Friday May 27, 2011

Athens, Greece is now Java EE 6 and GlassFish-enabled!

About 15 developers in Athens are now ready to start cranking your Java EE 6 applications after getting an extensive 2-day training by Oracle Education!

Are you still building your enterprise applications using proprietary frame works ? If yes, ouch, I feel sorry for you :-) Free yourself from the shackles and build your applications using standards-based approach of Java EE 6. The consistent feedback that we've heard from our users is ...

  • Developers can concentrate on business logic, Java EE 6 is providing a standard for the infrastructure.
  • Definite excuse to avoid Spring forever
  • Standards compliance, vendor independence, milliseconds and kilobyte deployment
  • Not your fat grandfather's enterprise Java anymore, enterprise Java renaissance
  • Jigsaw puzzle, Modular, standard, less xml, easy, easy, have I said easy?

Read complete details and love for Java EE 6 from the different community members of such feedback here.

This was third workshop of the year (after Budapest and Slovakia) and the attendees were very interactive. I was pretty impressed by the fact that any email checking was restricted during the breaks only and I had attendees' full attention during the lectures. Each attendee had their own laptop confiured with NetBeans and GlassFish and could successfully complete the different hands-on labs as well. Of course, as always, there were kinks with Windows ;-)

I also spoke at the Hellenic Java User Group (Greek JUG) and those 2 hours were extremely interactive. Read more detailed report on that here. Here is a picture captured from the blog:

I really enjoyed the comfortable setting and "religious" discussions around different stacks :-) Many thanks to Paris Apostolopoulos, the JUG leader, for providing me a chance to engage with the community and spread some more Java EE 6 goodness!

Its amazing how vast the technology is and more importantly the customer's innovative ways of using it to solve their business problems. I've learned new concepts, refined existing ones, and added bullet points (in a continuously evolving slide deck) for a better explanation.

This was my first time in Athens and I felt terribly excited to be in the city where marathon was born. But my hotel was right in the middle and so running with full traffic would've been a challenge. However I did couple of half-marathons on the bike, one 10k and one quarter marathon run in the gym - so all activities were centered around a marathon distance :-)

Athens Metro is very well organized and is a good way to go around the city. It definitely connects the key tourist spots. I experienced a gathering of about 5000 Greeks on the way to the JUG venue. They were protesting against the current economic situation in the country, fortunately it was a silent one ;-) 

And finally the complete album:

Next stop: Cloud Computing Expo New York City, New York City Java Meetup (details coming up), South East Linux Fest (SELF) 2011 (PDF), and South Carolina JUG.

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Monday May 16, 2011

Java EE 6/GlassFish at Greek JUG (FREE) and 2-day Java EE 6 workshop in Athens (Paid)

After Budapest and Slovakia, the 2-day deep dive Java EE 6 workshop by Oracle University is now going to Athens - one of the world's oldest cities and finish line of the world's first marathon. As part of this workshop, you'll learn the complete nuts and bolts of Java EE 6 and several component technologies.

When ? May 26/27

Where ? Athens, Greece

Register here!

And as part of the visit, I'll also be speaking on Java EE 6 / GlassFish at the Greek JUG (aka Java Hellenic User Group) on May 25th. More details are available in the links below:

And since Greece is the city to boast about finish line of the world's first marathon, I'm very much up for running on the 25/26/27 mornings. Anybody interested ?

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