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JFall 2011 Trip Report

JFall is an annual conference organized by NLJUG, the Dutch Java Users Group.

The very first conference organized by NLJUG was JFall 2004. At that time, 7 years back, Simon Phipps talk about Java 5 and Adam Bien talking about Service Oriented Architectures with Beehive. Its amazing to see that the slides are linked from the web page and, more interestingly, still accessible :-) This is the case for all the subsequent years as well starting with 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. They've also organized JSpring for some years in between.

The conference is free for NLJUG members after they've paid their annual subscription of 37.50 Euros. The membership also pays for several workshops and events across the country through out the year, a quarterly Java magazine, and a chance to schmooze with the best of Java in Netherlands.

This year, Oracle was the main sponsor and the conference had 2 keynotes, 30 sessions, 4 hands-on labs, 42 speakers, and 1000+ attendees. As in the previous years, the attendance had to be capped at 1000 so that the members are not charged to attend the conference. But NLJUG may have to reasses it with the rapidly expanding Java ecosystem. The growing number of conferences in Europe (Devoxx, JFokus, Java2Days, 33rd Degree, JAX London, W-JAX, Oredev, GOTO, Scandinavian Developer Conference) and with most of them going packed, going commercial will allow JFall to move to a bigger venue and accommodate more attendees as well. But that's always a delicate balance :-)

Half of the sessions from the conference are recorded and will be published on later this month.

I gave a talk on "The Java EE 7 Platform: Developing for the Cloud" providing details on how Java EE will provide a standards-based PaaS platform. The talk had about 500 attendees and the slides are available:

The talk showed how to deploy a Java EE 6 application using GlassFish 4.0 early builds. The demo can also be seen at:

Complete instructions to reproduce the demo are available here.

One of my favorite talk from the conference was "Migrating Spring to Java EE 6" by Paul Bakker. The talk was very real with pragmatic approach on how to migrate your Spring applications to Java EE 6. Like others, this talk was recorded and will be released on Other than that the speakers' dinner with Bert Ertman, Bert Breeman, Klaasjan Tukker, Michael Heutterman, Stephan Janssen, Steve Wilson, Tomas Nilsson, Michael Heinrichs, and others was fun.

Klaasjan, finally, showed me speaker evaluations from 2009 and was happy to see that the overall scores were the second highest for me. Its always nice to know that attendees like the structure and technical depth of the presentation. Looking forward to evaluations for this year now!

The conference venue was in Regardz Van Ampt, Nijkerk with nice biking and running trails all around. I just could not miss this chance and ran a quick about-5 miler:

Bert Ertman also hooked me up with HAN University, Arnhem. I gave a code-driven Java EE 6 workshop using NetBeans and GlassFish to about 50 Computer Science students and several faculty members. The students are about to start a 6 month project and hopefully some of them will use Java EE 6. The audience was very interactive making the overall delivery very interesting. The instructions to reproduce the code are available here.

Arnhem has Sonsbeek Park which had beautiful fall colors and has great running trails too. Fortunately, the park was very close to the hotel and so I managed to sneek another run:

Here are a few pictures captured from the event and related visits:

And the complete album here:

Thank you NLJUG for giving me an opportunity to speak to Dutch audience, looking forward to my presentation next year!

Next stop is Oredev, back home for a close wedding, Devoxx, OTN Developer Days in Portugal, and final stop JavaOne Brazil for this year!

Wednesday Oct 26, 2011

JAX London, JFall, Oredev, Devoxx, OTN Developer Day (Lisbon), JavaOne Latin America: Java EE and GlassFish coming closer to you

The conference circuit starts this Sunday with London, and then goes to Holland, Sweden, Belgium, Portugal, and concluding with Latin America later this year. Yes, I'll be home for a few days in between ;-)

Check out the complete Java EE day at JAX London on Nov 1:

JFall is the annual conference organized by NLJUG and here is the list of Oracle sessions:
Stephen Chin is also giving three back-to-back Java FX 2.0 hands-on lab sessions for a total immersion.

Most of the sessions are in Dutch and Migrating Spring to Java EE 6 by Paul Bakker would be an interesting one.

Here are the sessions that I'll be giving at Oredev (Nov 7 - 11):
And the keynotes and evening activities are certainly very exciting!

A whole bunch of Oracle sessions at Devoxx 2011(Nov 14-18):
It took 10 years for Devoxx to let me participate ... thank you Stephan ;-)

OTN Developer Day Enterprise Java (Nov 18) is coming to Lisbon, Portugal with Java EE 6 and Java EE 7, NetBeans, GlassFish and everything around standards-based enterprise Java. Agenda is still a work on progress but strap your seatbelts as we will share tons of exciting content with you.

JavaOne Latin America (Dec 6-8) will have four conference tracks:
The exact schedule is still being worked upon JavaOne Latin America is going to be bigger and better based upon the list of submissions and the changes that are coming. Stay tuned ...

Where will I see or run with you ?

Wednesday Nov 11, 2009

JFall 2009 Trip Report

Attended and presented at my first NLJUG's JFall conference earlier today.

NLJUG is the Java User Group of Netherlands. It's a non-profit organization that try to get out the maximum out of content sharing with all of its members. An annual subscription to the JUG is 35.50 Euros and allows the members to attend its two annual conferences - JSpring and JFall and also provide a year long subscription to a local Java magazine.

The conference itself started with 200 attendees in 2004 and has grown up to 1250 attendees last year. This year they had to cap the limit at 1000 because of the cost control measures. NLJUG rely upon subscriptions from business partners for funding and in turn profile them within the Dutch community and offer them high-bandwidth networking opportunities at conferences like this. If you are interested in being their partner, send an email to

This year, the selection committee had to review 100+ submissions to pick the top 32 sessions and 2 hands-on-labs sessions. The conference focus has certainly expanded from Java language to the Java platform and had a few talks even on Scala, Android, and HTML 5.

The slides from my "Java EE 6 and GlassFish v3: Paving the path for future" are available below:

Several demos shown (or not because of time shortage) during the talk are available at:

  • TOTD #91: Applying Servlet 3.0 "web-fragment.xml" to Apache Wicket
  • TOTD #101: Applying Servlet 3.0 "web-fragment.xml" to Lift
  • TOTD #95: EJB 3.1 Simplified packaging
  • TOTD #93: Getting started with GlassFish v3 and NetBeans 6.8: Simple Servlet 3.0 + JPA 2.0 app
  • TOTD #94: JSF 2.0 + JPA 2.0 application using GlassFish v3 and NetBeans 6.8
  • TOTD #81: Getting Started with Servlet 3.0 using NetBeans 6.x
  • TOTD #102: Java EE 6 wizards (Servlet 3.0 and EJB 3.1) in Eclipse
  • Session preservation & Deploy-on-save using NetBeans and Eclipse
  • Screencast #26: Deploy, Run, Debug Rails applications using NetBeans and GlassFish

Most of the English-speaking sessions are by Sun speakers so could not attend other sessions that I wanted to.

Here are some pictures from the event:

It was certainly a pleasure to meet Bert Ertman, Klaasjan Tukker, Bert Breeman and other folks involved behind NLJUG and JFall 2009. The complete photo album is available:

Now to Rome for delivering an all-day GlassFish workshop at a partner's location. And then finally home ... phew!

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Tuesday Nov 10, 2009

Running in Bussum, The Netherlands

JFall 2009 is organized in the beautiful city of Bussum, The Netherlands - a 20 minutes train ride from Amsterdam. I checked into the hotel yesterday and, as always, found a good running trail right by the hotel.

Here is the clickable map if you are interested:

It took about 36 minutes to complete this 4.1 miles route because of two reasons. Firstly I was enjoying the landscape, color of fall trees and the typical architecture of homes on the trail. And secondly I kinda got lost and it started becoming dark ...  but anyway managed back to the hotel by asking around.

Even though Dutch is the primary language but everybody (at least every one I talked to) speaks English so language was not an issue :-)

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Thursday Nov 05, 2009

Java EE 6 & GlassFish v3 swimming to Amsterdam - JFall 2009

JFall is the annual conference of NL JUG - the 11 year old JUG of Netherlands. This year its happening on Nov 11 at SPANT!

I'll be speaking on Java EE 6 & GlassFish v3 (14:20 - 15:10) there and have lots of cool demos to show through out the talk. And also stay tuned for a brand new demo that shows JavaFX and GlassFish v3 integration.

With over 1000 attendees, the conference is already sold out so if you have not registered yet then you have to wait until next year :)

Here is the list of several Sun sessions:

Here are the sessions that I'd like to attend:

Most of the sessions are in Dutch so may have to fall back on English speaking sessions :(

Here are some quick data points ...

Also trying to arrange a slot in the local Amsterdam Ruby Meetup to talk about JRuby/Rails/GlassFish, lets see if it works out. Otherwise we might somewhere in the hotel lobby :)

And as always, I'm looking for running trails in Amsterdam & Bussum. Any body interested in running together ?

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