stopped by after the JUG meeting saying that they enjoyed the content. I met some folks from the JUG meetup at the conference next day and we talked about only some pieces of Java EE 6 (such as JPA or JSF) can be used and then slowly migrate to the over all stack as well.

South East Linux Fest (SELF) is an annual community event focused on Linux and Open Source Software. SELF 2011 was the third such event and there were several sessions on Ubuntu, Drupal, Puppet, Open source cloud, Contribution to OSS, Fossilizing your code, and other similar topics.

Oracle was a gold sponsor this year and I gave a talk on "Java EE 6 Hackathon using NetBeans and GlassFish". The code built during the preso can be downloaded here. Unlike the JUG, I also gave an introduction to Oracle's several open source efforts including but not restricting to OpenJDK, NetBeans, GlassFish, MySQL, and VirtualBox.

The exact attendance figures for the conference are not known yet but about 1000 attendees registered. Check out some pictures from the event:

Thank you John Yeary - a man with multiple talents and a local champion in the community. He invited me to the JUG and SELF and coordinated my visit. I found it interesting that his kitty is named "Java" and its the coffee, not the platform :-) In all our driving around together (in the lightning and downpour typical in this area) I heard some interesting stories from his ex-Navy and merchant marine background on how once he lied down on an explosive to save the life of others. John also happen to have a license to operate an unlimited horsepower machinery, power plant, and even a nuclear power plant. What a nice gentleman and a great host ... thank you John!

On a personal front, I managed to sneak a couple of runs at the Palmetto Trail. And I totally enjoyed the southern accent and hospitality :-)

And as always, the complete album ...

I'm a United 1K with this trip and the next stop is Brazeeeel!

Friday Jun 10, 2011

Cloud Expo East and New York City Java Meetup Trip Report

7000+ delegates and 200+ sponsors/exhibitors made the Cloud Expo 2011, New York City yet another successful conference by SYS-CON. I gave a talk on "Running your Java EE applications in the Cloud" and highlighted:

  • How Java EE 6 light-weight nature is ideal for cloud development/deployment
  • Show how to deploy a typical 3-tier Java EE application in Amazon, Rightscale, Joyent, and Azure
  • Why Weblogic is ideally suited for enterprises for cloud deployments
  • How Java EE 7 is evolving to provide a standards-based PaaS deployment platform

The slides are available below:

There were about 30+ attendees in the talk and some of them were GlassFish customers and several Weblogic customers. So they both, and others, found out how the two application servers from Oracle are relevant for the cloud deployment.

Check out some pictures from the expo and around the city:

It was good to catch up with Jeff and Justin and enjoy couple of evenings together!

The next day I presented at New York City Java Meetup and explained the key features of Java EE 6 and GlassFish using live coding sessions with NetBeans. There were about 50+ attendees (in and out) at the highly interactive session.

Here is some feedback captured after the event:

Arun gave a great presentation on the virtues of JEE6 and NetBeans as well what is to come in future Java releases.

This was a good meet up. Very informative and useful information. The location is excellent.

And some more ...

Excellent presentation.

Pretty good meetup! very informative as alot of the areas that he covered are relevant and "hot" today. I recruit for Java Developers and these days I am routinely asking about experience with IOC/ CDI, Dependency Injection and restless web services. So I walked away feeling that Oracle was working the same market.

Interesting topic well presented.

Another good data point is that the average rating seems to be 4.5 (out of 5) after 14 attendees have rated it. Any feedback on how I can close the gap between 4.5 and 5 would be helpful :-)

The code built during the meetup can be downloaded here.

Here is a photograph from the meetup page:

And a few more that I took:

The venue for the meetup was Barnes & Noble store in the uptown and they did an excellent job of hosting the event. There was ample sugar and drinks for everybody (as you can see in the pictures) and each attendee even got a $15 gift card. The company is is making major investments in their eCommerce platform and digital products (i.e. Nook, Cloud Computing, Mobile apps). Java/J2EE is being used heavily throughout their environment. Opportunities exist for Engineers, Architects and Team Leads in their NYC and Palo Alto offices. If you are interested an informational conversation about technical careers and what's going on at, contact Jason Greenhouse @ I chatted with their CTO and VP of Engineering and hopefully will have some followup meetings to coach them more about the benefits of Java EE 6 :-)

Thank you Dario for providing me with an opportunity to talk about the "ultimate threesome" (Java EE 6 + GlassFish + NetBeans) to your meetup community!

On a personal front, I just could not miss the opportunity to grab couple of shorts runs in the Central Park:

There is no dearth of motivation there, tons of runners and in both directions. It was quite an enjoyable experience and matches well with the sedentary nature of my job ;-) If you are in the New York City during spring/summer time, make sure to plan an early morning run through Central Park and you will not regret it!

And as always, check out the complete photo album at:

Thursday Jun 02, 2011

Cloud Computing Expo, New York City Java Meetup, SELF, Greenville JUG: Java EE 6 & GlassFish next week

Java EE 6 & GlassFish is swimming to New York City and South Carolina next week. Here is the schedule:

Running your Java EE 6 applications in the Cloud - Tuesday, Jun 7, 6:25pm
Schedule, Register

Learn Java EE 6 in a NetBeans-driven session
- Wednesday, Jun 8, 6:30pm

Java EE 6: More power with less code using NetBeans and GlassFish - Thursday, Jun 9, 6:30pm onwards

Java EE 6 Hackathon using NetBeans and GlassFish - Sunday Jun 12, 2011
Schedule (PDF), Venue, Register!

Where will I see you ? Or run with you ? :-)


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