Monday Aug 31, 2009

This blog is moving!

I've been blogging for little over four years now. The first blog entry was on Apr 8, 2005 onĀ A new blog was born on Aug 2, 2005 on While blog was focused exclusively on technical entries, also talked a lot about personal stuff as well. Both and teams have done a stupendous job providing my first ever blogging platform ever. I learned a lot during the process and will always remain thankful to them for that. provide a fair amount of look-and-feel customization and somewhat basic (although it seems to be changing). But here are few things that I never encountered being an end-user:
  • What does it involve to manage and administer a blog server ?
  • How to leverage the "community innovation" with pluggability, extensibility, themes, and other stuff in the blogging world ?
  • How to have complete control (including hosting, domain, installation, upgrade, etc) over your blog ?
  • What issues are involved in ensuring high availability of a blog ?
  • What are the "joys" of running a blog on personal domain ?
  • Who knows what future has in store ? It's easier to deal with uncertainty this way ;-)
So taking these issues into consideration, I've decided that my primary blog going forward will be That does not mean that I'll stop publishing content to "" or "" immediately. But it's going to be expensive (mostly in terms of resources) to maintain multiple blogs. I can ensure that all the content will be published on first, and slowly exclusively there only.

Yep, it's hosted on a personal domain running Wordpress 2.8 using GoDaddy for domain and Wordpress hosting. Got a good deal for multi-year Wordpress hosting with them and have been happy and satisfied with their customer service so far. A comparison between different Wordpress hosting services is also useful. For the new blog, I've customized a theme (more on that in a subsequent blog) and added few plug-ins to have a nice user experience.

All the content (blog entries, resources, and comments) from "" is migrated to this blog and is live for the past few days. There is very little and now stale content (dated Apr 8 - Aug 1 2005) on "" that is not migrated to the new blog. Other than that, you'll continue to experience the same richness, diversity, and depth of blog entries on the new blog.

Here is what you need to do to ensure a continued delivery of the content:
  • If you subscribe to "", then you are taken care of because the underlying blog has been updated to reflect the change.
  • If you subscribe to "" or "" then update the URL to "".
  • If you subscribe to "" or "" then update the URL to "".
  • If you read the blog on web, then change your bookmarks to "".
  • For IE and Firefox users, you can add a custom search engine to search this blog by right-clicking on the top-left corner in Search Engines/Providers drop-down and selecting "Miles to go ...". Make sure the photograph in the text matches the one displayed in the top-right corner of new blog.
Feel free to drop a comment on this blog with your thoughts / suggestions on how to make the experience better.

Elated by the joys of running a blog on a personal domain, visit at :)

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Friday Aug 28, 2009 is down! is down ... what's new!

Here is how it looks like ...

Do "+1" every time and any time in the comments you see is not behaving for you and let's see how quickly the comments fill up!

UPDATE: Expanding this post to include failures in any domain.


Wednesday Jan 14, 2009

Blog Fan

It is embarrassing to share the post below but certainly very encouraging to know that readers like the posts on my two blogs ( and

I've thoroughly enjoyed 544 posts on and 762 posts on so far :)

Thanks for the continued readership and feel free to send suggestions by leaving a comment on the blog!

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Monday Jun 23, 2008

New "Community: GlassFish" category for bloggers

If you are a blogger and blog about GlassFish then consider using "Community: GlassFish" category for any new entry as shown below:

All the consolidated blogs can then be read here. already makes it easy by providing tags, for example you can read all GlassFish blogs from Sun.

Here are some other related pointers for you:

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Thursday Mar 08, 2007 vs

FlexRex blogged about a tool that lets you evaluate the worth of your blog. So I did that for my two blogs and here are the results:

I put much more information (running, photography, etc) on but machinery seems to be 12.5 times powerful, at least gives me more bang for the buck :) seems to be a clear winner, at least in terms of monetization, but I love running and photography so will continue blogging on both accounts.

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