Tuesday Oct 08, 2013

JavaOne 2013 Conference Report

18th JavaOne concluded a few days ago!

Started with a wet and cold #GeekBikeRide ...

... JUG Leaders and Java Champions brunch ....

... GlassFish Community Event ...

... Strategy and Technical Keynotes ...

... Duke Choice Awards ...

... GlassFish Party ...

... lots of friends from all around the world ...

.. several O'Reilly best-seller Java EE 7 Essentials book signings ...

... lots of Java EE 7 sessions, panels, and EG meetings ...

... couple of sessions on kids and programming ...

... Community Keynote ...

And who all did I meet ...

@myfear, @agoncal, @lincolnthree, @dblevins, @edburns, @fabiovelloso, @emmanuelbernard, @peter_pligrim, @javajuneau, @matthewmccull, @vanriper, @javaclimber, @reginatb38, @stephan007, @danieldeluca, @badrelhouari, @guatejug, @mnriem, @_tamanm, @reza_rahman, @jyeary, @noah_white, @heathervc, @tonyaraemoore, @evanchooly, @maxandersen, @brunoborges, @ingenthr, @javafxpert, @kohsukekawa, @mkheck, @donaldojdk, @venkat_s, @sjmaple, @trisha_gee, @goldstift, @ensode, @delabassee, @johanvos, @atsticks, @pbakker, @sander_mak, @bertertman, @mittie, @adambien, @stuartmarks, @wernerkeil, @yoshioterada, @harshadoak, @hirt, @smeyen, @yarasenger, @vsenger, @brjavaman, @fabianenardon, @maltron, @fguime, @speakjava, @danjavageek, @jj156416, @babadopulos, @chuggid, @webdevwilson, @mike_lehmann, @aa_lopez, @ameliaeiras, @soniazatoreilly, @codename_one, @sharat_chander, @steveonjava, @alexismp, @lightguardjp, @aslakknutsen, @kevin_farnham, @jodastephen, @geertjanw, @acaicedo, @ags313, @eyeseewaters, @briangoetz, @mreinhold, @spericas, @sonyabarry, @terrencebarr, @nivs333, @kittylyst, @robilad, @karianna, @ypoirier, @reza_rahman, @marek_potociar, @shaunsmith, @alexandrajava, @tnis23, @stevengharris, @gsaab, @cpurdy, @alrubinger, @bonbhel, @nilesh_, @anilgaur, @doug_clarke, @sachalabourey, @petrjiricka, @rogerk09, @jitsni, @singh_harpreet, @peppertech, @robc2, @rajivmordani, @vivekpandey, @jclingan, @javaperftuning, @michaelkolling, @cayhorstmann, @aalmiray, @ludoc, @paulsandoz, @bhlynne, @RockCimberT, @frankgreco, @meghanorm, @mullermarian, and many others ...

Here are the different slide decks and github repos ...

  1. CON-4456: Coding Java EE 7: Making Easy even Easier (github repo)
  2. HOL 2147: Java EE 7 Hands-on Lab
  3. CON 3496: Come Play! with Java EE 7 (github repo)
  4. BOF 8012: Teaching Java with Minecraft, Greenfoot, and Scratch
Watch the complete photo album:

And that's a wrap!

Monday Sep 16, 2013

JavaOne 2013: Java EE 7, GlassFish Community Event, Book Signing, Geek Bike Ride, Hallway Track, ...

18th JavaOne is almost here .... literally a few days away now!

5 days
8 tracks
500+ sessions
490+ speakers
70+ exhibitors
Lots of late night parties
All in the beautiful city of San Francisco

Now that is what makes a conference lot of fun and bound to give you a nerdgasm!

If you are still not convinced, here are 25 reasons to attend JavaOne.

There is tons of coverage on the recently released Java EE 7 and GlassFish 4. The FocusOn document provide a comprehensive set of sessions, BoFs, hands-on labs, panels, etc related to Java EE Platform from Oracle, RedHat, IBM, and many others.

This is going to be my 15th JavaOne and this blog has been serving reports/pictures from the conference for past 6 years (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012).

Here is my schedule so far and I would love to meet you before/after my speaking engagements:

Saturday, 9/21
Geek Bike Ride
NetBeans Party

Sunday, 9/22
JUG Leaders and Java Champions Brunch
GlassFish Community Event
Strategy and Technical Keynote
GlassFish Party

Monday, 9/23
OTN Lounge Expert Drop-in
CON4456: Coding Java EE 7: Making Easy Even Easier (co-speaking with Lincoln Baxter III)
Java EE 7 Essentials Book Signing at JavaOne Book Store
JCP Party (including book signing)
8pm JUG Leaders and Java Champions Social Event
Tuesday, 9/24
12:15pm Publishers Seminar
Java EE 7 Essentials Book Signing at O'Reilly Booth
CON4510: Fifty Features of Java EE 7 in 50 Minutes (co-speaking with Antonio Goncalves)
4:30pm BOF 8012: Teaching Java with Minecraft, Greenfoot, and Scratch (co-speaking with Daniel Green)
7:30pm HOL 2147: Java EE 7 Hands-on Lab (co-speaking with Antonio Goncalves, David Delabassee, and Marian Muller)
Wednesday, 9/25
10am CON3431: Introduce Java Programming to Kids (co-speaking with James Weaver)
1pm CON3496: Come and Play! with Java EE 7 (co-speaking with Antonio Goncalves)
2:30pm Java EE 8 Discussions
Thursday, 9/26
CON2406: Java EE 8 and Beyond (mostly observer)

And of course, there is always the hallway track!

Where will I see you ?

Wednesday Apr 17, 2013

Suggestions for Java EE and Cloud Track at JavaOne 2013: CFP ends Apr 23

JavaOne Call for Papers has been extended and now will close on April 23. There are eight tracks to submit your talks:
  • Client and Embedded Development with JavaFX
  • Core Java Platform
  • Edge Computing with Java in Embedded, Smart Card, and IoT applications
  • Emerging Languages and the Java Virtual Machine
  • Securing Java
  • Java Development Tools and Techniques
  • Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies
  • Java Web Services and the Cloud

A complete description of each track is provided here. Five different kind of sessions can be submitted for each track:

  • Conference Session: A 60-minute session presented by Oracle, customers, partners, developers, and/or user group members
  • Panel: A 60-minute session presented in a panel format by multiple speakers consisting of Oracle, customers, partners, developers, and/or user group members
  • Tutorials: A 2 hour speaker led session where the presenter literally show attendees a live "How to" tutorial, and attendees can ask questions to the presenter during this. It doesn't require the attendee to have any equipment whatsoever. Ideally, the attendee should be listening and taking notes.
  • Birds of a Feather (BOFs): A  60-minute session that allows a closer interaction with the speakers and attendees focusing on a particular aspect of technology.
  • Hands-on Lab (HOL): A two-hour hands-on, interactive lab session
We've seen a good response to paper submission so far and really thankful for that!

You've a few more days to submit your talks. As a track co-lead for Java EE and Cloud tracks, here are some talks that I'd like to see there:
  • Anything related to WebSocket, JSON, Concurrency, Batch, HTML5, Persistence, Dependency Injection, Transactions ?
  • Do you have a creative use of Java EE technologies in your applications ?
  • Are you an extreme believer in Java EE and use most of the components for creating world-class applications ?
  • Are you using multiple application servers in your deployment environment ?
  • Do you have any experience of migrating from earlier versions of J2EE to Java EE ? Tutorials here would be nice.
  • Do you want to show value of standards-based application development over proprietary frameworks ?
  • Are you building support for Java EE 7 in your applications already ?
  • Performance, monitoring, testing, development, deployment strategies ?
  • Any other enterprise Java technologies from the ecosystem ?
  • Real case studies on how Java EE helped you deliver on time, within budget, and stay competitive
And now some suggestions for the Cloud track:
  • How are your Java services powering web and cloud ?
  • Anything related to REST/SOAP Web services and design patterns ?
  • How is Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) helping you realize the benefits ?
  • Do you have an interesting deployment topology across your private and public cloud ?
  • Do you have a case study showing why a particular deployment scenario works ?
  • Are you exposing services at IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS layers and share guidelines on them ?
  • How are you simplifying DevOps ?
  • How are you using BigData in development and deployment ?
  • Anything related to NoSQL ? Using a mix of NoSQL and RDBMS ?
Keep the job of Content Review Committe interesting, demanding, and challenging. Submit as many sessions as you can before April 23rd 11:50pm PT.

Read the content review process and tips for submission from 2 years ago to improve your chances of getting a paper selected.

Submit now!

Wednesday Oct 03, 2012

JavaOne 2012 DEMOgrounds, Book Signing, Java Leaders Dinner, and Juggy

Some pictures from the conference ...

And some pictures from the Java Leaders Dinner ..

Some more pictures from the dinner with Juggy ...

And some more pictures ...

And finaly the evolving album ...

Monday Oct 01, 2012

JavaOne 2012 Keynote and GlassFish Party Pictures

Some pictures from the keynote ...

And some pictures from the GlassFish Party ...

And the evolving album ...

Sunday Sep 30, 2012

JavaOne 2012 Pictures - Java Leaders Brunch and GlassFish Community Event

Some pictures from the Java Leaders Brunch ...

And some pictures from the GlassFish Community Event (with 110+ attendees) ...

And the evolving album ...

Saturday Sep 29, 2012

Geek Bike Ride at JavaOne 2012 - Pictures

Following the tradition of JavaOne Latin America 2011, a gorgeous day in San Francisco marked the beginning of JavaOne 2012 with another Geek Bike Ride. About 50 Java developers got together this morning at Fisherman's Wharf and rode a bike along Marina, Crissy Field, Fort Mason, Golden Gate Bridge, and ultimately finishing in Sausalito downtown. This is a beautiful biking trail, mostly flat with a couple of good hills. Some folks even continued to Tiburon for an extra challenge.

Check out map by Blazing Saddles for the exact course. They provide excellent bike rentals and a good service too!

Here are some pictures from the day:

Credits: Yoshio Terada

And check out a video of bikers rolling down the hill:

Credits: Yoshio Terada

Thank you OTN for sponsoring the t-shirts! And Kevin Nilson, fearless leader of Silicon Valley JUG, for hosting the event!

And now to main the conference starting tomorrow!

Here is the evolving album for JavaOne 2012 so far ...

And don't forget, I'm still recruiting runners for the Community Run on Oct 1 at 6:17am PT :-)

Tuesday Sep 11, 2012

25 reasons to attend JavaOne 2012

17th JavaOne is just around the corner, less than 3 weeks away! If you are still thinking about registering for the conference, here are my top 25 reasons to attend the conference:

  1. Biggest gathering of Java geeks in the world
  2. Latest and greatest content with 475 technical sessions/Birds of Feathers/Hands-on labs sessions (about 20% more from last year)
  3. Reduced number of keynotes to accommodate room for more technical content
  4. No product pitches, exclusive focus on technology (I can tell you that from my experience as a track lead)
  5. Sessions are divided in different in-depth technical tracks to focus on Java technology that most interests you
  6. Reruns of several popular sessions
  7. Experts and Practitioners-led HOLs and tutorials
  8. Rock star speakers, panelists, faculties, and instructors.
  9. Meet several Java Champions and JUG leaders from all around the world
  10. Engage with speakers and discuss with fellow developers in a casual setting with lots of networking space
  11. A complete conference dedicated for Java Embedded
  12. Extensive and fast-paced hands-on University Sessions on Sunday, learn while you are at the conference. You can register for Java University only or attend with the conference.
  13. Dukes Choice Awards recognize and celebrate the most innovative usage of the Java platform
  14. DEMOgrounds and Exhibition Hall provide extensive opportunities for networking and engagement with the biggest names in Java (dedicated hours on each day as well)
  15. Dedicated day for Java User Groups and Communities (GlassFish Community Event and NetBeans Community Day)
  16. Multiple registration packages to meet your needs
  17. Pay for 4 full conference passes and get a fifth one free
  18. Students and Bloggers get a free pass
  19. Geek Bike Ride with fellow speakers and attendees in a casual setting
  20. Greenest conference on the plane
  21. Enjoy different cuisines in the San Francisco city, take a trip to Alcatraz or Napa Valley or go running on the crooked street ;-) There are tons of tourist opportunities in/around San Francisco.
  22. Tons of parties during the conference, in the evening, late night, and early mornings. Don't forget Thirsty Bear Party!
  23. Pearl Jam and Kings of Leon at Appreciation Party
  24. Oracle Music Festival at Yerba Buena Gardens
  25. Grab the bragging rights "I have attended JavaOne"!
Learn a new skill, build new connections, conceive a new idea and push the boundaries of Java in the most important educational and networking event of the year for Java developers and enthusiasts.

With so much geekgasm going on during the 5 days of JavaOne, is there a reason for you to wait ?

Register for the conference now!

JavaOne Registration

Grab your buttons, banners, and other collateral at JavaOne Toolkit.

You can also send an email to JavaOneReg@gpj.com. And reach out to us using different social media channels ...

Click Map @JavaOneConf JavaOne LinkedIn blogs.oracle.com/javaone

As a 13 year veteran of the conference, I can tell this is some thing every Java developer must experience!

I will be there, will you ?

Wednesday Mar 14, 2012

JavaOne 2012 CFP Open - Ends April 9

JavaOne 2012 San Francisco is the 17th edition of the premier Java developer conference. The Call For Papers for this conference is now open. The main tracks are:
  • Core Java Platform
  • Development Tools and Techniques
  • Emerging Langauges on the JVM
  • Enterprise Services Architectures and the Cloud
  • Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies
  • Java ME, Java Card, Embedded, and Devices
  • Java FX and Rich User Experiences

What are the key dates ?

Call for Papers Start Mar 14, Wednesday
Call for Papers End 11:59 pm PDT, April 9
Accept/Decline Notifications End of May/Early June
Speakers to Accept Sessions Mid-June

Here is some personal insight into the review process and tips for submissions. Bottom line ...
  • No product/marketing pitches, pure technology talks
  • Make titles catchy
  • Use all the characters for providing details about your session
  • Make sure to submit talks in the appropriate track
More tips here.

This year the conference is happening again at The Zone:

View The Zone - JavaOne Conference Location in a larger map

Here is some of the feedback from last year's JavaOne:

Not only thrill + thunder, but also fun is back! #javaone11
Big thanx to Oracle for this really nice conference...really enjoyed it... #javaone11
JavaOne ended for me at breakfast this morning. Now we're heading home. Great to be a part of such a successful show this year! #javaone11
#FF to all my fellow dev ghat attended #javaone11. Really happy to be part of such a great community.
Good nigth San Francisco, I had a great week at #javaone11 very productive and motivating. Will I ever be back
Sitting at SFO waiting for my plane back. What an amazing #javaone11 lies behind us. Thanks to everybody who made it happen.
Thanks @Sharat_Chander for an excellent #javaone11. Looking forward to many more to come.
#JavaOne11 is a wrap! Great conference and thanks @Oracle for listening to the community for improvements.
last session at #javaone11 #javaone. it was most productive week in this year for me as developer
It would be a great achievement in my dev life if I come back to #javaone11 as a speaker.

Don't you want to be part of this premier Java event ?

What are you waiting for ? Just go ahead and share your passion with rest of the Java community. You can submit a Technical Session, Panel, and Birds-of-Feather. Read more details about submission guidelines.

You've 27 days to submit your talk! Don't wait too long though ;-)

Check out blog reports and pictures from last year.

Stay connected on JavaOne using any of the social media channels:

Don't wait, submit your talk now!

Monday Oct 10, 2011

JavaOne 2011 Slides, Demos, Replays, Hands-on Lab Instructions

JavaOne 2011 is over and it feels much more comfortable to fall back on the normal pace as opposed to tempo running for the days leading up to the conference.  About 160 presentations were recorded and 3 presentations will be released per week on the parleys.com JavaOne 2011 channel (powered by GlassFish) with a first batch of 20 already available. Here are some links for you to check video replays and download slides (including hands-on lab instructions):

Java EE and GlassFish slides presented at the GlassFish Community Event are also available below:


Java EE / GlassFish Strategy and Roadmap slides are next:

We had an excellent set of stories presented by several customers on how they are using GlassFish and what they love about it. These will be shared at blogs.oracle.com/stories soon.

Check out more pictures and tweet-feedback on the community event here.

The slides, instructions, and replays of my different sessions at JavaOne follows.

The complete Technical Keynote replay is available here. The Java EE part starts at 1:01:23 and the Java EE PaaS using GlassFish 4.0 demo starts at 1:09:03. A more detailed video of the demo is shown below:

OTN recorded a brief interview on Java EE and GlassFish and that is available as well:

Stephen Chin and I gave a talk on "XML-Free Programming : Java Server and Client Development without <>".This talk is already available in the first batch at parleys.com and is shown below (with audio + video):

Click on the "Attachments" tab on the bottom-right in parleys.com player to download the slides.

Byron Nevins and I gave a lab on "Develop, Deploy, and Monitor a Java EE 6 Application using GlassFish 3.1 Cluster". The packed room with approx 90 attendees learned:

  • Walk through and deploy a typical Java EE 6 application using NetBeans and GlassFish.

  • Create a two-instance GlassFish cluster and front end with a Web server and a load balancer.

  • Demonstrate session replication when one of the instances fails.

  • Use the extensible monitoring infrastructure to generate application-specific monitoring data.

Some folks were able to complete the lab in about 1:15 minutes by just following the instructions so that gave a good feeling. The proctors in the labs were very effective and helpful. The complete instructions and the source code are available and you can try it yourself as well.


In the Community Keynote, I had the privilege of introducing Vinicius Senger for his Duke's Choice Award for jHome - a complete home automation open-source platform built using Java EE 6 and GlassFish (more details on this in a blog later). In the meanwhile, check out a short interview with OTN:

I also moderated a "CDI: Today and Tomorrow" with star speakers like Pete Muir (Red Hat), Reza Rehman (Caucho), David Blevins (Apache), and Sivakumar Thyagarajan (Oracle). More notes on this coming in a later blog as well.

And it was definitely fun to meet @maltron, @fabianenardon, @stephan007, @pbakker, @BertErtman, @johnyeary, @vanriper, @steveonjava, @javaclimber, @laurelatoreilly, @chuggid, @johanvos, @adambien, @headius, @ekabanov, @javapassion, @IanSkerrett, @brjavaman, @joonaslehtinen, @stevengharris, @SachaLabourey, @myfear, @lucasjellama, @fabiovelloso, @javarebel, @jduchess, @NickSieger, @tom_enebo, @maxkatz, @karianna, @bonbhel, @vsenger, @yarasenger, @jelastic, @jjviana, @nmcl, @jeromepetit, @oriannetisseuil, @trevorreznik, @fabiovelloso, @frankgreco, @mikelevin, @wernerkeil, @plmuir, @alrubinger, @aslakknustsen, @mojavelinux, @shaunabrams, @dblevins, @lincolnthree, @caniszczyk, @grzegorzduda, @metadaddy, @stevewinkler, and several others. A more visual representation of this coming soon as well!

Now I'm 13 JavaOnes old ... how many have you attended ? :-)


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Arun Gupta is a technology enthusiast, a passionate runner, author, and a community guy who works for Oracle Corp.

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