Friday Oct 08, 2010

Java2Days 2010 Trip Report

Java2Days 2010 in Sofia, Bulgaria was my first trip to Eastern Europe. I spent more time flying than actually in the city because of personal reasons but enjoyed the conference. There were approx 500 attendees but this being the only major conference in this part of the world, its only bound to grow.

The Day 1 conference started late and some initial speakers took extra time and thus by lunch time there was an hour long gap. My talk on "Running your Java EE applications in the Cloud" was bumped to end of the day in order to get back in track. Yes, the conference did get back on track but I lost a significant chunk of audience because of further delays by other speakers after lunch. Anyway the slides are available:

The talk explained

  • Oracle's definition of Cloud and talked about Exalogic Elastic Compute Cloud, a.k.a "Cloud in a box"
  • Light-weight ness, extensibility, and simplicity/ease-of-use of Java EE 6
  • How to run Java EE 6 on Amazon, RightScale, Elastra, and Joyent
  • Comparison of multi-cloud vendors
  • What Java EE currently offers for the Cloud and what's coming in Java EE 7

The other talk demonstrated how NetBeans provide extensive tooling around Java EE 6 & GlassFish. The slides-free talk showed how NetBeans makes you a lazy, aka productive, programmer and showed the wizards, code completion, integrated javadocs etc for Java Server Faces 2 (JSF), Context & Dependency Injection (CDI), Java Persistence API 2 (JPA), Servlets 3.0, Enterprise Java Beans 3.1 (EJB), and Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS). The complete sample application build during the talk can be downloaded here. Here is a review from one of the attendees:

No ivory tower or Chinese slides. Just NetBeans, Glassfish and the developer! I hope that more and more people think now that Java and Java EE in particular is much better than the various strange combinations like RoR, PHP or some other awkward framework that promises developer heaven.

Check out screencast #30 to view the complete set of Java EE 6 Netbeans tooling. Java EE 6 tooling is also available in Eclipse and can be seen in the screencast #31.

The speakers' dinner to a local BBQ was one of the highlights. Enjoyed Rakia, local food, beautiful performances by local dancers, and then learning some basic steps with them. I wonder how many other conferences are going to provide a speakers's dinner event like that ;-)

Enjoyed meeting Andrew Lombardi, Reza Rehman, Vassil Popovski, Damon Edwards, Eugene Ciurana, Geroge Reese, James Ward, Werner Keil, other speakers, and of course Alexis!

Many thanks to Emo, Yoana, Iva, Evo, Bobby, and rest of the Java2Days team. Their warm "airport to airport" hospitality started at the Sofia airport where Emo came to receive some of us and went all the way back to the airport when Evo ensured that I'm checked in at the airport. Looking forward to participate again next year!

Some travel tips to Bulgaria ...

  • Bulgaria is not part of EU yet and does not accept Euros so make sure to withdraw some local currency from the ATM machines.
  • Any spirits/alcohol/wine from the duty free needs to be checked in if you are flying through EU.
  • Taxi drivers take local currency only, no credit cards.
  • 1 Bulgarian Lev is apporx $0.75.
  • Language will likely be an issue but with a local team member this was well taken care for us.
  • Make sure to try out some Rakia, it's 40% alcohol made with either grape, apricot, and plums.
  • I was told to not run on the streets because there were drug addicts in at least the part of city where we were staying.
  • Sofia is not a small city and the traffic can be intense during peak hours so plan accordingly.

And finally some pictures ...

And the complete album:

Next stop is Silicon Valley Code Camp which starts in about 3 more hours. This is the 5th anniversary of the conference and 4th mine (2009, 2008, 2007). With about 3000 registered attendees, this is going to be quite a conference. If half of the registered attendees show up, then this is going to be the biggest US conference after JavaOne!

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Sunday Sep 26, 2010

Java EE 6 & GlassFish @ JAX London, London JUG, Java 2 Days, Silicon Valley Code Camp

JavaOne 2010 just got over ... that makes me 12 JavaOnes veteran now :-)

There was lots of interest in Java EE 6 & GlassFish through out the conference and there were about 50 sessions, BoFs, hands-on labs, panel discussions, and keynotes showing the simplicity, ease-of-use, and flexibility of the platform and the product.

Are you in London, Bulgaria, or San Francisco Bay Area within next 2 weeks and could not attend those sessions ? Now is your chance to get quick a crash course on Java EE 6 & GlassFish at the upcoming conferences within the next 2 weeks:

Sep 28/29

Sep 29th evening

Oct 7/8

Oct 9

Where will I see you ?

And I'm definitely looking for recommendations for running routes in any of the neighborhoods :-)

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