Wednesday Jan 25, 2012

JavaOne Tokyo, Moscow, and India 2012 - Save the Date

JavaOne Tokyo (Japan)
Date: April 4-5, 2012
Location: Academy Hills, 49F, Roppongi Tokyo
Website: Japanese, English

JavaOne Moscow (Russia)
Date: April 17-18, 2012
Location: Crocus Expo, International Exhibition Center
Website: TBD

JavaOne Hyderabad (India)
Date: May 3-4, 2012
Location: Hyderabad International Convention Center
Website: TBD

In the meanwhile, you can watch keynotes and interviews from JavaOne San Francisco, download PDFs of technical sessions or watch select sessions and birds-of-feather sessions on

And JavaOne San Francisco 2012 is scheduled for Sep 30 - Oct 4, 2012. Register now before March 30th for a $600 savings.

Monday Dec 12, 2011

JavaOne Latin America 2011: A Great combination of Geeky + Fun

JavaOne Latin America concluded last week. The Java EE team delivered the technical keynote, several sessions, a hands-on lab, dinner with the Java EE hornblowers, attended good booth traffic, and had numerous hallway conversations.

The keynote on the first day sharing the overall stratategy for Java SE, Java EE, Java ME, and Java FX. The technical keynotes on the second day provided more details on each of these technologies with extensive product demonstrations for each one of them. Check out Geertjan's blog explaining an end-to-end demonstration using Java FX -> Java EE -> GlassFish -> MySQL.

The community keynote on the third day was organized by Bruno Souza and Fabiane Nardon. There were very little slides and mostly demos and interaction with other community folks. A complete replay of the community keynote is available here. I was fortunate to be included as part of this fun keynote. Vinicius demonstrated how jHome (a Duke's Choice Award winner) can be used to open up a website driven by my heart beat. Watch the video below (in Portuguese):

jHome certainly has very far-reaching implications. Imagine a doctor being able to monitor your heartbeat remotely or use it for beer mashing ;) Their next stop is JFokus, Feb 14, 2012.

The Brazilian chapter of jDuchess was also launched by Yara, Ana Abrantes, and Loiane Groner as part of the keynote. Follow @jDuchessBR or like for more details.

Another fun part when the Odwalla bars left over from the Geek Bike Ride were distributed during the keynote, proud to be an Odwalla ambassador!

An earlier blog on the Geek Bike Ride provide more details about a fun bike ride with several local Java geeks. The Java Spotlight Podcast episode #60 also covers an interview with Yara and Vinicius Senger on Global Code's 10th anniversary.

There is definitely a strong interest for Java EE in Latin America as all the sessions were completely packed. The JAX-RS 2.0 session was even moved to a much bigger room. The complete set of Java EE slides presented by Oracle speakers are given below:

Adam, John, and I also delivered a hands-on lab on "Develop, Deploy, and Monitor a Java EE 6 Application with Clustered GlassFish 3.1". The packed room with about 40 attendees learned:
  • Walk through and deploy a typical Java EE 6 application using NetBeans and GlassFish.
  • Create a two-instance GlassFish cluster and front end with a Web server and a load balancer.
  • Demonstrate session replication when one of the instances fails.
  • Use the extensible monitoring infrastructure to generate application-specific monitoring data.

Most of the attendees were able to complete the lab. The complete lab instructions are available.

Also check out a video with Fabiane Nardon talking about zero downtime with Java EE and amazing performance using GlassFish:

Check out some pictures from the last day ...

And check out the complete album ...

More pictures from Loiane Groner and Marcleo Quinta.

And finally leaving you with some tweets seen on #javaonebrasil ...

Best java conference in Brazil!
JavaOne Latin America - Brazil is the most cool conference I ever attended! Great job Oracle, and thanks for everything!
#javaonebrasil foi MARAVILHOSO! A comunidade brasileira fechou o evento com chave de ouro! #fb (translated to " #javaonebrasil was WONDERFUL! The Brazilian community closed the event with a golden key! # fb"

Thank you Latin America for yet another wonderful JavaOne!

GlassFish Partner Showcase: Logicstyle talking about Java EE 6 and future - in English and Portuguese

At the recently concluded JavaOne Latin America, I had the opportunity to talk with Juliano Viana from Logicstyle about Java EE 6 and their love for GlassFish. Watch the brief interview (in English) below:

And Loiane Groner graciously helped us record the same video in Portuguese as well:


Thursday Dec 08, 2011

JavaOne Latin America 2011 Pictures

More coming later ...

In the mean while, check out the album ...

Wednesday Dec 07, 2011

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Preview at Oracle Open World/JavaOne Latin America 2011 + Launch Playback

Get a quick preview of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c from Mike Lehmann (Sr Director, Product Management, Fusion Middleware at Oracle) at Oracle Open World/JavaOne Latin America 2011.

What are the main themes of this new release ?
  • Java EE 6 and Developer Productivity
  • Simplified Deployment and Management with Virtualization
  • Integrated Traffic Management
  • Enhanced Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Much Higher Performance
  • Seamless Upgrade

And if you want to learn more about WebLogic 12c then a replay of the online launch event from last week is now available here. It covers 1-hour executive overview by Hasan Rizvi and 1-hour developer deep dive, with several demos, by Will Lyons.

Bits coming soon ...

Monday Dec 05, 2011

Java Geek Bike Ride, Sao Paulo - JavaOne Latin America 2011

The City of Sao Paulo marks one lane exclusively for bikers (the pedal ones ;) on Sundays and national holidays. The 45 km route through the city is served by tons of volunteers providing directions and safety with the traffic in other lanes. The lanes are well marked and is a way to make to promote healthy lifestyle in the city. The ride is mostly flat with one small hill towards the end. Check out CicloFaixa for more details.

Fabiane Nardon and gang used this opportunity to arrange a Geek Bike Ride for the local community to meet JavaOne speakers in an informal setting. Our bike angels Fabiane, Claudio, and Fernando did a fabulous job of keeping the riders together. Claudio not only completed 4000 km on his bike yesterday but is also one of the best know agile speakers in Brazil. I had the opportunity to work with Fernando on the release of the largest local guide deployment in Brazil and he is a sharp guy. And everybody knows Fabiane, a Java Champion, Duke Choice Award winner, entrepreneur, Tools Community Manager, and a lot more.

There were no technology discussions, just pure fun, laughter, and a great workout!

I shared a bunch of Odwalla bars with all the bikers and they were well appreciated. Check out the picture below for the riders getting powered by an Odwalla bar before the ride:

Check out the bike route:

And some pictures ...

Check out lot more pictures at:

Thank you bike angels Fabiane, Claudio, and Fernando for guiding us through the wonderful bike ride. JavaOne San Francisco 2011 had its first community run and now this fun bike ride. Lets see where it goes next :-)

Now, JavaOne Latin America starts tomorrow. There is tons of exciting content there and looking forward to lots of nerdgasms there!

Tuesday Nov 29, 2011

JavaOne Latin America 2011: Keynotes, Sessions, Hands-on Lab, Geek Bike Ride, etc.

After a very successful JavaOne San Francisco, the first JavaOne on the road for 2011 is heading to Latin America next week. There are 59 sessions delivered by several rock star speakers and with 60% sessions delivered by the local community. There are strategy, technical and community keynotes. The community keynote on Thursday will particularly be lot of fun with appearances from Java Champions, JUG leaders, jHome, and several others. Also check out the Exhibitor Floor Plan and don't forget to Register!

The complete session schedule gives an overview for the list of technical sessions and hands-on lab. There are several Java EE, GlassFish, and WebLogic sessions and are highlighted below:

Tuesday, Dec 6
  • Oracle WebLogic Server
  • XML-Free Programming: Java Server and Client Development without <>
  • Java EE Application in Production: Tips and Tricks to achieve zero downtime
  • Web Applications and Wicket Scala on GlassFish and Java EE 6
  • REST and Java best practices, issues and solutions for the Enterprise
  • Building a RESTful Web Application with JAX-RS and Ext JS 4
Wednesday, Dec 7
  • Oracle GlassFish Server in the Virtual World
  • JAX-RS 2.0: What's in JSR 339 ?
  • JSF 343: What's coming in Java Message Service 2.0 ?
  • The Great News of JSF 2.0!
Thursday, Dec 8
  • Servlet 3.1 Update
  • Develop, Deploy, and Monitor a Java EE 6 Application with Clustered GlassFish 3.1
  • Migrating from EJB/SOAP to REST with JAX-RS: The Case of the Central Bank of Brazil
  • GlassFish REST Administration Back End: An Insider look at a real REST Application
  • Scripting and Agile Java EE Applications with Jython

And this is Brazil so a fun element is important. There are the usual Caiprihinas, Churrascaria, late night social dinners, community engagement, and multiple other fun activities. Fabiane Nardon and SOUJava gang are also organizing a Geek Bike Ride on the Sunday (Dec 4th) before JavaOne. The 20k ride (map) starts at 7am and goes through the streets of Sao Paulo. This is an opportunity to meet some of the JavaOne speakers and attendees outside the conference. They've even designed a t-shirt and 32 geeks have signed up so far.

I'm glad my discussion with Fabiane during FISL early this year for arranging this bike ride is finally taking shape! I'm definitely looking forward to it and will be bringing nice fruity Odwalla bars for all the riders. Be there to ride with me and many others :-)

Stay updated by following @oracledobrasil and @javaoneconf.

I'll be there, will you ?

Don't wait and register now!

And in case you are interested in reading about the experience from last year ... it was lot of fun! Just check out a collage of pictures yourself ...

And the complete album at:

Wednesday Nov 02, 2011

GlassFish Customer Stories from JavaOne 2011

Several GlassFish customers presented at the GlassFish Community Event at JavaOne 2011. Their slides + videos are now available:


Wednesday Oct 26, 2011

JAX London, JFall, Oredev, Devoxx, OTN Developer Day (Lisbon), JavaOne Latin America: Java EE and GlassFish coming closer to you

The conference circuit starts this Sunday with London, and then goes to Holland, Sweden, Belgium, Portugal, and concluding with Latin America later this year. Yes, I'll be home for a few days in between ;-)

Check out the complete Java EE day at JAX London on Nov 1:

JFall is the annual conference organized by NLJUG and here is the list of Oracle sessions:
Stephen Chin is also giving three back-to-back Java FX 2.0 hands-on lab sessions for a total immersion.

Most of the sessions are in Dutch and Migrating Spring to Java EE 6 by Paul Bakker would be an interesting one.

Here are the sessions that I'll be giving at Oredev (Nov 7 - 11):
And the keynotes and evening activities are certainly very exciting!

A whole bunch of Oracle sessions at Devoxx 2011(Nov 14-18):
It took 10 years for Devoxx to let me participate ... thank you Stephan ;-)

OTN Developer Day Enterprise Java (Nov 18) is coming to Lisbon, Portugal with Java EE 6 and Java EE 7, NetBeans, GlassFish and everything around standards-based enterprise Java. Agenda is still a work on progress but strap your seatbelts as we will share tons of exciting content with you.

JavaOne Latin America (Dec 6-8) will have four conference tracks:
The exact schedule is still being worked upon JavaOne Latin America is going to be bigger and better based upon the list of submissions and the changes that are coming. Stay tuned ...

Where will I see or run with you ?

Tuesday Oct 11, 2011

JavaOne Latin America 2011 Call for Paper ends Oct 17

With local community driving the paper selection process and over half the speakers from Latin America, the JavaOne Latin America was quite a blast last year. We are giving back to the community more by increasing the percentage of non-Oracle sessions this time. We highly encourage you to submit a session on anything and everything related to Java and share your passion with the conference attendees.

The four tracks are:
  • Core Java Platform
  • Client Side Technologies, and Rich User Experiences
  • Java EE Web Profile, Platform Technologies, Web Services, and the Cloud
  • Java ME, Mobile, Embedded, and Devices
Here are the submission guidelines:
  • Java-related topics (not technologies such as Flex, .NET, Objective C, etc... unless it's specifically a topic about how such things INTEGRATE with Java)
  • Non-product pitches
  • Interesting/innovative uses of Java
  • Practical relevant case studies/examples/practices/etc.
In case you are interested, here are the submission tips from JavaOne San Francisco. Although the content review process may be different but the submission tips are very relevant.

Important dates to remember:
  1. JavaOne Latin America: Dec 6-8, 2011
  2. Call for Paper ends Oct 17, 2011
As an accepted speaker, you get ...
  • A complimentary pass
  • Bragging rights to a JavaOne speaker
What are you waiting for ? Submit your paper now!

If you are not interested in speaking then you can still register as an attendee. Meet the Java luminaries from all over Latin America and help us Move Java Forward :-)

Check out the photo album from 2010 to get a feel for the event from last year:

And make sure you don't miss the fun this year!

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