Friday Nov 19, 2010

Java EE 6 & GlassFish @ JavaOne Brazil & CEJUG

The first ever JavaOne outside (well almost, the last one was a while ago :) the USA is going to be in Brazeeeeel from Dec 7-9th ... yeeeee haw! Java EE 6 & GlassFish will have a strong presence there in terms of technical sessions, general session, exhibitor floor, hands-on labs, and of course you'll find us all around the hallways.

Here is a quick summary of different Java EE 6 related sessions ...

When ? Where ? What ? Speaker ?
11:45 - 12:30pm
Salon 2 S319438
HK2: Oracle WebLogic Serve, Oracle GlassFish Server, and Beyond
Jerome Dochez

10:15 - 11am

Salon 1 S313557
The Java EE 6 Programming Model Explained: How to Write Better Applications
Jerome Dochez
10:15 - 11am
Salon 2 S313431
Java Persistence API 2.0: An Overview
Ludovic Champenois
11:15 - 12pm
Salon 1 S314168
What's New in Enterprise JavaBean Technology
Arun Gupta
1:30 - 2:15pm
Salon 3 S313265
Advanced Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS)
Chuk-Munn Lee
2:30 - 3:15pm
Salon 3 S320002
Creating RESTful Web Services using JAX-RS
Ludovic Champenois
Salon 1 S313189
Complete Tools Coverage for the Java EE 6 Platform
Ludovic Champenois
11:15 - 12:00pm
Salon 1 S320004
Hyperproductive JavaServer Faces 2.0
Arun Gupta
2:00 - 2:45pm
Salon 1 S313937
Using Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) in the Java EE Ecosystem
Jerome Dochez
4:15 - 5:00
Salon 1 S320003
Servlet 3.0 Extensible, Asynchronous and Easy to Use
Arun Gupta
4:15 - 6:00pm
Salon 4 S314285
Using Oauth with RESTful Web Services (Hands-on Lab)
Chuk-Munn Lee
4:15 - 6:00pm
Salon 6 S313277
Beginning with the Java EE 6 Platform (Hands-on Lab)
Ludovic Champenois
& Gang

And prior to JavaOne, I'll also be speaking at CEJUG on Java EE 6.

Looking forward to enjoy Caipirinha, Churrascaria, Guarana, Brazilian coffee, beautiful beaches, and my first summer time visit to Brazil :-) Where will I see you ?

For the first time travelers to Brazil, here are some travel tips and 4 things not to miss in Brazil.

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Tuesday Oct 26, 2010

Java EE 6 & GlassFish at Cloud Computing Expo, OTN Developer Days, Oredev, Java EE 6 Workshops, JavaOne Brasil in next 2 months!

I'll be speaking on Java EE 6 & GlassFish at several events around the world in the next couple of months and here is a quick summary ...

Cloud Computing Expo Santa Clara, CA Nov 1-4 Taking your Java EE 6 Apps on the Cloud (2:25pm on 11/2) register now!
OTN Developer Days New York City, NY Nov 4 2 sessions + 3 Hands-on Lab (10am - 4:30pm), FREE, register now!
Oredev Malmo, Sweden Nov 8-12 Java EE 6 hands-on workshop (8:50am on Tuesday), JPA 2 session (5:40 on Wednesday), Run! (11:20am on Thursday), register now!
Java EE 6 & GlassFish Workshop Czech Republic Nov 22-23 Organized by Oracle University, register now!
Java EE 6 & GlassFish Workshop Hungary Nov 25-26 Organized by Oracle University, register now!
Devignition Reston, Virginia Dec 3 Java EE 6 & GlassFish 3 session (4:20pm), Panel (5:20pm), Organized by NovaJUG, register now!
CEJUG Fortaleza, Brazil Dec 4 Session, 8pm, registration page coming soon!
JavaOne Sao Paulo, Brazil Dec 7-9 Several sessions, hands-on labs, Technical General Session, JavaOne Brazil main page: English, Portuguese, Follow #javaonebrasil and @oracledobrasil.

Lots of travel over the next couple of months ... New York City, Sweden, Czech Repbulic, Hungary, Reston, Fortaleza (Brazil), Sao Paulo.

Looking forward to meet several of you. Where will I see/run with you ?

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Tuesday Jul 27, 2010

FISL 2010 Trip Report

4998 attendees registered and participated at the 11th edition of FISL - the biggest open source conference in Brazil. This was my second year at FISL. Even though the attendance was slightly down from last year but there was no let down in the energy. With 13 parallel tracks and sessions running from 9am to 11pm, it can be absolutely overwhelming. However most of the sessions were in Portuguese (with no English translation) so I could not attend.

I presented on the Java EE 6 Toolshow to an audience of approx 200. This slides-free session showed how NetBeans 6.9 provides comprehensive tooling around Java EE 6 and GlassFish 3. The session showed:

  • Simplicity and ease-of-use for creating Java EE 6 web applications
  • Boost productivity using Deploy-on-Save and Session-preservation across multiple redeployments
  • JSP, Servlets 3.0, EJB 3.1 in Java EE 6 web apps
  • Database access using Java Persistence API 2.0
  • Using Facelets with Java Server Faces 2.0
  • Contexts & Dependency Injection 1.0 with JSF 2
  • RESTful Web services using JAX-RS

The screencast #30 made the session delivery quite a breeze and you can watch the entire session by watching the multi-part screencasts.

Meeting Bruno Souza and Fabiane Nardon was a good highlight of the trip. They are both fairly well known in the Brazilian community and we shared stories from last year's presence of Sun Microsystems at FISL. Check out their latest adventure at where they provide open source tools-based development environment in the cloud.

Personally, I stayed for only couple of days because I had to come back to run a race (more on that in next blog) and attend a wedding over the weekend. A short trip but always good to spend face-to-face time with the local community.

Check out some pictures from the trip:

And the complete album at:

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Wednesday Jul 08, 2009

FISL 2009 Speaker Certificate

Received a "certificate of attendance as speaker" for recently concluded FISL 10.

This is sweet, thanks FISL organizers! It certainly adds a personal touch to the whole experience.

I don't remember receiving a personal certificate like this :)

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Monday Jun 29, 2009

FISL 2009 Wrapup - 3 talks, 1 talk show, 14 blogs, 10 videos, 275 pics, 2 GlassFish production stories

FISL 2009
wrapped up over the weekend. Even though the conference officially ended on Saturday but the connections made there will certainly allow us to continue all the great momentum. The conference celebrates open source and it was certainly great to see Federal Government and Banks with their booths in the exhibitor halls. The visit by Brazilian President Lula certainly highlights the importance of this conference to the local community. There were booths from Debian, Firefox, Ubuntu and other major open source softwares. Some commercial vendors had a booth as well and of course Sun Microsystems had a big presence with GlassFish, Open Solaris, NetBeans, MySQL and other offerings.

I delivered 3 talks and participated in 1 talk show:
  • Java EE 6 (slides) & Enterprise Features of GlassFish (slides)
  • Creating powerful web applications using GlassFish, MySQL and NetBeans/Eclipse slides
  • Continuous Integration using Hudson (slides)
  • Simon Phipps Talk Show
This blog featured 14 blogs, 10 videos, 275 pictures and 2 GlassFish production stories over the past week. The collage is created from some of the pictures:

FISL 2009 Collage (click to see larger version)

Click on the collage to see a larger version. The complete photo album is available at:

A playlist of all the 10 videos is below:

And now all the 14 blog entries ...
Over all, thoroughly enjoyed the Brazilian spirit and looking forward to next visit!

Many thanks to the Sun Brazil team, especially Bruno Souza, Mauricio Leal, Eduardo Lima, Vitorio Sassi and other Campus Ambassadors!

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Sunday Jun 28, 2009

Porto Alegre - I shoot you, you shoot me

The picture was taken at FISL 10, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Any guess who's behind the camera ?

Similar blog entries are here.

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Saturday Jun 27, 2009

FISL 2009 Day 4 in Pictures

Continuing from Day 1, 2 and 3 ...

And the complete album:

Now looking forward to head back home!

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Friday Jun 26, 2009

Porto Alegre - I shoot you, you shoot me

The picture was taken at FISL 10, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Any guess who's behind the camera ?

Similar blog entries are here.

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FISL 2009 Day 3 in Pictures & Videos

Continuing from Day 1 and 2 ...

I participated in Simon Phipps Talk Show on GlassFish and that was fun :) The usual points:
  • ~50% of the projects currently target GlassFish and that the number jumps to 73% when only counting new projects (according to Ohloh reports)
  • Best price/performance, First to be Java EE 5 compliance and Most downloaded application server
  • The GlassFish download numbers are much higher than JBoss.
  • Brazilian community loves GlassFish over JBoss
Somebody in audience has been using GlassFish for past one year and very happy with it's performance.

I also delivered the Hudson talk on behalf of Fabiane Nardon. Hudson is an open source Continuous Integration system that is highly extensible and has a very healthy ecosystem around it. The slides are available here and can also be viewed below:

Now pics from the day ...

The Brazilian President Lula visited the pavilion but I left early so never got to see him ;-)

The speaker's dinner at 35CTG Churrascaria was nothing special but there were some real good live performances made the whole thing worthwhile. Enjoy it below:

And the evolving album:

See you in couple of hours at the last day of FISL and then finally head back to home :)

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Digital TV-based Banking using GlassFish, NetBeans and MySQL - Ginga community in Brazil

Learn how GlassFish and NetBeans helped Ginga community to build a TV Banking application in Brazil. See a live demo of the product, it's really exciting!

Why GlassFish ? - They love how NetBeans tooling completely hides the complexity of what's happening underneath and the ease-of-use with GlassFish.

Thanks Hugo Lavalle for the interview and good luck with your product!

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