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DevIgnition 2010 Trip Report

NOVAJUG (Northern Virginia Java Users Group) had their annual conference DevIgnition on Dec 3rd. The venue was the conference center at the local Oracle's office. I was fairly impressed by the attendance and that they stayed for the entire duration given that the conference itself was a free event. There were about 100+ attendees for this single track event so all the eyeballs were focused on one speaker only.

I was invited to talk about Java EE 6 & GlassFish. Originally I planned to go through about 45 slides providing a brief introduction to new/updated  technologies in the platform but changed the flow because it was last presentation of the day and wanted to keep the audience engaged. So switched to NetBeans after a few slides and let the code explain the features. Anyway the slides are available here:

Suman Cuddapah gave an introduction about Oracle's strategy on Java. Ryan Cuprak gave a good presentation on how NetBeans provide differnet options for project management. Arild Shirazi and David Bock talked about how they migrated an existing Java EE application to Rails and preserved their investment in GlassFish. Bryan's talk was a fast-paced introduction to Clojure. Reza Rehman's talk about "Using Java EE 6 with Spring" was particularly interested but my point is why use a framework backed by a single company when there are standards like Java EE 6 defined using JCP and backed by multiple companies like Oracle, RedHat, and IBM. There are already two Java EE 6-compliant application servers available today - GlassFish and Tmaxsoft and many more (JBoss, Geronimo, Caucho Resin, WebLogic, and Websphere) in the pipeline. Break the shackles, avoid the vendor lock-in, and keep your choices open by using Java EE 6. All the sessions were recorded and will be made available on

The panel discussion at the end of the day had several questions addressed to me as an Oracle rep :-)

Here are a few data points that were mentioned during the Q&A session:
  • Java SE 7, Java SE 8, Project Coin, and Lambda JSRs have already been filed.
  • JRockit and HotSpot will be merged into single JVM, incorporating the best features from both. The result will be contributed incrementally to OpenJDK.
  • Some (existing) value-adds, such as those in JRockit Mission Control will remain proprietary (and licensed commercially)
  • Oracle will continue to distribute free (gratis) JDK and JRE binaries which includes some closed source goodies
  • The JVM convergence will be a multi-year process.
  • JDK 7 schedule is available here and will be released for General Availability in 2011. JDK 7 milestone builds for the regular set of platforms can be downloaded here. Community created builds for Mac OSX can be downloaded here.
Read more detail on Oracle's JVM Strategy.

Even though I showed GlassFish's roadmap for the next 2 years and talked about how GlassFish and WebLogic are both strategic application servers for Oracle but somebody expressed their concern about Oracle's commitment to GlassFish. Let me repeat it here, GlassFish is very much strategic for Oracle, provides an open-source, light-weight, and feature rich development and deployment environment. Download GlassFish and get started with several easy-to-use videos. Anyway, I found three new production deployments of GlassFish and will follow up on them!

The happy hour at the end of the day was a good way to wind down and engage with other attendees.

On a personal front, Hyatt Regency Reston has one of the finest gyms I've ever experienced at a hotel. It was a big room, with a great quality and quantity of workout machines, strategic placement of mirrors throughout to monitor your own posture, even had couple of bosu, few medicine balls, and a variety of kettle ball :-) I enjoyed running hill intervals on a Lifystyle treadmill. Even though the hotel was in Reston Town Center (known for gourmet cuisine) but work kept me from trying some great restaurants there, so may be next time.

Here are some pics:

And the complete album:

And now Ceara JUG in the beautiful Fortaleza tomorrow morning!

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