Thursday Dec 17, 2009

IndicThreads Conference 2009 - Trip Report

I attended my first IndicThreads conference, fourth otherwise, in Pune last week.

This local conference fits very well with "Think Globally, Act Locally" theme. The topics were quite varied ranging from Scala, Lift, Google App Engine, Android, GWT, Distributed Scrum, and of course Java EE 6 & GlassFish v3. All the speakers were well versed with the content and the audience was pretty interactive. Keeping global warming into consideration, the conference adopted the theme of  Go Green. The conference setup provided a great opportunity for social networking.

Here are some of the reasons to attend / sponsor IndicThreads:

  • The conference is the oldest independent event in India focused on Java technology.
  • Pune contributed Rs 25,000 crore ($5.3 billion) in 2008-09 in IT exports with an impressive growth of 24%.
  • There are several major companies like Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant, Accenture, Sybase, Tech Mahindra, WebEx based in Pune.
  • October to March is the best time to visit Pune.
  • The city of Pune certainly offers a really fine cuisine, as evident in the images below.

I presented on:

and the slides are available. Unfortunately the graphics card of my MacBook failed the evening before the conference. So I had to rush to Apple Care center and retrieve my presentations from the hard disk. Fortunately that worked and the slides could be used. There are several blog pointers through out the presentation for the demos shown during the talk:

  • NetBeans and Eclipse tooling for Java EE 6 using GlassFish v3
  • GlassFish v3 Administration and REST interface
  • Ruby on Rails, Groovy and Grails, Python and Django deployment on GlassFish v3
  • Develop / Deploy / Debug Rails application using NetBeans and GlassFish v3
  • GlassFish Gem for Rails / Merb / Sinatra / Rack

Get the complete set of presentations at the conference from this playlist:


Sun Microsystems raffled a Sunspot to the winner of "Java and Green" quiz. Here are the questions:

  1. When was the GlassFish community started ? Tick the right answer.

    1. 2004

    2. 2005

    3. 2006

    4. 2007

  2. Which framework is not supported natively by GlassFish ?

    1. Ruby on Rails

    2. Django

    3. Groovy and Grails

    4. Java EE

  3. Which specifications is not new or did not get a major update in Java EE 6.

    1. Context & Dependency Injection

    2. Managed Beans

    3. Servlet 3.0

    4. JAX-WS

  4. What 3 IDEs have support for Java EE 6 ?

  5.  Name 4 HTTP methods that let you perform RESTful Web services.

  6. Sun Microsystems is now a division of Oracle.

    1. True

    2. False

  7. Name 3 “green” initiatives at IndicThreads Conference 09.

  8. When was created?

    1. 2004

    2. 2005

    3. 2006

    4. 2007

  9. The United Nations Climate Change Conference is happening in:

    1. Copenhagen

    2. Belgium

    3. Geneva

Lets see how many can you answer :-) Thanks Aaron Houston for sponsoring the Sunspot.

Watch Harshad Oak, first Java champion in India and founder of the conference, talks about how the conference, intended audience, message to sponsors, and other messages in this short video:

Here are some photographs from the conference:

And here is the complete set of pictures captured by me:

And here is the complete album captured by the conference:

Here are couple of additional reviews of the conference:

Looking forward to participate in this conference next year!

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Wednesday Dec 02, 2009

TOTD #114: How to enable Java Console in Mac OS X, Windows, ... ?

Debugging an applet running with Java plug-in or JNLP application running with Java Web Start in the browser requires the "Java Console" so that debugging messages printed using System.out and System.err can be seen. In Windows, there is a "Show Java Console" menu item in Firefox but clicking it still does not show the console. And this happens because the console window is disabled by default.

However the setting can be easily altered as explained below.

On Mac OS, open "Applications" -> "Utilities" -> "Java Preferences"
On Windows, open "Control Panel" -> "Java"
On any platform, type "javaws -viewer"

Click on the "Advanced" tab to see a window similar to the following on Mac OS X:

And the following on Windows:

Change the "Java Console" setting from "Hide console" to "Show console". Launching your JNLP from the browser next time now will also open the "Java Console" as shown below:

and debugging messages will be nicely printed in the console. Read more about the options displayed in the console here.

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Monday Jan 15, 2007

JavaOne 2005 & 2006 Archive

JavaOne 2007, although 4 months away, but the machinery at Sun already started to make sure that this year is improved and better than earlier years. For example, you can look at the WSIT preso from 2005 and 2006 and see how the content, quality and reality has improved. The technical session archives from 2005 & 2006 will give you an idea about the previous years.

If you are interested in saving $200, then register today for JavaOne 2007 - the biggest world wide Java developer conference.

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