Friday Aug 12, 2011

Dallas Tech Fest 2011 Trip Report

You're in Texas when 85F at 8:30am is not considered warm or there is a 28-day spell of 100F :-)

Dallas Tech Fest, used to be called as Dallas Code Camp, has its fourth annual conference running in, of course, Dallas. The agenda was packed with 100+ sessions by 70+ speakers over 2 days. This is the first time the event has expanded from the usual one day to two day format. With up to 10 sessions running in parallel, about 300 attendees (my guess) had a lot to choose from.

This was my second year in a row and I gave a 3 hr workshop on Java EE 6 and also talked about how GlassFish 3.1 is the best platform for deploying your Java EE 6 applications.

The slides are available:

There were about 30 attendees in/out of the workshop with a high degree of interaction. The slides provide the code templates in the workshop and the actual detailed steps will also be available as a screencast soon. The complete code built during the workshop can be downloaded here.

The GlassFish 3.1 slides are also available:

Did you know that GlassFish 3.1.1 runs on JDK 7 ? TOTD #169 shows how to use multi-catch, TOTD #168 shows how to use Switch statement in Strings, and TOTD #167 explains how to use Automatic Resource Management to write optimized and cleaner code.

The overall logistics of the event pretty flawless and University of Texas is a beautiful location other than the 100C temperature ;-) I wanted to attend the Community Leadership Townhall but decided to leave early to reach home on time for a Hindu festival over the weekend.

You can follow the twitter stream at #dtf11. One thing that was quite obvious was the intrusion caused by the event photographers. I certainly experienced that as a speaker and I saw several tweets by attendees feeling annoyed as well. The shutter clicks were fairly loud, the flash was right in the eyes (without a bounce), they were going in way too close to the speakers (probably because of lower ISO), and sometimes even obstructing attendees' view too ;-) IMHO, they should take lessons from James Duncan Davidson who do a marvellous job of capturing photographs of different O'Reilly conferences.

Here are some pictures captured from the event:

Many thanks to Tim Rayburn and Erik Weibust - the fearless local community leaders - for providing me with an opportunity to share the technology and my passion with the audience.

A decent 7mile run at the nearby Anderson Donner Park with a single track running trail for a few miles was an overall good beginning to the day anyway:

And finally the complete photo album at:

Wednesday Aug 10, 2011

Java EE 6 Workshop and GlassFish 3.1 at Dallas Tech Fest 2011

After a packed Java EE 6 workshop at Dallas Tech Fest 2010, Java EE 6, GlassFish, and NetBeans are back at Dallas Tech Fest again this year. There are over 100+ sessions in 2 days (Aug 12 and 13) and here are the sessions that I'll be delivering:

Some key pointers for the conference ...

Dates: Aug 12 and 13, 2011
Venue: University of Texas, Dallas
Twitter: @DallasTechFest
Hashtag:: #dtf11
Schedule: PDF Online

And then there is Community Leadership Townhall - Dallas Tech Fest Edition as well. This is happening at a different venue though:

Improving Enterprises
16633 Dallas Parkway, Suite 100
Addison, TX 75001

But the evening is promised to be filled with discussions about issues, ideas, and solutions regarding creating, maintaining, and growing user groups and technical communities. I'm looking forward to participating. Make sure to register!

Any runners coming to DTF and up for a Thursday evening or Friday early morning run ?


Friday Jul 30, 2010

Dallas Tech Fest 2010 Trip Report

Oracle was a gold sponsor of Dallas Tech Fest 2010 - 9 parallel tracks and 5 sessions/track.

I gave a 3-hour hands-on workshop on Java EE 6, GlassFish, and NetBeans. The room was packed during the first part (about 60 or so) and most of the audience retained for second part. The workshop explained several advantages of Java EE 6 such as simplicity, ease-of-use, and richness of the platform. These concepts were demonstrated using multiple coding sessions involving several technologies from the platform. Specifically it showed:

  • Creating simple Java EE 6 application using JSP, Servlets 3.0, Enterprise Java Beans 3.1
  • Facelets-based page creation using Java Server Faces 2
  • Contexts & Dependency Injection with Java Server Faces 2
  • Accessing database table using Java Persistence API 2
  • RESTful Web services using JAX-RS

NetBeans IDE specific features like Deploy-on-Save and Session-Preservation features that boosts your development productivity were also demonstrated using code samples.

The slides are now available:

Watch Tim Rayburn (one of the conference organizers) talks about where Dallas Tech Fest is today and how they like to evolve it for next year:

One of the attendees mentioned after the workshop that it was like "drinking from the fire hose". The content could be overwhelming for users who are not familiar with NetBeans and new to Java EE 6. As repeated multiple times during the workshop, all the code shown in the workshop is clearly explained in screencast #30 (also in-lined below).

Feel free to re-run the workshop at your own pace and convenience. And you can always post any comment on this blog or GlassFish forum for question and/or clarifications.

Check out some pictures from the event:

On a personal front, met a few avid readers of my blog, connected with some Oracle folks, and barely met Ted Neward. I found Texas very humid and hot early in the morning for me. But still managed to squeeze in a 10K run, at a much slower pace:

One of the advantage of staying at Westin hotels is that they have a running map close to their hotel. And if not then their "Westin Workout" gyms are typically well equipped - even a stepper and exercise ball ;-) And a complimentary upgrade to United First both ways on both the legs certainly added to the overall great experience.

Thanks Erik & Tim for providing me the opportunity to speak, I definitely look forward to participating next year!

And here is the complete photo album below:

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