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CEJUG, Fortaleza 2010 Trip Report

CEJUG, The Ceara Java User Group, in Fortaleza arranged a "Coffee with Tapioca" to listen how Java EE 6 & GlassFish allows them to be productive developers. The coffee is to signify Java and tapioca is a local delicacy. Typically there is both coffee and tapioca available but this meeting was arranged at a short notice so there was neither coffee nor tapioca ;-)

The JUG is about 8 years old and has 500+ members. There were about 50+ attendees for a Sunday morning which is a pretty big number considering a summer weekend.

Alexandra and I (both from Oracle) talked about overall Java strategy and drilled deeper in Java EE 6 & GlassFish. One of the JUG members did a live translation of our talks and did an excellent job of it. Once he even started explaining the code before I did :-) The audience was very interactive and not shy of asking questions.

Typically the two technologies that are not liked much by Java EE users are Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and Java Server Faces (JSF), and this audience was no different. But the entire set of attendees got pretty excited and willing to try it again after showing some of the major usability improvements made in the latest version of both the specifications. For example, the ability to package an EJB in a WAR file - with no deployment descriptor, no-interface, a single POJO class, and with just one annotation was very compelling. The default navigation rules where there is no need to use "faces-config.xml" in JSF2 confused one of the existing users but was very useful to him. Bridging the gap between presentation tier (JSF) and transactional tier (EJB) where an EJB can be used as a backing bean for a JSF page opens allows to write light-weight, yet powerful, applications. "web.xml"-free Servlets, Facelets templating language in JSF2, POJO-based RESTful Web services using JAX-RS, and several other features were well applauded.

The slides used in the talk are now available:

Alexandra, my colleague from Oracle, talked about the value proposition of commercial support for GlassFish. We are always looking for system integrators, value-added resellers, independent software vendors/developers who are interested in helping us grow the GlassFish ecosystem in Brazil. Please post a comment on this blog if you are interested in helping further our cause. Her presentation is available:

And the sample code built during the session is can be downloaded here.

On a personal front, I enjoyed running on Mercuripe beach and shopping in the local Sunday market. The Brazilian hospitality is always very warm as there was always at least some JUG member who was escorting us around the city.

Here are some pictures from Fortaleza:

And the complete album:

JavaOne Brazil
starts tomorrow and here are a few pointers for you:
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Running at Mercuripe Beach, Fortaleza, Brazil

This is a picture of the beautiful Mercuripe beach of Fortaleza around 6:15pm yesterday. The tiny little camera is not able to capture the depth and colors accurately and the actual view was much more breath taking. I had the opportunity, and just could not miss, to run on this beach. The beach was definitely crowded for a saturday evening in Brazilian summer and there were lots of strollers, runners and roller bladers on the sidewalk.

This is my third run in this week by the Atlantic ocean, only this one is about 3500 miles south of the two earlier ones :-)

The running stats can be seen by clicking on the link below:

Did I say I love my Garmin Forerunner 305 for accurately recording the timing, pace, maps and other attributes ? However I don't understand how come there was an elevation gain of 81 ft and a loss of 87 even though I started and stopped at the same point :-)

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