Monday Jan 03, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

2010 is over and 2011 is here ... wishing you a very happy & prosperous new year folks!

Here are some statistics from 2010 (missed 2009 and now lazy, similar reports from 2008 and 2007) ...

  • 126 blog entries, 523 comments
  • Blog visited 282,972 times from 13,296 cities (thanks a lot!)
  • 237,054 flight miles
  • About 1320 running miles
  • 4155 tweets
  • Crossed 2000 followers (thank you for that as well!)
  • 2 marathons (Silicon Valley Marathon 2010 and San Francisco 1/2 Marathon 2010)
  • Some of the conferences visited: JavaOne Latin America, CEJUG, DevIgnition, Rich Web Experience, Oredev, Cloud Computing Expo, OTN Developer Days, Silicon Valley Code Camp, Java2Days, JavaOne San Francsico, JAX London, London JUG, IndicThreads Cloud Computing, Java EE 6 Hands-on workshop @ San Francsico JUG, Dallas Tech Fest, UberConf, Jazoon, Tech Days Hyderabad, Ruby Conf India, Spark IT, DevNexus, EclipseCon, . . .

And now some data reported by Google Analytics for this blog ...

Here is a comparison with 2009 ...

Majority of searches are still organic ...

Firefox, IE, Chrome, and Safari are the top browsers ...

And Windows remain to be the dominant OS ...

Here is the geo spread ...

Somebody read this blog once even from Greenland :-)

And here are the top 25 blog entries ...

The decline in blogs traffic is most likely because of the increase in micro-blogging traffic as shown by twitter stats:

Do you know of any tools that allow to measure tweets/followers over a period of dates ? Google Analytics for Twitter would be nice :-)

Onward to 2011, Miles to go ...

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Monday Aug 31, 2009

This blog is moving!

I've been blogging for little over four years now. The first blog entry was on Apr 8, 2005 onĀ A new blog was born on Aug 2, 2005 on While blog was focused exclusively on technical entries, also talked a lot about personal stuff as well. Both and teams have done a stupendous job providing my first ever blogging platform ever. I learned a lot during the process and will always remain thankful to them for that. provide a fair amount of look-and-feel customization and somewhat basic (although it seems to be changing). But here are few things that I never encountered being an end-user:
  • What does it involve to manage and administer a blog server ?
  • How to leverage the "community innovation" with pluggability, extensibility, themes, and other stuff in the blogging world ?
  • How to have complete control (including hosting, domain, installation, upgrade, etc) over your blog ?
  • What issues are involved in ensuring high availability of a blog ?
  • What are the "joys" of running a blog on personal domain ?
  • Who knows what future has in store ? It's easier to deal with uncertainty this way ;-)
So taking these issues into consideration, I've decided that my primary blog going forward will be That does not mean that I'll stop publishing content to "" or "" immediately. But it's going to be expensive (mostly in terms of resources) to maintain multiple blogs. I can ensure that all the content will be published on first, and slowly exclusively there only.

Yep, it's hosted on a personal domain running Wordpress 2.8 using GoDaddy for domain and Wordpress hosting. Got a good deal for multi-year Wordpress hosting with them and have been happy and satisfied with their customer service so far. A comparison between different Wordpress hosting services is also useful. For the new blog, I've customized a theme (more on that in a subsequent blog) and added few plug-ins to have a nice user experience.

All the content (blog entries, resources, and comments) from "" is migrated to this blog and is live for the past few days. There is very little and now stale content (dated Apr 8 - Aug 1 2005) on "" that is not migrated to the new blog. Other than that, you'll continue to experience the same richness, diversity, and depth of blog entries on the new blog.

Here is what you need to do to ensure a continued delivery of the content:
  • If you subscribe to "", then you are taken care of because the underlying blog has been updated to reflect the change.
  • If you subscribe to "" or "" then update the URL to "".
  • If you subscribe to "" or "" then update the URL to "".
  • If you read the blog on web, then change your bookmarks to "".
  • For IE and Firefox users, you can add a custom search engine to search this blog by right-clicking on the top-left corner in Search Engines/Providers drop-down and selecting "Miles to go ...". Make sure the photograph in the text matches the one displayed in the top-right corner of new blog.
Feel free to drop a comment on this blog with your thoughts / suggestions on how to make the experience better.

Elated by the joys of running a blog on a personal domain, visit at :)

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Friday Jun 19, 2009

ClustrMaps Archive - Jun 20, 2009

The clustrmaps on this blog are scheduled to be archived sometime around today. And so here is a snapshot of visitors to this blog from Jun 20, 2008.

The legend is:

And here is the same map with smaller clusters:

The entries tagged milestogo show other similar statistics.

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Monday Apr 27, 2009 turns 5
- the blogging server for Sun employees has been chugging along for 5 years today!

Congratulations to Linda and her team for running a stupendous show and providing all Sun employees with a great opportunity to engage with the community. Miles to go ...
Age 5 years 3 yrs, 8 months (73.3%)
First Entry Apr 27, 2004 Aug 2, 2005
Total Entries 132413 836 (0.6 %)
Total Comments 145899 3174 (2.2 %)
Total Bloggers 4385 1

Some Analytics of Miles to go ... ...
  • 633,614 visits and 871,737 page views since Jan 5, 2007 according to Google Analytics
  • 20,088 cities from 210 countries according to Google Analytics
  • 747,907 visits since Jun 12, 2006 according to clustrmaps
And here are some image snapshots ...

And here are the topics on which I've blogged more than 50 entries:

I'd love to see similar statistics for :-)

Follow bsc5years for all similar entries!

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Thursday Mar 05, 2009

800th Blog Entry

Do you know this blog has been read in 19,457 cities from 208 countries, has more than 25% repeat visitors, and close to 3000 comments ?

Now that's nothing comparable to Scobleizer or TechCrunch but I'm still happy with the achievement :)

This is the 800th blog entry in little over 3.5 years and below are some statistics.

Before this blog is published, the following counter was shown in the top-right corner of the blog:

With this blog, the # of blog entries will now be incremented to 800.

Here are some charts generated by Google Analytics since Dec 2006:

And then a geographic distribution of visitors ...

And the page views ...

Here is another distribution (since Jun 2008) generated by clustrmaps:

Archived versions of Jun 2006 - Jun 2007 and Jun 2007- Jun 2008 are available. I really wish however there was a way to generate a consolidated map from all the years. It even features in top-1000 free users :)

Here is the tag cloud of entries:

As evident from the tag cloud, GlassFish (427), NetBeans (191), Web services (146), Ruby-on-Rails (128), and JRuby (107) are some of the prominent technologies featured so far.

And finally the top-25 entries:

Now the march towards 900th entry and finally completing a centennial ... most likely this year :)

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Wednesday Jan 14, 2009

Blog Fan

It is embarrassing to share the post below but certainly very encouraging to know that readers like the posts on my two blogs ( and

I've thoroughly enjoyed 544 posts on and 762 posts on so far :)

Thanks for the continued readership and feel free to send suggestions by leaving a comment on the blog!

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Sunday Jan 04, 2009

TOTD #59: How to add Twitter feeds to ? + Other Twitter Tools

Twitter is a micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users's updates which are text-based posts upto 140 characters in length. This Tip Of The Day will show how to add Twitter feeds to your blog but first some facts about Twitter:

The State of Twittersphere Q4 2008 was released recently (generated using Tweet Grader) and shows:
  • Total of 4-5 million users
  • 70% users joined in 2008, 20% joined in past 60 days, 5-10 new accounts/day (so mostly noobies)
  • Only 5% have 250 or more followers
  • Only 0.8% have 1000 or more followers
  • 35% tweeters have 10 or fewer followers
  • 9% tweeters follow no one at all
Here are Tweet Grader statistics generated for @arungupta:

Lets add twitter feeds to your blog:
  1. Go to and select Other as shown below:

    It allows you to create Flash and HTML widgets for any web page. Twitter feeds can be directly added to some other popular social networking websites by selecting their option.
  2. Click on "Continue" and choose between Flash or HTML widget as shown below:

  3. Click on "Continue" and feel free to customize as shown below:

    "Number of updates" is the number of tweets that will be shown and title can be changed as well.
  4. For, this obtained code fragment can be easily added to "_sideColumn" template.
Here are some other nifty tools to manage your Twitter account:
  1. Twitterfeed: Twitter your blog entries
  2. Twitterank: Page rank for Tweeters (85.01 as of this writing, live here)
  3. Twinfluence: Combined influence of twitterers and followers (as of Jan 2)
  4. TwitterCounter: Widget that shows twitterer follower
  5. TwitterFox: Firefox extension that notifies of tweets (really sweet and lots of other related plugins)
  6. SocialToo: Manage online interactions of Twitter (surveys, auto-follow/unfollow, Direct Messages to new followers)
  7. TweetStats: Trends and analysis as shown below:

    Live stats for @arungupta are available here.
  8. TweetLater: Schedule tweets for a particular time/day and some other features similar to SocialToo (auto-follow/unfollow and DM to new followers)
  9. Easy Tweets: Schedule tweets in future, automatically post RSS feeds and other similar features
There are numerous other tools available to manage your Twitter account! What is your favorite ?

Please leave suggestions on other TOTD (Tip Of The Day) that you'd like to see. An archive of all the tips is available here.

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Thursday Jan 01, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Wishing everybody a very happy and prosperous 2009!

With 275 total blog entries published during 2008 on this blog, 2008 was the most blogging-healthy year. Thanks to all the readers of this blog for a continually increased readership.

Here are some statistics for this blog for the year 2008 (2007 stats here) generated by Google Analytics:

2007 reported 183,031 visits and that shows upto 86% growth in page visits.

The average index is constantly over 2000 (again better than 2007). But there is a definite mismatch between numbers reported (powered by Roller) and Google Analytics. Unless the definition of "page views" is different, the numbers reported on this blog are constantly in the figure of 6-8K/day and Analytics report only in the vicinity of 2K.

Here is a geographic distribution of visitors:

And same data using ClustrMaps (from Jun 20, 2008 only):

Jun 2007 - Jun 2008 clustrmap is archived here.

Here is the tag cloud (including number of blog entries on each tag):

And finally here are the top-25 accessed blog entries:

Enjoy the new year eve celebrations all around the world:

Let 2009 bring peace and prosperity every where!

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Monday Jan 28, 2008

500 Blog Entries Old

This is 500th blog entry on this blog :)

Here is the tag cloud indicating the major topics covered so far:

And here is a geographic distribution of readers:

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Wednesday Jan 02, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

2007 is history. Even in 2008 a day is gone, and 2 days in some parts of the world. But better late than never, so this blog wishes everybody in the blogosphere a very happy new year!

Here are some of the statistics for this blog for the year 2007:

Site Usage


Page Views

There is a high likelihood of mismatch between the way Roller instance of and Google Analytics calculate pageviews (or may be the definition of "pageviews" is different). This blog typically averages from 4-6k hits/day for past 6 months as reported on the side bar of That would calculate to 1.27 million pageviews (5k hits/day ~ 6 months + 2k hits/day ~ 6 months) but Google Analytics report approx 1/4th of that number.

Top-25 sites

The statistics so far are generated using Google Analytics.

Geo Map of Visitors (still Miles to Go ... :)


Places visited by this blog

And a brief moment of excitement was when this blog showed up at the top rank on :)

Thanks to all the readers of this blog for a continually increased readership. Please feel free to suggest topics that you'd like to hear about.

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