Sunday Aug 03, 2008

"IRU Account Lookup Error" - iPhone 3G

Finally took the plunge and bought an iPhone 3G for my wife!

Yeah, I still have a Motorola Razr which sometimes wonder how it survived for  more than 2 years now. I'm ready for a change but that's a different story!

Anyway, the process of buying an iPhone was relatively simple - although long wait times (upto 1.5 hrs) were painful. The long wait times are mostly because of limited number of Specialists in the Apple store.

Here is my bulleted story:
  • After a 1.5 hour long wait in the queue, first outside the store and then inside, we finally met Apple Specialist in the Apple Valley Fair store.
  • I'm the primary account holder and my wife is secondary. The Specialist was not aware whose SSN last digit numbers are required to lookup the account. So we tried combinations and finally figured it out. After selling 1 million iPhones on the first weekend, I though he'd be aware of that.
  • Finally we got the dreaded "IRU Account Lookup Error". This error is associated with an AT&T account if there is any kind of corporate discount attached - which is true in my case. At this point, Apple Specialist could not proceed with the sale. Instead he asked me to work with AT&T and get the "IRU error" removed from the account. Read more about this in Apple Tech Support. I liked his analogy of "forced marriage" between Apple & AT&T where only one agrees, wonder which one ;-)
  • Luckily there was AT&T store in the mall. I went to the store, got the corporate discount detached from the account and then went back to Apple store. I'm told the corporate discount can be attached back to the account after iPhone purchase.
  • After another 20 minutes wait, finally got the iPhone and luckily everything worked. Even there the receipt was not getting printed so an additional 15 minutes wait.

Overall, had a pleasant experience with Apple and AT&T but not having access to AT&T database does give the feeling of "forced marriage" ;-)

But I like the fact that the phone comes charged for upto 1 day use and ready to use!

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Tuesday Jul 01, 2008

iPhone 3G Guided Tour

Replacing the original auto-play movie with the youtube version (as mentioned in the comments):

Currently planned to be released on Jul 11!

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Tuesday Jan 22, 2008

FREE chance to win iPhone - No Purchase Necessary

GlassFish Registration Campaign promises exactly that! Just follow the 4 simple steps:

  1. Download GlassFish v2 UR1 or Java EE 5 SDK Update 4.
  2. Install and register GlassFish (more info around 2:33 min).
  3. Submit your sweepstakes entry.
  4. Increase your chances of the sweepstakes by telling your friends and colleagues about this sweepstakes. If one of them wins, you also win the same prize! Make sure they provide your email address in the referral field.

The sweepstakes start on Jan 23, 2008 and ends on Mar 23, 2008. I'd love to participate but Official Rules would not let me do that :( There is no need to write a blog entry although it would be nice if you do that. This however does not increase your likelihood of winning the iPhone!

What does GlassFish Registration gives you ? - You no longer have to search for all the latest & greatest information about GlassFish. After you register, the following information is available to you in the admin console:

  • Latest news & blogs
  • Support & Training Information
  • Upcoming Events
  • Tech Tips, Articles & Podcast
  • Recently Resolved Issues
  • Adoption Stories

Just imagine the effect of step 4 in the process above. Although it is not mandatory but it greatly improves your chance of winning. So, spread the word and win an iPhone.

Good luck!

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