Sunday May 06, 2012

JavaOne and Oracle Develop India 2012 Trip Report

JavaOne and Oracle Develop India 2012 concluded earlier this week. About 2000 attendees for JavaOne makes it the biggest Java developer conference in South Asia. The conference showed Oracle's continued commitment to move Java forward and demonstrated progress on different fronts.

Several attendees told me that they liked Java EE related sessions and how it demonstrated how the platform is making progress. The automatic service provisioning feature was particularly well appreciated. The complete instructions to download the Conference Planner sample showing some PaaS capabilities of the platform is available at And the video that explains the PaaSing a Java EE application is shown below.

I had several speaking engagements at the conference including Technical Keynote, Meet The Experts, 2 Hands-on Labs, and 2 Technical Sessions.

I helped mentor a hands-on lab that explained how to Develop/Deploy/Monitor a Java EE 6 Application in a GlassFish Cluster. The room was packed with 120 attendees and several folks made good progress by following the instructions in the document. The complete self-paced lab instructions can be downloaded here and the source code here. The lab explains how to create a 2-instance cluster, front-end the cluster with a load balancer, verify that session replication works, and then monitor the application using JavaScript.

The session on GlassFish REST Administration Backend explained the internals of how GlassFish exposes a RESTful API for administration, monitoring, and management. But other than learning internals, the emphasis was more on how to build a large-scale RESTful application. The tips and tricks part of the presentation shared the lessons learned during our exercise of publishing this API. The slides are available:

Do you know the RESTful management API is at localhost:4848/management/domain and the monitoring API is localhost:4848/monitoring/domain. And did you know that you can append ".xml" or ".json" to the RESTful URIs and the data is displayed in the requested format ?

The evening concluded with a dinner with several JUG leaders and Java Champions from all around the world. There was Kevin Nilson from the Silicon Valley JUG, Vinicius and Yara Senger from the SouJava, Stephen Chin from the Java FX User Group, Raj Mahendra from the JUG Chennai, Kayal from JDuchess Chennai, Murali Vallath from AIOUG and several other luminaries. However its still surprisingly shocking that in a country of 1.2 billion+ people, there are only 4 active JUGs - Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, and Nagpur. And then Hyderabad JUG was created at JavaOne India. I plan to write a detailed blog on what it takes to start a JUG any where and hopefully that will motivate some individuals to start more JUGs around the world. Anyway, here are some pictures from the dinner:

Day 2 for me started with Meet The Experts session with Dalibor Topic, Terrence Barr, Michael Heinrichs, and Markus Hirt. The 9am session started low on attendance but the 250+ capacity room was packed within 15 minutes. And the questions ranged from merged JVMs, comparison between HTML5 and JavaFX, NoSQL support in Java EE, JavaFX on mobile, features in JDK 8/9/10, Project Avatar, and all over the Java landscape. The engaged audience kept asking questions all the way to the end.

Then I delivered a session on WebLogic 12c: Developer Deep Dive at Oracle Develop. This session gave an overview of some of the new features that are available in Oracle WebLogic Server 12c such as zip installer (TOTD #174), simplified programming model with Java EE 6, new Maven goals, and extensive IDE support. The slides are available.

A comprehensive Java EE 6 application was explained with a code walk-through and deployed on WebLogic server using NetBeans. TOTD #176 explains how you can deploy this application on WebLogic as well. There are several blogs that explain new Maven support in WebLogic and I've already prepared a blog draft (to be published soon) explaining the same using the TOTD format. There were some cases of Websphere -> WebLogic migration and that is always welcome!

The final session of the day for me was the Java EE 6 Application Development using NetBeans and WebLogic hands-on lab at Oracle Develop. This self-paced guided the attendees to build a complete end-to-end application using different Java EE 6 technologies such as JavaServer Faces 2, Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1, Java Persistence API 2, and Contexts & Dependency Injection. The self-paced lab instructions are available here. I was told that with about 75 attendees this was the most heavily attended lab of Oracle Develop.

The evening concluded with the GlassFish & Friends Party. We've conducted this party at the premier JavaOne event for the past 5 years and this is the first time we've taken it to a regional event. There were about 110+ JavaOne attendees who were present at the party and had some great conversations. Several folks told me that they enjoyed the party and are already looking forward to it next year. The Nagpur JUG had the biggest presence at the party and they are a charged up bunch of folks. I really wish other cities have similar amount of passion and energy as well. Here are some pictures from the party:

On a personal side, the fitness center of Novotel Hotel is pretty good and this allowed me to continue following the Spartacus Workout. A visit to Hyderabad must include a trip to Paradise Biryani and so managed to sneak in that after the GlassFish party. The OTN welcome party was a good way to decompress at the end of Day 1 and got the attendees dancing to the latest bollywood flicks by Vasundhara Das. Here are some pictures from the dance party:

Here are some more pictures captured from the event:

And now the complete album:

Many thanks to the Novotel Hotel and HICC staff, competent technical crew, events team running around for logistics, attendees, local and international speakers, and everybody else. A good conference is a blend of all of these together and JavaOne India certainly had a good mix.

For me, the next stops are Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Johannesburg ...

Thursday Apr 21, 2011

JavaOne India 2011, May 10/11, Hyderabad - Java EE and GlassFish sessions

JavaOne India is almost there!

When ? May 10-11, 2011 (agenda)

Where ? Hyderabad International Convention Center, Hyderabad, India

What ? Keynote, Technical sessions, Exhibitor Halls, OTN Night, Hallway conversations, Biryanis, and much more!

Four tracks will cover the complete Java landscape:

  • Core Java Platform
  • Java EE, Enterprise Computing, and the Cloud
  • Java SE, Client Side Technologies, and Rich User Experiences
  • Java ME (Mobile & Embedded)

There are several sessions on Java EE and GlassFish:

  • Java EE Technical Keynote
  • The Java EE 6 Programming Model Explained: How to Write Better Applications
  • Complete Tools Coverage for the Java EE 6 Platform
  • GlassFish 3.1: Fully-clustered Java EE 6
  • Java Persistence API 2.0: An Overview
  • Servlet 3.0 extensible, asynchronous and easy to use
  • Hyperproductive JavaServer Faces 2.0
  • What's New in Enterprise JavaBean Technology
  • Creating RESTful Web services using JAX-RS
  • Using Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) in the Java EE 6 Ecosystem
  • Dealing with Asynchronicity in Java Technology-Based Web Services
  • Beginning with the Java EE 6 Platform HOL
  • Embedded APIs for GlassFish Server Open Source Edition
  • OSGi-enabled Java EE Applications using GlassFish
  • Running your Java EE 6 applications in the Cloud

There are several related sessions in Oracle Develop as well!

I'll be there, will you ?

What are you waiting for - register now!

Technorati: conf javaone india hyderabad javaee6 glassfish

Monday Feb 28, 2011

JavaOne and Oracle Develop India 2011 - May 10/11, Hyderabad

When ? May 10-11, 2011 (schedule)

Where ? Hyderabad International Convention Center, Hyderabad, India

What ? Keynote, Technical sessions, Exhibitor Halls, OTN Night, Hallway conversations, Biryanis, and much more!

Four tracks will cover the complete Java landscape:

  • Core Java Platform
  • Java EE, Enterprise Computing, and the Cloud
  • Java SE, Client Side Technologies, and Rich User Experiences
  • Java ME (Mobile & Embedded)

Register before Mar 10th to avail the early bird discount. Check out the complete fees structure - discounts if you register in groups and 50% discounts for students and faculty.

What are you waiting for - register now!

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Monday Mar 01, 2010

Java EE 6 & GlassFish - Spark IT 2010, Ruby Conf India 2010, Tech Days 2010

Java EE 6 & GlassFish are swimming across the globe to participate in three different conferences in March 2010.

Spark IT 2010 is an inaugural conference and a joint initiative of CIOL, India's largest IT portal and PCQuest, India's leading magazine for IT professionals. You'll hear about:

  • Java EE 6 & GlassFish (12:05 - 12:50pm, Mar 18)
  • Improving engineering process through Hudson (3:30 - 4:15pm, Mar 18)
  • GlassFish Toolapalooza (2:40 - 3:25pm, Mar 19)
  • Rails on GlassFish workshop (Mar 19)

Check Spark IT 2010 website for the latest updates. See the Agenda, Speakers, Venue Layout, follow the updates on @sparkit2010 and register now!

Ruby Conf India 2010 is India's first RubyConf and is presented by Ruby community in India (which seems to be growing) and supported by RubyCentral. There are lots of great speakers Matz, Chad, Obie, Nick, and Ola. And of course, you'll hear about:

  • GlassFish supports multiple Ruby frameworks ... really ? (2:00 - 2:45pm, Mar 21)

Check Ruby Conf 2010 website for the latest updates. See the Agenda, Venue (Royal Orchid Hotel), follow the updates on @rubyconfindia and register now!

Don't miss out on Sambar/Dosa and Mavalli Tiffin Room while in Bangalore :-)

Tech Days 2010 at Hyderabad is biggest of all the Tech Days events. Other than Dum Biryani, Minarets, and Pearls, you'll hear about Java EE 6 platform and toolshow, OSGi, and Java Persistence API 2. The Agenda (to be updated) has all the details and James Gosling is going to be there as well!

Check Tech Days 2010 website for the latest updates. The venue (Hyderabad International Convention Center) is indeed very impressive so don't miss out and register now!

Check out reports from Tech Days 2009 (1, 2) and Tech Days 2008 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

Here is the current speaking schedule:

And as always, feel free to join me for a run :-)

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Saturday Feb 21, 2009

Sun Tech Days 2009, Hyderabad - Technology meets fashion and entertainment

A fashion show was organized for Sun Tech Days Hyderabad attendees. Check out some of the videos:

And some dance performances as well ..

And some more ...

And you can of course see the Tech Days team on the ramp ...

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Wednesday Feb 18, 2009

Sun Tech Days Hyderabad 2009

India has always had the largest number of attendees of all the Tech Days, and this time is certainly no exception. 10,000+ attendees, the passion for technology, the eagerness to share their work, and everything else makes it certainly one of the most exciting venues for Tech Days.

The Hyderabad International Airport is certainly very impressive - big, clean, and very 21st centurisque with a 8-lane freeway connecting to the main city.

See a short video as the attendees were allowed to enter the Hyderabad International Convention Center (the venue for Tech Days):

I got a chance to talk to the General Manager of the convention center and very happy to know that similar convention centers are planned for Pune (1/2 the size of existing one), Mumbai (4x), and Bangalore (2x) in the near future.

As part of the opening, there was an excellent performance by an 11-year old percussionist, enjoy the video here:

Absolutely stunning performance!

It was funny, I was standing right next to the boy's parents while recording the video. Apparently the boy was allotted 10 minutes and the parents were trying their best to distract the boy right at the beginning of 11th minute :)

I presented on:
  • WSIT: Security, Reliability, Transactional, and .NET-interoperable Web services (slides). The screencast #ws7 is the demo shown during the talk.
  • GlassFish & Future of Java EE (slides)
There were 1000+ attendees in both the sessions and had some very interactive discussions post session. It was a great opportunity to meet lots of local Campus Ambassadors, students using GlassFish for their projects, engineers using GlassFish for their development/deployment, Sun colleagues and lots of other folks!

Here are some of the pictures:

And finally the evolving album:

Technorati: conf suntechdays glassfish metro wsit hyderabad

Thursday Feb 05, 2009

GlassFish swimming to Singapore, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad - Feb 2009

I'll be traveling (again) and this time to Singapore, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad over the next couple of weeks. A few meetings are already planned but there is buffer for squeezing any last-minute JUG visits, Rails Meetup or meeting Campus Ambassadors.

Here is my schedule:

Singapore: Feb 12 & 13
Delhi: Feb 14, 20, & 21
Bangalore: Feb 15, 16, & 17
Hyderabad: Feb 18 & 19

And I'll be there at Sun Tech Days in Hyderabad. Ask me anything about GlassFish :)

Did you know James Gosling is going to be there ? Check out agenda, details and register today!

One of the good things about traveling internationally is an opportunity to taste the local cuisines. Here are a few local delicacies that I don't intend to miss:
Any particular recommendations for restaurants or delicacies that are missing ?

Anybody intersted in meeting or running together ?

You can always follow along at

Saturday Mar 01, 2008

Hyderabad in Pictures and Traffic

Shahi Qutbi Tomb, Golconda Fort and Charminar. Ate biryani @ Cafe Bahar in Basheer Bagh. This place served real good biryani with a good variety. I went there with a friend who ate at Paradise Biryani earlier in the week and he liked it much better at Cafe Bahar.

And now have a feel of the traffic in the video below:

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GlassFish Day Hyderabad 2008 - Packed & Highly Interactive

The overall fourth (after San Francisco - May 2007, Milan - Sep 2007, Beijing - Nov 2007) and first in India GlassFish Day concluded last week. This was by far the biggest and the most heavily attended event dedicated to GlassFish. The room with a capacity of 400 was completely packed as is evident in the pictures below and we had to order additional chairs to accommodate the attendees. The audience was very interactive and had very pointed questions in all the sessions.  In some cases the speakers were busy upto 45 minutes outside the conference room answering questions from the attendees.

The slides and video recording of all the sessions will be available soon.

The complete album of Sun Tech Days is available at:

Technorati: conf suntechdays hyderabad glassfishday

Friday Feb 29, 2008

Euphoria @ Sun Tech Days Hyderabad

As mentioned earlier, Day 1 of Sun Tech Days Hyderabad reception party had a peformance by Euphoria - one of the most popular rock band in India. In case you could not attend, feel the energy of their lead singer Polly and audience in the videos below:

Technorati: conf suntechdays hyderabad euphoria dhoom mehfuz

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