Monday Mar 07, 2011

OTN Developer Day Boston 2011 - Slides & Trip Report

OTN Developer Day Boston concluded last week with about 70 developers/architects/consultant attending 20 sessions in 4 tracks (Server, Desktop, Java SE Platform, Mobile & Embedded). I delivered 2 technical sessions + 2 hands-on labs.

The first session explained the value proposition of Java EE 6 and the key themes of ease-of-use, simplicity, and extensiblity. With several Java EE 7 JSRs recently released (more on this in a subsequent blog) I added several slides on each one of them. Jump to slide #34 in the following slide deck to see the highlights on upcoming feature set in Java EE 7.

This session was followed by a hands-on lab showcasing how EJB 3.1 + JAX-RS 1.1 can be used to build a simple web application. The second technical session of the day explained the recently released GlassFish 3.1 Clustering, High Availability, and a myriad of features to boost your Java EE 6 deployment. A comprehensive list of blogs will walk you through each and every feature in detail.

The GlassFish 3.1 slides are available below:

Boston 2011 OTN Developer Days - GlassFish 3.1

The last session of the day (for me) was another hands-on lab explaining how JSF 2 + CDI can be used effectively to create a compelling web application in a matter of few minutes. The last session in Server track was "Developer Experience, WebLogic Server, and Java EE 6" by Will Lyons. A replay of this and many other related talks from OTN Virtual Developer Day are available in a replay here.

If you are interested in attending in one of these workshops, check out the locations of OTN Developer Days worldwide.

I still need to locate my camera after the trip and so the pictures will have to wait this time :-)

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Wednesday Feb 23, 2011

FREE OTN Developer Day Boston - Java EE 6, GlassFish, WebLogic, Java 7 and 8, Java FX, and much more

The Boston Marathon is 52 days away but you can attend a Java Marathon on March 3rd in Boston. And all developers are pre-qualified for this one and no registration fees as well :-)

Do you live in the Boston area and like to learn everything about Java from the stewards of Java ?

OTN is arranging another FREE Developer Day in the US covering entire spectrum of the Java platform from Server, Desktop, and Java SE to Embedded. You'll hear from distinguished speakers in each of these areas and will have sufficient time to engage in casual conversations. I'll talk in detail about simplicity and ease-of-use in Java EE 6, light-weight GlassFish Application Server, and even conduct hands-on labs. And of course will be there in the hall ways and coffee/lunch breaks.

So what are the coordinates ?

Date: Mar 3rd
Time: 8am - 5pm
Venue: The Westin Copley Place, Boston
Cost: FREE, register now!

Agenda is given below:

I'll be there, will you ?

Register now!

And this is Boston, so gotta run! Let me know if you are interested in running in the hotel's neighborhood :-)

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Thursday Nov 04, 2010

OTN Developer Days 2010, New York City Trip Report

OTN Developer Days kicked off this morning in the heart of New York City in the Millennium Broadway hotel. About 200 developers attended 20 sessions + hands-on labs divided in four tracks - Server, Desktop, Mobile, and Embedded. I think that was a pretty good turnout knowing that this was a weekday and kept raining all day.

I delivered 2 sessions + 3 hands-on labs (yes, back-to-back) in the Server track. There were about approximately 80 attendees through out the day in the Server track. It was tiring speaking for pretty much the entire day but totally enjoyed the super interactive audience. The attendees were not aware to bring their own laptops so most could not try hands-on lab on their own. This will be fixed for subsequent events by including a reminder in the registration email. As a consequence I converted the hands-on lab sessions to code walk through where I built the entire sample and explained the code in detail. After initial hiccups the three hands-on workshops went smoothly. The workshops covered some of the key Java EE 6 technologies by building mini applications and combination of technologies was:

  • EJB 3.1 + JAX-RS 1.1
  • JSF 2 + CDI 1.0
  • Servlets 3.0 + JPA 2

The slides from the two sessions are available below:

Here is some feedback from the audience on the delivered sessions + workshops:

Arun Gupta puts on a fine presentation. The man has been doing this for a while; and he knows the technology and related material quite well. Good Job Arun!

I thought Arun Gupta did an excellent job with his presentations. He was very prepared with his examples and was able to offer supplemental materials for the content.

Mr Arun Gupta is knowledgeable and thorough presenter. Pace of the presentation is good.

Excellent presentation with audience involvement.

Arun is obviously very knowledgeable. He gives good intro level of detail to understand concepts, and can answer detailed questions as well. Arun is well spoken and open for question of all types.

Demo were well done and the walk through were helpful especially since I did not bring a laptop.

Arun Gupta = Excellent and Knowledgeable

Excellent presentation, hats up!

Great seminar, great instructor! Exceeded my expectation by a lot!

For fun, one of the feedback was ...

Just do this kind of FREE seminars on WEEKEND.

As always there is always is room for improvement so I take that feedback close to my heart as well. Thank you everybody for attending the session and providing the feedback!

And as always, some pictures ...

And the complete photo album:

If you are interested in attending in one of these workshops, check out the locations of OTN Developer Days worldwide.

2 down (Cloud Expo and OTN Dev Days) and 5 more to go (Oredev, Rich Web Expo, DegIgnition, CEJUG, JavaOne Brazil) in the next 5 weeks.

Where will I see you ?

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Tuesday Oct 26, 2010

Java EE 6 & GlassFish at Cloud Computing Expo, OTN Developer Days, Oredev, Java EE 6 Workshops, JavaOne Brasil in next 2 months!

I'll be speaking on Java EE 6 & GlassFish at several events around the world in the next couple of months and here is a quick summary ...

Cloud Computing Expo Santa Clara, CA Nov 1-4 Taking your Java EE 6 Apps on the Cloud (2:25pm on 11/2) register now!
OTN Developer Days New York City, NY Nov 4 2 sessions + 3 Hands-on Lab (10am - 4:30pm), FREE, register now!
Oredev Malmo, Sweden Nov 8-12 Java EE 6 hands-on workshop (8:50am on Tuesday), JPA 2 session (5:40 on Wednesday), Run! (11:20am on Thursday), register now!
Java EE 6 & GlassFish Workshop Czech Republic Nov 22-23 Organized by Oracle University, register now!
Java EE 6 & GlassFish Workshop Hungary Nov 25-26 Organized by Oracle University, register now!
Devignition Reston, Virginia Dec 3 Java EE 6 & GlassFish 3 session (4:20pm), Panel (5:20pm), Organized by NovaJUG, register now!
CEJUG Fortaleza, Brazil Dec 4 Session, 8pm, registration page coming soon!
JavaOne Sao Paulo, Brazil Dec 7-9 Several sessions, hands-on labs, Technical General Session, JavaOne Brazil main page: English, Portuguese, Follow #javaonebrasil and @oracledobrasil.

Lots of travel over the next couple of months ... New York City, Sweden, Czech Repbulic, Hungary, Reston, Fortaleza (Brazil), Sao Paulo.

Looking forward to meet several of you. Where will I see/run with you ?

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